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English: Yippie Ki Yay

Translated English: Yippie Ki Yay

In Garden City Kansas Decades Prior to the appearance of the Gate

3rd POV

The sound of gun fire can be heard. As the blast of Canadian shells can be heard, the view pulls on this sleepy little town. For the most part it has been wildly abandoned as the locals pushed east. As the shells fire, we see a massive retreat back to the Mountains. The Syndicalist rebellion has been squashed, the Longest armies has been quelled. Yet the war is not over. The Federalist are pushing West under the American Caesar. However for the most part they chose to leave it in the Monarchies hands. They had a rebellion in Florida to deal with and were more comfortable killing Brazilians then Americans. As the might of the kings forces push the PSA back, the view turns to a lone PSA Jeep driving through this sleepy old town. Sure enough a small scout car with the PSA flag painted over a AUS sticker drives by. Following behind were the Humber mk.1 Scout Cars. The mounted Bren LMG firing off 303 British rounds down on the Jeep. The driver all too familiar was Ittōhei Hansuke at the back was Eastwood unjamming a AUS mounted B.A.R

"Īsutouddo! Sono LMG o hassha shinai to, watashi wa unten o tsudzukeru koto ga dekimasen!" Ittōhei screams out as he steered the jeep out of the line of gun fire.

"English Itt!" Eastwood snapped.

"SHOOT THE BRITS!" Ittōhei shouted in English.

"I'm trying. AUS piece of shit is jammed!" Eastwood shouted back before finally removing the jammed round. He then loaded a new mag and open fired.

The Jeep quickly swirled to the side down main street as the Humber turns violently after them. The bullet flew on as Eastwood continued to fire but the bullets flinged off the side of the car. As they drove Eastwood couldn't help but notice a movie studio sign hanging above was barley holding on. He quickly turned the rifle upwards and open fire upon it. After a few moments the sign comes down on the Humber. Trapping it under the rubble as the Jeep drives off. Eastwood leans back into the Jeep with a sigh of relief that this has come to an end. However not far from their position they can hear the screams of PSA soldiers along with there Japanese aid dying off. Eastwood quickly grabbed a pair of binoculars and stared off. North of them was the front lines racing back, only to be shot or crushed under the English forces. Much to his horror, he can see a group of PSA rounded up, before torched by Life Buoy Flamethrowers. The sight was so horrific Eastwood couldn't help but look away in disgust. As they drove by, Eastwood couldn't help but ask. 'Where had it all gone wrong.' Just as he asked, the sound of Canadian Fairey Battle fighters above. Without warning a bomb fell right in front of the jeep, missing it but causing the Jeep to flip sending the two flying.

The view goes black for a few moments before Eastwood eyes slowly open. Showing that he was alive somehow. As he looks around for his friend, he suddenly spots a moving Federalist and Canadian patrol moving towards him. Along with that he spotted Ittōhei. Shrapnel had embedded itself into his face and torso. Causing him to bleed out heavily in these regions. Despite the pain he felt in his leg and arms Eastwood crawled to him.

"Hey Itt, we got to go. Come on." Eastwood said painfully as he tries to shrugs his friend awake. Yet he remained still. Hearing the incoming forces Eastwood looked for any weapon to use. Eventually pulling out his Arisaka Rifle. He got ready to shoot the first Fed or Royalist that came around the corner when a hail of gun fire came from his side. Riding on through was the Mountaineers on hoarse back. Leading the charge was Eastwoods brother.

"Jesus the hell happen!" Eastwoods brother demanded as he slings the Winchester over his shoulder.

"A bomb fell. What did it look like!" Eastwood shouted before tossing down his rifle and helping Ittōhei up. "We need to get him to a medic where is the field HQ?"

"Closes one is near the state line. There relocating to Denver, you got an hour before they wheel up!" Eastwoods brother shouted as he helped Eastwood carry him to one of the mounted divisions horses. He slinged Ittōhei before helping Eastwood up. "Think you can make it?!"

"I don't know. Never rode a hoarse before." Eastwood replied.

"Well first time for everything, now get!" Eastwoods brother remarks before slapping the hoarse.

The hoarse lets out a loud neigh before sprinting down the road. Eastwood looks back for a moment to see the remainder of the mountaineers holding the line as he carried his dying friend on a stead though hell. The sound of gun fire, tank's, and artillery far behind him. Suddenly within a blink of a moments, shell begin raining down upon him. Struggling to ride he barley evaded the shells before crossing the old rail road stop. As he does the sound of a train can be heard to the side. Looking over a train that looked like it was forged in the bowls of hell came crashing down upon them. The sight was so frightening, Eastwood couldn't help but scream. Yet no sound was heard.

