"Are you ready?" Cassandra asked Dr. Vahn.

"As ready as I'm ever going to be. I"m still skeptical on this whole you have powers thing." he said.

"Well I haven't been able to prove it to you since my arms were too sore to even attempt to use my powers." Cassandra said.

"Alright whatever you say." he said as he opened her door, Cassandra walked over and they positioned her so that she was leaning on him and she put an arm up to her stomach and started to let out a groan. They walked down the hallway while she pretended to be unable to walk. "Guards! Guards! Help! Something's wrong with her! I need help getting her into the infirmary!" he called out. A guard came running around the corner and stood on the other side of Cassandra.

"What happened?" he asked, going to put her other arm around his neck.

"I don't know. I was checking up on her and she started to complain about not feeling well and she started yelling that her stomach was cramping up. She just puked into her toilet and it looked like she might have internal bleeding because it looked like there was blood in it." Dr. Vahn said. The guard looked horrified and started to help him walk her down the hallway, Cassandra made sure to groan every so often. When she realized that they were getting to the infirmary too quickly she slowly moved her arm off of the guard's shoulder.

"You know. I think that I'm starting to feel a bit better." she said before she quickly put both hands on his chest and blasted him against the wall. Dr. Vahn let out a gasp and watched as the guard slumped down to the ground unconscious. Cassandra shook her hands and turned to him "Still kind of stings. Now let's see if he has his card on him." she said before digging through his pockets. She pulled out the guard's card and handed it to Dr. Vahn "Now let's get out of here." she said as she started to walk away, when she realized that he wasn't following her she stopped and turned back to him.

"You have powers." he said in shock.

"Yeah. I've had them my whole life. Keep up doc." she said as she started walking down the hallway again. He quickly ran after her and the two of them started to wander through the hallway to reach the door that would let them out. Suddenly they both stopped, they could hear what sounded like jets approaching. Cassandra felt her heart beat speed up when she realized that the jets sounded familiar.

"What is that?" Dr. Vahn asked, looking.

"Pretty sure that's our rescue party." she said, she looked over at him to see that he seemed worried. "Relax. I know them. It's the Swat Kats and the Enforcers." she said not knowing that he wasn't from MegaKat City.

"The who?" he asked, not moving.

"Oh. Are you not from MegaKat City?" she asked and he shook his head no. "Oh. Well in MegaKat City we have the Enforcers who are our police force and the Swat Kats are well...it's kind of hard to explain them. They protect the city too but they're not part of the Enforcers. I guess they'd be classified as vigilanties." she said thinking about it.

"And you trust them?" he asked.

"Well yeah. They've all been there when I needed them." she told him before grabbing him by the arm and pulling him back down the hallway. "I'm not sure how they're going to get in so we need to be somewhere that will provide us with protection." she said. They ended up finding a heavy wooden table that had a large piece of wood in the front, the two of them hid underneath the table with Dr. Vahn sitting at the opening so that Cassandra was hopefully completely protected by the desk and himself. "Hey by the way. Since I'm pretty sure that you're not going to be my doctor since you don't live in MegaKat City. What is your first name?" she asked as they sat and waited to see what happened next.

"Promise not to get freaked out?" he asked with a smile.

"Promise." she said.

"Apollo." he told her and she burst into laughter.

"Are you serious? What are the odds of two kats that are named after Greek mythology characters meeting and hopefully becoming friends." she said while wiping away her tears.

"I'm not sure but I can tell you that it's very low. Especially two who are named after two figures in Greek mythology who don't get along at all." he said with a smile.

"Be that as it may I'm glad that you're here to help me." she said before patting one of his arms. Suddenly they heard kats running down the hallway shouting about the jets that landed behind the building.

"I hope your friends are prepared." Apollo said as he looked around the desk.


"Alright listen up. Half of you are going to come with Chance and Felina while the rest will go with Jake and I. Arrest anyone you find while you're in there and see if you can locate Cassandra and Dr. Vahn." Feral told the Enforcers. Once they were sure that everyone had understood they walked to the only door into the building, they checked for any traps before they forced the door open. "Okay Chance, Felina take the right. Jake and I will take the left." he said, a second later they split up and went the ways they were directed. They went room by room clearing each one and arresting anyone they found along the way, eventually they made their way down to the third level.

"How far down do you think we have to go?" Felina asked, Chance stopped and turned to look up the stairs to see how many Enforcers they had left to see about ten left.

"Hopefully this is the last level we have to go down." he said before walking down the last few steps and opening the door that led to another hallway. They went through five doors but they still hadn't found Cassandra or Dr. Vahn. Chance lifted a hand to his helmet and hit the button to talk to Jake "Jake, hey Jake. Have you found them yet?" he asked.

"We haven't found anyone other than some scientists and a few guards. I swear that I saw her heat signature." Jake said and Chance could hear the despair in his voice.

"They have to be here. I think this is the last level. I haven't found any hidden panels or anything so there's no way they could have snuck her out." he said.

