A/N: I originally had an idea for this fic back in June, and I wanted to finish it in time for the Rayllum Birthday Bash last July. But alas, it took me over three months to complete.

Hope ya'll like it!

An Exercise in Memory
Chapter One: A Point to Prove

If there was anything Callum could be proud of, it was his memory.

Sure, he still struggled with riding a Moonstrider or swinging a heavy sword, but he could take one look at a scene and draw it without having to ever look up.

He could draw all day from memory alone – evident in all the times he had watched Rayla train and then drawn her in a myriad of poses until the sun went down.

It was also what allowed him to learn spells quickly, only needing to see the runes once and then recreating them perfectly. In fact, Callum knew all the runes for about fifty different spells that he could cast at any given time.

Ibis once grumbled, during one of their lessons, that it was almost unfair that Callum could learn them in such a short amount of time, whereas he himself had spent years memorizing them.

Which made it all the more frustrating for Callum to learn the runes of High Elven.

He was, unfortunately, still painfully illiterate in it. Still, he wanted to at least try understanding Xadian text. Someone in the High Council had to learn, or else messages from the Dragon Queen would go unread.

Well, someone besides Rayla, anyway.

Between the two of them, it was Rayla who had mastery over both the human and Xadian writing.

She was a quick learner; highly motivated and very intuitive. In fact, he was the one who had taught her the human alphabet, which was far easier to learn than the convoluted syllabic style of Xadia, and now she could write as if she'd been using it all her life.

Callum, on the other hand...

A month had passed since he'd started learning how to write in Xadia's written language, under Rayla's tutelage.

The base runes were simple enough. Visually, they looked like what they represented – like the symbols of the primal sources for example.

There were swirls for wind and sky, waves for water and the ocean, and jagged peaks for mountains and the earth.

But it only got trickier from there.

There were names of plants and creatures he never knew existed. There were words that were a variation of the base runes. There were characters that were a combination of two or more symbols clumped into one.

Some looked exactly the same, and Callum had to actually squint to catch an extra dot or stroke here and there.

Others actually were the same character, except they changed depending on the context. And then there were those that had no direct translation at all.

He had asked Lujanne about it once, at the Moon Nexus, where there were entire stone slabs of glowing runes.

Elven culture, she had explained, placed great importance to literacy. It allowed access to the history written on those very same stone slabs, which is why every race of elves had each had its own writing system. Earthblood elves even had entire written dialects of their own.

Then sometime after the humans were expelled from Xadia, the elves decided to standardize their written language into a single literary style that was uniform across all Xadian races. It evolved over time, and each culture developed its own nuances, giving birth to the complex writing system it was today.

He loved his memory – he rarely forgot something once he understood it – but there were limits.

Recalling what the runes looked like was one thing. Actually remembering what they meant was another matter altogether.

He had written 'kinky' about six times now. Mostly accidental, of course.

And that's how he found himself sitting in his office one spring afternoon in Katolis, struggling to write a coherent letter to Ibis.

The annual Peace Ball was coming up. Katolis was hosting this year, and Callum was tasked with sending out letters of invitation.

Bright sunlight streamed through the large window behind him. Before him, parchments and quills and charcoal were strewn about on his desk.

He drummed his fingers on the table, hunting for the right characters in his brain. To his credit, a plethora of symbols cycled through his mind like a carousel, his visual memory supplying him with the characters, but, infuriatingly, not their corresponding meanings.

He clicked his tongue. This was proving a lot harder than he thought. He was about to throw his hands up in defeat when the door cracked open and a lithe figure slipped inside.

The door clicked shut, and Rayla pressed her ear to the door, listening for something on the other side. Callum shifted his attention away from the maddening task of writing in Xadian, indulging in a rare distraction.

She had swapped out her Moonshadow assassin gear in favor of a dark teal vest, which she wore over a loose button up shirt of a lighter hue, topped with her signature moon-shaped belt buckle. She still wore her teal tights and dark blue thigh-high boots, claiming that they let her move freely and more comfortably than any dress Opeli could pick out for her.

She had her silver hair pulled into a messy bun too, which probably meant that she'd made a quick getaway.

A silent minute passed, then two, and stretched out to three.

Finally satisfied that she wasn't followed, she relaxed visibly. She made his way to him and plopped down onto his lap without saying a word, swinging her legs over the side to rest perpendicularly on his thigh. He slung an arm around her shoulders and greeted her with a quick kiss to her forehead, right where hair met skin. She buried her face into the crook of his shoulder as he stroked her hair.