Years later, on the train ride near that very spot

He then awoke to find himself on the train. His mind race to recall what had happened when he felt something heavy on his shoulder. Turning to the side he saw one of the most annoying people he had met in his entire life. Rory. She was sleeping soundly against him. He then recalled the serries of events that had unfolded since DC. After the tour of the Smithsonian's, the group changed there plans at behest of the princess. She demanded to travel by land rather then by air. So they boarded the Strasburg Rail system and ventured Westward. Despite it being a long three days, the V.I.P's marveled at the beauty of the land. Looking out that train Eastwood can spot that small city off in the distance. There his best friend died holding onto him traveling to the medical center at the state line. The sight was a bit much for him, to which he slowly put Rory's head down on the seat and made his way out. It was early morning but he was sure he can scrounge up some breakfast from the cart. After carefully walking out of the room he made his way to the café cart where he ran into someone he didn't expected. Lelei, sitting at one of the tables with a half eaten blueberry muffin and a cup of ginseng tea.

"Morning, Mr. Eastwood." Lelei replies.

"And morning to you to, Ms. Lalena." Eastwood said with a tip of his hat.

He made his way to the receptionist working there before requesting a cup of American coffee. As he waited he eyed what Lelei was reading. A big book of science. A little thing she bought from the Smithsonian. She has studied it's pages like a bible and has practice a few of these scientific notes using her magic. Upon grabbing a cup of coffee he sat right across from her. Taking a small sip he decided to break the silence.

"So, how did you sleep last night kid?" Eastwood asked before sipping his coffee.

"A bit… to be honest. I didn't sleep to much. Was too interested in learning more about your 'Science'." Lelei remarks as she reread the article on chemical reaction.

"Huh I see." Eastwood remarks as he turned his head off to the side. As he notices a farmer rustling his cattle on horseback. Seeing that brough a hint of Nostalgia of his small farmstead out in Nevada. His mind then turned thoughts of home when an idea came across his mind. He checked the railroad map hanging over head, much to his excitement he realized something. The rail road will take them through Reno.

"Huh, guess I'll be coming home after all." Eastwood comments.

"What was that about home?" A voice in shaky English asked from behind. Looking over was Tuka, who had just walked out of the lavatory.

"The train were on. It will be heading through Reno. My home is close by." Eastwood states pointing to the map. "Just south of it near the Californian state line, by Lake Tahoe."

"Oh, what's it like?" Tuka asked as she sat down next to Lelei.

"Well, I think you might like it. It snow's for four months followed by a heatwave. The land is mostly pine and oak, Pagoda trees. There I started a pony ranch, with some apple orchards coming along nicely. Most of the bills are paid from my service, but it's just a little next egg till my younglings come of age to leave." Eastwood explaining thinking about home.

"Younglings… oh, I didn't know you were a father." Tuka said trying to imagine a child version of Eastwood walking around.

"Heh, not yet. She's only six months pregnant by now." Eastwood states with a chuckle.

"Oh, I'd hope that he's a healthy boy." Tuka said with a smile.

"Oh I certainly hope not." Eastwood said causing Tuka to shift her head in confusion. "I'm hoping for a little girl. Not another me running around. That little bundle of joy would be a menace along the rockeys."

"Oh… Normally fathers would pray to the gods for sons to carry on the family names." Tuka pointed out.

"Maybe on your side of gate. But I ain't looking for legacy. Still if it's any consolation my wife wants a son. God help Saint Philomena if she tries to intervene. Something tells me she be running from the number of bullets hot on her tail." Eastwood chuckles.

"Who?" Tuka asked with a nod with her head.

Realizing she doesn't know anything about Christianity Eastwood gave a sigh of inner irritation. That reference would have gone over her head. Before the conversation could continue the rest of the V.I.P's begin trickling into the café cart. So the conversation was put on hold till they arrive in Denver. As the group slowly moved on through, the replacement constabulary quickly shuffle off to the side. Once out of sight he quickly made his way to the bathroom. Once the door was locked he pulled out a small wiring system and begun tapping away to send a telegram down to Denver.

