"Dangerous Girls," written by Freedom Fighter

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Chapter 18 - Time to Let the Show End! (05.16.05)

Mojo Jojo dived at Ron and knocked him down to the ground. Mojo quickly reached up to snatch the Kimmunicator from Ron's hand, even as he lifted his arm out of Mojo's reach. Before he could, though, Rufus climbed out of Ron's pocket and bit Mojo on the butt.

"What the..." Mojo cried, feeling a numbing sensation on his posterior.

Rufus released his molar grip and spit out a monkey hair or two. "Blech..."

"Useless rodent!" Mojo exclaimed as he batted Rufus aside.

"Hey, hey!" Ron shouted. "That's Rufus you're messing with!"

"You're next if you don't give me that little handheld device!"

"Oh no you don't!" Kim said, going for a head-first flying tackle.

Kim leapt high, hoping to prevent Mojo from leaping upwards. But she didn't count on Mojo rolling out of the way, leading to Kim landing on Ron's stomach.

"Sorry Ron..." Kim apologized.

"No problem..." Ron wheezed.

While rolling, though, Mojo had managed to swipe the Kimmunicator from Ron.

"Ha ha... you amateurs!"

But in dodging Kim, Mojo had made a miscalculation of his own... three power-packed ones.

"Take..." Blossom shouted, leading in with a blow to Mojo's jaw and knocking the Kimmunicator out of his hands.

"This..." added Bubbles, kneeing him in the stomach.

"Mojo!" finished Buttercup, punting the evil simian into the air.

The Powerpuff Girls then sped up into the air to meet Mojo before he flew into the stratosphere.


"Time to finish this!" yelled the Powerpuffs in unison.

Rearing back, the three girls gave one last unified super punch, sending Mojo barreling towards the ground. The Earth shakes as Mojo makes contact with the pavement, making a cloud of dust and debris that quickly covers the surrounding area.

Ron quickly grabbed Rufus as the little mole rat closed his eyes. Ron followed suit, as Kim and Drakken, the latter still in that pink bubble, raised their arms to shield their own eyes.

When the smoke cleared a minute later, Mojo was lying unconscious in the center of a crater that had formed upon his impact with the pavement. Kim and Ron got to their feet, turning towards the Freedom Eliminator, which had stopped moving because no one was giving it any more orders.

"Just one last detail to take care of," Kim said, glancing up at the girls.

The Powerpuffs nodded as they flew down and restrained the Freedom Eliminator. With the robot not resisting at all, Kim picked the Kimmunicator off the ground and headed over towards the robot.

"Wade, you still there?"

"All set on this end," replied the child prodigy.

Easily finding an access port with most of the robot's metal shell having been torn away, Kim simply plugged in the Kimmunicator and let Wade do his thing.

"I'd say our job is done," Blossom said aloud, looking around and seeing all of the bad guys no longer able to fight.

Soon afterwards, Townsville's finest was hard at work trying to restore things back to normal. Construction crews were patching up holes in the sidewalk and in the road. Contractors were already cleaning up debris and drawing up plans to rebuild Pokey Oaks and the other buildings damaged in the fight. Gas and water technicians were checking wiring and pipes in the area, while the electric and telephone companies worked to restore service to customers within a ten-block radius of the battlefield.

But Townsville's brighest and best in blue were also on the scene, as Mojo, Drakken, all of the henchmen, and what was left of the Freedom Eliminator, were are thrown into one paddy wagon, on its way to the local prison.

"I refuse to go out like this!" Drakken yelled, still inside the pink bubble trap because no one could figure out how to open it.

"Oh, put a sock in it!" Mojo scolded. "If you're going to curse your adversaries, you must do in such a way to strike fear into their hearts... to assure them that one day, you will be back!"

"You mean like this... you girls think you're all that, but you're not!"

Mojo shook his head. "Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of... curse you, Powerpuff Girls! Curse you, Kim Possible! CURSE YOU!"