"Hiding from Opeli again?"

"No…" she said, her voice a little muffled, and then snuggled a little closer to him. "Okay, yes, maybe I am."

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah, just needed a break. I love her like a sister but it's just… it can get a little hard to keep up with her sometimes," she sighed.

"She can get a little over-passionate about council matters." Callum nodded in understanding.

Rayla gave him a weak smile. "Well, I've already finished my work today, so I was hoping to hide away for a bit?"

"Sure. She's found you every time though."

Rayla raised her head to glare at him. He threw his hands up in mock surrender.

"It's unbelievable. She found me in the kitchens, in the Crow Lord's tower, and in the library. She even found me down at the stables!"

Callum laughed. He remembered when his dad used to ask Opeli to find him and Ez when they were off hiding. Somehow she always found them, until he and Ez made it their mission to explore every lonely corner of the castle. And once they knew all the secret hiding spots, she never found them again, though they hadn't tried to hide from her since then either.

"Probably because Corvus has been giving her tracking lessons," he reminded her. "It comes with having an expert tracker as a boyfriend."

She sighed. "Still. I'm losing my touch."

"No, you aren't." He pressed a kiss to her forehead to reassure her, and they were content to stay in comfortable silence for a few minutes. He was stroking her hair absently, playing with her silver locks soothingly, when he broke the silence.

"Not that I don't enjoy having beautiful elves in my lap in the middle of the day," he said, gesturing to their entangled form. "But isn't this the first place Opeli will look for you?"

"Oh, I'm counting on it," Rayla said with a knowing smile.

Callum's eyebrows knitted together, trying to make sense of her intentions.

"She has Corvus, I have you," she said simply, as if it was plain as day.

It took him a few seconds to put the pieces together. "Ah. So you want me to cover for you?"

"Bingo," she beamed.

"I'd be harboring a fugitive."

"Yes, but if you let me hide here," Rayla said, and Callum watched her walk two fingers up his arm, "I'll be your secretary for a day."

"And that's bribery."

"So it is," she grinned.

Callum summoned what little acting skills he had to fight down a smile. "I should really get back to writing this letter."

"My pride's on the line here, mage boy. What do you say?"

"Three days," he said, but felt a conspiratorial grin tugging at corners of his mouth. "Be my secretary for three days and I'll do it."

"Deal," she agreed, sealing it with a quick kiss before he could back out.

"First order of business: help me write a letter to Ibis." Callum repositioned her in his lap so that she was facing the desk, and then slid the letter over to her. "Well actually, I already wrote one, but I'm not sure if I got everything correctly."

She held it up and scanned it wordlessly, her eyes moving side to side as she read.

"Hmm…it's not bad, all things considered," she said when she finished reading. "But I don't know how I feel about you wanting to kiss Ibis."


She smoothed the paper on the surface of the desk. Using a piece of charcoal, she pointed at the character in question.

"I meant 'write'. I've been meaning to write to him," he said blandly.

"This means 'to write'," she explained as she drew a symbol beside the one he wrote, then used the charcoal to point to his. "This means 'to kiss'. I can just imagine Ibis' face when he reads this."

Her tone was teasing, but it was the image of Ibis that made Callum chuckle. "Mmm…can't have that. These lips already belong another elf."

Rayla drew another character.

"This means that you're excited. That – " she pointed to what he had written. "–means you're horny," she giggled.

"You're kidding," he said, his eyes wide.

She shook her head ruefully. "And this–"

"Okay, okay. I get it, I suck at this," he grumbled and slumped in his chair.

Her smile turned sympathetic as she placed her hand over his. "No, you don't. There are about five hundred runes and thousands of combinations. You're doing fine."

"Yeah. I guess," he sighed.

She cupped his face, her thumb caressing his cheek. "Callum, you have a beautiful mind, and your memory is incredible, but you still need time to memorize every rune there is, okay? No one expects you to get it right away."

"Thanks," he mumbled, leaning into her touch. He closed his eyes for a second and breathed in deeply, then gave her a weak smile. "Can you blame me, though? It's hard to concentrate having a beautiful elf for a teacher."

She cocked a silver eyebrow.

"I mean, have you seen Ibis?" Callum shrugged. "Oh, and you're not so bad either."

