AN: I don't own anything, Kaiserreich, Hearts of Iron 4, or JSDF Gate. This story is based on personal experience of the two games, a combination of my first and second gameplay of the PSA. Please take the language with a grain of salt, I don't know Latin or Japanese and I trust Google translate even less. Also, this is my first crack at a Gate JSDF or HOI4 story. So, some feedback will greatly be appreciated. Enjoy.

Narrator POV

"Brother killing brother, father slaying son. From the looks of this old graveyard, hell nobody really won."

Darryl Worley.

Play "Which side" By Lavito & Amy Saville for added effect.

It's been nearly a decade since the Second American Civil war, been two years since the second Weltkrieg that followed. The world was shaken, but none more the United states. 1937, March 12th, a day that will forever burned into the minds of those who were alive. After the German victory during the first Weltkrieg, the German Empire cuts off ties to the US, along with the crippling dept from loans given to the Entente alliance the US suffered the crash of 1925. Things got worse into the thirties as radical groups begin to appear. The Syndicalist from the Great lake led by uncompromising Jack Reed, and the American Union States from the Deep South led by the charismatic but tyrannical Hue Long. As the 1936 election loomed the American people held their breath as their way of life could end at the drop of a hat. The election was a close one, but ends with President McKinley of the Democrat party election. He tried desperately to hold the country together, yet it wasn't enough. The Second American civil war had begun, with Chicago burning under the Combine Syndicalism of America, and New Orleans racing north proclaiming every man a king under the banner of the American Union States. The united states fell into more discord as a tyrant took complete control of the union, to save the union. General Douglas MacArthur, the American Caesar.

His secret police begin their investigation upon those who were considered Syndicalism, or Unionist supporters. Those where the first arrest. They then went after those who dare question him, or his methods. Politician, reports, former friends. Protest begin on the west coast after a journalist by the name of Joe Donavan, revealed to the public photos of secret executions. Nobody knows what became of Donavan, historians to this day believe he was shortly executed and his remains cremated. This was the final straw, and America once more was ever divided. The western states had united to form the PSA, The Pacific States of America. The last Bastion of American Democracy.

The war continued, with the PSA taking control of the Rockies, while MacArthur had to deal with two armies. It would have been the end for the American Caesar, if not for the Canadian support. In return for helping MacArthur, the New England States will remain neutral under the banner of the serpent. A puppet state, either desperate or focus on winning he agreed, and America was split once more. Years of fighting, left the land burned and scared. Weapons were made from all sides. Yet the war will always end the same way. When there is no man left to fight no more. First the Syndicalism fell to MacArthur. Jack Reed himself was tried and hanged from the incomplete Board of Trade Building in Chicago. The PSA had more success down south, using the Panama Canal they pushed into Texas, then into Florida with the 6th Marines Regiment. They pushed up north into Georgia and South Carolina. When they caused enough hell and held the line, operation 'Dangerous catch' was a go. A full-on invasion of New Orleans, after a few days of fighting New Orleans had the flag of the bear waving proudly above it and the king was forever de-crown.

This left only the PSA and MacArthur army. Backed by the Crown's Aid, The PSA was pushed back to the central Florida and Rockies. There they held the lines, barley holding out as the shells of the Caesar and the foreign Crown fell down upon them. The war however turned in favor of the PSA at the battle of Salt Lake City. There, PSA Rangers commonly referred to as the Mountaineers, Navaho Scouts whose language is still used for military inscription, and the Nisei Volunteers who joined rank and rose from predigest to national hero's, turn the tide of the war. They didn't just hold the line but broke through it. With the Caesar's forces all working to cross the Rockies, they failed to stop this breakthrough. Using the terrain to their advantage the once formable Army of Caesar was broken by PSA Special forces led by General Alexander Patch. In a matter of months, the PSA had marched straight to Washington with little to no resistance. The Caesar did nothing as the White house was stormed. He had given up and so, the Second American civil war ended on May 1st, 1941. Though it was a hollow victory. Veterans from all sides of the war begin to refer to the 'War of Frater.'

A trial was soon held, with majority of generals and business pardoned. Some retired in shame, other left the country. Yet a few choose to stay and work with the PSA. The capital was moved to Sacramental, and tensions with Canada was strained at best. Some called for war but in the end, they simply chose to limit their trade in return for New England's return. This is where the US entered a golden age under the Bull-Moose Party. This period in American history went on to be known as the 'One term Presidency', fearing the return of the tyranny the four parties all chose to run only one candidate. In twelve years, three presidents were elected and helped the country grow. Yet despite the newly found recovery of the once war-torn united states, there was war brewing around the world.

Many foreign countries had supported all sides. The Commune's of Western Europe and Australia with Jack Reed's CSA, The Reichspakt with Hue Longs AUS, The Canadian's, South African's, and Indian forces under their King in exile supported the Caesar, and the PSA had Japan's and Brazilian aid. As the war continued, more support came from Russia and the kingdom of Siam as well. Many foreign soldiers died on American soil. It was during this conflict that America and Eastern Asian ties grew stronger, with their sacrifice never forgotten. A year after the second American civil war the German empire joined the Qing Empire in a war for control of mainland china. Opposing them was the Fengtian Government with the aid of Japan. Wanting to help the Japanese for their role in the second American civil war, Volunteer groups formed mostly made up of Nisei and Special Forces. They landed in Korea and fought alongside the Japanese and Fengtian troops for two year. By the end of the conflict, The Fengtian government took control of china. This open more opportunities for America and Japan financially but it did not come without consequence. Germany had lost nearly all territories in the pacific, and in rage demanded America to pay back all loans during the American Civil war.

Problem was they supported Huey Longs AUS, and the American government outright refuse to pay for the traitor in the south. The Kaiser, Wilhelm the 3rd let his Germanic imperial pride overcome his judgment. He declares that if America does not pay his depts plus interest, then there will be war. This wasn't good since no country wanted to fight the most powerful country on earth. Worst yet they were the leaders of the Reichspakt. They took northern France and formed the Kingdom of France as a puppet state. During the invasion of Canadian forces of Whales, they used their puppet state of Belgium to concur all of England and Scotland leaving the Crown with Whales. Norway, Finland, and Sweden joined the Reichspakt at the end of the Chinese civil war. Cuba joined a month before, and they had made pacts with Austria-Hungarian empire, Italy, Morocco and the Ottoman empire as reserves. Bottom line, if America were to fight, they will be doing so alone.

Knowing that if America fought it will be mostly a defensive war, something the PSA has done before current president Earl Warrens of the Progressive party wrote a whole hearted letter to the Kaiser, explaining to him that the American people are sick and tired of war, but should he continue to make demands from a government that no longer existed, they will enter the war. In his own words, "We have been fighting for nearly a decade. Do you wish for us to fight for another? I can't promise anything, except you will regret poking the grizzly bear of the west." Enraged that America refuse to repay their depts, The Kaiser called upon his allies of the Reichspakt and the second Weltkriege had begun on August 11th 1943, with America alone against all of middle Europe and its multiple allies across the globe.

Quickly responding to the call to arms many American's even those who fought on opposing sides of the Second American Civil war joined the fight. Their first action was to secure the Atlantic to invade German controlled Scotland and England. Havana fell within weeks of hard-fought aerial dog fights. Greenland was liberated from the kingdom of Norway after a month of fighting in the sub cold tempter. After a year of planning and constant sea warfare, the invasion of Scotland began, on new years eve of 1943. By the new year they had gain a foothold. Another month of hard fighting they captured all of Scotland and were moving south to London. By valentine day the American Mountaineer's flag flew proudly over Parliament. However, this victory proved to be a trap. Capturing England was easy. Holding it, was difficult.

As the Mountaineers struggled to hold back the multiple German and Norwegian invasions, the Moscow Acord took notice and decided to join on the American alliance. No longer alone, America had Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Yugoslavia fighting together. With the eastern front being pushed, The Mountaineers stayed behind to defend while the PSA Army invaded Normandy. It was a hard-fought battle but by the next year, the PSA took control of Paris. Things however begin to go sideways once Romanian forces landed. The PSA took a defensive approach while the Romanians rushed the front lines. Along with that leadership was at best strained. Hostile at worst. This ended with a constant disadvantage push between Reichspakt forces and PSA over northern France. Germany made constant attempts to get Canada to join, however their telegrams were captured and in response America set a bigrade of reserves on standby should the Canadian army try and push south.

