First things first, all mistakes are mine. I had a plot running through my head all day and just had to write it down. I normally don't write stories as I choose to support other writers and read their wonderful stories.

This will be a Bella/ Paul pairing with vampires and werewolves.

SM owns the characters!

Plot: After suffering two heartbreaking losses and going through the motions, Bella attempts to seek comfort at the cliffs in hopes of healing. With lack of self awareness, Bella is unaware of her soundings and those around her till it's too late.



The only emotion that currently consumed me. Beyond the paralyzing grief I felt last week from having my life turned upside down in a matter of days.

I can't remember when I started coming to the cliffs after that fateful day but I stayed and sat at the edge in hopes my life was just a nightmare and I would soon wake up

I envied the harsh waves as they hit the cliff side with all their force. Rising and gaining momentum as a tiny child gathering all its energy only to burst apart.

Oh how I yearned to feel something besides this numbness.

Closing my eyes, I try to seek the warmth from the sun as it's rays attempt to break through the dark clouds that rumble in the distance. The sea air surrounds me as a blanket trying to give me a familiar comfort that I desperately crave.

If only I held on longer since that last embrace.

3 months ago

Edward insisted we use the travel vouchers that were gifted to me from Carlisle and Esme to visit my mom down in Florida.

In the quiet part of town in Jacksonville, Mom found the perfect beach home for her and Phil. If I wasn't set on spending my life with Edward in Forks for the time being, I would have taken my mom's offer to live in Florida.

After all the sightseeing my mother dragged us to, I was finally able to relax on the beach with my mom on our last day there. Maybe it was the distraction from all the sightseeing but I was finally able to take a closer look at my mom.

The curves that she once boasted about could hardly be seen in her current clothes. Although her hair was still the same length since the last time I saw her, it held less shine and looked dull. Little differences that were present but nonetheless she still had her charisma.

A detox she claimed as she was trying a new fitness regimen to fit in with the women in Florida.

Monday morning came faster than I would have liked but it was time to return back to Forks with Edward. It was a clear morning with the smell of sea salt surrounding the small home. Edward kissed my temple saying he was taking our bags to our car rental and giving me time alone to say goodbye to my mom.

With tears in her eyes, she embraced me in her arms and held on tightly. Light whispers and promises to keep for our next visit.


The small glow from the sunset was barely present as I lost track of current time. The ominous clouds were now above me, rumbling as they soon opened up. A steady stream poured out from the sky as it masked my tears.

Tears that were constantly falling as second nature since learning the news that fateful day.

My body protested as I stood up from the ground showing the present indentation my body has left as evidence of my constant moping.

I now stand close to the cliff's edge to listen and seek the now angry waves as they beat onto the cliff side. Mimicking the turmoil in my mind as I try to grasp for answers.

With one last look towards the sea, I turn to face the tall trees that mask the nearby trail to walk towards my truck.

Whether it was the current streak of bad luck that was following me or just my natural born clumsiness, I never expected the next events to happen as I fell backwards uncontrollably towards the violent waves.

I welcomed the frigid water once my body landed in the sea below the cliff. A reminder that I could still feel something. My weak body from days of starvation was no match for the current.

As I drifted near the bottom of the sea, I chose to embrace the darkness that was soon consuming me. Losing focus, I closed my eyes and saw the once hateful eyes staring at me from the forest hiding stealthy just before I fell off the cliff.