'- ... . / -. ..- . ... - / .- .-. . / - -. / - ... . .-. . / .- .- -.- / - - / -.. . -. ...- . .-. .-.-.- / .. / .-. . .-. . .- - -..- / - ... . / -. ..- . ... - / .- .-. . / - -. / - ... . .-. . / .- .- -.- / - - / -.. . -. ...- . .-.' Once the message was sent he waited for a few moments, till finally he got a message back. It reading. '... - .- -.- / ...- .. -. .. .-.. .- -. - .-.-.- / - ... . / -.-. ... .- .. -. ... / .- .. .-.. .-.. / - -. . / -.. .- -.- / -... . / -... .-. - -.- . -. .-.-.- / -.- . . .-. / .- -. / . -.- . / - ..- - / ..-. - .-. / .- -. -.- / - - ... . .-. / .- -. . -. - ... / .-.. - - -.- .. -. -. / - - / .-. . - .-. .. . ...- . / - ... . / .-. .-. .. -. -.-. . ... ... .-.-.-'

Understanding the message he quickly hid the spy gear back into it's hiding spot before standing up. He turned to the mirror and straighten his tie before giving a small sigh. "(Sigh) Break the chains. Dear god those Australians better know what they are doing."

As he gets ready to leave, he doesn't realize that the womens lavatory across from his a woman was also making a secret telegram out. To agents that snuck in from Vancouver. What would have been a simple smash and grab operation turned into a three way conflict, with the fourth just moving in from the mountains side. The scene goes black before opening up in a dark room of sorts, with a familiar man sitting at a table.

On the other side of the gate, a few days prior, in Italica.

Zeke sat alone in an empty seat. He was handcuffed to a table but not to the point of discomfort. He finally had a decent bath and grub but his mind was else where. The man he was traveling with was a girl. Not only that but the daughter of the wealthiest man in America. How did he miss something like that? He considers himself an observant fellow. After all he flew planes for a living… least when he was fighting the war. As he was wrapping that around his head, the door opened up and a woman walked in holding a file of sorts. She sat down across from him before opening up the file. Inside was an extensive detail of his criminal record. Looking over it she began.

"Mr. Cleaton Zeke, the third. Former AUS Piolet, serving Huey Long till your capture in spring of 1940. Upon your release from Alcatraz, you have been arrested for multiple crimes including smuggling, aggravated assault, drug possession. Along with that, you have been accused of murder, running underground prostitution and gambling rings as well." The woman read aloud the impressive note of multiple crimes Zeke has committed.

"So, you want my autograph?" Zeke asked sarcastically.

"… I am just listing off the number of crimes, Mr. Zeke. While I am more then happy to put you back behind bars, you and Ms. Rockwell have saved Italica and the lives stationed here. Something that a few of the higher ups have considered." The woman said as she pulls out a few forms making sure they were in order.

"So, I ain't going to prison, Ms…" Zeke soon realized he had no idea who this woman is. Course she answered him.

"Ms. Blanch. And just that." Ms. Blanch replies before sliding a clip board over to him. "And that depends on your choice. You and Ms. Rockwell have somehow managed to escape from captivity and survived for months out there. Something the brass found useful. So in return for a years worth of service you shall receive a presidential pardon for any and all crimes, but only if you keep out of trouble here."

"Hmm. Sounds a bit too good to be true Ms. Blanch. Don't suppose I can request a moment to look over this deal before I sign by John Hancock?" Zeke asked.

"You have twenty four hours before the deal is revoked Mr. Zeke. Please do take the time to think it over." Ms. Blanch said before packing everything away and heading out.

Zeke now alone in his cell looked down at the paper. He carefully scanned it with his one good eye. Sure enough the deal was clear on paper. He will spend the next year working as a pilot for the Mojave Patrol. While this sounds like a good deal, he wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect. He had lost a lot of good friends along with his eye. He's fairly certain they too lost some good friends as well during the second American civil war. So this paper no matter how simple, felt less like freedom and shaking hands with the devil himself. He had a day to think it over, and to be honest it might take two. As he sat there in his cell the view pulls out of his jail cell and out onto the Appia Highway.