Things got worse when the Austria-Hungarian and it's puppet Italian army joined in the effort. Most of Italian forces pushed into norther Frances backside. And the line was pushed back till the Italian threat was removed from Northern France. By then, the American expedition force arrived on the Russian front lines, they aided in the invasion of Finland, but it proved relentlessly tiresome and eventually led to multiple American soldier's capture by the Austria-Hungarian empire. With that defeat, America moral was low… till the realization of something. Majority of Italian soldiers were on the eastern and western fronts. So, acting quickly the Mountaineers and Marines under General Patch were assigned to invade Morocco. Just like Cuba, it fell within a matter of weeks. With this foothold in Africa secured, the united states pushed into Italy, Capturing Rome and Vatican City within the year. Another month, Italy fell and the forces can push East into Austria-Hungarian territory. For the first time in months, American's had completed a line connecting from the Belgium to the Mediterranean Sea.

This not only boast moral and war support, but brought the Eastern Prosperity Sphere into the fold. The Empire of Japan, Kingdom of Siam, Philippians, and recently freed Vietnam invaded though German controlled Africa, and pushed up into the heart of the Ottoman empire, causing it's collapse entirely. With the new front the Japanese Marines invaded the cost of Austria Hungarian and connected with the American front. Brothers in arms once more, the two armies pushed north, to they were at Vienna itself. However, the city proved itself unconquerable. The Russian front however, while it managed to push itself into Holland, the Austro-Hungarian empire was on the outskirts of Moscow. Needing to take the city quickly, President Fletcher Bowron gave the order for the first atomic bomb to be used on the city. That day April 2nd 1952 the Atomic bomb fell upon Vienna insuring a victory over the once formable Austria Hungarian empire.

With the third front now open, the American Mountaineers and Marines and E.P.S front pushed north, the American Army and Romanians forces pushed East, and the Moscow Acord pushed South and West. Surrounded with no more allies the German empire fell on November 11 with three flags flying proudly over the Reichstag. The war ended and the once great German Empire came to an end. True to President Earl Warrens word, the German empire shouldn't have poked the sleeping grizzly bear of the west. The German territories were taken away, Russia took the northern Scandinavians, Finland, eastern Poland, and Germans hold on Africa. Japan took control of Germanies control in the pacific, and a region stretching from the Netherlands to Hamburg. And the United States took Cuba, England, and Scotland with plans of returning it to King Edward viii under conditions that he stays out of world affairs and to put it in the American public's words. "Stay the Fuck, out of America's backyard."

Once the treaty of Berlin was signed, President Fletcher Bowron gave his final speech to the world. That despite this being a victory for America and her allies, this war will forever scar the world. He then revealed to the world of three messages, each one requesting the United states to join the Moscow Accord, the Eastern Prosperity Sphere, and the Entente. As his last action as Presidency he declines each one, saying that America want's no part of any war. This is their second war… some their third, and the American people had enough of war, however if there should ever be a war that is just, America will aid those who take on the challenge of protecting Democracy. With that fiery speech, he left the stage with massive applause from those who were in attendance.

That was five months ago, during this time American forces of Fifth Rocky Mountaineers division and the 6th Marine regiment, otherwise known as the Sunset Bear and Devil Dogs had policed the English isle till their departure on April 28th. The road that these men and women had taken during the war will forever dubbed them the tittle "Qui cum tribus proeliis," Latin for "Those who fought in three wars"

Sadly it seems they are destined, for a Quartum bellum. A war that left the world shocked. Yet those who perpetrated this unsanctioned attack will soon realize the devastation they have wrought upon themselves. For one should never wake a sleeping grizzly, Especially the sleeping bear of the west.

June, 26th, 1953 Sacramento California

A man silently sleeps in his seat. He was Caucasian in his early forties, brown hair that is starting to go grey. His face was tanned from working, his hands were covered in calluses, and a noticeable scar runs across his lips. By outward appearance he seems to be another farm hand who had fallen asleep on the train ride into Sacramento. Yet his clothes spoke of another story. It was a tan uniform jacket, unbutton to reveal a white undershirt. On the side was a patch of a bear in the California sunset, roaring at the three stars of the last republic. His pants were civilian jeans that were tucked into a pair of black riding boots. His eyes for the most part was covered in an old black Stetson that has seen better days with two cards sticking out of it. More noticeably was a massive revolver on his hip.

During the first stages of the Second American Civil War, the standard issue pistol for PSA was the colt 1873 peacemaker. After capturing Denver for the first time, the 1911 was returned to service. Yet some refuse to use the module preferring the carry the weapon that they describe as 'The Weapon that Defends the West'. When fighting the CSA tank battalion in North Dakota plains, problems begin to occurred when the usual anti-tank weapons were proving inadequate. So, Winchester had to put together anti-tank weaponry on the fly. One invention was a hand held black revolver that housed five anti-tank armor piercing rounds. However, it was too powerful for proper use, and Remington beat them with a modified Canadian MK. 1 anti-tank rifle. Still the weapon didn't go unnoticed, and soldiers on the front line wanted something that could take down the AUS Silver shirt Calvary horses and riders at the same time. So, it was brought down to a 30-30 Winchester round and the barrel was made smaller for easier use. Many names were kicked around but the one the public and the board stuck with was, The California Sequoia. Named after the tree that the grip was made from. Many soldiers turned in their Peacemakers or requested there's be made into Sequoia's.

The strangers Sequoia's was a dark blue steel with tally marks written on the right side of the barrel, and words written in Nihon on the left. Having this beauty marked the man, as a soldier of the PSA. By his age, some suspect him to be Qui cum tribus proeliis. These men who fought in the past three wars, don't like to talk about their experience. Bloodsheds all the same to them and they have seen enough for one lifetime. The public were encouraged to thank them but not to mention the wars, unless allowed to. So, when this stranger had boarded the train, he received his flash of fanfare from the youngsters and a few of the elders give him respectful nods. But for the most part was left alone to sleep.

He may have the hero treatment, but like the others he never felt deserving of it. In his mind, the voices of comrades and artilleries can be heard before the man wakes up in a cold sweat to the sound of the train whistle. Looking out he sees his arrival at Sacramento Valley station. Giving a sigh he retrieved his duffle from above and made his way out into the station.

"(Sigh) Today's the day. Ain't that right Hansuke" The stranger remarks to himself as he walks out of station and heads towards California State Capital park.

He walked through the busy streets of the old town. Things have been more vibrant with trade, and culture has begun to revere legends of the wild west, gold rush, and Pre-civil war eras. It was strange to see how a vibrant community celebrate with culture and life when not too long-ago people were fighting each other for scraps during the great depression. As he walked along the road, he can see murals of western icons on the wall, vending machines dispersing Coke and Sarsaparilla Root beers, and people walking around with the latest six shooters in open holsters. The amount of western nostalgia was intoxicating, yet charming none the less. Eventually he made his way to the park, there he can see children of various origins playing cowboys and Indians in the Victoria flower gardens. Couldn't help but bring a smile to the old soldier. He then walked over to a statue at the center of the park, there in bronze was three Mountaineer's. The Plaque bellow reading "On that Day they held the lines, on that day the Bear stood it's ground against the wolves of the east. May this statue stand for all time to remember those who gave their lives."

All along the side were the names of every PSA soldier who died in the civil war. The man walked around to the side where he found one name. Harled Eastwood. The old man pulls out of his bag a golden orange Eschscholzia. Commonly referred to as the California Poppy. He lay's it on the side of the monument before talking to the name.

"Hey brother… How are things? I know your grave… is out in Denver, but I couldn't rush that far to tell the news. Patricia, she's pregnant. You are going to be an uncle!" The man said with near excitement before remembering he is talking to a plaque. "Well… you will be an uncle if you were around… (Sigh) I just… don't know what to do. I've fought under a hail of gunfire, mortar's, and air bombardment countless times… but a baby. I'm… I'm for once terrified. I mean how can I look into the eyes of something so pure and full of life… without remembering the blood that I've spilled. I keep on asking myself what would you do… suppose you would give that cock eye smirk of yours and tell me to man up or to treat it like a friend who has yet to piss on your boot. Heh… god, what I would give to hear your advice one last time."

The man pauses as he looks down at the name. After a few moments a few tears fell from his eye before he wipes it away. He takes a step back before giving a military salute. He then walks to the capital building. He heard a friend of his was in town as an escort for a foreign diplomat.

As he walked to the capital building, he could hear the sound of bird chirping, kids playing, and cars moving about. As he was about to exit the park the voices and sounds stopped. It was dead silent. Finding it strange he turns around to see that at the very edge of the park, where he walked through just moments ago, was a massive archway. In-between the archway was nothing but the black void. Nobody knew how are when it happened but it was there. A Black gateway to nowhere. People looked on in confusion… till something emerges. It was monsters of different sizes, followed behind by men on horseback dressed in roman like armor. Waving a purple flag of a dragon covered by a golden cross. Without any words the man leading the horses raised his spear and screamed a war shout. Almost instantly, the armies pushed forward waving their weapons madly as they charged the civilian crowd.