That earned him a laugh, a beautiful sound that took some of his frustrations away. "Oh? You're saying it's my fault that you haven't learned Xadian? Because I'm distracting you?"


"You can't be serious."

"I am."

"'I didn't even do anything," she shot back.

"You sat in my lap!"

She rolled her eyes. "I do that all the time."

"Ah, so you admit to intentionally distracting me?"

Rayla scowled. "No."

"And yet here you are, seducing me when I should really be studying," he said matter-of-factly.

Her eyebrows lifted. "I…what?"

"Touching my hand, caressing my face, biting your lip. You know, seducing me."

"You're ridiculous," she said, shaking her head as she stood, though he saw a ghost of a smile playing on her lips. She took one end of his red scarf and started to circle him as she unwound it from his neck. Now free of his scarf, he felt her slide two hands down his chest from behind him.

Her mouth grazed his ear; her voice, low and sultry as she pressed her lips to his skin. "If I really was seducing you, you wouldn't even stand a chance."

Callum couldn't help the shudder that went through him. The truth was that it took Rayla very little effort to allure him with her feminine charms. She was confident and beautiful and sexy. She could have just roused from her sleep, with tousled hair and wearing nothing but one of his old shirts, and he would have still been jelly in her hands.

But he wasn't about to admit that. Even if they both knew it.

She finished circling him and he couldn't help but notice the sway in her hips. She hooked one finger underneath his chin and lifted it. Bending at the waist, she leaned in slowly and drew closer, closer, and closer to his lips. She veered away at the last second to land on the corner of his mouth instead. He grunted, but the kisses she peppered along his cheek did little to appease him.

"Now, is this what you meant by distracting?"

Rayla then placed a knee on either side of him, straddling Callum as he remained slumped in his seat. She settled her weight in has lap once more. He made a conscious effort to keep his arms on the armrests as she combed through his unruly hair and swept away a few loose strands from his face.

"I think the word I used was 'seducing', but yeah, this definitely counts."

She looped her arms loosely around his neck, her elbows on his shoulders and wrists crossed loosely together behind his head. Their position forced him to look up at her, and she trapped him in those mischievous lilac eyes of hers.

"That's too bad," Rayla said, leaning in. "I thought you liked these kinds of distractions."

She accentuated her point with a quick press of her hips on the conspicuous bulge that was already growing in his pants. He stifled a groan.

"Oh, I do. But I still have about two hundred letters to send out," he shrugged. He watched as Rayla's hand deftly undid the first two buttons of his shirt, exposing his upper chest. "Deadlines and all."

"Surely a little break won't hurt?" She drew closer still. Her breath was warm on his cheek; her lips slightly parted. "Unless…"

His ears perked up at that. "Unless?"

"Unless I gave you too much credit," she murmured.

His eyes narrowed. "You did?"

"Maybe your memory's not as incredible as I thought, if it can't handle a little distraction."

"Wait, didn't you just-"

"Then again, your mouth never seems to have any trouble writing runes when you eat me out."

He couldn't argue with her there – he'd become shamelessly fond of drawing runes with his tongue while between her legs. Drawing fulminis, in particular, had become his favorite, because he could activate it very, very mildly afterwards – a tiny zap just to keep her on her toes. Perhaps she would have been furious with him, except she had loved it every time.

An image flashed in his traitorous mind now – Rayla spread out on his table, naked and wanting, moaning his name. She met his heated gaze expectantly, twin pools of lavender growing more heated with each passing second. The mischief practically twinkled in her eyes and the challenge was clear in her voice. He knew what she was doing, just daring him to say no while dangling her beautifully pink lips mere inches from his.

Growling, he finally sat upright, stretching his long frame to meet her at eye level. "True, but I doubt you want Opeli to find you bent over my desk and screaming my name."

He couldn't help but smirk when Rayla blinked at him, her flirtatious demeanor faltering at the crudity of his words. Her cheeks colored prettily as the image formed in her head, but she quickly regained her composure.

She inched closer, her voice softening to a whisper. "Oh? Confident, are we?"

"I am, when my memory's is being questioned."

Her lips tilted upwards. "Prove it."

He closed what little distance was between them in an instant, slamming his mouth to hers again. As soon as their lips met, a rush went through him, like it did during the thrilling moment of free fall before he spread his wings in flight. She smiled against his lips, and then squeaked when he picked her up and deposited her onto the desk. Scrolls and charcoal haphazardly tumbled to the floor, but neither of them took notice.

