Hermione Granger never really recovered from the second Wizarding War, but she still firmly believed that time will eventually heal all her wounds. She decided to return to Hogwarts for her final 7th year at school in hopes to eventually become a Healer at St. Mangos. As she finished packing her trunk, letting the lid close with a small *clink* she was ready to aparate to platform 9 and 3/4 . Harry and Ron decided not to return to Hogwarts on account that they were given Auror jobs for their sacrifices in the War. She had been given the same immunity from the Ministry, but she felt like it was best to return to school, give herself sometime to heal before transitioning back.

She found her way to the platform and onto the train rather quickly and was on the train at exactly 10:44 a.m. She took out the letter she received from Headmistress McGonagall, scanning the letter she was able to come to that she was going to be head girl this year, and her prefect from Gryffindor was Ginny Weasley and she smiled to herself, at least she wouldn't be in it alone this year. She read a bit further and found that Draco Malfoy was to be head boy. *tsk* she muttered to herself. She folded up her letter and placed it in her bag. She accio'd herself one of her pillows from her trunk and settled into the long haul up to Hogwarts.

Hermione awoke later in the early afternoon the training speeding towards Hogwarts. The train was bustling with energy with the new first years, as well as the repeat ones due to the war upsetting academics. Other students were bouncing around, looking for the snack cart and catching up with old friends and talk of what they had done over the summer holiday. Hermione got herself up and came out of her compartment to run to the restrooms in order to change into her school robes. After she had her robes on, she affixed her Head's badge on her robes. When she got back to her compartment a certain red head had found her way to Hermione.

Hermione beamed, "GINNY" she ran up to hug the young witch. "How have you been? How was your summer holiday?"

Hugging her back she replied "Oh 'Mione, I missed you so much! The rest of my summer holiday was wonderful! With the compensation my family got from the Ministry for our war efforts I was able to visit Bill, he's over in Egypt right now doing research. And then I was able to get some good quidditch practice in with the Harpies as a honorary team member and they even offered me a place on their team for when I finish up my studies!"

"Ginny that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you!"

"Thank you, how was the rest of your holiday?"

"Well after I left the burrow, I ended up going to Australia to see if I could go find my parents and restore their memories."

"Did you find them?" Ginny questioned; eyes wide.

"I did find them, and when I restored their memories, they were pretty angry with me. Mum still hasn't spoken to me since I did it." Hermione looked sad.

"Oh, I'm sorry 'Mione."

"Oh no it'll be alright, Dad was mad for a small period, but has come around to why I had to do it."

"Well, that's wonderful, I'm sure your mum will come around and forgive you eventually."

With a little bit of water in her eyes Hermione spoke "I sure hope so." She was quiet for a moment. "And. how is Ron? "

"He seems to be doing well, he started seeing another girl recently. Even brought her home to mum and dad. Actually she is a muggle, he said he met her in America. Her name is Alexis Grant."

She smiled, "that's lovely, I'm glad he's doing well."

"He's doing fine Hermione, he was beat up at first but he's gotten back on the horse."

"And Harry? I haven't owled him a few days. Is he still in Texas with Ron?"

"oh yes, they should be leaving this week and Harry said he'll meet us in Hogsmead this weekend for butterbeer and dinner."


"Yes, it's going to be great."

"for sure" Hermione agreed.

They found comfort in the silence after their pleasantries and as the train was coming towards the school the two got up. Hermione shifted "I'm off to go meet Draco, since he is the head boy this year."

"good idea, I'm going to go round up the first years since there are so many this year"

"I'll meet you in the Great Hall then."

Hermione disembarked the Hogwarts express looking for the tall mysterious blond. She didn't have to look far, it appears he was looking for her as well.

"Hermione" he spoke in nearly a whisper.

She jumped a little, "Draco! How long have you been there?"

"Just a moment, I was looking for you McGonagall wanted to meet with us before the sorting of the first years just to talk through some of the details of the year."

"Alright, let's go."

Together they made their way to the carriages and Draco even opened the door to the carriage for Hermione silently. "Thank you, Draco" As she climbed into the carriage. AS the Thestrals took off to the castle.