"My, god." The soldier said as he watches on in horror.

These Romans and their monsters descend upon them like wolves to cattle, they killed without remorse. Men, Women, Children. It didn't matter to them. Just their bloodlust. He watches in horror as memories come flooding back. The Chihuahuan deserts of New Mexico, The Great Planes of Kansas and Nebraska. My god it's all coming back. However, he was soon shaken by this PTSD flashback by the sounds of screams. He looked to the right to sees a young lady by the looks of it being dragged off by the soldiers. They were tearing away at her skirt and shirt with lustful intentions in their eyes. Didn't take long for the old soldier to realize what they were going to do.

"Sua Sponte." The man muttered before dropping his bag and racing towards the ally where the girl had been taken down.

Civilian Girl's 3rd POV

'This can't be happening, this can't be happening, this can't be happening, this can't be happening!' The girl thought as she struggles against the four soldiers as they begin to rip the skirt from her body. She came out here from Kansas to try her luck on Hollywood. Stopped in the capital to see the sight's when this happened. Four Roman looking Soldiers holding her down as their devious smiles revealed what their intentions were. All she could do is sob and think back to her mother as one Roman soldier begins to remove his trousers. 'Mama, I shouldn't have left the farm. Please if anyone is listening to my prayer. Help me.'

"Festinare vix exspectare!" One impatient soldier shout.

"Ingenium tuum manere, non sunt tamquam ea tantum tibi." The other said with more authoritarian in his voice. He then finally got his pants down and turned eagerly towards the girl they had captured.

"Imperii paries filios. Cum vero ingressus es miser honored" The man said as he was about to insert his cock into her. She closes her eyes as tried to find any escape from this horrible reality. Just before he could a miracle, in the shape of a bottle happened.

The imperial soldier was hit on the back of the head by a glass bottle looted from a nearby trashcan. It smashed against the back of his helmet, not exactly hurting him but defiantly getting his and the other soldier attentions. All of them turned to see what did this, and to their surprise was an older man.

"I'm pretty sure what you do is common place back home, but here. Heh, that's a death sentence my friend. So I recon you drop the gal or else you'll be going home in a pine box." The stranger remarks.

"Grrr, Tellzo interfice, et senis!" The commander shouted in rage, to which a soldier charges forward with his blade at the ready. Believing him to be a simple old timer he didn't put much effort into his swing, which proved to be a big mistake.

He swings down only for the old man grab his wrist and hand. He twisted his arm and forced the man to the ground. Before the imperial soldier could get up, he felt his own blade puncher his own throat. He died in a matter of moments, leaving the remaining soldier's stun at how capable this stranger is.

"As my brother would say, you going to fight or whistle dixie?" The old man said as he gets into a defensive stance.

"Rghh! End eum, accipit eum qui propter homicidium profugus primo homine primus quæ vaccam vorat!" The roman captain shouted to his men, to which they charged at him.

Normally four on one doesn't seem like a fair chance, but he handled worse with less. The first one to strike the old man ducks under the swing before grabbing his attackers sword arm. Using the momentum, he spins around and delivers a round house kick the second one while keeping the momentum moving so when the third solder comes to stab, he impales the first soldier rather then the old man. The old man then pushes the two against the wall and quickly pulled out the soldier's dagger from his belt. Slashing the third Romans throat before flipping the blade around and tossing it at the second Romans face implanting itself deep in his left eye.

"Tsk, younglings, never learn to think before they strike." The old man said before turning to the last commander. His pant's may be down, both figuratively and literally, but he had one advantage. A knife to the poor girl's throat.

"Ne quis adepto propius, ego te; fingatur deinceps vel in faucium ferreo canis exprimamus!" The man shouted with a hint of fear in his tone as he held the girl he attempted to rape as hostage.

The man had no idea what he was saying but could read the room. He let's out a small sigh before walking to the side. He tipped his old Stetson down before bending his right leg forward and leaning back on his left. He gave the soldier a thousand-yard stare that sent a shiver down the roman's spine.

"Et factum sit, hoc est non occidere ego primus et non erit meretrix de novissimis…Bang!" Before he could even finish the old man pulled his weapon out and within a blink of an eye, put a hole in between the man's head. Splattering blood over the girl but otherwise was fine.

"Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis, asshole." The old soldier remarks as he spins his revolver back into his holster. As he does the roman soldier finally falls over dead leaving the girl stun as she falls to her feet.

The man approaches her and offers a hand. Asking, "Y'all alright ma'am?"

"um… y-yes." The girl tried to say as she stutters. Her eyes drifted down till she noticed the emblem on the man's jacket. Seeing the bear, it made her realized who this man was. Before she could thank him, a shadow flew overhead. The two look up to see a medium size dragon flying over them.

"Listen, I recon it be a while but do you have any place you can hold out?" The man said as he moves her aside and retrieves a dagger from the pants less roman.

"Um, y-yeah my cousins' home isn't too far from here." She mutters.

"Then I suggest you head there. Don't stop for nothing and if that place ain't safe fine another place to keep low." The man said as he moved back to the park.

The girl tried to tell him not to go, but couldn't find the right words. So instead she simply said, "Ok… and t-thank you." Before racing off. The man nods before pulling out his California Sequoia. He then waited before charging out into the conflict.

Aboard Airforce one over the Midwest.

Aboard Air force one. The President and his staff were going over details on the Japanese assault on the Australasian Union, wondering if America should support the Japanese empire with military aid with High ranking General and civil war veteran, Alexander 'Sandy' Patch, when a young man burst in through the door with a handful of papers.

"Mr. President. We have an emergency!" The man said as he fumbles with papers.

"Damn it. I told you that we are not to be disturbed!" The president said in a gruff tone as he stands up. "You better have a good reason to be in here or I swear I be on you like dog who spotted his personal chew toy."

"It's Sacrament sir. It's under attack." The man said as he stubbles to collect the report.

"What!" All the presidents aid military higher ups shouted with wide eyes.

"Son, what is the meaning of this!" General Patch asked as he gets up from his seat. "Who is attacking Sacramento?"

"Um, we have received multiple transmissions both civilians and local law enforcement have confirmed and I quote. 'Romans on horsebacks.'" The man said nervously as everyone in the room looked at him with a mixture of angry and curiosity. Clearly needing to prove what he said, he then finally managed to pull out a faxed photo. General Patch snatches it and looks over the photos, to is surprise they were of monsters, romans riding dragons, and civilians being targeted and killed… gruesomely. The last one of a child's head being put on a pike.

"They have pushed into the city and just arrived to Sacramento river and are being held back by local law enforcement and civilian militia." The man explains nervously as the photos were passed around to which the president's staff could not hold back the gasp of shock and horror. "Mr. President… what should we do?"

The president remains quiet as he stares at one photo. On it was one of these… roman soldiers, fucking a headless corpse. The look of pleasure on this mans sadistic face as his fellow men did the same before dropping the corpses into the water. Just cause his blood to boil. He served in the navy though the civil war, he had served as president Bowron VP and how they visited Vienna after the atomic bomb was dropped. In all his years. He had never seen such cruelty… such joy in acts of barbarity and disrespect committed against their fellow man. This made his blood boil. So much that he didn't hear his staff saying his name.

"President Nixon. Sir. President Nixon." General Patch said finally breaking through to the president.

"Hmm?" President Richard Nixon replies.

"What should we do, Mr. President?" General Patch asked one more.

Richard Nixon thought about it for a few moments. After giving it some more thought he lets out an aggressive exhale. "… Tell the pilot to land in Denver. Someone get the Marines on helicopter in there. We need to stop the advance… take back the capital."

General Isaac D White nods and exits out the room to organize the counter attack. Once gone, President Nixon then turn to General James H. Doolittle. "What about the San Francisco guard how long will it take them to organize?"

"Not long sir. They will follow shortly after the Marines, the Mountaineer's will arrive from the Rockies shortly." General Doolittle said.

Nixon gives a nod, before loosing his tie. "Gentlemen. As much as it pains me to say these next few words. It seems we are once more, going to war."

A sudden weight was on everyone. War has become a taboo word for the American people. They were sick and tired of it. Yet it seems life had just given them lemons. They got to work, radioing San Francisco, informing them of the ongoing attack. Meanwhile, Planes from the Northwest guard were being scrambled down south. The tanks will take a while but once they arrive, all hell will bear down on these romans. Still even with a victory, the casualties alone were staggering. They didn't just attack American soil, they attacked American citizens directly.