He was on her again in a heartbeat. He cupped her face with one hand, pulling her down as he kissed her with fervent intensity, coaxing her tongue into his mouth, rolling his tongue against hers. He weaved a hand in her silky hair to deepen the kiss. Her taste, heady and sweet, flooded his mouth, filling his mind until he could think of nothing but her. Soon she was struggling to keep up and only when she was breathless did he finally pull away.

"I don't know all the runes yet but I do know every inch of your body."

A shudder went through her when Callum took her earlobe into his mouth before giving her pointed ear a long lick along the shell. He trailed kisses down to her neck, where he sucked on her pulse point, drawing a soft gasp from his lover. He unclasped her belt and peeled off her vest. He pushed her shirt open, but didn't bother removing it, allowing him to kiss his way down the newly exposed skin.

"I know all your calluses and all your scars."

His mouth kissed a rogue scar on her shoulder and brushed his thumb over another scar on her opposite hip. She cupped his face with a four-fingered hand, the same hand that she had almost lost to a stupid Moonshadow binding. Covering her hand with his, he leaned into her touch. Callum let his eyes drift closed, quiet for a moment. It was a brief and unspoken expression, but he knew she understood – he couldn't bear to lose her. Or any part of her.

Then he took her hand and kissed the backs of her fingers, then her callused palm, before pressing tender kisses to the faint outline that remained her wrist.

"I know every sensitive spot."

Callum kissed down the valley between her breasts then let his mouth close over one hardened nipple. He gave it a hard suck and Rayla gasped. Her hand tangled in his hair, the other bracing her on the table as he ran tight little circles around the tightened peak with his tongue.

Encouraged by the soft mewls coming from her, he cupped her other breast. Rayla arched into his touch, trying to get more of her into his mouth. He tugged a hard bud between his teeth and rolled the other between his fingers. He released her nipple with another hard suck then showered kisses on her abdomen, nipping randomly as he made his way down to the juncture of her legs.

He pulled off her knee-high boots one after the other, then gripped the waistband of her teal tights. Rayla eagerly lifted her hips, allowing him to slide them down her long legs. She sat on his desk, now clad in only her underwear and her button up shirt. He kissed the inside of her thighs, and briefly admired how incredibly soft her skin was before giving way to hard muscle.

When he ran a single finger over her clothed sex, pressing into her growing dampness, her eyes drifted closed. He quickly replaced his finger with his mouth, teasing little sighs of pleasure out of her as he traced her pussy with his tongue against the flimsy material of her panties. He tugged them aside, letting his mouth hover just above her pulsing center.

"I know each nook and every cranny."

She gasped when his tongue finally touched her directly, and then she exhaled with a moan when he licked up her seam, drawing out her moisture. He gave a pointed flick to her clit, making her hips buck up towards him before he started from the base all over again. Again and again he repeated his teasing, adding a little more pressure with each long swipe of his tongue but never staying where she wanted him most.

Finally, firmly keeping her legs spread, Callum parted her folds with his tongue. He swirled it inside of her, exploring every part of her he could reach. Her taste spread on his tongue, as musky as it was inebriating. He slowly slid his middle finger into her. Her muscles immediately clamped down, pulling him in until he was buried to the knuckle.

He groaned at how tight she was, marveled at the incredible heat wrapping around his finger. He gave his clit a suck, a quick reminder that his mouth was still very much attached to her.

"Rayla, I know your body better than you know it yourself."

He flattened his tongue and slowly swept it against her clit. Again and again he did it, speeding up, building rhythm until she was moaning beneath him with every stroke. And when he pushed a second finger inside her, her pussy coiled and uncoiled anew around his long fingers as he slid them inside her in expert motions.

He angled his fingers to reach a particular spot deep inside her. He knew she loved it deep, and the shuddering moan that escaped her only confirmed it. The sweep of his tongue changed to quick flits on her sensitive bundle of nerves. Her hands flew to his hair, and her grip only tightened with every stroke and every press of his fingers. She continued to moan breathlessly in time with his thrusting fingers, but her pleas only encouraged him.


Rayla squeezed her eyes shut. Her breathing became uneven. She used both hands to pull him all the more closely to her pulsating center as she teetered at the edge of climax. But she didn't need to - he already recognized the telltale signs of her impending orgasm and just couldn't get enough of her.