Mojo then started acting like a raging lunatic as he jumped up and down inside the van, causing it to rock and spooking the sanity out of the worn out henchmen. And Drakken too, who quickly ran to the nearest corner to hide in. The paddy wagon doors close, with Mojo still jumping around and shaking the vehicle up, as it pulled away.

The Pokey Oaks families had returned to the area, picking up where they had left off without a hitch. The high schoolers were spending their last moments with their 'Little Brothers and Sisters' before making the trip back to Middleton.

"Nice moves back there," Blossom said to Kim.

"Nothing compared to you and your sisters," Kim complimented back.

"Yeah!" cheered Bubbles enthusiastically. "The good guys always prevail!"

"Those bad guys will think twice before messing with us again!" Buttercup exclaimed.

"I hate to brag..." Ron stated, "but we's got the skillz."

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm so glad this field trip's finally over!" Monique said with a sigh of relief.

"Tell me about it," Kim added. "No offense, girls."

"None taken," replied Blossom. "I guess you've gotta be used to the whole superhero vs. supervillain mentality to enjoy it."

"Give me eccentric take-over-the-world schemes and down-on-their-luck insane bad guys anyday."

Mr. Barkin was holding a megaphone in hand as he prepared to address the small crowd around him.

"Attention everyone! First off, despite the giant robot attacks and the chaotic destruction around us, I think that all of us from Middleton High should thank Ms. Keane and the entire population of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten for having us as their special guest this past weekend."

A round of applause ensued from the high schoolers.

"Second of all, despite the unplanned destruction of all but one of our buses...luckily, the one with all of our luggage... the city of Townsville has agreed to loan us enough charter buses free of charge so that we can return home."

Another round of applause followed, just as the new buses began to arrive.

"With that, I bid all of the bigs to say their final good-byes to their littles. If we're lucky, we'll have forgotten all of these nightmarish sights by the time we get back to Middleton."

Mr. Barkin then handed over the megaphone to Ms. Keane.

"Um... thank you for that inspired speech, Mr. Barkin," she said. "I hope that everyone, child and teen alike, learned something from this vastly wonderful and event-filled experience. And don't worry, parents... the crews will work around the clock to make sure school's in session tomorrow!

"To the students of Middleton High, on behalf of all of us here at Pokey Oaks, thank you for making the trip here and bringing rays of joy to us. We hope you enjoyed your stay, and that you have a nice, relaxing journey home. Take care now!"

The farewells began, as we see several shots of this around the area. Felix and Jeff gave each other pillows, to better cushion their own backs in their wheelchairs. Tara and Mary were exchanging tailor-made outfits... Tara giving away a close fascimile of her cheerleading uniform, Mary a smaller version of her pink sundress. And Josh was giving Harry a bottle of hair gel, which he traded for a green blanket that apparently looked as if it hadn't been washed... ever.

As the Powerpuffs and Kim and her friends looked around, they realized that they had no gifts to exchange with each other.

"Looks like we'll be the only ones without any mementos to remember this by," Monique said aloud.

"Not necessarily..." objected Professor Utonium. "We have plenty of life lessons to take away from this."

"Like never doubt another hero's skills because they don't have superpowers," said Blossom.

"Or that monkeys are absolutely evil!" Ron exclaimed, freaked.

"And making fun of others isn't appropriate," stated a downtrodden Buttercup.

"Ooh... how about the fact that you can't go into a major metropolitan mall without seeing a Club Banana store!" Monique giggled.

"And that animals don't need to have fur to be acceptable!" Bubbles smiled, as Rufus leapt over from Ron's pocket to give her a hug.

"Is that all?" the professor asked.

Suddenly, all heads turned to Kim, who had a dumbfounded look of shock on her face.

"What? Didn't we cover everything?"

Ron smiled as he patted Kim on the shoulder. "Kim, Kim... still stuck in the denial stage, I see."