"(Sigh) Today is not a good day." Nixon remarks in a somber tone.

At the Marine Corp Reserve, in San Francisco

Alarms were blaring and soldiers of the 3rd battalion 4th Marines otherwise known as the Thundering third, grabbed their gear before as they race to their Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw helicopters. Word had come down that Sacramento was under attack by an unknown group of 'Romans' on dragons. Despite the strangeness about the enemies, there was an attack and the Marines were called in. One particular marine was just getting his boots off when the Sirens went off.

He was of African descent, had a scar going down the right side of his face from a Silver shirt caviler blade. Black hair shat was starting to lose its color. He had raced to retrieve something from his locker when his Drill Instructor caught him.

"Freeman! Where you think you're going!" The Drill Instructor shouted.

"Sir, retrieving my gear, sir!" The Man known as Freeman said in response.

"Well get your shit and run maggot. Didn't you hear, the fuckin romans are on dragon back!" The Drill instructor shouted before moving on.

Freemen quickly turned back to his locker, retrieving a heart shape locket with a picture of him and a Caucasian brunet, his M2 Garand rifle, extra magazines, and his CSA browning 9mm pistol from his time in the red guard. Once equipped he raced towards the H-19, which shortly takes off. In the air, the soldiers were honestly unsure about what they were going up against. If it was a Longist or Syndicalist bombing, maybe. But Romans on dragons. If it wasn't for the smoke emerging from the capital, they would think it was a military exercise.

"Hey, Freeman." Another young Marines with glasses address Freeman.

"Hmm, what is Kowalski?" Freeman remarks.

"Can you believe it, fuckin romans." The Marines now known as Kowalski said as he pushes back.

"A little hard to chew." Freeman said in agreement.

There was a sudden roar outside that catches their attention. Looking out the window, they see what looks like a big bird. Till they notice the rider on it's back. It was a legit dragon, like in that South African writer's novel 'The fall of Numenor.' By J.R. R Tolkien. As it flew around, it was shot down with little effort by another helicopter. Creatures were fast, but not faster than browning's fifty cal.

"Then again, when you see it in person." Freeman remarks before giving a quick inspection of his M2 Garand.

The Soldiers did the same as the Helo descends a block away from the Sacramento Tower Bridge. The back doors open and the Marines quickly raced out. They were the first of four H-19 to land on the ground. So far, no casualties. The other H-19 landed at the other bridges. They moved down the 275-interstate highway when they came across the Sacramento Police Department. Most of them were armed with the newest Colt 1952 Python and Browning shotguns. A few civilian deputies were armed with hunting rifles and left over from the Second American civil war. For the most part they held back the roman advances, but theirs only so much civilians can do against an unknown force. They had erected a barricade of cars, and used Molotov's from a local bar to deal with the bigger threats.

"Who's in charge?" Freeman shouted as he approaches.

"I am, sheriff Anderson." One sheriff states as he loads his Python. "You the Calvary?"

"Staff Sergeant Bart Freeman. What's the situation?" Freeman asked.

"Well, for the most part they are attacking with shields and swords. We managed to keep them back with Molotov's from the local bar and sharp shooters. Occasionally we get and arrow for our trouble." Sheriff Anderson replies as an arrow strikes one of his deputies in the shoulder. The sheriff and a local nurse ran to the deputy and quickly begin to applied bandages to the man's wound. "Sigh, thank god y'all came when you did. We noticed a few of the big fellows are getting a too close for comfort."

"Right, hold the line. Tanks will be rolling down in an hour or so." Freeman said with a nod before turning to him men. "Alright troopers. We've face worse during the second Weltkrieg. Keep it tight and keep your cool. Bastard's ain't afraid to use civilians as living shields. So, all but Evens, Weiss, Tord, and Schreiber, attach your Bayonets, the rest arm your M9 launchers."

The Marines give a nod and quickly strapped their knifes to the tip's of their riffles while the four attached their grenade launchers. Once done, Freeman noticed an oncoming attack of Roman soldiers with giants taking the lead. He ordered his troops to fire after the M31 Heat grenades went off. After a few seconds he gives the order and the four launched four anti-tank grenades on down. These tore the giants to pieces and left the shielded soldiers scrambled in a bloody mess. As they try to pull themselves together, Freemen gets on top of the hood of a ford car, before shouting to his Men.

"Oorah!" to which his men reply with the same shouts of 'Oorah!' before charging over the cars. Over with the attackers. They had started to pull themselves together while those who were still alive but severely injured were carried off slowly. That was till they hear a unison of men screaming 'Oorah!' looking over they see easily forty men racing across the river with strange looking weapons with knifes attached on the end. Believing this to be a proper counter attack, the Legion soldier ordered his troops to form a shield wall to defend against these savages. They did, but a thunder of bangs can be heard and soldier begin dropping to the ground. Something pierced their shields and it was from the other army. In a panic the officer tried to flee but found a 9mm round going through the back of his skull. The soldiers seeing their officer die while fleeing had shaken them. They all begin to flee or try and hold the line. Those carrying the injured begin to throw there wounded to the side to save their own skin. Course, they never got far as the Thundering third came down the bridge without any casualties. A few arrows were shot, but the tight formation and civilian sharp shooters, put them down before they could put an arrow in any soldier. They had come to the over side of the bridge when a cavalry of Romans came forth. They let out a battle cry and charged forward.

Seeing the incoming Calvary of romans, Freeman gave the order for troops to take volley fire position and for the use of burst fire. The Marines lined up and changed their single shot to fully automatic mode. They waited for a few seconds before unleashing burst fire Volley fire upon the Calvary. In a hail of gun fire, the horses and their riders were blown to pieces. Those who didn't die from the 306. were trampled or crushed under their own or comrades hoarse. The soldiers struggled to flee as the Rolling thunder begin to move forward, when they just arrived, they were greeted by a horrific sight that shook both new and old Marines alike. Civilians, gutted, slashed, stabbed, or eaten laid about beyond the soldiers. Some were slain and left alone. Others… were missing their clothes. They were laid about in revealing positions, covered in the seed of their defiler's. Some where lucky and died… a few… were still breathing. Seeing this scene… words cannot even begin to describe the shock… and the rage that brew in these Marines.

"You… animals." Kowalski said as he turn to an injured roman soldier. "You, FUCKING ANIMALS!"

Before anyone could do anything, Kowalski raced over to one of the roman soldiers trapped under a hoarse. He then begins to savagely stab the roman soldier. As he does a few younger Marines begin to join him. Butchering the one's they deemed as "Animals." Though this sight was horrible, a few of the older Marines held back their anger and restrain themselves as they watched they hear the sounds of giant footsteps. Turning to them he see's tall green creatures racing towards them with clubs that were once streetlights.

"Incoming, twelve o'clock!" Freeman shouted to his fellow Marines. A few Marines heard him while others like Kowalski were to busy butchering the surviving enemies Calvary. With the group split, the Marines had more difficult taking down the oncoming blue giants. Freeman watches as six good men were crushed under the giants. Thankfully, air support had finally arrived and tore the beast to shreds. Still, six men, had died. Enraged Freeman walks over to Kowalski and sent to his as with a hard hook.

"The hell you think were doing?! Avenging the dead!" Freeman shouted.

"Sir, did you see the fuckin bodies? There animals. Each and every single one of them!" Kowalski shouted back after spitting the blood from his mouth.

"We don't know that and even if they did your reckless call for vengeance cost us six men." Freeman shouted back before turning to the Marines who also partake with Kowalski. "That goes for all of you. I told you to keep your cool and you didn't. If I see anymore stunts pulled, I'll have you court martialed for insubordination! Am I clear!"

"Sir, yes, sir." The Marines said in a somber tone much to Freemans ire.

"Did I stutter!" Freeman snapped.

"Sir, No, Sir!" The Marines replied with a clearer tone.

Freeman gives a nod before turning back to Kowalski. He offered him a hand, to which Kowalski eventually takes. They then proceed inward towards the capital building. As they get closer towards the capital building, they witness the horror of what these Roman soldiers do. Even catching those in the middle of these cruel acts. It was getting more and more difficult for Freeman to keep his fellow Marines from breaking out of rank and butchering these monsters. However, they had a job, justice will be done after it's done. And god help those who survive. Cause it looks like the united states is once more, at war.

