This is an alternate universe fiction. Caius and Bella in this story: Chances Are. Let me know if I should continue with it, R&R.

Chapter one: No Second Chances.

Caius's pov…

What the bleeding Christ was that?! I felt a strange squeezing my chest as she, that praising human, the one so foolishly walks in here so composed and so confoundingly unafraid, leaves with the animal drinkers. What the hell was Aro thinking to just let her go? All he can think about was what kind of an immortal she would make. I see her as a threat and nothing more! I never in all my existence thought I would experience such anxiety as she left us, but I do. My uneasiness felt like it was increasing as I just sit here. It turned into agony.

''Brother, what troubles you? ''Aro said leaning forward to gaze more fully at me from his seat.

''That was very risky to let her go like that, I believe she must be made one of us or die now.'' I say with conviction.

''I see, you question me? ''Aro said narrowing his eyes at me.

That took me aback, I have no wish to challenge him. Damn, if it were not for this increase in tension, I would not have been so snappy. Marcus suddenly reached out for Aro with a small smile twitching on his face. Aro turned to him in surprise. I stood in alarm to Marcus grinning an Aro's look of astonishment. I flit over to them and Marcus released on his hand. Aro rubbed his hands together thoughtfully then stood with me.

''Well brother if you are so worried about this situation, I suggest you take a few of the guards go Forks to see it through. ''Aro said with deadly calm.

Aro only got deadly calm when he was angry. I knew now I had gone too far with my opinions. Unfortunately, with this new development, I could not keep my composure well. I hated the new world and he knew that. Aro's face was of wicked delight as he saw my shock and horror. He truly was pissed at me.

''You will go with Felix and Demetri. ''He paused as they flitted to my side suddenly, ''report back to me daily and if the Cullen boy does not change her, I want you to summon us so we can deal with the Cullen's. Yes, I think this will be the best course, then I will have what I want it last. Now off with you Caius!''

I had no wish to cause more anger in him, so I flitted it out for our private jet and embarked for Washington, Forks without delay. Well, now I stepped into it! I hated this demeaning task. But maybe I will get to kill some of them, and it will be not a total loss.


Bella's POV ….

I remember thinking to myself once that if Edward were here, I would go through anything with his arms around me and by my side. Oh, how I was wrong, I would soon find out. My doubts started with a dream, no a nightmare…

My heart thundered in my chest, I just kept hearing the cries of terror over and over. The lady in red was coming for me. Death loomed over me like a shadow. No, please no! Somebody help me! I scream out as I feel someone grabbed me roughly.

''Bella, it's OK! You are safe with me, and no one will hurt you. ''Edward said to me as he gathered me into his arms.

''Edward, oh it was terrible. ''I say as I buried my head in the shoulder.

It's over, it's over now.'' He coaxed me.

''Bella, we are almost home now. ''Alice said.

''Where are we? 'I asked looking up and gazed out the window. ''We are a few miles from Forks now, you slept through the whole way. '' Alice explained as she drove the car.

I blinked as the sunlight shone upon my face now and then it peeks through the trees of the familiar forest. I breathed out a sigh of relief that did not ease my anxiety. I did not know why I was so afraid, but it was not ceasing as I got nearer to home, only growing. Why did I not want to go home?

Edward looked at me with curiosity and it came more of a sour expression from the look my face was making. I hugged myself for warmth, coldness spread out from my heart and no amount of cuddling would chase it away now. I did not feel safe anymore. Why?