Fox of Steel

Note: This was originally done by 'Chillman22'.

Chapter 1

Naruto Uzumaki, A.K.A. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the son of the Fourth Hokage, had got permission to go to Wave so he could train in peace. But, Naruto didn't stop at Wave, he had continued to an altar in a cave. He looked around and saw on the top of the altar, was a hole. He went into his pocket and pulled out a crystal. He placed it in the hole and turned it as if it was a key. It activated a portal and he entered.

On the other side was a desolate, frozen wasteland with a crystal-like building growing out of the ice. Naruto continued to the building, he took the crystal and 'unlocked' the door. Once inside, he started to look around. 'So, this is the Fortress.' He thought he placed the crystal into the 'lock' and activated the fortress. He looked up and saw a man, he had short black hair, blue eyes, was around 6 foot 4. He was in a blue and red bodysuit, red boots, cape, and an 'S' on his chest.

"Hello, Naruto." He said.

"Father," he said. The person was Kal-El, A.K.A., Superman. Naruto had found the crystal and had been to the fortress before. They had talked and Kal adopted Naruto as his son. "Sorry, I haven't been around for a while."

"It's alright, my son. Now, are you ready?" Naruto nodded. "Alright, go lie in the chamber." So Naruto did, "oh I forgot to tell you. When you awaken, you will be joined by four others. They'll introduce themselves to you afterward."

"Well, I'm glad I requested extra time before the finals." He said as he laid down. The top of the chamber closed sealing him in.

"Alright, I'm starting the Kryptonian DNA enhancement." Naruto closed his eyes and let it happen.

(Inside of Naruto's head)

Naruto was now in a replica of a huge sitting room. With couches on either side of the room. A large table in between them a large, wall-mounted TV on one wall. A fireplace on the other side, his parents were sitting on one of the couches while Kurama, the Nine-tailed vixen bijuu, was sitting on the other. Naruto had appeared to them and they looked over to see him. Kushina got up and went over to him to hug him.

"NARU-CHAN!" She said and grabbed him. Kurama was tanned, had long red hair, green-blue eyes, tall, nicely muscled, was in a red and black bikini with a black sarong, sandals, bracelets, anklets, and a tiara. She sighed as she watched her sister in all but blood, shower him with love.

"Hello, Mom, Dad, Kurama." He said.

"What is going on?" Asked Minato.

"Well, we're at the 'Fortress of Solitude'." Naruto had told them about the crystal 'key'.

"So, You've Decided To Go Kryptonian?" Said Kurama.

"Yeah, also I've talked to Kal-El," Kushina got excited.

"WHATDIDHESAY? WHATDIDHESAY? WHATDIDHESAY?" She said as she shot up and grabbed her son while jumping up and down.

"Kushina, calm down." Said Minato, just then Kal-El's spirit appeared.

"I have agreed to allow you three, the powers of my people." He said, "since Naruto is going through it you three shall also get it." They nodded, just then someone had appeared. It was the 'Sage of the Six Paths'.

"Father?" Said Kurama.

"Hello, Kurama." He said, "after you are done with getting the Kryptonian DNA in you I will grant you my eyes." The Sage has the Rinnegan, a very powerful eye. Naruto looked at him.

"That means I could…" he said.

"Yes, you can bring them back." Said the Sage.

"If you do, I'll be the mother you didn't have Naru-chan." Said Kushina as she hugged him. Naruto nodded and they sat down waiting for their bodies to be Kryptonian.

(A week later)

Kal-El had seen three more bodies form in three separate Chambers, as two women and a man. "Kryptonian DNA change, complete. Full Kryptonian powers operational." Said a robotic voice. Everyone started to awaken.

"Well," said a sluggish Naruto. "Everything's done. Mom? Dad? Kurama? You guys okay?" The other three looked over to him and Kushina saw her son yawning and shaking out his long hair. She and Kurama squealed inwardly at what he did. Minato went over to him to see if he was alright.

"You're going to need some time to get used to your new bodies." Said Kal, "but with the sun helping you. Hopefully, you'll be fine." They nod, "now. Your new clothes are in the back." So they started to get dressed. Minato and Kushina got dressed in their normal gear. (their fighting gear)

Kurama was in a modified Kimono, red stockings, and slippers. (Ahri's default outfit) Naruto was now dressed in a black muscle shirt, cargo pants, a shirt tied around his waist, and boots. He tied his hair in a ponytail. "Well," he said. "How do I look?" The others just stared at him.

"You look great Naruto," said Minato as Kushina rushed to give him a hug. His head was against her breast. She ran her fingers through his hair.

Then she held him at arm's length, "I look ridiculous."He said.

"Nonsense," said Kal. "You look fine. Now, the others are in the room to your right." They went into the room and saw 4 chambers that were like the one Naruto was in. They slowly walked over to the first one. Naruto touched, the first one inside was a very beautiful young woman. She had long red hair, tan to orange skin, and was very well built.

"Someone get something clothes or a robe." He said, Kushina did and Naruto touched the chamber it started to open and a fog of gas came out. She slowly opened her glowing green eyes and locked them on to Naruto's then she reached up and kissed him. Then they pulled off, she looked at his red face.

Then she gasped; "FRIEND CLARK!" She said.

"It's alright Koriand'r." He said, "this is my heir. It's been almost 2 centuries. Yes, we won." She was saddened that she wasn't going to see her friends again. "Don't worry, Rachel, Karen, and Zatanna are here as well." She was happy that some of her friends were going to be with her.

"Um, why don't you go get dressed and I'll wake the others up." Said Naruto, still blushing. She looked at him with her glowing green eyes. He held out his hand and she grabbed it and pulled her out. Kushina had a robe ready for her.

"Come on, Kory-chan." She said and slipped the robe on her. They left the room and headed to another room. Then Naruto walked over to another chamber, this one had a blackbird with its wings spread on it. Inside was a young woman with pale skin, so pale Naruto though she was a corpse.

"No, she's not a corpse." Said Kal, "it's just the way she looks." She also had long purple hair and a gem in the middle of her forehead. He opened the chamber and she opened her eyes.

They were purple, "who are you?" She said.

"My name's Naruto," Kal spoke up.

"Everything is alright Rachel," he said. "The war is over, Trigon is destroyed." She looked around looking for Kal. "I had my essence downloaded into the computer."

"I found a crystal, 'Key' I guess, and activated it." She looked at him and grabbed him in a hug.

"I wish to enter a coven with you." She said Naruto was stunned.

"Uh, okay." He said, "Let's get you dressed first." Kory had walked in and saw Rachel. She squealed and flew to her friend.

"FRIEND RAVEN!" She said she had tears in her eyes and glomped Rachel in a tight hug. Kory was now in a pair of lavender tights, a long-sleeved lavender top, and a white, spaghetti strap dress. She also had on sandals.

Rachel just sat there and let her friend, her best friend, hug her. Kushina just smiled at the two. "Come on Rachel," she said. "Let's get you dressed." So she wrapped a robe around the girl and they headed to the room Kushina and Kory left. Naruto looked at Kory, she knew he wanted to ask her a question.

"What is it Friend Naruto?" She said.

"No, it's stupid." He said. His fathers looked at him. She wrapped an arm around him.


He sighed, "I was told girls love adorable things." He blushed, "Is that true?" Kory just looked at him, squealed, and glomped him in a tight hug. Minato just sighed and shook his head.