o0o Chapter One o0o

Chiron sat in his wheelchair on the porch of the big house unmoving, for he didn't think he could. The old centaur's mind was wiring a top speed, but going nowhere; like a car on a lift going one hundred miles an hour. He simply could not accept the nights events, he told himself it was a dream, that it was fake, not true, that he had simply imagined the whole thing. Deep down he knew, however nightmarish the previous night had been, it was indeed real.

It had been roughly twelve when she came, but after she left all he had done was sit there, trying to accept and process all she said. He had not slept, only sat there in silence trying to find a way to prove what the Titaness said was impossible, it came down to him finally accepting it. When he did though, he wasn't exactly glad he came to terms with his newfound knowledge.

In his three thousand years of life he had never seen something quite like this, and he hoped he never had to see it again. He loved this student; he took pride in the fact that he trained him. His students were always special to him, but this one, he was special, unique, someone that was great with a sword, could lead an army, win a war with the worst odds; but that wasn't what he admired most, it was him as a person.

Many people who were as great as him thought of themselves as higher than other people, above their peers, they often got cocky, arrogant, but not him. No, he never changed his view of those around him, he was always the same man, on the outside at least. He admired this fully, for he had seen very few people like this even in his long life, these people were rare.

The part that worried him though, was the fact that one of his favorite student was changing, he acted the same, cracking jokes acting happy, smiling, brightening the mood everywhere he went. He confided his secrets in his mentor though, he felt the guilt weighing on him and it only got worse and worse, every death, it was his fault, he hadn't been there, or hadn't done his best or been fast enough. This deeply concerned the centaur, the boy told him it was an act and after that, he started to see through it.

Sometimes he could tell when the boy was truly happy, and would always smile when he saw this, sometimes he could identify a 'bad day' and that whole day, he saw that almost everything was fake, but most times he couldn't tell. He didn't like it, it could mean a lot of good days, or it could mean days that just weren't awful, needless to say he really didn't like it. For that matter, he had to think of something, and he had. Something that he hoped would help make his student better.

He shared the idea, and his student happily agreed, from there they took it further. He knew the student wanted to wait until he was 'better', but he couldn't wait any longer. They finalized the details only three days ago, every weekend the camper was to go home, then come back around Monday, except for the first time, the pair decided the boy would stay a full week.

The old centaur thought it would be good for the hero, to go home. He would have gone tomorrow. Instead of following through with the plan, it was disrupted.

The boy was taken, to who's knows where, to do who's knows what. That wasn't even the kicker, it was for a year, with little communication insured, on top of that, the only words regarding his safety, were, 'He is safe, at least for now.' and a promise to inform Chiron of his death, if it came.

This wasn't the first time something out of the blue came and snatched the hero from his well-deserved break, but he had hoped the last time would be his student's last many times over, but it truly never seemed to end.

He was scarred for the slightly broken boy, hoping against hope that his student wouldn't get worse, or break completely. For his student was the mighty hero Percy Jackson, and he cared so greatly for the boy, he wouldn't know what to do if he didn't come back the same, or worse didn't come back at all.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of gold hair, when he turned towards the source of movement, he found he was looking at Annabeth Chase, and she was coming right for him. Chiron hadn't thought about her much, with all the denial he went through, but this was going to hit her hard, even harder than it hit him. The centaur watched sadly, as she came closer, he could now she the worry written on her face.


He could hear the question before it was asked, with look on her face and the worry that laced her voice he knew why she was here.

"I think its best we go inside."

His tone was weary, sad, and tired, he couldn't act in front of her, she needed to know, and acting like things were fine wouldn't help. They sat facing each other in the big house, Chiron in his wheelchair, Annabeth in an armchair, both knowing full well that neither of them would enjoy the conversation.

"What happened?"

She didn't need to say anymore for Chiron to know what she was taking about, normally a question this vague, with nothing obvious around to reference would not make sense; but currently, nothing more needed to be said.

"I am not entirely certain, but I do know a few things, only basic things, few but important. Last night Hecate came, she told me what was happening, well, to an extent at least. She would barely tell me anything. She informed me that he was chosen, she needed a job done, and to have it done right, she needed Percy. The Titaness said he will be unable to communicate often, and that he would be needed for a little less than a year. She also told me that no one was to go looking for him, she said to warn people that there would be consequences."

The centaur explained in a strained somber tone, because he knew the effect of this would be large. This would greatly affect those close to him, meaning it would affect them the most, but it didn't stop there, Percy knew just about everyone here. He was a friend to all, someone that kept the peace, the hope, the happiness, he was their leader. As he talked a tear slid down his cheek, unable to keep it in any longer. The whole camp had just gone through war, for a second time. They needed someone to help them pull through, and get back up again, that someone was Percy. At a time when they needed him, and a time – little did they know - he needed them. He was taken, snatched away.

Annabeth didn't even reply, she just started crying.

Silent tears slipped down the centaur's face as he recalled the evening before. He had begged, pleaded with was the Titaness to reconsider, to choose someone else, to let someone volunteer even. She only stared at him and shook her head,

"He is the one I need.

"I chose him.

"The decision has already been made.

"He is already gone."

Then she had left. As he sat there her words circled his mind. As he sat watching Annabeth cry, he knew why.

They had hoped for peace, time to heal, time to relax, to have fun, to be themselves, to be together. Instead of getting what they should have, it was yet again taken.

As he sat there, he heard Seymour, Dionysus' leopard, the one that would be rude and snap at everyone - everyone except Percy - moan. As he sat there and thought, silent tears continued to cascade down his face for his stolen student. The one and only Percy Jackson.


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