Callum doubled his efforts, his mouth and fingers working in perfect synchrony now. His fingers sped. His tongue, more insistent. Her legs began to tremble with each sweep of his tongue and pull of his lips. Her arm gave out and she fell back onto the desk, lost in the overwhelming pleasure, unable to hold on any longer.

"Come for me," he commanded, his voice coarse and gravelly against her wet flesh.

Rayla had no choice but to obey. She came with a shuddering moan, her fingers in his hair, his name on her lips. Her walls pulsed almost painfully tight around his fingers as a powerful orgasm wracked through her whole body. Her body started to shake, her abdomen rippling and flexing as her sex contracted rhythmically.

Her chest heaved with every lungful of air she gulped down. Her skin was flushed. Her fluids seeped from her core, coating his hand and chin, but he didn't care. He felt his cock strain against his pants at the sight of her, but he paid it no mind, intent on bringing her to the heights of pleasure and keeping her there. Callum just loved watching her come completely undone.

And as his fingers slowed in the aftershocks of her release, he found himself panting too. He pressed little kisses up her body and whispered dirty encouragements against her sweat-slicked skin as he waited patiently for her to recover from bliss.

He was murmuring sweet-nothings against her pointed ear when Rayla's breathing finally returned to normal. She raised her head, the rest of her body apparently still limbless. Bending over her, he dipped his head to kiss her lazily.

"Mmm… I take it back. I guess your memory is actually good for something," she said when they pulled apart, her voice breathy and hoarse.

He chuckled. "Glad we cleared that up."

"Well aren't you pleased with yourself?" Rayla purred, finally finding the strength to sit up. "Why is it that I'm already half naked and you're still fully clothed?"

"Well, it is my office–"

He laughed as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down for another kiss. Then she fumbled with his belt.

"The door isn't locked," he grinned against her lips.

She unbuttoned his long-sleeved shirt and all but tore the offending garment off of him. "Don't care…"

"Anybody could walk in."

"Nobody comes during this time of the day." Rayla hopped of the desk. "Ez has everyone preparing for the ball."

"Someone might hear," he said in between kisses.

"Then we won't be any louder than just now, now will we?" Rayla said impatiently, before she grasped his hard length through his pants.

That effectively put a stop to his half-hearted protests, not that he was really going to argue with his clearly aroused girlfriend. He gasped when she rubbed him, with the fabric of his pants providing additional friction. She promptly latched onto his neck and suckled at his pulse point, nipping at it for good measure.

Rayla dropped onto her knees, pulling down his breeches with her. His cock sprang free, already hard and erect. She kissed the crown, before moving her head to the side, sliding his shaft between her lips. She began to run her tongue along the sensitive underside of his shaft slowly, before repeating the sliding motion on the other side of his length. She repeated this several times, making sure to taste every inch of his cock.

Then she grasped him, her slender fingers barely managing to wrap around his girth completely. His cock was already slick and she pumped him easily. Rayla then took the head of his cock into her hot mouth, her tongue swirling around it teasingly. But she pulled off of him as suddenly as she had come, leaving only her hand to pump him at an agonizingly slow pace.

"Since when were you a tease…" he ground out.

"Since you showed me just how you like it," she replied casually, as if she was just talking about the weather. She stuck her tongue out and tapped his member on it several times, an erotic display that had him throbbing in her hand. "And trust me, I'm a quick learner."

Callum couldn't deny that. While it was true that he had taught Rayla the basics of fellatio, she had taken it on a completely different level, especially when she was motivated. In fact, he had woken up with his cock in her mouth on more than one occasion. She already had him convinced that she knew him like she knew the back of her own hand. He had coached her how to take all of him and now it was proving to be his undoing.

He couldn't wait.

Finally, she pushed her lips down to the base. It was a snug fit and the warmth of her mouth was incredible. Their eyes locked while she still had him in her mouth, and with one look she told him exactly what she wanted to say.


Callum groaned as she pulled off of him just as slowly, only to take him back into her mouth again, repeating until she established a rhythm as she bobbed her head enthusiastically. He gathered her hair into one hand as she continued to suck him mercilessly.

"Rayla, fuck that's – ah!– hot."

Her mouth otherwise preoccupied, she merely hummed in response. Without warning, her hand encircled him at the base, pumping as she sucked hard at just the sensitive head. Groaning again, Callum felt the first sparks of pleasure shooting up his spine, quickly losing himself in the exquisite suction of her sinfully skilled mouth.

