It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Toadsworth was standing on the balcony, taking a deep breath. It was nice to have days like this.

"Toadsworth?" Peach called to him. Toadsworth turned to her, seeing that she had an envelope in her hand. She added, "This came in the mail today. From the mayor of Isle Delfino."

Toadsworth took and opened the envelope. He read the letter to her, "Dear Princess Peach, we cordially would to invite you and anyone you wish, to come to Isle Delfino for a three week all expenses paid vacation."

Peach's mouth opened wide. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

She gasped, "Three weeks? That sounds like heaven to me!"

Toadsworth nodded in agreement, "I think a vacation is well in order. I'll mail them back and let them know we are coming."

Peach giggled in excitement. She knew who she wanted to invite. However, Toadsworth had other ideas...


Meanwhile, Mario was training his Firebrand. Training with him was his baby brother, Luigi. Luigi was training his Thunderhand. Mario smiled at his baby brother proudly. It had been a few months since the mansion incident. Mario could tell that his baby brother was trying his hardest.

Mario complimented his brother, "You are doing really well Weegie."

Luigi blushed a bit modestly and stated, "Gosh I don't know about that Malleo..."

Mario started to say, "But you have been..."

"Master Mario! Mario Luigi!" Toadsworth called out to them.

Both of the brothers turned to see Toadsworth coming up to them.

Luigi greeted, "Ciao Toadsworth."

Mario asked, "What brings you here?" Toadsworth showed Mario the letter and Mario showed it to Luigi. He added, "Sounds amazingly perfect. We could use the r&r."

Toadsworth pointed out, "Especially you, Master Mario. You have been putting your nose to the grind a lot." Mario was about to protest, seeing Luigi's disappointed face. But Toadsworth changed the subject, "Anyhow, we need to be ready by Friday for the trip. So please make sure that you are on time."

With that, Toadsworth departed. Mario groaned in annoyance, turning to Luigi. Luigi was trying his hardest to fake a smile.

He stammered, "W - well, I guess I should help you pack..."

Mario objected, "You really think I'm gonna go without you?" Luigi was startled that he dropped his fake smile. Mario placed a hand on his shoulder and added, "Weegie... you've been to the Underwhere and back to save me from... him..." He held back a visible shudder but it was plain as day to the man in green. Mario had been tormented. Luigi didn't say anything. He knew that Mario was trying to keep it together for him. He further added, "Now I've learned a hard lesson from that. And from now on, wherever I go... you go with me. End of discussion."

Luigi had happy tears in his eyes. "M - Malleo... t - thank you..."

Mario hugged his baby brother close and they both had a good cry.


Back in Toad Town, Peach knocked on the door to a rather small house. It was cream and purple in color. The door opened and standing in the doorway was Violet. Violet looked at Peach, with a confused face.

She asked, "Yes Princess?" Peach smiled as she showed Violet the invite. Violet took it and read it over. She quietly asked, "I was wondering if you would like to go..."

Violet did a double take as she looked at the princess. She had to admit, she was stunned.

Violet questioned, "I hope this isn't wrong for me to ask but... why me?"

Peach admitted, "I would like to get to know you better."

Violet looked at the invite and then at the princess. She had to admit - this was a perfect chance to get to know her better.

She agreed, "Alright, you are so on."

Peach smiled widely with a small blush dusting on her cheeks.


That Friday, Peach was surprised - yet appalled that Toadsworth had when to invite Mario. While was glad to see Luigi, she knew that things would get awkward to between her and Mario. The Toads got the luggage on the pink plane. The Toads boarded, then Toadsworth. Luigi followed suit and Violet followed him. Mario boarded with Peach. Peach felt super awkward. Thankfully Violet saw this and offered to sit next to her and Toadsworth.

Violet turned to her and whispered, "Are you alright? You seemed tense...?"

Peach held back a blush trying not to focus on Violet's beautiful face. She whispered back, "I know Toadsworth's intentions. He's trying to get Mario and me together."

Violet was surprised by this. She knew that Mario was Peach's best friend and bodyguard. She thought that they were already a couple. She thought, 'Then again, they probably think that Luigi and I are together.' She looked over at the man in green. While it was true she had strong feelings for him, she just didn't know if Luigi felt the same way. She grabbed a pillow and put it behind her head. It was gonna be a bit of a flight.


When Violet managed to open her eyes, she heard Peach calling her name. She opened her eyes and saw Peach hovering over her. She lightly blushed. Were her eyes bluer?

She asked, "W - what? What is it?"

Peach answered, "We had to force ourselves to land! There's so much pink goop on the runway!"

Violet raised an eyebrow and got to her feet. She went outside to where she saw the boys. Mario and Luigi were standing with Toadsworth. The two Toads were looking at the pink goop with interest.

Toadsworth nagged, "You boys get away from that stuff!"

Mario turned to his brother and commented, "Let's see if we can find anything to help us to clean this up."

Luigi looked around and saw a whole bunch of crates way in the back. He pointed and offered, "Let's try over there."

Mario looked at where his brother was pointing. He nodded in agreement. The two of them went off. Violet stood next to Peach. She felt like she needed to stay close to Peach for some reason. That's when she saw something in the distance. Something that looked vaguely like Mario.

Violet asked Peach, "You see that, right?"

Peach answered, "Yes... I saw it on the tape too before we landed."

Just as Violet was about to investigate, the shadow was gone. Violet raised an eyebrow. That was strange. That's when she heard something.

"Where are you taking him?!"

Violet looked back, seeing that the local cops were dragging Mario off with a strange backpack. Luigi followed them, putting a hose onto his back. The rest of the crew followed suit.


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