For my friend David who asked for it.

You ease your way inside her. It's a tight squeeze, you being 6'2". You barely fit within her tiny frame, but you skillfully glide your way in. You know that a lot of different people had been inside her before but there was something about this moment that just felt right. She wasn't treated well before you met. She was battered and broken but you knew she was worth all the effort you put it. You were able to fix parts of her that you weren't sure could ever be fully whole, but you made sacrifices for her because you knew she was perfect for you. She was one of a kind. It was truly love at first sight. A kind of love you had never experienced before.

You explore her every curve like it's your first discovery of her shape. You expertly navigate her turns and appreciate every twist and bend in her body. She is outrageously smooth and unblemished. When no one's around, you sneak a kiss across her illustrious curves so she feels celebrated. Turning her on is the best moment of your day. You like the noise she makes as she gets going. Almost like the relaxed, gleeful purr of a house cat. That sound is music to your ears and puts a giddy smile on your face every single time. You like that she enjoys going as fast as you do. You never feel that she can't handle your preferred speed. It makes her go places she's never been before and you are grateful to get to experience those places with her. It's just you and her as the outside landscapes swirl around you. You wouldn't want to be with anyone else in the world. While inside her, you feel a sense of cocooned safety and security.

She was still a little wet from washing her body earlier that day. The rays of sun dancing across her body and hitting those lasting beads of water made her reflection even more beautiful. You couldn't blame the drops of water for sticking around; you have constantly dreamed of being that close to her. You always take so much care and concern in her appearance. You want to make sure she looks her best for you. You proudly show her off around town and to your friends – all the while knowing that she is yours. Completely and solely yours. While you move together in tandem, you rock back and forth to the beat of the blaring stereo. As you press into her a little harder, you continue to keep one hand on your rock-hard penis. You are already starting to drip while she gently vibrates against your balls. As you shift gears effortlessly, it's almost as though she's pleading for you to keep going. The thrill you feel with her makes you so close to exploding all over her, but you know you have to hold out for a little longer. You can't cum this quickly. You already filled her up this morning. She couldn't take any more.

She is, without a doubt, the best car you've ever had. You saved up for her for months. You saw a listing for her and knew you had to have her. She was the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen. When you finally bought her, you wept with joy. Can you imagine - weeping over buying a car? But she was yours. She made you feel complete. You press onto her gas pedal a little harder as she revs in response. You tighten the grip on her steering wheel as you domineer the twists and turns of the road. You are in control, and she is willingly obeying every move you make. There's an unspoken agreement that you will protect each other and keep each other safe. She is your sanctuary. With her windows rolled down and the wind whipping in between the two of you, you feel like you are floating above the clouds; you are weightless; you are invincible.

As you pull into your girlfriend's driveway, you feel a longing tinge as you unbuckle your seat belt, leaving the comfort of being close to her. You already miss her and wonder, "Does she miss me when I'm gone? Does she feel as empty as I do?" She may seem like just a car, but to you, she is more than that. She is everything. She is parked with her engine off; you hate leaving her this way. While you grab your drink from her cupholder, you are reassured knowing that you won't be gone for too long. As you gently close her door, you give her silky hood a light double-pat to let her know that you'll be back soon. You bound up to your girlfriend's door and knock.

Your girlfriend opens the door, gesturing for you to come inside and you turn around for one last look at her. You hope she will be okay without you while you are away. Your girlfriend asks you how the drive over was. You want to reply, "Miraculous. Restorative." but all you can muster is a brief "Good" before slinging your shoes next to the doorway.

You waste little time leading your girlfriend into her bedroom knowing that each second spent here is time spent away from being inside her. Your girlfriend gives a smile as you are still semi- hard from the ride over and starts sucking your cock. While your girlfriend takes every inch of you into her mouth, you can't help but think about her. Her perfectly aligned stitching on her ebony leather interior. The smell of her freshly wiped-down dash. The pristine glisten of the sun playfully bouncing off of her crimson body. The sweet hum of her engine. The feeling of her bass pounding in rhythm against you. You move your girlfriend to face the wall so you can pound your dripping cock into her from behind. While you and your girlfriend schpoink, the position of your arched foot on the floor reminds you of her pedal as you press into her clutch and gently glide her stick shift into another gear. You grip your girlfriend's hips and tighten your hold pretending that it's her familiar steering wheel. You pump into your girlfriend and with every motion, you picture your car. Your beautiful car. She is all yours. You cum into your girlfriend until every drop has been expelled.

As you get dressed, your heart starts racing again. You near the door, clumsily throw on your shoes, quickly kiss your girlfriend and you catch a glimpse of her through the paned glass. The excitement you feel from that fleeting peek overwhelms you. You open the door, trying to keep your elation hidden fully knowing that as you near her car door, your joy can't be controlled. You pull on her door handle and elatedly think to yourself, "I can't wait be inside her again."