A knock then came at the door, which he barely heard and promptly ignored. But the knock came again, louder and more insistent this time. It was Rayla who reluctantly pulled away, releasing his cock with one final suck. Callum glared at the door, silently praying for whoever it was to go away.

"Prince Callum?" A woman's voice carried through the door.

"Hold on a sec!"

Callum snatched his shirt from the floor and started buttoning it up, and then hastily re-wrapped his scarf to hide the reddening marks on his neck. He was about to pull his pants back up when Rayla caught his wrist and shoved him back into the chair. He shot her a questioning look.

She brought a finger up to her lips, before her lips curved into a mischievous smile. She kneeled under the desk, just barely out of sight from the doorway. Mirth glinted in her amethyst eyes as she caught his gaze and it finally dawned on him what she intended to do.

Are you sure? he mouthed.

She simply pressed a kiss to the tip of his cock. He found his own lips being pulled into a conspiratorial smirk. He smoothed his mussed hair as best as he could before settling into his chair. "Come in."

Opeli appeared behind the door. "I'm sorry to interrupt–"

He made a show of looking up from a piece of paper, charcoal in hand, as if he had actually been interrupted in the middle of something. Opeli looked around the room. Her eyebrows rose, then furrowed.

"My apologies, Prince Callum. I was under the impression Rayla was with you."

He felt the elf in question smile against his cock at the mention of her name. But it was only for a second, because in the next she started swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock.

"No, she's not." Callum almost bucked his hips when Rayla gave a hard suck as he was talking. "Ah-! I mean she was, but she's attending to other matters."

"I see. Perhaps the guards missed her leaving."

"Perhaps," he said noncommittally, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Maybe I can pass along a message for you?"

Opeli approached him, and for the briefest moments he feared that she would see Rayla's horns or their clothes on the floor. Luckily, she stopped in the middle of the room. Callum hoped his relief didn't show. A few more steps and there would have been no denying exactly what they were doing right in front of the High Cleric. Rayla teased the sensitive rim of the head of his cock, and he tried to distract himself by writing a few runes on the nearest parchment.

"Yes, if you don't mind. If you see her, please tell her that the annual peace ball is coming up…"

He forced his expression to stay neutral as Rayla's mouth closed over the head of his cock.

"…and it would be best if she were to wear a dress this year…"

Rayla took the rest of his length into her mouth until the tip hit the back of her throat, and then kept going. Callum shut his eyes and paused in his "writing".

"…we can have the royal seamstress take her measurements tomorrow morning…"

Rayla started bobbing her head up and down, shaping him with her lips again and again. He bit back a grunt that came out as a choked cough.

"…so that there will be time for adjustments…"

Rayla pumped him in her hand as she sucked the head of his cock under the table, her tongue sliding and her mouth following around his girth in a way that forced the air from his lungs.

"…and be ready by the ball," Opeli finished, and Callum found himself praying for her leave.

"I'll make sure she gets the message," he said between gritted teeth.

"Thank you," Opeli said. She turned to leave, much to his relief, but hesitated at the doorway.

"Oh, and Prince Callum," she began, half turning back to him, and for a second he was worried Opeli had noticed after all. "I know it isn't my place to say, but it is normal for couples to fight."

She gestured to the scrolls and charcoal that littered the floor. Callum swore mentally. He had completely forgotten about them. Fortunately, their clothes were hidden just out of Opeli's line of sight. He nodded mutely in response, not quite trusting his voice at the moment.

"Just make sure to kiss and make up before you go to bed," she winked before sweeping out of the room, the door clicking shut behind her.

Callum let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He threaded his fingers in Rayla's silver hair, fighting back the overwhelming pleasure from her lips and suction of her mouth, even as she continued her onslaught.

"That was risky, troublemaker. I almost lost it mid-sentence," he drawled.

She trapped him with her amethyst gaze, and, making sure he was watching her, she pushed her mouth down on his length again, the tips of her Moonshadow markings on her cheeks distorting as her cheeks hollowed. Rayla bobbed her head a few more times before letting his cock slip free from her mouth.

"You liked it," she purred. His manhood was still wet from her mouth as continued to pump him in her hand.