"You do know if you try to pull that on me again," threatened Monique, "you'd better look for someone else to hook you up at Club Banana!"

"Don't tell me you guys are still hung up on the pep pills deal..."

"Admittance... you're well on your way to recovery, KP!"


Minutes later, the Middleton High students were piling onto the buses. It was time for some final farewells for our heroes.

"See ya!" Buttercup said. "Oh, and sorry about that punch I gave you."

"Don't worry about it," Monique replied, blowing the incident off. "I barely feel any pain anymore!"

"I'm gonna miss you, Rufus!" Bubbles cried, giving the naked mole rat one last hug.

"Hey!" Ron exclaimed, wanting a hug as well. "Aren't you gonna miss me too?"

"I'm glad we got the chance to work together," Blossom said, shaking hands with Kim.

"No big!" Kim smiled. "And if you ever want to come to Middleton..."

"Naaa... our parent companies are already mad at the writer of this fanfic for taking two years to finish this."

"Yeah... I doubt they'd want to fund it anyway."

"Hold the bus... hold the bus!" a voice called out from afar.

The group turned to see Brick Flagg appear out of nowhere. He stopped right in front of our heroes, just as Mr. Barkin and Ms. Keane came over to see what was up.

"Where have you been, Flagg?" barked Barkin. "Check-in time was an hour ago!"

"And where's Mitch Mitchelson, your little?" asked Keane.

"I'll tell you this much..." Brick muttered, "that little guy sure loves rockets!"

And with that, Brick fainted on the spot.

Barkin sighed. "Just great. Looks like I've gotta revive him on the way back." He then turned to the few stragglers left on the Pokey Oaks ground. "Okay, let's go people! Last call for Middleton High!"

"Bye!" Kim, Ron, and Monique waved one last time as they boarded the bus.

"Bye!" Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Professor Utonium waved back.

Barkin was the last to get on the bus, and once aboard, the buses began pulling out. The high schoolers waved one last fond farewell to the kindergartners and their families as after an action-packed weekend, they were finally returning home.

"There they go..." Professor Utonium said to his girls as the buses disappeared over the horizon.

Blossom glanced around and looked at all of the reconstruction work that was going on to return Townsville to the way it was an hour earlier.

"Our work's never done," Blossom said, nodding to her sisters. "Let's roll!"

The trio blasted off to various areas in the neighborhood, hoping to ensure things were back to normal by nightfall.

And so, the day really is saved, thanks to that spunky teen hero, Kim Possible, and those little tykes we so adore, the Powerpuff Girls! Thank goodness this story is finally over... I'm thinking about applying for that narrator job on that show with that quirky little sponge. What... what do you mean my mic is still on? Darn it...

As Townsville disappeared from the horizon, Kim, Ron, and Monique finally breathed a sigh of relief and slumped down in their seats.

"I am so glad that is over," Kim admitted.

"I don't know... I thought it was kinda fun," bubbled Monique.

"Pretty upbeat for someone who went crazy, got knocked unconscious by a superhero, and had to run from an evil madman and a insane monkey genius!" Ron exclaimed.

Monique thought for a second, then nodded in agreement. "Point taken."

"It was nice meeting the Powerpuff Girls, though. Glad to know I'm not the only person trying to save the world on a daily basis."

"You know it, girl!" Monique added, high-fiving Kim.

"Funny thing is, though... I feel we're forgetting something..."

"Like what?" Ron asked, perplexed.

Kim's serious look quickly changed to a worried one in an instant.

"Oh no!"

At the Morebucks Mansion...

"So let's see..." the voice of Bonnie Rockwaller echoed through the halls, "if she meant one extra turn left for every three turns right, that would mean to get back to the main hall, I'd have to make three turns left, three right, and one more left. Unless the lefts all come first, which means four turns left and three right. Or maybe it's the opposite way... one left, three right, then three right. Or maybe, just maybe..."

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