A number of people were making their way to and from Italica, loaded with American goods. As a cart slowly heads east, they pass by two familiar Volralden. Wolf and Schmitts had finally arrived at Italica. There journey south to seek these men in Kaki has become a strange one. They had heard conflicting rumors. Those in the imperial courts of the capital called them savage barbarians who fight without honor. However the common man would counter saying that they are the most civil of all armies. They take no slaves, treat those imprisoned by them with respect accustom to a high ranking noble, and there goods were beyond anything that can be created by dwarven masters. A few things that were agreed upon by all was that they have yet to loose a battle, nor a single soldier, and they have the ability to fend off a flame dragon with a mere handful of men. Upon arriving at the gates of Italica, they expected a multitude of things. Cities running with poverty, slavery, and humiliation. Yet instead of another town sacked, pillage, and enslaved they found it thriving. Civilians were free to come and go as they please, all races interacting as equals, and the infamous men in Khaki. Not treated with distained or given darting eyes of fear, but actually with praise and pleasure. It was nothing that the either two Volcatts were expecting.

"Wolf… am I dreaming?" Schmitts asked.

"No… you ain't… otherwise why would I be in it?" Wolf remarks sarcastically.

While a bit snarky he had a point. This wasn't a dream. After staring for a few moment the two finally continued on towards the western gate. There a group of men in Khakis stood guard with local militia. Armed with m1917 Enfield Rifles and swords. Training of a local militia has gone underway to allow for more soldiers to fight at the front. As they question those who come though, a few noticed the approaching Volralden. They never seen one clad in armor and they look a bit shaky heading over. So a few men approach them.

"Howdy, who are you?" One soldier asked the two in a shaking Saderan Latin

"Um greetings men in Khaki… we have come here looking for one Volralden. One taken from the Mountain of Ice and Snow. Perhaps you know her by the name Accalia." Wolf explained honestly, much to Schmitts disagreement to keep there actions covert. However it seemed his words gone over the soldiers head.

"Sorry, could you repeat? Me know… very little language." The soldier asked again.

"We are looking for a female Volralden. By the name of Accalia." Wolf repeated himself. Once again he got nowhere with that response.

"Still can't… Fuck it. JIMMY!" The soldier had given up trying to speak with Wolf and quickly called out to a young soldier.

He quickly raced on over before giving a salute. "You called sir?"

"Got two dog boys here. Don't know exactly what they are saying. Mind filling in the gaps here?" The soldier ordered. The young soldier gives a nod before turning to the two Volraldens.

"I do apologies, my commander's lattin is terrible. Mind telling who your looking for?" The young man asked.

"Accalia. A woman, the chieftans daughter no less. She was taken by I believe to be one of your own." Wolf explained for the last time.

The young soldier then retells his commander what wolf said. He then called out to a soldier stationed by a guard booth. The young soldier then turned back to the two Volraldens. "Give us a moment, we are just checking in our infirmary and prison for anyone of that name."

The two Volraldens looked at each other. How someone could locate her in a matter of seconds without leaving the room. However the part about prison caught there attention. This place seemed too well armed to stage an assault along with that they don't have the resources to siege. After a few moments the soldiers got a response back from the guard. The soldier then translates the following.

"We have Accalia stationed at our hospital center at Alnus. However there has been… some complications." The young soldier explained, with some hesitation in his words.

"What do you mean, complications?" Schmitts asked with his eyes squinting in suspicion.

"Well… our commander who is stationed in the Formal Manner would like to discuss it further with you." The young soldier said as he points to the manner beyond the wall.

"Let me guess, we are not permitted to enter with our weapons. Tsk, as if we're dumb enough to do so." Schmitts said knowing what they plan to do. He has heard tales of non-human mercenaries barred from entering cities or towns with there weapons. Upon doing so they would be picked off from the side, or led into a trap. Enslaved or butchered. Stripped of all possessions and their bodies dumped into the slums. However, what the young soldier caught the harden Voldarian by surprise.

"No, your permitted to keep your arms. Just don't pull it unless it is necessary. Second Amendment applies to all." The young soldier explains.

"Oh… so your allowing us to keep our arms. Even when speaking with your commanding officer?" Schmitts asked.

"Well, as long as your weapons are visible then yes. We still have to pat you down for any unseen weapons but that's about it." The young soldier explained. The two Voldarian looked at each other. Course they have hidden weapons on them but they were more proficient in there swords then there knifes. It was a strange sensation none the less. They weren't being talked down to, or treated with cruel suspicion. It was both nerve racking and refreshing.

After a few moments of silence, Wolf remarks, "Alright. That sounds fair."

"Great, I'll get one of the maids to escort you to the manner. She'll be down momentarily." The young soldier comments before spotting a woman medusa at the gate. "Oh, speak of the demon. There she is."