McGonagall met the pair at the front doors of the school. "Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy. Welcome back to Hogwarts, I trust you two got here comfortably?"

"yes" they both said together.

"wonderful, now, the school is still under reconstruction and we should have it up to par within the first term however, for now we are still missing some chunks of the castle and some of the grounds are still being redone."

Hermione smiled politely at the headmistress.

McGonagall continued. "I also wanted to inform you two that there is double the amount of first years this year, since the war caused some to stay home. I do ask you respect that some students are older and that many of them are still healing." The two nodded, "I have put in place a muggle doctor called a psychiatrist to help aid the students healing process. I have also put in place a few other guards on the school in order to appease the student's parents. I have left a few handouts in your shared dormitory. Mr. Malfoy, I have received word from your mother about the circumstances for the Ministry's … punishments for your family's involvement with Voldemort. I have also informed all the professors and there should be no trouble and you should have no trouble about the restrictions." Draco nodded, while Hermione just looked at Draco eyes a bit wide. "very well, Hermione, your time turner for your coursework." She handed Hermione the device.

"thank you, Headmistress."

"Alright, off you two go. Let's get to the sorting of the first years." She smiled, a twinkle in her eye. The two headed up the steps and into the Great Hall and parted ways to their respective House tables.

Hermione sat down beside Ginny and Luna. With the Patil twins across from them. It seems the War had changed the house lines and she looked around to see that many houses were mingling outside their houses. She even believed she spotted a 2nd year Slytherin at their table too.

She was home, and for the first time in the war she let herself believe she was going to be alright.

Civil Conversations, pleasant re beginning

After dinner Hermione found her way to her new dorm, climbing the steps up to the head's tower she found herself in front of a newly made portrait of Albus Dumbledore. "Ah, Miss Granger, so nice to see you again." He smiled at her.

"Hello Professor, how are you enjoying your new home in the castle?"

"It is just lovely." His eyes were twinkling, and he looked just as she had remembered him.

"wonderful professor, may I enter the head's dorm?"

"ah yes, what is the password my dear child?'

"Phoenix trough" His arm extended, and the portrait swung open. She ducked her head and into the portrait hole she went. Inside her new common room she gasped. It was gorgeous. It was adorned with real oak wood furniture, with red, gold, forest green and silver accents all over the place. There was a small Kitchenette off to one side complete with muggle microwave, and even a small fridge. McGonagall knew the fine balanced comfort mix of muggle and wizard. There was also a bookcase in the common room fixed with a seating area and lounge chairs in grey. And on the sofa reading "Alice in Wonderland" was a certain blond.

His eyes looked up. "Hermione." He nodded at her in acknowledgement.

"Draco." She sat on the other side of the sofa. "Alice in Wonderland?" she arched her eyebrow up at him.

"it would please you to know Hermione that I have always enjoyed literature from the muggle world, I have a complete library at my manor and since my Father's sentencing, and my restrictions placed upon me by the ministry I have been able to read more and have become very fond of these… so called classics."

"I see." She eyed him up and down. "I see that you've come to then. Haven't called me a mudblood at all."

Draco Malfoy flinched. "Hermione, I have to tell you I have grown up, even experienced a war. I do apologize gravely for my actions against you in my youth while under my father's influence, even though I know that is no excuse for my behavior. I should have never acted out against you like that." His eyes had gone from their faded silver, to an ashy dark black.

"Thank you Malfoy." She looked up at him through her eyelashes. "I accept your apology. I never thought—"

"that we would ever have this conversation?" He finished for her with a smirk on his face.
"exactly" a small smile laced Hermione's lips. "I think I can very much get used to this new Draco."

"Well, then the pleasure is all mine, I'm glad I could grace you with my presence."

"Ah, there it is, there's the pompous arse I know and love."

'I do have a nice arse." Draco looked up at him.

"Hey don't put words in my mouth Ferret boy."

"Whatever, Hermione." He smiled, closed his book, tucked it under his arm and stalked off to his room.

Hermione's cell phone went off in her pocket. She pulled it out and read the sender. "How is your common room?" Ginny's message came through.

Hermione took a few snapshots. "amazing. Def going to bring our sleepovers to a new level of amazing."

" " was Ginny's response.