"I loved it," he hummed in agreement. He helped her to her feet as she stepped out of her panties. She shrugged off her top as he threw off the last of his clothes, then quickly pulled her into his lap. "And I love you. But that doesn't mean I won't retaliate."

"I love you, too." Rayla gave him a cheeky little smile. "You started this, though."

Callum opened his mouth to argue, but she reached down between them and grasped his hard length. She flattened it against his stomach and began sliding it between her nether lips, wetting it with slow grinds of her hips. He drew a sharp breath as raised herself to align his cock to her opening.

He could only moan with Rayla as she slowly sank onto him, taking him inch by inch until he was completely buried inside her. She was warm and wet and so very tight. Already the pressure deep within him was building, gathering, mounting; threatening to break him if he lost focus. But he didn't endure her incredible blowjob only to spill himself too early. Callum shut his eyes, struggling to regain control of his breathing.

She folded her legs, resting the arches of her feet on his thighs. She ground her hips in languid circles against his, their bodies rolling together in unison. He loved the way her taut body slid against his, the unique slippery friction of skin on skin. Their bodies were slick with sweat and fluids, but they slid together in perfect synchrony.

She cupped his face in both hands and leaned down to give him a searing kiss. There was a distinct tang on her tongue that could only be his own musky taste. She could probably still taste herself too, and it only turned him on even more. He pulled her to him until his form molded against hers.


But he didn't have to say it. She already knew the grinding was no longer enough. It wasn't enough for her either.

He grasped her ass with both hands and urged her to ride him in short, controlled motions. She raised herself halfway off his cock before easing her way down each time. He pushed his hips upwards in a well-timed thrust, and she let out a low moan. She put a hand on the backrest and the other on his chest. She started riding him eagerly, moaning as she bounced on his cock.

He angled his hips up towards her with every bounce. Flesh smacked against flesh. His breathing grew ragged. His pulse thundered in his veins, pleasure building at the core of him. He knew he wouldn't last with the way her slick walls clung to him with every thrust.

He ran his hands all over her body. Without thinking he lifted one hand and brought it down quickly against her buttocks. The spank rang crisply throughout the room and Rayla cried out, but her cunt clamped down on him impossibly tight.


Curious, he did it again on the other cheek and again her sex gripped him like a vise.

She paused abruptly to stare at him incredulously. "C-Callum..?"

The skin of her ass was quickly reddening to form a matching pair of handprints on either cheek. A devious smile spread across his lips. He loved his memory, but he was always thrilled whenever her discovered something new about her.

And this seemed like a promising discovery.

"You little masochist," he said, urging her to resume. His smile turned into a mischievous smirk. "You like being spanked, don't you?"

"What? No, I don—ah!" Her words dissolved into an unintelligible moan when he spanked her again. She tipped her head back. Moans spilled freely from her lips. Rayla faltered in her movements until she stopped entirely.

"Yes, you do. I can feel it. I can feel you. You love it," he ground out through gritted teeth.

Callum surged to his feet, taking her with him. He spun her around to face the desk and gripped her hips. Then, with her angled to him, he buried himself to the hilt in one fluid motion. He retreated until only the tip of his cock was inside her, only to plunge back fully inside her again.


He mixed in random strikes to her perfect little ass, her back bowing with each firm smack. Not wanting to overdo it, Callum reached around her and found her clit and rubbed it in time as he crashed into her again and again. Cries of pleasure tore from her throat with each rough snap of his hips.

"Callum…oh yes…just like that… I-I think I'm gonna—ungh!"

Sure enough, feminine muscles squeezed his hard shaft in a familiar rhythmic pattern as a powerful orgasm tore through her. But he wasn't about to relent. He let go of her hips and grabbed her by the elbows, pulling her toward him as he drove deep into her.

This was her second orgasm, and Callum fucked her through it, just the way she loved. Her moans rose in pitch and volume. As sensitive as she was, she was already racing towards her third climax.

Callum flipped her, only to crash them both onto the desk with his member still fully wedged inside her. He hooked her legs over his shoulders and she lifted into him. Her shoulders remained on the table and this new angle allowed him to hit a special spot deep inside her as he pounded into her in long strokes again and again.

His breathing became ragged from exertion. He fell onto his elbows on the desk as he continued to thrust into her. Her hands tangled in his hair; clawed at his back. She captured his lips in a claiming kiss once more. Pressure welled inside him, and he felt pleasure gathering from his toes and chest surging like a charged fulminis. He could feel climax zipping through him and he knew there was no stopping it this time.

