I was having a great time watching my family display their talents and strengths that I otherwise wouldn't see in public. It was nice seeing them let go and enjoy themselves. Despite living in Washington, thunderstorms were a scarcity. They took different turns keeping me company on the hood of Emmett's Jeep, even Rosalie.

-That last one took me for surprise. We were actually engaged in small talk.-

She looked away coolly when I tried giving her a smile.

"Rosalie...I'm sorry for whatever I ever did to you. If it was changing your family's usual habits by including me, I'm truly sorry. I really consider this my second family, even you. I know we're not the best of friends but I hope that one day you'll warm up to me and we can try to have a relationship like Alice and me." I've been planning to say this to her for quite some time, but I've never had a chance with one-on-one time.

"Bella, it's not that I don't like you." she started reluctantly. "It's just you know...not the life I would've picked out for myself. And forgive me for saying this, but I just don't think you and Edward are a great fit."

I let her words sink in as we both continued to watch our family play around in the rain and mud, Emmett sliding into home base and giving an audible whoop and happy dance. Everyone around him chuckling and saying he was a sore winner.

"Can I ask why" a question coming out more shakily then I intended.

"I just don't see the same connection, let alone respect, that Emmett and I have or even Alice and Jasper or Carlisle and Esme" she said as gently as I've ever heard her speak to me. "He just treats you like a pet, forgive me for saying so, and you either like it or are too entranced by him to get him to treat you like you're worth more than that. He left you Bella...he made all of us leave after the incident at your birthday party."

"It's because I'm a human, he's trying to do what's best for me until I change. And I know for a fact that what happened at my birthday is no one's fault, and I don't fault his decision for wanting to move away. I know it's a sore topic for everyone but I do want to change so that I can be with him forever. I know it's not the life you would've chosen for yourself but put yourself in my position. Had you met Emmett whilst you were still human, wouldn't you give up everything to be with him, your true love."

Emmett shot us a look while manning the outfield. I knew our conversation wasn't private but the Cullens did their best to not eavesdrop on conversations I would have with whoever would be keeping me company that round.

"I don't know what I would choose if I had a do over, but I would give it a lot more thought because you don't know how it is. The days have become monotonous being alive for this long. This isn't what you want to hear and Emmett's heard it before too, so don't feel too sorry for him. And you know...you did good disrupting our life...we at least don't have a routine I can bet my life on" she said dismayed.

I was about to respond, taking a breath as I went when Alice suddenly called the game to stop. Everyone looked like they were on high alert. Rosalie with her inhuman hearing, heard the conversation my family was having on the field.

"Get in the car Bella" she said brusquely.

"I know it's a sensitive topic Rosalie, but I would like to stay and tal-" I tried getting out before she shot me a glare.

"It's for your safety, there are vampires out there. They're coming here right now. Now please, get in the car and lay down in the backseat" she said to me hurriedly before she vanished to be with her family clustered in the middle of the field.

I quickly got in and nestled myself onto the floor of Emmett's Jeep. Poking my head above the window line to get a look at what was happening.

Three vampires entered the clearing, looking almost homeless with their outfits that were unaccompanied by shoes. Black eyes being their main accessory. Rogue vampires is what I'm guessing.

They engaged in small talk with Carlisle, and seemed to be joining the baseball game. The one with dreadlocks in the front did most of the talking with the Cullens. The blonde man and the red haired woman each made their own remarks. But Edward visibly stiffened after the woman said something to him.

The rogues turned to walk to their plates when a big gust of wind shot from the south end to where they were. Before I knew it, a pair of red/black eyes were staring right at me in front of the car window. I screamed. The blonde man was in front of the car window pulling me out before I could scream. The Cullens ran towards me, anguish and fear on everyone's faces as the other rogues stood by idly watching everything unfold.

"You smell...unbelievable" the blonde man groaned out as he shoved his nose in the crook of my neck while I flailed my arms and legs trying to get away from him as he sped off carrying me in his arms bridal style. "Stop flailing about and maybe I'll keep you around permanently, if you know what I mean." he said as he stopped running and grinned. "I'm James."

I screamed for the Cullens and for him to let me go, all my screams were drowned out as the wind whipped past us.

"I bet you taste even better" he whispered before sinking a fang into my jugular.

My senses went black as my body grew numb from the blood loss.

This is it, I thought to myself. This is how I die. I thought of Charlie and Renee, my couple of friends at school, the Cullens, and lastly of my Edward before I could think no more.