"Once I get my hands on the people who did this to Luz. I'm going to make them wish for a quick death."Eda's voice echos into nothing


MONDAY; 21:10h

She just locked her room holding tears back, she at the door with her hands still in the cold wood from slamming it shut. Her mind and heart? Racing a million (that's a portuguese expression).


To say that she's scared and confuse would be foolish. She feels more than. Fear. Confusion. Anger. And...Laughter...deep within.

"Oh Luzzzzy~" her echos room, with a screaching sound of a knife going down the wall

Luz turns, and in the other side of the room lies in from of her...her. Luz, but with eyes and a more ashish skin

"No. Nononono. Y-You're gone! I'm fixed!"

The other Luz gets closer to her. Then stops and plays with the knife like you would with a coin, balacing it perfectfly while it passes through her fingers. "Oh Luzy." she smirks "You should know better. I'm never trully gone. I am you. I am the part you've kept hidden all these years. So please grow up a bit. After all this isn't your first mental breakdown." she sirks again and passing a finger down Luz's cheek. "You had some in school. You got through them didn't you?" she pulls her hand back "Oh what am I saying? Of course you didn't, you just repressed all those emotions." she walks back sitting on a chair. Luz is still choked at the sight

"Remenber Heather?" Luz's eyes widened "It was...Oh! Last summer right? You had just turned 14 like a week ago. You were in the park reading Azura like always. Then Heather passed...remembered how she bullied you past breaking point? Do you remember the feeling of wanting to pull out your pen and shove it up her neck? But you ought to run home." she says with a disapointed look.

"I-I never wanted to!" tries to scream at her other self. But instead letting out a frail voice

"Oh we both know that's not true. So Luz I'll give you an overview of your situation. Eda wants to KILL the motherfuckers that alledgy did this to you; The Isles now HATE and FEAR Humans; You LIED to Amity's parents who eventually are going to fin out who YOU ARE; And you are having mental breakdown and like always you'll PUSH your friends away.

"NO! T-That won't happen! I-I'll find a way to destroy you!"

"Oh Luz...You can't hurt me" she puts the knife on her palm and slowly cuts her hand "Because if you hurt me..."Blood and a jolt of pain starts coming from Luz's hand "You hurt yourself."

"So let this be a warning..." she passes the knife on her toungue to taste the blood "You will break, and when you do you'll be dooming everyone. Remember what the Joker said on that comic? "It only takes one bad day to go mad."" and with that she disapears. Luz now is alone, bleeding on the floor...For after the storm...