Aurea was on break when the soldier called her. She was more then happy to do so. With a polite bow she asked for the two Voldarians to follow after her. They complied, unaware what they will find inside. Unexpectedly, they found anything but oppression or barbarianism. The trade with Alnus had led to a golden age in the small city. People have lined up for products that neither have seen. Smells of strange meats, fruits, and vegetables hit there noses with a savory odder. Children played with a strange ball and club of sort. For some reason every time they see that white and red ball fly the first thought was to chase after it. It was a serial scene, almost like a heavenly dream. It took them a few moments to collect themselves as they arrived at manner. They were brought to a waiting room that had been fitted with furniture never before seen. Fine black leather beautiful colored rugs, and strange gizmos that played a soft melon coly sound. As they moved about the room the maid spoke to them.

"Please wait here as I go fetch the General." Aurea said before leaving the room. Wolf and Schmitts were now alone. They quickly looked around the room. Inspecting everything.

Wolf took a closer look at the strange device in the corner. Music seem to be coming out of a horn, yet there was no band to be seen. Along with that a lovely voice came from it in the same language those soldiers were speaking. "Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you, But in your dreams, whatever they be, Dream a little dream of me"

What ever the woman is singing it got him humming along. Schmitts was more interested in the furniture. He found a strange wooden chair by the desk. It had cushion sewn into the seat and wheels on the chair. Taking a seat in the chair he found that it moved around with no restriction. Along with that he found it most comfortable compared to some beds he slept in. As the two enjoyed there wonders, the door suddenly opened up and in walked four people. The maid Aurea leading an older man, alongside a ginger hair female with a single armed soldier. The man turned to the maid before speaking in his native language. She replied back before leaving the room. The man then turned to the two before speaking. Soon after the woman respond.

"Gentlemen. I believe you are here for the Voldarian yes?" The girl said before the man continued with what he is saying. The woman then translates. "I am afraid a few things have accrued since last you saw her that makes it difficult to return her to you. I am more then happy to discuss her eventually release from our car but before that I think we should introduce ourselves."

The man held out his hand before speaking, to which the woman translates. "I am General Patch of the American expeditionary force here in the zone. The woman here acting as our translator is Ms. Rockwell. To whom am I addressing?"

The two looked at each other, not understanding the gestor that this general is doing but Wolf ever the optimist reached out with his hand and grabbed General Patch's hand. "Wolf of the Fang League, this here is Schmitts… he's also from the same tribe."

"Alright, Wolf, Schmitts. Please have a seat. I have asked the maid for some ice tea if that's fine with you." Vic translated the words that General Patch said.

"Ice… Tea?" Schmitts asked with a perplex look.

Shortly before anyone could explain, the medusa maid returned with a platter. On top was a pitcher of a bronze liquid with bits of ice and slice fruit floating in it. She poured everyone a glass before excusing herself to the side of the room. The two Voldarian watch as the general poured himself a glass as well as one for the translator. Watching him take a sip, they slowly did the same. It had a strange smell but no sign of poison. After taking a sip they were hooked on a mixture of mint and zezsty tones of the taste. They quickly sucked it down before pouring another glass full and sitting down.

"Now gentlemen. As your well aware, we have Accalia in our care. Though how she became so is the problem. Originally, we had our men sent to that god awful place to retrieve a few of our own as well as the son of a Brazilian Ambassador. Problem was he refuse to leave without taking your chieftains daughter." Vic translated the words of General Patch.

"And why is that?" Schmitts asked with crocked look.

"Well… simply put… he's in love with her." Vic translated, causing the two to spit out there drinks.

"… Well… that's a first." Wolf said with a twitch in his eye.

"Yes, sadly her injuries she sustained at that terrible place left her in a near death state." Vic continued on with the translation before the General slid a medical report of Accalia. Inside contained multiple details written in the common language. Broken rips, cracked skull, multiple concussions, broken tail bone, shredded hymen, sleep deprivation, starvation and severe frost bite. It's miracle she survived. Vic then continued with his translations after a quick break. "She was unconscious at the time, however a week before you arrive she awoke. The two are inseparable. To the point that it might involve into something… bigger."

"Bigger? What could be bigger then… love… oh shit." Schmitts slowed down his words upon the realization. It then dawned upon them that if they continue down this path then it will most likely that they will marry one another. The shock on there face said it all. As there stutters become more present the general continued.