Imperial Legate Colt Formal, 3rd POV

With a long sigh he had entered onto the other side of the gate. To his surprise, the area that Hardy had choose to open was most impressive. Buildings of glass, brick, and adobe. Who ever people ruled these lands must be master crafts men… which makes his walk a little harder with each step. He wasn't afraid of getting blood on his sword. But only when it's necessary. He was happily ruling his ancestral home of Italica when the call of the imperial emperor. Hardy had begun to activate the Gate, a mystical and holy relic that open a paths to new worlds. Upon hearing that the gate will open, Emperor Molt Sol Augustus sent a massive invading force to conquer the lands beyond. However he was no fool. The Sadina Empire armies were the most powerful in the land, their Navy unmatched by non, and the mighty Dragon Corp were feared by all except the great flame dragon. This led to imperialistic pride, Nepotism, and multiple games of cloak and dagger with competing lords for power. Needing someone with practical sense the emperor called upon him, the head Formal nobility and lord of Italica. With no choice he bid his daughters farewell before leading two thirds of his force to Alnus hill. There he met up with Count Sway of the Mateo nobility and Count Magnus of the Opel nobility. They waited for the gates opening before sending forth the demi-human's and Calvary units. Slowly they begin to pour in by the hundreds.

"Is it not glorious Count Formal?" Count Sway said with glee as looks upon the city.

"What is?" Count Formal asked as his thoughts of pity were broken by Sway's voice.

"This city, the sight of those fleeing before us. And how we few were chosen by the emperor himself to lead his forces." Sway's voiced in glee.

"Tsk, this is nothing compared to the beauty of the capital. These savages should be praising our footsteps into their land. For their purpose shall be to worship us as gods, give us their women so we plant our seeds, and once they are born, they shall serve with pride in our military." Count Magnus remarks with discuss as he watches a cart of captured 'savages' being pulled through the gate.

"I wouldn't go so far with pride Count Magnus. These… people. They have infrastructure similar to ours if not more impressive." Count Formal remarks before noticing the statue they were passing. He noticed the men were not depicted in glorious fashion like the ones in the capital. Rather somber, and more dutiful. His eye shifts towards their sleeves, upon them was a bear roaring at three white stars. "And the way they dedicate their soldiers. I may have been ordered in this attack but we should treat those we capture of kill with respect."

"Respect, here's my respect." Count Sway replies before spitting a Loggie down on the orange flowers at the base of the monument. "Once this battle and the savages are pacified, I think I'll have this eye sore melted down and rebuilt in my honor."

"If you choose to. Me, I shall replace these gardens, and replace them with slave pens. Yes, this place will do nicely for our empires slave trade of this foreign world." Count Magnus proclaims as he tugs the chains to one of his favorit slaves. A young Bunny warrior, who will be entering her teens in a few moons.

As the two bicker about what they shall do first once the fight had finished, Count Formal only lets out a silent sigh of sympathy. Perhaps he will offer these poor unfortunate souls land to care for. Though to be honest since the Emperor's son's Zozal El Caesar reckless war with the Warrior bunny tribe of the north west plains. Many friends of his died, worst yet when queen Tyuule gave herself up for the safety of her people, they were quickly enslaved and the rest killed. Those who survived the massacre with their freedom were homeless, traveling with only what they have in their pockets. Most sold themselves for basic food and water. Others couldn't take it and ended their own lives. He couldn't stand aside, so he set up a reservation for their tribe. It wasn't much, but if he could he would have made their lives so much better. His thoughts were interrupted when their horses arrived at the huge white building. Presumably it was of great importance.

"Heh, by now we will see our glorious flag rise far above, demoralizing our enemies and submitting our dominance upon the region." Sway remarks with a smile at the thought.

"Better yet, I shall gain a new slave for my collection. This one is become soft. Maybe I'll take this regions nobles wife, or his children. Oh Miritta may she be younger then this old whore." Count Magnus prayed as he spits on his slave.

As the two watch a flag rise, Formal noticed something off. The flag wasn't the flag of the Saderan imperial empire. In fact it was a strange tri color flag going from bottom to top Yellow, Red, and White. In the upper right corner were three black stars and the shadow of a bear walking at the very center. It took him only moments to remember where he saw that insignia. While the other just noticed the flag.

"What in the name of Emroy is that?" Count Magnus asked with a perplex look on his face.

"Grrr. I demanded the flag of our might empire to be raised, not this ubsanity and mockery to our home." Count Sway growled in anger. Before he could give the order for his troops to execute the soldiers, he believed had committed high treason, a sudden shadow covered the three. To their horror it was their flag and unlike the one flying, it was riddled with holes and stained in blood.

It then dawns upon Count Formal who was about to shout for reinforcements when a series of loud bangs can be heard. The garden and the troops following the Count's were set upon by fire coming from all the windows. Men begin to drop like flies before strange shaped paper candled fell from the window. After a few moments they exploded sending the three flying off their horses. Formal was sent flying back. He hit the ground hard knocking the air out of him. As he tries to stand, his ears were ringing as he tries to find himself. As he does he couldn't help but see the carnage that was there before him. Men from all three of their houses, falling as a fast-moving force punched holes through their bodies. Their armor did nothing, their shields did nothing, he could do nothing but watched the men he served with fall to the ground soaked in holes and blood. Some were missing limbs, other bleeding heavily. He watched as the counts who was spewing bravado not to long ago were hiding behind the corpses of their own soldiers.

As Formal's hearing started to return, he noticed a band of soldiers rushing towards the door when another explosion ripped them and the doors off. He watches as the soldiers picked themselves up… or at least those who could. One particular soldier was screaming as he held his leg with blood spewing out from his calf. The door had taken the entire leg off. As he screams a figure emerges from the building. He was unlike any other local he had seen, an older man possible in his late forties wearing an olive-green uniform with sleeves rolled up. White but bloodstained gloves. Ankle high boots that his pants tucked into and a bandoleer wrapped around. To the side was a long and fin wooden scabbard wrapped in black. Most noticeable was a white bandana wrapped around his head. On the center were strange black words with a red circle at the center. Who ever this man was, he was fast. He decapitated the boy with a flick of his sword, before moving towards the other opponents. Killing them before they had a chance to defend themselves, much less pray to their gods.

"Someone kill that old man!" Count Sway shouts from behind a pile of corpses. The soldiers who weren't being ripped to shreds by gun fire, raced towards the strange man. They however underestimated this man's skill with a blade.

He slashed the men with a flick of his wrist with relative ease. Sadina Empyreal tactics focused on our manning the opponent rather than employing skilled warriors. As the Strange warrior easily cuts down the advancing soldiers, he begins to become surrounded. One soldier sneaked around him and was about to plant his Gladius into his back when another loud shot can be heard. Count Formal could only watch in horror as the soldier's brains spewed out onto the ground. A new figure emerges from the building. Wearing strangely familiar attire. He looked as old as the sword weilding warrior, but his clothes wasn't as pristine as his. It wasn't till he noticed the patch on this stranger's arm that Court Formal finally puts it together. The symbol on his patch, it was the same as the statue, and the flag that rose. It was the emblem of this regions lord, and these must be his soldier's which leaves the question that caused him so much dread.

'If these are soldiers of this lord. Then what will happen once his armies arrive.' Count Formal thinks to himself. It didn't take long for his question to be answered. Explosions can be heard as men and Demi humans were fleeing. Their Wyvern Corps were being blown out of the sky by faster moving monsters, and to the rear the sounds of something big moving towards them can be heard. Knowing full well they have lost, he gave the order to retreat much to the displease of his fellow Counts.

30 minutes prior, inside the capital building

The old man did all he could to save as many civilians, but with these Roman's coming out of the wood work by hundred. He was forced to flee into the capital building through the museum door. There were plans on turning the bottom and basement floor into a museum dedicated to California history next October. Sad to see that they may have to push back the opening date. When the old man entered through a side door, to see a few Romans looting and trashing the place. They took what ever looked valuable and destroyed what ever they saw as useless. Not wanting to be caught, the old man sneaked by as the looters payed him little mind. It wasn't till he passed by the section dedicated to those who fought in the Second American Civil war. Like the others there was looting and destruction of famous artifacts. It was one that caused the old man's blood to boil. Signed playing cards.

When Las Vegas was captured, problems begin to occurred on the home front. Steal shortages effected PSA production of ammunition, weapons, and motorized vehicles. Needing every bit of scrap metal, the army had requested the casinos to supply them with playing cards. Dog tags were removed and in exchange each soldier was given playing cards to write their name, rank, and I.D upon. These two Romans were removing cards of fallen soldiers from their display cases and ripping them to shreds. The old man recognizes a few of their names, some belonged to friends who had died right next to him. Seeing them laugh as they tore the names caused the soldier to forget how outnumbered he was. Instead, he spots a Navaho tribal knives and tomahawk in their cases. Not thinking of the consequences, he smashed the case and retrieved one of the Tomahawks.

