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This link is for the image of the designs for the girl mercs I am using (remove the spaces). No, I'm not a weeb; this is the only design I could find that my brain could handle.

That night, the Reds were celebrating yet another victory. After capturing the girl mercs, they led them down into an empty storage room, which the mercs then locked. Back upstairs, Engineer had broken out three crates of beer for the group to share while Heavy led a Katzosky Kick as Medic played his accordion.

Ranger and Engineer sat on hay bales playing guitars; turns out they made a pretty good duet. Scavenger, admittedly, didn't drink alcohol, instead breaking out his personal stash of root beer, something Scout joined in on.

"Been a while since I had something this tasty without going drunk" Scout said as he and Scavenger clincked bottles.

Hunter, however, seemed to be the only one not in a party mood as he stood outside the room, deep in thought. Being the constantly aware person he was, Spy took notice of this and confronted him.

"Something on your mind?" he asked.

"Did you see the way those girls looked at us when we locked them up?" Hunter asked.

Spy thought for a moment as he recalled the event. "They did seem a bit frightened."

"Frightened, yes." Hunter said, "But not of us. If it was just of us, they would have looked a little more defeated."

"You're saying there's something else going on here?" Spy guessed.

"That's exactly what I think. I mean, look at them. They know something we don't, and, despite the fact that they're teenagers and probably not trustworthy, I say it's worth questioning them. With your permission, of course."

Spy twirled his knife as he considered the outcomes, then said, "Very well. If it has the chance of getting us closer to the Administrator, then it's a risk I'm willing to take."

The two then made their way down to the door where the girl mercs were kept, where Hunter unlocked the door and lifted it up, allowing himself and Spy to enter. As they did, the girls all stood up, surprised to see them.

"I believe there is something we may have missed from before." Spy said, "So, we're only here to ask a few questions."

The she Spy scoffed, "Make it quick."

Hunter asked first. "You were all brought in by the Administrator and brainwashed and trained to fight us; we got that much from your Scout. But I'm guessing there's something else we missed."

"Long story short, pard'ner" the Engie Girl explained, "You practically just killed us all…permanently."

Spy raised an eyebrow. "Explain."

"The Administrator sent us, yes" She Spy said, "but she threatened us saying that if we failed, she'd kill the lot of us. And the worst, she only gave us one chance, which we just blew."

Sniper Girl flicked a bullet in between her fingers. "Boom. Done for."

Spy nodded as he processed this information, then an idea slowly began forming in his head. "And now that you have failed, how exactly does the Administrator plan to kill you?"

"Her goons take us back to her hideout, where she finishes us." She Scout sobbed. The Pyro Girl seemed to be sobbing with her.

Spy and Hunter looked at each other, then hunter turned back to the girls. "What if I told you, we've been planning to kill the Administrator?"

The girls looked with a mixture of confusion and surprise as Hunter continued, "And with the new information you gave us…we can now finish our job, so long as you're willing to help."

The girls looked at each other and shared a series of nods before the She Spy turned back to Hunter. "We'll do it. On one condition."

"Name it." Spy said.

"Once the Administrator is dead, you let us go our own ways. Many of us are desperate to find and reclaim our old lives, myself included."

Spy replied without hesitation. "Done. When this is over, you are free to go your own way."

The girls began to light up in hope, the Demo girl even began to dance a little.

She Spy turned to Hunter. "Let us in on your plan when you are ready."

Hunter nodded, but Spy had other ideas. "Actually, why don't you come and help us make the plan."

A few minutes later, Hunter and spy returned, the girl mercs following behind them. The second they walked in, however, the rest of the Reds immediately shot up, and drew their weapons."

"At ease, gentlemen!" Spy shouted, "We've learned something useful out of them and now have a way to take out the Administrator."

That got their attention, and they lowered their weapons, except Soldier, who kept his rocket launcher on them.

"They may have fooled you, Frenchie" he growled, "But they're not fooling me."

She Soldier scoffed, "Says the man who can't see past his own goddam helmet."

"Is that a challenge you overgrown…!?" Soldier roared, only to be knocked unconscious by a frying pan, courtesy of Scavenger.

"You're welcome." he said with a small salute.

"Well, now that that loose end has been tied up." Engineer said, "Tell us more of this opportunity."

Spy wasted no time in filling them in, and when he was done, Medic stroked his chin in interest. "So, if zeze girls go back to ze Administrator, then ve can learn vhere she is hiding and take her down!"

"Correct" Hunter said.

"One problem" Heavy pointed out, "How do we follow them without being seen?"

The Reds recognized this as an actual problem, until Hunter spoke up. "I can track them. I was an actual hunter in a previous life, so tracking anything is second nature to me. I might also have a few gadgets to help."

Spy nodded. "Good. And once we know where the Administrator is, we will simply need to eliminate the security (which I have brought these girls here to help us with) and let the rest of you in. Then, we will finish the job."

Scavenger shrugged. "Sounds easy enough. I'm in."

"Anyone else?" Spy asked.

The other mercs nodded and shouted their assent.

"Alright, mercenaries." Spy said, gesturing to both the Reds and the girls. "Let's get a plan in action."

As the Reds began to plan, it became clear that the Administrator's weapon was about to be used against her; and the mercs relished the very thought of it…

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