"That's a problem for another day, for now let's talk about your role in her recovery." Vic translated before pausing to take a sip. "We can not release her. The journey home will kill her. However if you wish to stay by her side till time proves appropriate, then we can provide housing as well as jobs as security. Does 55 Denari per week sound good?"

The two went quiet. 55 Denari a week! That kind of pay would put them on easy streak especially if their jobs are sentry. The two jaws drop. This was too good to be true. Stuttering to even comprehend Vic translated another line. "Oh, sorry I guess mercenaries like yourselves are paid more. Would 65 Denari work? That's the most we can go for men in your position."

The two needed a moment to process this. Without saying a word they had an addition ten Denari added. It took them a few moments to recover before Schmitt was able to respond. "G-General Patch, this… what you're offering. Is good. And I can't say how kind you are to our quest, but can we have a moment to discuss with my companion about it?"

"Sure, by all means take your time. Till then I got permission to allow you to stay in the countess manner till then." Vic translated the following words.

"Once again, your kindness has exceed all doubts." Schmitts added. General Patch seemed to wave it off before he and Vic got up to let the two discuss one what to do. As they left Ms. Blanch quickly came barreling towards them.

"General, there you are. Sorry sir but there has been an incident and we need you back on Alnus Hill!" Ms. Blanch quickly snapped.

"Woah, what do you mean Ms. Blanch? What has happened?" General patch asked with an unsure look on his face.

"the train carrying the guest, along with there protectors. It has been attacked." Ms. Blanch said gaining a more sever reaction from general Patch.

"What! When, where, why did this happened!" Patch asked with wide eyes.

"Roughly at 2230 hours in the Rocky past Denver. We are unsure at this time who did this but, General Patton has been given command of the search operations." Ms. Blanch said much to Patch's chagrin.

"(Sigh) god damn it. Very well. Let's see if we can find out who done this and where they are before old Bandito get's half our tank divisions lost in the Rockys." Patch said as he pinches the bridge of his nose before turning to Vic.

"I'm sorry Ms. Rockwell, but it seems I have to go. You will be alright here in Italica?" General Patch asked.

"I've spent months out in the wilds general. I think I can live comfortably here for the time being. Sides you are in desperate need of translators." Vic replies. Patch gave a nod before quickly walking away. As the sound of his boots can be heard as the view slowly pulls down into the floor. Transitioning the scene into a small cemetery in Denver

Denver Colorado, a three hours before

The train had arrived in Colorado. Due to a snow storm, the train was postponed at the station. Taking this chance, Eastwood split off from the group to wander the city. After making a quick stop at a floral stop, he made his way south till he came to a national cemetery. As he walked along the snow covered plain of fort Logan National Cemetery. He passed by countless graves, a few he recognized. He couldn't help but remember the second battle of Denver, a tragic day in his mind.

The sound of artillery, gun fire, screams both civilian and soldiers alike. In downtown, Eastwood is helping injured soldiers into the back of a civilian truck. As the shells from Canadian artillery rain down on him, he couldn't hear anything over those shells. Except the groans of those poor unfortunate souls. He had loaded the last one in before closing the back. He signaled for the truck to get out of there. He watches as it drives down the street before it exploded from a direct hit by a shell. Eastwood was about to race over, try and save those in the vehicle but he was held back. Turning around he saw his brother was the one holding him back.

"Don't. It's to late for them." Eastwoods brother said with a sullum look on his face.

"B-But, b-but…" Eastwood struggled to argue. Sadly he knew the futility in it. So he gave up with a sigh as he brother dragged him along.

"We lost the Englewood line, they will be pushing us out of Denver soon." Eastwoods brother explained as he pulled Eastwood aside.

"So what now?" Eastwood asked.

"The brass are having the soldiers move into the Rockies. Put up a defense through the winter, meanwhile you will be sent to Moab." Eastwood's brother explains before spotting another truck filled with soldiers being evacuated west.

"Moab? The hell I'm going to Utah!" Eastwood snapped as he finally pulled his hand free from his brothers. "I'm staying here. Like you!"

"Well how else are you going to help if you ain't a mountaineer yet!" Eastwood brothers remarks as a shell smashes into a building overhead.

"Damn the rank, I don't need it or the training to be a Mountaineer!" Eastwood snaps again.