The two heard the smashing of glass behind them, before they could even react, a tomahawk planted itself firmly into the right one's head. The other barley had time to scream as the old man grabbed him by the back of the head and shove a knife into his throat. The man bled out within a matter of moments, still the worst has yet to come. Almost instantly, the rest of the Romans came barging in with their hands full of loot. Seeing the old man holding a bloody knife and two of their friends on the ground, they drop their loot and pull their swords. Thinking quickly, the old man threw his knife at one. Piercing the lead roman in the right eye before running. Through the door. He had very little ammo for his California Sequoia, and firing it off will be ringing a dinner bell to those already inside. Then again, he is being chased by the enemy, so stealth was out of the option.

He raced through the halls, occasionally getting lucky with a few items he could uses. A few hand deactivated hand grenades, Spanish-American war bayonets, even got a chuckle when one Roman tripped over a cannonball. Still, he wasn't as young as them and they nearly got him a few times. It wasn't till he ran up the stairs that he spotted a chandelier hanging above the stairs. Needing some breathing room he hurried up the stairs before taking a quick shot with his Sequoia at the chain that held it to the ceiling. The chain snapped, and fell down onto his pursuers. None were killed, or severely hurt, but gave him some breathing room. However he spoke to soon on that breathing room. Within a few moments a young lad burst from a room and tackled the old man.

"Et imperator Molt!" The boy screamed as pushed the old man to the ground. In the scuffle the old man's Sequoia slid down the hallway, and the young man had his knife out. The two struggled but the Roman was pushing the blade dangerously close to the old man's heart.

"Mori, ipse moreretur, sicut prius moriatur." The young man said as he tries to push the blade into the oldman's chest. As the blade's tip begin to poke into the old man's chest there was a sudden rush of blood spewing forth. Wasn't the old man's rather the Roman's. Somehow, he went from holding a knife to loosing it and his entire right hand.

The two looked at his stump hand before the young roman lets out a scream in pain. He moved back a bit as his body slowly went into shock. But a figure stepped before the two, wearing an imperial guard's uniform and brandishing a bloodied katana. With a flick of his wrist the young Roman's head came cleanly off.

"Fumeiyona inu." The man spoke in a low grunt as he flicks the blood off his sword. He then turns to the old man on the ground before taking a step towards him and offering him a hand.

"Your getting slow, Eastwood-san." The man said in a Japanese accent.

"Yeah, well I'm getting old, Hansuke Kin." The old man identified as Eastwood said as he was pulled up by Kin. "Happened to all of us eventually."

"Ichibu, haya sugiru." Kin remarks as he hands Eastwood back his California Sequoia. Eastwood's gives a nod before the two were interrupted by the sound of soldiers rushing up the stairs. Putting aside this reunion between these two old soldiers, they were clearly out numbered. Till Kin pins his sword into the carpet. Suddenly a few more imperial guards raced out of the rooms. Armed with their Arisaka type 99's. With them were a few Secret service agents armed with Thomson Light Rifle's, before the out matched Roman soldiers could even realize it, they were blown to pieces by both Imperial guard and Secret service agents on the stairs.

"(Impressive whistle.) Talk about Shock and Aw." Eastwood remarks.

Kin gives a nod before motioning Eastwood to follow him. The two entered senate chamber where a few more secret service officers and imperial guards were. Along with them were a few Japanese representatives and their family's as well. They had turn the room into a base of operation, using the weapons that they dug up. Ranging from secret service weapons like the TLR 30. Old 45 smith and Wesson M1917, and the newly made Winchester Cobra 1951 357. Imperial Guard Nambu Pistol type B. Arisaka type 99. Type 100/40 Shiki Kikan-tanju smg, and the newly adopted Arisaka type 101. Then there were the few weapons they scavenge from the Museum. Most of the firearms were dismantled for public safety but some were still functional. Hell, they even found a few sticks of dynamite that were easy to repair.

As the two walked over, Eastwood couldn't help but noticed a few bodies of these Romans being brought up the stairs to the roof. Before he could even question what they had planned, he noticed that one Secret service agent was operating a radio, calling for help and reinforcements. From the few snip bits of the conversation, The Marines had arrived the Mountaineers will be riding on tanks from east. Wouldn't be long before these sons of bitches are sent packing. As he moves about, a man wearing ambassador's clothes begin to shout at Kin in a fit of panic.

"Kin-san, doko ni itta no? USMC ga Sanfuranshisuko kara mukau tochūdearu to iu hyōban no yoi kotoba." The man shouted.

"Sā, watashi wa furui tomodachi ni aisatsu shinakereba narimasendeshita. Kare wa watashitachi no seizon o ōkiku tasukete kurerudeshou." Kin replies before pointing to Eastwood and speaking again with an appraising tone. "Kore wa, gunsō fāsutokurasu no īsutouddodesu. Otoko wa koko de mottomo ōku no keiken o mochi, tozan-ka bumon no meiyo aru senshidearu koto o shōmei shite imasu."

The man looked at Eastwood. He inspects him over before turning back to Kin and speaking in English. "One, warrior cannot change the tide of battle. Even if he's special forces."

"No, but he will provide us more time to evacuate you, your families and those who cannot defend themselves." Kin replies before an imperial guard approached the two.

"Sā, torappu ga settei sa rete imasu. Anata no meirei o machimasu." The Imperial guard replies.

"Yoshi, hata o machi, tatakau koto ga dekinai hito-tachi ni nigeru junbi o suru yō ni iu." Kin said before turning back to the ambassador. "Go to your family. If this goes according to plan you will run into the 3rd battalion 4th Marines who passed the Sacramento River."

Knowing full well there is nothing more to say, the Ambassador exited the room. Kin then walks over to a window with a pair of binoculars, watching silently as he spots three men riding on hoarse back. By the way the guards were positioned and the difference in their clothes he presumed them to be these invaders generals. As he watches from afar Eastwood walks over to him.

"You know, my Japanese is a bit rusty. But yah mind filling in the gaps for me on what's your plan?" Eastwood comments.

"The representatives, their families, and the wounded are being evacuated. Sadly, they cannot survive, not unless we draw the attention of these honor-less invaders." Kin replies as he noticed the girl being pulled along by one of the generals, he then hands the Binoculars to Eastwood before pointing out the generals. "So, the plan is to lure in our enemies close enough, before unleashing support fire from above while I draw their attention from bellow."

"Hmm, a diversion and a Decapitation strike. That could work, but how the hell are you going to get their attention?" Eastwood asked as he notices one general spit upon the statue.

"These invaders, entered through the side with the intention of raising their flag above the building. They did not make it far, but it has given me an idea." Kin answers as the last of the soldiers were brought up to the roof top. "We raise the flag of the Mountaineer Division. A rally cry and a call for aid, while giving these rabid dogs something to fear should they return back to their land."

"Hmm, could be interesting. Still, how are you going to draw their attention?" Eastwood asked. Kin simply replies by holding the base of his katana. Realizing what he had planed to do, Eastwood continues. "Ah, just like the battle of Qufu, still do you have at lease some kind of reinforcements?"

"No." Was Kin's response.

"Any plans on surviving?" Eastwood asked.

"Only if I'm lucky." Kin replies.

"Any chance you'll allow an old soldier to accompany you into battle?" Eastwood asked.

Kin pauses for a few moments before replying. "No, but I will be honored if an old friend were to join me instead."

"Good, enough for me." Eastwood said with a toothy smile before looking around. "Might I borrow a weapon. Don't think this old gun of mine will do any good once the ammo ran out."

Kin gives a nod before calling one of his subordinates for a riffle in his native tongue. After a few moments, Eastwood was given the new Arisaka type 101. A bolt action rifle like its predecessor's it uses the 99.7.7mm rimless cartridge or 7.7mm Japanese. However, the internal magazine was extended to hold an additional ten more rounds. They managed to do this by adding an extension to the bottom similar to the Canadian and British troops Lee-Enfield riffles. Otherwise, it was still a bolt action riffle, something Eastwood was familiar with when he was first issued the M1903 Springfield rifle at the start of the second American civil war.

He quickly grabbed a bandoleer filled with five round stripper clips, and followed Kin down stairs to the front door. A few Imperial guards had set up dynamite on the doors and were waiting for their leader. They gave one last salute before heading upstairs. Kin looked over the explosives to make sure it was set up correctly. As he does, East wood pushed a few lounge couches together for cover, as he does something popped into his mind.

"Hey, Kin. I got to ask you something. When your daughter was born. How nervous were you?" Eastwood asked.

"Not at all, I saw the fire in her eyes, the way she looked at the world. I knew, the samurai spirt dwell within and I was not wrong. She will graduate from Rikugun Shikan Gakkō in a few months. Heh, only thing I'll regret should I fall today." Kin remarks with thoughts of home.

