Mario was walking back to the pier, stuffing his hands into his pocket. He never felt more frustrated in his life. He was planning on asking Peach to be his girlfriend.

He groaned to himself, "And of course... this had to happen." He sighed a bit disappointed. He added, "You know, at one point I had to have some sense... right?" He stopped at the nearby costume place. He looked in the mirror. He groaned. He muttered, "Of course I did... I sensed that this was gonna happen."

She doesn't look at me the same way she does with Violet...

"Manfredi!" Sheriff roared, making Mario jump.

He turned to both the sheriff and the deputy as he asked, "What do you two want with me?!"

Deputy questioned, "Where's your fancy pack?"

Sheriff added, "Are you finally giving yourself in and letting us put you in jail?"

Mario was about to tell them off when he realized he had nothing to say. Honestly didn't know what he was doing. All he knew was he was the hero and he was getting squat at the end of the day.

What do I get out of this?

Suddenly, without warning, he saw something in the air flying by. He looked up, seeing his brother using his Thunderhand to fly him and Violet to the nearby mountain. That's when Mario realized something.

I have Weegie... I always have Luigi... At the end of the day... I have my brother... And I gave him FLUDD! What have I done?!

Mario finally spat out, "How is he flying?!"

Deputy answered dumbfounded, "No idea. He's heading for Corona Mountain!"

Mario asked them, "How do I get there?!"

Sheriff started to say, "Well you aren't going anywhere..." Mario was furious at this point that he activated his Firebrand. Sheriff nervously added, "Uh you can just take the hot air balloon!"

Mario looked over to where the hot air balloon was. It was deflated but the man in red knew that he would have no trouble getting that to work. He ran over to it, his eyes now wide to the truth.

I need to protect Weegie. Like I promised Mamma...


Back with Luigi and Violet, they had made it to Corona Mountain. The two managed to get inside the mountain and started climbing to the top.

Violet teased, "And yet you couldn't fly us to the top?"

Luigi reasoned, "You want me to be dead tired when we take on Bowser?"

Violet frowned a bit, "Weegie, I was teasing."

Luigi apologized, "Sorry, guess I'm just nervous is all."

The ice wielder nodded, "I know you are. I'm sorry."

Luigi replied, "Not your fault. I just can't believe Malleo left me with this responsibility." Luigi made a fist as he added, "All because of his stupid ego! He can't let go of the fact that you like Peach!"

There was a moment of silence between them. Violet was impressed but also a bit curious.

She asked, "But can you...?"

The man in green looked at her, like she grew two other heads.

He questioned, "What are you saying?"

Violet explained, "Well if you think about it, it is like we are written for each other. But now... we're just better friends. Does that make sense to you? Are you okay with that?"

Luigi thought for a moment. But it didn't take him long to come up with an answer.

He told her truthfully, "I rather have you and Peach be happy with your lives. And if that means I stay as your best friend, then yes I am okay with that."

Violet smiled widely as she hugged her best friend. Luigi returned it. They stayed like that for a moment before they left their embrace.

She asked, "You think I have a chance with Peach?"

Luigi was the one to tease now, "You were the one that called her your girlfriend before, remember?"

To that, Violet blushed red. Both out of embarrassment and her crush on the princess.

She muttered, "Oh so glad Toadsworth didn't hear that one..."

The man in green chuckled as they kept climbing to the top.


Meanwhile, at the top of the mountain, Bowser Jr. was in a hot spring. He was quite relaxed after bringing Peach back to his father. Peach had been forced to change into her new pink bikini. She never felt more embarrassed than right now. She was sitting on a rubber ducky, blushing a bright red.

I really wish Violet was here...

Bowser turned to her and laughed, "Bwhaha! Wishing your boyfriend was here to save you, aren't you?!"

Peach never felt so furious in all her life. Just when she was about to correct him, she heard a familiar voice.

"Ever heard the news, Bowser?! Peach doesn't swing that way!"

Peach looked and there, much to her relief, was Violet with Luigi. But Mario was nowhere in sight. She smiled at her rescue crew.

She gushed, "Violet! Luigi!"

Bowser huffed, "Oh man! How dare you interrupt family time, Green 'Stache!"

Luigi was shaking in his boots, "S - some family! This is all lies and you know it!"

Bowser laughed, "Lies?! How about you prove that?!"

With that, the Koopa King started to breath fire at them.


Down below a bit, Mario was starting to feel the effects of the battle. The hot air balloon was starting to get real close. That's when debris started to fall from the hot spring. He cursed under his breath, activating his Firebrand. He needed altitude and fast. But some of the debris started to his hot air balloon.

Well... if Luigi did it...

That's when Mario closed his eyes as the hot air balloon popped. Mario started to fall out of the balloon and that's when he felt something. His Firebrand was giving him wings!

Okay this is cool!

With his determination back, he started to fly up towards the fight where Luigi was. He was flying and looking like a Phoenix.

Hang on Weegie!


Back with the fight, Violet had gotten over to Peach. She managed to beat Bowser Jr. quickly, grabbing Peach's hand. Peach took it and got out of the water.

Violet started to ask, "Are you...?"

That's when Peach cut her off and kissed her happily. Violet was beat red but she returned the kiss, wholeheartedly. Peach broke the kiss, giggling at Violet's reaction.

Peach answered, "Yes I'm fine..." She looked over to where Luigi was trapped on the last target. She added, "But Luigi isn't!"

Violet looked up and sure enough, it was just like the princess had said. Luigi managed to destroy the last target, too tired to activate his Thunderhand wings. As he started to fall back towards Earth, a red firey Phoenix grabbed him and started to fly towards the girls. That's when they noticed it was Mario.

Both of the girls exclaimed, "Mario?!"

Mario grabbed them both and started to fly back down the mountain.


Wishmaker1028: This might be shorter than I expected but I realized that the gang could just go save Peach right away, I took that route. Of course we're gonna see the local's reaction in the next chapter. Not to mention Toadsworth's. So for now please read and review! And always think outside of the box!