Meet the Scavenger

A hallway outside of a warehouse is shown. Explosions can be seen inside, showing evidence of a massive battle inside. Then, the camera pauses just as a young man with black, spiked-back hair and wearing welding goggles, a red shirt, and black pants under black Kevlar armor that was clearly homemade flies out of the entrance carrying a briefcase and holding a rocket launcher that he used to propel himself out. His face is in mid scream when the camera freezes.

"This…is…me." The camera now shows the same man, a mercenary known as the Scavenger, reclining at a desk in a workshop, various weapons and parts can be seen scattered about.

"Now if you were to tell the me from three years ago that my skills would get me a job for one of the biggest companies on the face of the earth, I probably would have laughed in your face. And yet, here I am."

Scavenger is now seen with the other Red team mercs, cocking his shotgun as they all charge out to Soldier's war cry of, "Give 'em hell, boys!" into the Thunder Hollow battlefield. Scavenger follows behind Soldier, gunning down any enemies attempting to ambush them, including a blue Demoman (this will be important in a few moments). Just then they reach an entrance to the sawmill, where the Sniper, ducking next to the entrance, motions for them to take cover with him.

"Someone mind getting rid of that bloody sentry on the ledge?!" he shouts. Soldier nods and charges in, firing his rocket launcher, only to get pushed back by the level 3 sentry.

"New plan! Mine did not work," said Soldier, once again stating the obvious. Scavenger rolled his eyes in annoyance, only to lay eyes on the fallen Demoman behind them.

"What skills exactly got me here you might ask?" Scavenger runs over to the body. "Well, one might say," he holsters his shotgun, then picks up the grenade launcher and inspects it, "I'm a jack-of-all-trades." Scavenger loads six grenades that he took from the Demo's body into the chamber and rushes back to Soldier and Sniper with the new weapon.

"Soldier, keep it distracted, I gotcha covered!" he yells. Soldier, noticing the stolen weapon, charges back in with his battle cry. With the sentry's attention on Soldier, Scavenger rushes in, firing three grenades at the sentry, destroying it. This in turn gives Sniper the chance to dispatch the enemy Engineer with a shot from his sniper rifle. Scavenger fires the other three grenades at the far entrance, killing the blue Heavy and Scout charging in.

"But my greatest skill…" As Soldier and Sniper run past him, he discards the empty grenade launcher and picks up the fallen Scout's scattergun.

"You never will know what I'm gonna do next." With a mischievous smile, he cocks the scattergun and follows the two mercs into the fight.