"Yeah, and I'm proud for you. But the thing is… I'm nervous. I mean I can handle being under fire, hell even this is just another Monday to me. But Patricia, she's expecting in five months and... well." Eastwood couldn't finish his sentence. It took Kin a moment to realize what he was babbling on about.

"Oh, well. Congratulations. I hope your child brings you honor." Kin said awkwardly as he finished his inspection. "It's normal to feel nervous. We are men of war; we train to kill not to raise life. But like all great battles, it's just the moments of the storm that rattles the man."

"Uh, huh… wait what was that part about you not being nervous?" Eastwood asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That… was a lie." Kin said with a disappointed expression as he pulls the line back behind the cover and attached it to the antique detonator.

"Ah, I see… well if we make it through this, first rounds will be on me." Eastwood said with a chuckle as he waits pertinently.

"Heh, I will hold you to that." Kin remarks as he tie's a bandana around his head. The two share a chuckle before hearing the sound of gun fire interrupted them.

The two waited patiently, waiting for the right moment to blow the explosives. After a few moments, they hear the movement of feet outside the door. Eastwood quickly pushes down on the detonator. The old box worked with a sudden explosive the door was blown off with screams on the other side. Kin quickly ran forward weilding his blade. He cuts down the first few soldiers with ease before a few more ran over to him. He easily fended them off, but one sneaks behind. To which Eastwood fired off a shot that spewed the dumb bastards brains onto the ground. He then moved forward, firing off shots at the exposed limbs of each soldier. The two moved forward as the Romans tried to advance. They had the numbers, but they were outclassed by the skills of secret service and Imperial guards. The two old soldiers fought fiercely on the steps of the Capital building. However with each shot five more romans exited out of the wood works. Least their plan of luring the romans away so the others could escape was working. It wasn't till the giant monstrous like being begin to charge forth. They took more round's to execute and some proved immune to regular bullets. After what felt like hours of fighting, a sound of something big was coming. It then made it's announcement with a bang. A PSA Heavy Tank division was rolling in from the East, And riding on top were PSA Mountaineers. The Sadina Empire noticed the oncoming troops and quickly got into a defensive position, only to be mowed down by fifty Cal Browning. The feared Dragon Corp was shot down by fast moving birds, and all their ogres, orcs, goblins, and Demi-human mercenaries, slain without inflicting casualties. Realizing that their will be no victory, men begin to panic all along the line. Some were kept in place by their commander. Others watched in horror as they were targeted, gun downed, or ran. Some dropped their arms and run back to the safety of the Gate. Though they are now forever deserts of the Sadina Empire, they fear the army of the bear more then the wrath of the emperor.

Imperial Legate Colt Formal, 3rd POV

The Count couldn't believe the destruction he is witnessing. This destruction, mayhem, and the ferocity of their enemies. It was hard to put it into words. The terror of his men, the rage in their enemy's eyes. They didn't care about honorable combat, nor should they. The Sadina empire just attacked them without thought or care for the repercussions. Their lust for conquest has proven their undoing. His thoughts however wasn't towards the empire as of whole, rather to his daughters and citizens. What will happened to them once the flag of the bear fly's above his beloved city. After they pillage and enslave its inhabitants. The thought was to much to bare, so with a saddened tone he called for his lieutenant.

"Sidra! Sidra!" Count Formal called for only for no answer to return. He kept on calling a name called out for him.

"Count Formal!" Count Magnus called out from behind the statue pillar. Seem these enemies wouldn't dare shoot the statue, so moving quickly Count Formal raced over to see a few soldiers and Count Sway and his slave were hiding behind the statues and slave carts.

"Thank Emroy you're ok. We are barley holding the lines." Magnus explains as the soldier fell dead behind him, with his brains leaking out. "But I think if we reorganize the line it will buy us time…"

"Magnus, we are surrounded with their armies closing in. There is no way we can win." Count Formal interrupted.

"Win, heh, no. We must fle… make a tactical retreat, prevent them from crossing to the other side, tell the world of what happened here. Press the prisoners for information, maybe we got luck and captured a child of a lord… maybe the actual lord himself, heh. Then when we lure them in we can over sweep them with our forces." Count Sway interjected with a crooked smile. Count Formal could hear the fear in his voice. How quick bravado goes out of the window when you're on the verge of pissing himself.

"We were lucky to through the first hour. How will we escape? Hmm? They are targeting anyone who runs towards the gate and I have yet to see any high-ranking officers successfully flee." Count Formal explains much to Count Sway's annoyance.

"WE ARE NOT FLEEING!" Sway shouts in anger as he stands up. Only to quickly dive back down as something nearly took his head off.

"Count Sway is right. This is but a tactical retreat. To reorganize and prepare a proper attack." Count Magnus said correcting Count Formal's words.

"(Sigh) Alright, and how do you presume that we survive long enough to properly prepare for this strike let alone make it to the gate in one piece?" Count Formal asked as he rolled his eyes.

"Heh, simple we use the leverage we have." Count Sway said as he used his sword to cut free the wooden cages. He then grabbed a girl who screamed and struggled, but eventually he managed to pull her free. As she screams, he pressed a knife to her throat. "Shut it whore, your usefulness will see our victory."

"Count Sway of Mateo, have you gone mad!?" Count Formal asked in shock.

"No, that's ingenious. Well done Count Sway." Count Magnus said as he turns to his personal slave. He tugs on her chains, pulling her to him before holding her in front.

Disgusted by their actions, Formal protest. "I can't believe what you are doing Count Sway. This is a great dishonor to the empire, but if honor means anything then you should take a moment to think about this. We have enraged the enemy this day. Don't make them any angrier than they already have by doing this."

"Tsk, watch your tongue count. They are spineless, attacking from afar. When we return with better armor, our soldiers boots will stomp upon their necks." Count Sway remarks.

"Yes, it's a matter of survival. If you wish not to tamper your pride then hide behind the forces. We don't have many slaves to shield us." Count Magnus said before turning to his soldiers. He and Count sway gave their orders and they complied. They all removed the captured slaves from their cart and begin to move them into a human shield position. Meanwhile Count Formal soldiers stayed at the center of this small circle. No one dared committed this atrocious act.

Despite, this highly immoral act, it seemed to work. The native army stood their ground with their weapons trained at them, yet nothing happened. However it seems that they are now blocking the way back through the gate. This leaves the two forces at a stalemate or at least that's what they thought. As the two armies stared each other down, the anticipation was killing the Sadina army. They were no longer on their own soil, and with a drop of a hat they could easily be executed. The other side however, were a mixture of soldiers who showed nothing but disgust for them. They had witnessed the carnage they preformed on their citizens and suffice to say that Mercy was not the first thing that will guarantied. Feeling his pride challenged, Count Sway moved forward, making sure that the girl would remain in front of him at all times.

"Listen up you savages. You will allow us to leave unharmed, you will allow us to take these slaves with us, or else they will die and their blood be on their hands. Do you understand you filthy savages!" Count Sway said proudly as he held his captive firmly by the throat with his arm while foundling with her right breast. This did little more to infuriate the soldiers. After a few moments, Count Magnus walked over to count Sway.

"I don't think they speak or language, perhaps a demonstration might get the point across." Count Magnus whispers.

"Hmm, very we…" before he could finish, a man followed by a group of strangers approached. They weren't dressed like the enemy army, well a few did but they didn't look like there fellow soldiers. At the front of the crowd was the two old men from the foot of the building. Both covered in blood but not their own.

"Hey, take another step and slit the whore's throat!" Count Sway said as he pressed his blade to the crying girl. The man in front did as was requested, but after a few moments he takes another few steps closer. Causing a few soldiers to panic a bit, five got close and held their hostages close and their blades closer to them.

"Did, you not understand me you old man! I said I gut the whore!" Count Sway said with a nervous tone. The old man didn't stop walking forward. It wasn't till Count Sway begin to get sporadic with his blade did the old man stopped.

"I-I S-SAID S-STOP!" Count Sway said as he begin to move his sword around in the air.

This time the old man stopped, but only to put the strange weapon on the ground. He moved a few inches away before turning to the Count with a cold dead glair sending a shiver down the Counts back. He then puts his left leg back and firmly plants it into the ground. His right leg was bent as he leans back. He tips his strange black hat down and continue to stare down Count making him uneasy. This strange stance caught the Sadina army off guard. It took Count Sway a few moments before thinking it was a bow.