"Rayla-" His voice came out in a strangled rasp.

"Inside!" She gasped against his lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist. "I want it inside!"

With the last of his restraint, Callum thrust into her in a broken rhythm. He grunted, his body seizing as he filled her with his seed in long, hot spurts. He shut his eyes as bliss cascaded over him and around him. His chest heaved as he took in air in deep pants.

She followed him over the edge. Her body tensed and then released as her second orgasm tumbled into a third. The world fell away and until all that remained was Rayla. Only Rayla.

He didn't know how long they stayed in their position, but by the time he regained enough strength to lift his head, Rayla was caressing his neck and back. Her hazy eyes had regained some of their clarity when she opened them to meet his.

With one last lazy kiss, he slowly extricated himself from her. She whimpered from the loss of contact after having him inside her for so long. His softening manhood slipped out of her, still half-erect. Their mixed liquids trickled from her core and down onto the wooden surface of the desk.

Callum walked over to a washbasin at the corner of the room. Clothes and paraphernalia were still scattered all over the floor. He would have to sort those out later. When he returned, she was wearing a sated smile. He gently wiped her clean with a damp washcloth.

"By the way, Opeli left a message for you," he grinned. "She wants you to wear a dress this year."

She swatted him playfully as she hopped off the desk and began retrieving her clothes from the floor. "I know, dummy. I was there."

"I think you'd look good in one," he mused, stepping into his underwear. "Well, you look good in anything, really."

"Oh? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're trying to get me to play dress up," she teased.

Now there was an idea.

"Hmm, I would love to draw you in different outfits."

Rayla put her top back on. "Tough luck, I'm not wearing a dress."

"That's okay, I love to draw you not wearing anything just as much."

She rolled her eyes, but laughed all the same. "Maybe."

In just her top and panties, she bent to pick up the items on the floor, giving him a clear view of her rear. He could still see redness peeking out from her underwear. When she turned to him, she set down the paper and charcoal on the desk. He noticed the draft of his letter among them.

Somehow it had gotten much easier to remember the right characters.

"My mental block is cured. Thank you, troublemaker," he said warmly.

"All you needed was a little push. Well then, I guess I can leave you to your–" she said, laughing and turning away from him, but he caught her wrist and spun her back to him.

"Oh no you don't. I've got over a hundred letters left to write and I believe our deal was: you'll be my secretary for three days."

"Was it? Now that doesn't sound right," she said, putting her finger on her chin, though the sly grin gave her away.

He pulled her toward him and drew close. "Perfect memory, remember?"

"Nope, not really."

Callum pulled a slow, simmering smile, and then caressed her bum. "Maybe a good spanking will help you recall?"

Rayla flushed, then smiled. "Maybe it will."

A messenger crow arrived for Ibis at the Storm Spire.

Curious. He didn't get many messages from Katolis these days. This one bore Callum's seal. Maybe he wanted to learn a new spell?

It began with Callum's customary lines of introduction: hope this letter finds you in good health, please give my regards to Queen Zubeia and Zym, yes I'm doing my daily mage exercises, your hair looks great today by the way.

We would like to invite you to the annual Peace Ball to be held in Katolis this year.

I've been meaning to kiss you. Zym and Queen Zubeia too.

The closer the Peace Ball gets, the hornier I seem to get.

I think there's a lot more we can learn about each other in the weeks to come.

I look forward to your arrival.


Ibis stared at the letter and then slowly set it down. He rubbed at his temples, feeling a headache coming.

The Peace Ball was going to be very odd this year.

1. If the Xadian writing system has already been explained in canon, I apologize in advance! If it has, I would love to hear about it. I don't have a copy of Callum's spellbook nor Through the Moon (and I'm honestly too broke to buy them).

2. I must have written about 15k words across a handful of discarded drafts, before finally settling on this version. This was loosely inspired by a scene at the Moon Nexus, where there are literal slabs of stone with glowing runes. If I remember correctly, it was shown when Rayla sought Lujanne's advice? Not really sure, but it was definitely early in season 2.

I even made a Twitter account just so I could ask Aaron Ehasz about the Xadian writing system back in January, but he didn't reply and I got too shy to ask again… so here we are.

3. Hope you enjoyed! Would love to hear your thoughts on this story. More headcanons and process notes over at Tumblr!