The hot spring crashed into the earth, right in front of Sheriff and Deputy. Bowser and Bowser Jr. groaned in pain. They saw the paintbrush and it changed Bowser Jr. into Shadow Mario.

Deputy breathed, "Oh my Grambi! Those kids were right!" He looked around and asked, "Where are they though?"

Sheriff looked up and breathed, "Look up!"

All of the citizens of Isle Delfino, the Toads, and Toadsworth looked up. That's when they saw the red firey Phoenix flying towards them. Everyone shouted in shocked awe. Just as they were about to flee, the Phoenix stopped just shy of the Toads. FLUDD was given to them. The pack was a bit banged up and the Toads were surprised that the pack wasn't in worse condition. The Phoenix released the girls right after that.

Toadsworth shouted in relief, "Princess!" He went over to her and added, "Oh thank goodness you are okay."

Violet half joked, "Um... I'm okay too?"

Peach held back a giggle. "You'll get used to it, trust me." She promised, winking at her girlfriend.

Violet turned a beat red. Toadsworth looked between the two girls completely confused. Before he could ask, the Phoenix had its flames to go away. There, Mario was, holding an unconscious Luigi.

Toadsworth breathed, "Mario is the Phoenix...?"

Mario turned his head to the old Toad, rather hostile. He huffed, "Do you not see the fact that my brother is unconscious in my arms?!"

Violet hissed, "Well he wouldn't be if you didn't walk away in the first place!"

Peach's eyes went wide in horror, "No wonder why you two were alone..." She turned to Mario and demanded, "Have you gone mad?! Luigi could be dead because of you!"

Mario turned to her, the tears rolling down his face. He wanted to tell her off so badly. But he decided not to and instead kept his eyes on Luigi.

Mario whispered, "Please Luigi... Please be okay... I'm sorry..."

Mario was sobbing badly, holding his broken brother in his arms. He wept loudly as the silence came on fast. As the man in red's tears started to hit his baby brother's cheeks, there was a small noise coming from Luigi. Mario looked at him, hopefully. Before Mario knew it, Luigi's eyes opened slowly. The man in green looked around and saw his brother.

He weakly asked, "F - fratello...?"

Mario was so overcome by his emotions that he couldn't stop crying. This time, it was out of happiness.


Later on that night, after rounding up the last bit of Shine Sprites, Luigi was all patched up. He stood next to Mario, a tad bit awkwardly. Mario smiled at him, though it was an awkward smile. Peach looked at her friends and smiled. She was so glad that Luigi was alright. She was still mad at Mario but then again everyone was. She was completely nervous and that's when she saw Violet. She blushed at the sight of the ice wielder.

I can do this...

Peach cleared her throat, capturing everyone's attention. She had called all of the people she invited to the vacation to this meeting.

She announced, "So you are probably all wondering why I asked you here... Well... this is completely awkward for me to say." Everyone went silent for a moment. They were giving Peach a moment for her to say what she needed to. She gulped down her nerves as she told them, "I'm a lesbian..."

There was a long pause. Toads were a bit confused, Toadsworth's eyes were wide in shock, and the brothers stood by for emotional support.

One of the Toads asked, "What's a lesbian?"

Another Toad answered, "It's a girl liking another girl."

The Toad replied, "Ooh... That makes sense then."

Toadsworth came over to Peach and pointed out, "You know this is completely against the rules of royalty?"

Peach frowned, "You are worried about that? Seriously?"

Toadsworth stated, "Yes because princess marry princes or other men of nobility."

Peach rolled her eyes as she replied, "But none of them really interest me." She looked at Mario briefly and then back at Toadsworth. She added, "Then I met someone. Someone that I really like... And maybe if all goes well I may marry this person." Hearing that, Violet turn a beat red. Toadsworth raised an eyebrow. Peach turned to Violet, taking her hand. Both of the girls turned red. Peach pulled her close to her, smiling at her. She added, "This is my girlfriend, Violet Cain."

The Toads slowly started to clap in happiness. Toadsworth went bugged eye. He looked at Luigi then back at Violet.

He asked, "Wait... I thought Master Violet is with Master Luigi?"

Luigi answered, "We decided that we were better off friends."

Toadsworth was still shocked, "Do you know how many kingdoms are going to reject you as a princess?! As a queen?! They won't listen to you without a man by your side!"

Peach raised an eyebrow, "Daisy doesn't have a man either. And yet here you are, lecturing me about an age old tradition! It's the 21st century! It's time we start going in that direction!"

Violet was in complete awe. She had no idea Peach was feeling this strongly about it. She laced their fingers, capturing the princess's attention.

Violet added, "With me by your side."

Peach smiled softly, as if she was thanking the ice wielder.

Toadsworth groaned, "I protest this idea..." He looked at Violet and then at Peach. He added, "So you are on your own for a good while."

With that, he left them. Peach couldn't believe it. She turned on her heel. Violet held her girlfriend close. Luigi shook his head as he watched Toadsworth leave. He knew that the old Toad wasn't used to change. And this was going to hurt Peach. She always had Toadsworth by her side, ever since she was a baby. He had been a father figure to her for years. He approached the girls.

He told the girls, "I still want to be there for you girls. Cause you know what, it is time we changed the world for future generations. There might be a future citizen that feels the same way you do or just prefers to be alone. Like Daisy for an example. So it is time we start this."

All of the Toads cheered in agreement. Violet went over to him and gave him a grateful hug. Luigi returned it, smiling.

Peach asked him, "Wanna be my advisor and bodyguard?"

Luigi looked at her, raising an eyebrow. She pointed to the back. They all looked and saw Mario was gone again.

I thought he wasn't gonna leave again...

Violet questioned, "Where in the world did he go to now?"

FLUDD answered, "He said that he had to do a lot of thinking."

Luigi rolled his eyes as he turned to Peach. He didn't have to think twice about her question. He replied, "Count me in."

To that, Peach softly smiled. They had a lot of work ahead of them but she knew that they could do this. She walked over to Violet and took her hand. Violet laced their fingers. Peach smiled at her.



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