"Heh, heh, heh. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! What is this, your primitive cultures version of a salute!" Count Sway laughed with a few of his own soldier joining in. As they laughed Count Sway couldn't help but be bothered by his cold stare. "Heh, if this is your surrender or plea for these worthless lives you are surely sorry to know that the mighty Sadina empire doesn't care for you are their lives. But perhaps if you kiss my boots maybe just maybe I will allow them to live as my slaves."

The old man didn't respond but simply kept on staring that dreaded stare. After a few moments Count Sway was beginning to crack under pressure. Moments begin to drag on for what felt like an eternity. It wasn't till Count Magnus whispers to Count Sway.

"Perhaps, this isn't a bow. Merely an insult. Perhaps she's his wife or daughter." Count Magnus whispered.

"Oh, if that's the case." Count Sway then placed his blade to the womens neck, cutting her just enough to scream. While also ripping away her shirt. "Drop the eye and kiss my boot you filthy degenerate or else I'll slit the bitches throat and rape her fucking corpse!"

This got nothing out of the old man who continued to stare him down. Irritating him he called upon his five close soldiers to do the same with their hostages, they pressed their blades to their throats and ripped their shirts off. Yet the old man still didn't respond he simply stood their and kept giving the Count that thousand-yard stare. This finally came to an end when the Count couldn't take it anymore. So he raises his blade ready to give the order.

"Alright, you ugly son of a whore. If you won't kiss my boot, then I shall slit her thr… BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG!" Before Count Sway could even finish their was a loud noise and everything went silent.

The old man was now holding a strange dagger size weapon in his hand. With one hand on the grip, and another on what looked like a tiny hammer. Smoke was pouring out of the hole in the strange weapon. It took Count Sway or really anyone a moment to realize what had happened. After the loud bang, Count Sway hears the sudden death groan of a soldier. His eyes slowly move to the right to see the soldier to his right was bleeding heavily, from the rather large hole in his head. It was another moment before he and the five standing besides him fell. His eye's then turn to the old man as it soon dawns upon him. The old man had killed them, five men within a blink of an eye without harming a single savage his army was using. The old man then stands up straight and calmly begin to walk forward unchallenged. As he does, he opened a wheel compartment to this strange weapon before letting five cylinders fall to the ground while loading in five more by hand. The sound it made while he calmly did so was terrifying, and yet he did not stop with that thousand-yard stare.

Count Sway trying to pull together what little bravado he had points his sword at him with shaking hands. He tried to say a word but it came out as fearful mumblings. After a few moments, the old man was at the tip of the blade. He could have easily punctured his heart right then and there, but he just couldn't. He was afraid. Afraid of that man, with the cold stare.

It didn't take long before the man tugged the blade straight out of his hand and then the hostage. As he does so, the whole Sadina army couldn't help but watch in fear. These soldiers had them in a similar position and they can execute them without harming the hostages. All they did was stood still for their execution. What happened next shocked the entire army. The old man, he spoke in a crude tone but it was in their own language.

"Thus always I bring death to tyrant's." The old man said loudly to those who heard it, as he places his weapon to Count Sway's head. He then pulls back the hammer part of this device.

In frozen fear, Count Sway soiled himself where he stood before muttering one word. "…Mercy? ... BANG"

A loud thundering roar was heard as the self-famed warlord of the east fell to the ground with a massive hole in his head, and fear in his eyes. Seeing him executed in such a manner finally broke the Sadina army's spirit. They all dropped their weapons and begin to cry as the soldiers moved in. As they were rounded up Count Magnus was flustered about what he should do.

"You… You traitors! Deserters all of you! Once word of your betrayal reaches the empire your families will be sold into slavery!" Count Magnus cries out in anger.

"Give it up Count Magnus. It's over." Count Formal said with a disheartening sigh.

"Count Formal, you honestly can't give up now. These savages will soon march into our world. My slave stocks… I mean our beloved empire will be brought down by these barbarians." Count Magnus said with fear that with his presence gone his slave trading business will tanker.

"Look around Count Magnus, it's pretty clear we have no chance of winning in any form of combat. Best thing we can do is negotiate for our soldier's survival." Count Formal explains as he points to some of the soldiers who resisted being brought to their knees and cuffed by a strange pair of cuffs.

Count Magnus was many things, a coward, a cunning sycophant, and a despicable human being. But he wasn't an idiot like Count Sway. He knew he wouldn't survive or his business behind bars. So he turned around, looking desperately for a way to leave or perhaps meet with these savages leaders then he could worm his way out of this mess. Maybe even earn himself a nice seat in a place of power should the empire fall. He looked around before noticing the two old man talking with another man. This one was dressed in more professional attire, perhaps a commander or something. So acting quickly he licks his filthy palm before slicking back his combover greasy hair. He then walked over to the old man with his personal slave in tow. Count Formal watches from the side as Count Magnus approaches the three old men.

"Aw, well met fine sirs. And might I said well-played in this battle, truly your ruler have chosen his soldiers well." Count Magnus greeted with a cheerful tone. The three looked over at him with unimpressed looks. After a few moments, Count Magnus clears his throat awkwardly. "Eh hem, perhaps I speak too soon. But not matter, I Count Magnus of the Opel nobility wish to speak with your leader. In return for this audience with your mighty king. I shall give you this as thanks."

Count magnus pushes forth the bunny warrior child. She stumbles a bit before looking up at the men with fear in her eyes. The way they looked at her wasn't what she expected. She has been stared at with lustful eyes, disgusted stares, and the occasional semblance of pity. Not these three, when she looked into her eyes, there was a fire of rage. Like they were angry not at her, but the way she was presented. As she continued to stare, she suddenly was hit on the back of head.

"Taraunta! What did I say about looking at your better in that way!" Count Magnus shouted in rage as he bashed her across the head before grabbing her by the ears and tossing her to the ground. He then turned back to the wide-eyed men. "Heh, sorry about that. You know how slaves can get I'm sure. Now, you may take her to do what ever you wish. Just as long as you can promise me a seat with your rul…"

Before he could even finish the dark-skinned old man sent a powerful right hook that knocked Magnus to the ground with blood spewing from his nose. As he lay's there on the ground the old man held him back, speaking something in their native tongues. As the two argued Count Magnus slowly picked himself up, coughing up blood.

"(Cough, cough.) How… dare you!" Count Magnus screams as he coughs up blood. "When your ruler learns about this transaction, it's the gallows for you. Maybe I'll convince him to sell your family into slavery you degenerate, illiterate, savages!"

As he continues to spew insults, the old man simply removed his hat and then his jacket. To Count Magnus and Count Formal who was watching this from afar, surprise. The old man covered the child with his coat. He then patted her shoulder with a sympathetic nod. He then stood up before turning to Count magnus, with anger burning in his eyes. Count Formal couldn't believe what he see's. Two soldiers actually showing sympathy for a bunny warrior. It took him months to get his soldiers to stop harassing the demi-humans. Perhaps, these warriors of the bear were more civilized then he first thought. Count Magnus on the other hand, was stunned for the same reason. Though he was questioning how that low life was treated with more respect than him.

"What do you think your doing? She's not worthy of your empathy. She is beyond an abomination. Servitude or execution is the only thing that these savages deserve!" Count Magnus spews out in rage. Course that rage subsided quickly when the old man walked over to him. Without a second thought of remorse or even restraint. He kicked him with the pointy end of his black boot. Knocking a few teeth free from Count Magnus mouth.

"Ugh, my heeth… my heeth!" Count Magnus tried to say as blood leaked out onto the ground.

It wasn't long before he was kicked in the fat ribs. The old man pinned him to the ground with a boot on his neck. As he choked, his eyes went wide in horror as the old man pulls out his weapon he had used to kill Count Sway. Count Magnus tried to plea for his life from underneath the man's boot. But with the missing front teeth and blood choking his words, he couldn't say anything coherent. But that's only presuming that the man had any idea what he was saying to begin with. Instead of executing the man then and their, the old man held the gun by the iron before smacking Count Magnus upside the head, rendering him unconscious. Once down, he gives a whistle to which soldiers came and collected the fat bastard. As they do Count Formal and the warrior bunny slave known as Taraunta watched in amazement.

For her, it was something out of a fairytale her mother would tell her as a kid. A knight in shining armor. But instead of armor, he was wearing the strangest attire and used a weapon that could kill more effectively than anything the empire has. As for Count Formal, he was in shock by what he saw. If this is how they treated commanders, even when presented with very tempting deals, they are shown the boot of their rage. He wanted to formally surrender to them in hopes they treat him better, but before he could say anything; he was brought down to his knees by two soldiers who screamed at him. They pushed him the ground before restraining him. As he lays their head in the ground he watches as the old man went back over to Taraunta. He picked her up gently, like an injured maiden before walking west.

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