"Dangerous Girls," written by Freedom Fighter

Well, summer officially gets underway with the premiere of this fanfic, which is
a crossover between "Kim Possible" and "The Powerpuff Girls." It ought to be
interesting to see how this turns out. Let's get started, shall we?

Special Note: Reading the previous KP fanfic, "She Will Do Anything" is not
necessary, as I will add notes to any references from that fic.

Disclaimer: None of the characters from the animated series "Kim Possible" or
"The Powerpuff Girls" belong to me.


Prologue (06.02.03)

(The city of Townsville! A bustling community located in the heartland of America!
It's another normal day full of sunshine, smiles, and superheroes, as made evident
by three small kindergarten girls, who are making their daily rounds on their way
to school.)

"It looks everything's a-ok," Blossom, the leader of the team, told her sisters.

"It's a beautiful day for everyone!" Bubbles, the cute one, exclaimed happily.

Unfortunately, the third sister, the tough one, didn't share the same sentiment.

"We haven't had any bad guys to pummel in days!" Buttercup shouted. "Where did
they all go?"

"That's a good question," Blossom replied. "There's only so long that we can
stand to be without any action."

"Well, all I know is that when someone does show up... wham!" Buttercup finishes
her statement with a swinging punch, which just misses hitting Bubbles.

"Hey! You almost hit me!" Bubbles cried.

"Come on, girls!" Blossom cut in. "We don't want to be late for class!"

The three heroines, known to one at all as The Powerpuff Girls, flew through the
air at breakneck speed, leaving behind them trails of pink, blue, and green


Little do the girls know that a villain that they've never seen before is
making his way to Townsville in an ordinary, red box-shaped van. Two muscle
bound henchmen are behind the wheel, while in the back, a secret mini-laboratory
has been set up. There was only one machine in it... a clone generator that
looked like it was in desperate need of repair.

(A clone generator? Cloning is a bad thing! There's nothing good about it! In
fact, there's nothing good about the guy who created it.

And that guy is... hey, who is this guy? I've never seen him before.)

"What's taking so long?" the blue-faced evil genius known as Doctor Drakken

"We should be there any minute now," one of his henchman replied.

Not believing him at all, Drakken walked up to the front of the van to look
through the windshield.

"Any minute, huh?" Drakken glanced angrily at his henchman, and we see the
reason why.

They're stuck in morning rush hour traffic.


After an excruciatingly long hour and a half sitting in traffic, the van pulls
to a stop inside Townsville Park. In particular, he's pulled up in front of
a volcano laboratory that sits at the park's very center.

Drakken and his henchmen make their way up the long staircase; two of his
lackeys in front and two behind him. Several curious park patrons glanced
towards the group, but none of them knew what to make of it.

Reaching the top of the steps after what seemed like forever, the exhausted
doctor knocks on the front door. Seconds later, it opens to reveal the owner of
the laboratory.

Mojo Jojo.

"Why do you disturb as such this early in the morning, before the evil deeds of
the day can be done?" Mojo asked.

"The name's Drakken," Drakken replied. "Doctor Drakken."

"Who?" Mojo scratched his head, having never heard of him before.

"Doctor Drakken! You know, the evil genius who tried to melt the polar ice
caps about a month ago!"

"That was you?" Mojo then begins to laugh. "I've never seen such a pathetic
attempt at world domination!"

"Whatever. Look, I'm responding to your ad about needing a fellow evil genius
to help you get rid of three little girls."

"You responded to the ad, the ad that I put in newspapers across the country
the day before yesterday? How can you be here so quickly even though the ad that
I put in papers across the country the day before yesterday was posted yesterday?
It's unfathomable that someone would respond so quickly to the ad that I put in
the newspaper the day before yesterday with such haste!"

"Well, I did, and I'm here to help!"

"Very well then... you are to help to defeat the dogooders of righteousness
that continue to foil my plans to this very day!"

"Those girls you mentioned, right? Just who are these puny girls that give you
so much trouble?"

Mojo's eyes narrowed as he uttered their name.

"The Powerpuff Girls."

Drakken tried his best not to snicker. "Okay, so after we get rid of these
Powderpuff Girls or whatever, then we'll take over the world?"

"Yes!" Mojo raised his arms into the air. "You and I will then be able to take
over the world and rule over it like we always dreamed. With the Powerpuff Girls
out of the way, taking over the world will be a snap! Nothing will stop us
from taking over! Nothing! That's because no one will dare stop..."

Mojo stopped his rant for a second, seemed confused over something. He leaned
over and whispered into Drakken's ear.

"What was your name again?"

"Drakken!" the blue-faced genius yelled angrily. "Doctor Drakken!"

"Okay then! As I was saying... that's because no one will dare stop Doctor
Drakken and Mojo Jojo!"

Mojo Jojo faded into one of his typical evil laughs. Soon enough, Drakken and
his henchmen added their own evil laughs... or their best impressions of one.

Needless to say, all of the people in the park were confused as to what all the
laughing was for... but they continued on with their day anyway.

(Who is this Doctor Drakken? What could he gain from teaming up with Mojo Jojo?
Oh, if he's as evil as he laughs, the girls could really be in trouble! I just
hope they put an end to this scheme before it gets started!)


Author's Notes:
Just a note... all of the material in parentheses is stuff that is said by the
narrator of 'The Powerpuff Girls.' Just wanted to put that in for the people
who couldn't figure it out.

Yes, Kim and Ron are not brought in here in the introduction. They'll make their
debut at the start of the next chapter. And before anyone asks... no, Shego will
be absent from this fic entirely.


Coming in Chapter 1: "The Meddler from Middleton"
- Kim's back on both feet as her recovery has been completed!
- Mojo and Drakken wage an attack on the unsuspecting citizens of Townsville!
- Can Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup handle two evil geniuses at the same time?

This fanfic will start at the end of the month, with a specific date TBA. The
reason I'm holding this off for a few weeks is because there are a few other
projects of mine that need to be finished first. So, give me a couple of weeks
and then we'll see where to go with this.

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