"I haven't found anything either. We're getting ready to go into the next room so I'll let you know if we find them in this one or not." Jake said and they turned the communication off. Felina stood at one of the doors and seemed to be listening "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I hear someone talking in there." she said before positioning herself in a way to easily kick in the door. Chance stood next to her and the two of them kicked the door in, Felina and the other Enforcers pointed their guns into the room while Chance held his glovatrix out ready to shoot. The only thing in the room was a solid looking wood desk and they were about ready to leave thinking that Felina was just hearing things when they saw two ears poking up from the desk, one white and the other a red color. "Hands up! Put your hands up and slowly stand up!" Felina called out. The kat behind the desk did as he was told, he looked at everyone in the room before looking down and telling someone else to come out from their hiding place. Everyone watched as two more ears poked out from under the desk, Chance held his breath when he realized that they were pure black.

Slowly the head turned and he felt tears well up in his eyes as a pair of familiar blue eyes turned to look at him. There was an audible gasp from the she-kat that had come out from the desk and a second later she was running towards Chance "T-Bone!" she shouted before wrapping her arms around him. Chance quickly wrapped his arms around her and he put his head down so that no one could see him crying.

"Are you okay Cassie?" he finally asked once they had gained their composure.

"As okay as I can be." she said, showing him her arms. Everyone but the kat that she had been hiding with let out a gasp.

"What happened to you?" Felina asked as she gently inspected her arms.

"My powers back fired. Dr. Vahn gave me some medicine for it." Cassandra told them, everyone turned to the kat that had stood up first and Felina pulled out a picture of Apollo. She looked at it for a few minutes before putting it away.

"Dr. Vahn, we're here to rescue you too." she told him.

"Well if I had known that I was being rescued as well I wouldn't have let Cassandra knock that guard out." he said with a grin. While they were talking Cassandra looked around the room.

"Where's Razor?" she asked Chance.

"Razor? Surely that can't be his actual name." Apollo said.

"I think that we can use our real names." Chance said to Cassandra.

"Right. His real name is Jake. But if anyone asks, you don't know who he is. Only a few kats outside of the Enforcers know who the Swat Kats really are." she told Apollo. She turned back to Chance and Felina half afraid of what their answer was going to be "So where's Jake?" she asked.

"We split up. Place seemed kind of big so we thought that dividing and conquering would be best." Chance told her.

"Have you guys run into a gray colored she-kat?" Cassandra asked but everyone shook their heads no and they watched her face drop. "Then she's still in here somewhere unless she escaped." she said, starting to panic.

"No. No. Cassandra she can't get out. There's only one way out of here." Apollo told her as he gently placed his hands on her arms.

"She's still in here somewhere and she's going to hurt anyone that tries to come after her." she said while she started to hyperventilate.

"If what you've told me is true then the Enforcers will be able to deal with her." he told her with a smile. She took deep breaths to try and calm herself down when Feral came over the radio.

"Felina. Chance are you there?" came his voice and Felina hit the button to answer.

"We're here uncle. We found both Cassandra and Dr. Vahn." she told him.

"Thank goodness. But. I have a bigger problem. There was a gray she-kat that came out of a room while we were clearing them. I don't know what she said to Jake but she ran off and he chased after her. I can't find them. I've lost them." he told her. Cassandra let out a gasp and Apollo had to put his arms around her to help her to stand up.

"She's going to hurt him! She's going to hurt Jake! She's going to kill him!" she sobbed while Apollo and Chance attempted to calm her down.

"Where are you? Chance and I will meet up with you while we have Cassandra and Dr. Vahn escorted out." Felina said.

"I'm on the third floor right by the door that separates our sections." he told her.

"Alright. We'll meet you there." she said before hitting the button and turning off communication. Cassandra and Apollo followed the last Enforcer that was with Felina and Chance through the hallway while Felina and Chance made their way to the door. They were halfway through the second floor hallway when they heard the sound of two kats running in their direction, they stopped at a corner and Cassandra backed up into Apollo who quickly placed her behind himself when her mother came into view. She was out of breath and kept looking behind herself to see if Jake was still following, a second later Jake appeared. His ears were back and Apollo could almost count all of his teeth.

"Jake!" Cassandra called out from behind Apollo. Her shout caught both Jake and her mother's attention, when she realized what was happening her mother pulled out a gun and aimed it at Cassandra as best she could.

"I won't let you take her! Especially not when she has that...thing inside of her!" her mother said. Cassandra felt her blood starting to boil, she didn't have a thing inside of her and she would be damned before she let anyone call her child that. She stepped out from behind Apollo and faced her.

"It is not a thing. It's a baby...my baby." she said softly while raising her hands up to put them in the area she was sure it was at. Jake stared at the two of them before his brain caught up with what was happening and he realized that her mother's finger was on the trigger of the gun.

"No!" both he and Apollo yelled as she squeezed the trigger, a second later the gun went off.