"Why you think Your going to Moab." Eastwoods brother retorts before holding up a set of documents. Seeing them Eastwood realized what this means. Taking them in hand he looked down with a shocked look on his face. Since joining the war he wanted to be a Mountaineer. Now it seems he was finally called upon. As he looked down at these papers he was pulled back to reality when his brother shoved into the back of the truck. "We are in desperate need of Mountaineers, now more then ever. So head West. Me and the rest will try and hold them off for as long as we can."

Eastwood couldn't even say a word. The Truck started up and begin to drive away. Eastwood looked on at his brother, not knowing this will be the last time he'd ever see him again. As the Truck drives away, snow begin to fall, though to be fair it's more like ash that was released into the air. The view pulls up into the afternoon sky as snow slowly rains down.

The scene had return to that graveyard a decade later. There Eastwood stands before a single grave. He stared on at it for a few moments before kneeling down to wipe away the snow from the top before setting down Californian Poppy's. He takes a step back revealing that his brother name was scrawled upon the grave. He looked down at the grave before speaking.

"Hey brother. Been awhile. A lot has happened since last I saw you. Sacramento was invaded, by romans of all things. We pushed them back of course, have a nice foothill in there territory. Beautiful over there. Makes me feel like a real pioneer in our grandpappies time. Heh, sure you would get a laugh out of the thought of me fighting a dragon. Met some strange but interesting folks on the other side. Not sure you would like them all, but they are good people. For the most part." Eastwood spoke to the grave. Nothing but silence and the chilled wind responded back from the grave. He remained quiet for a few moments before Eastwood continued. "Nearly Christmas. And Patricia is due to give birth soon. Maybe he'll be born on Christmas day? Maybe the day after. Heh, shame I can't stop for her. Maybe I'll get a chance when I'm on leave in six months. Damn shame too. Was really hoping to meet my child. Really hoping it's a girl. God knows mama would be turning in her grave if she ever heard that theirs another one of us out here in the world."

As he started laughing to himself, he can hear the crunching of footsteps behind him. He recognize the footsteps and remarks. "I'd better stop talking brother. An old friend is coming up behind me. Be pretty strange for him to catch me speaking to the dead."

Eastwood then went silent as the stranger approaches from behind. Holding a bouquet of Chrysanthemum. He then stopped beside Eastwood before setting them down on the grave next to Eastwoods brother. One with the name Ittōhei Hansuke. After a few moments the stranger spoke in a familiar tone.

"Mata omenikakarete, ureshiku omoimasu, Eastwood-San." Kin remarks without looking away from his younger brothers grave.

"Likewise Kin." Eastwood remarks without looking up from his older brother's grave.

"I didn't got the chance to talk with you in D.C." Kin remarks in English.

"Huh, you were at the hearing?" Eastwood asked.

"Hai, though I have to admit. Strange for a girl to be nearly a thousand years of age… while looking like a child." Kin remarks earning a grin from Eastwood.

"Ironically enough she still acts like one. Annoys me to no end." Eastwood replies back with a smile.

"Just like you did when we first met?" Kin asked causing Eastwood to snicker.

"Heh, to a degree… yeah. I was like that. Course I didn't have the skill to back up my mouth at the time." Eastwood admitted with a chuckle. Kin gave a small smile before nodding. The two return back to staring at there family graves before Eastwood asked, "So… your spending Christmas with us Americans?"

"No, I'll be heading home. Spend Christmas with the family, as you Americans would say." Kin replies honestly before turning to Eastwood. "But I have no rush. My plane leaves in one weeks time. Might as well buy one of those horribly overpriced trinkets for my Aisare shi-sha and Musume."

"Hmm, those things do get expensive. Don't suppose I can offer you a ride? Heading back to Sacramento in an hour." Eastwood offered.

"Perhaps. I would like to talk with my own brother if you kindly." Kin remarks before turning to his brothers grave.

"Sure, Say hi to Itt for me. Till next time Kin." Eastwood said with a tip of his hat. Kin gave a nod before Eastwood walked away. As he heads back to the station, he didn't realize that he was being watched from afar.

"Sir, I've spotted Lietiniant Eastwood. He is currently heading back to the train station. Would you like me to deal with him sir?" A man asked as he spoke into a hidden radio.

"Negative Lancer, you will draw to much suspicion if you eliminate him." A voice said over the line before another voice took over.

"True but if you kill that man. I will personally hunt you down myself. It's quite rude to take another's hunt, specially one that has lasted as long as now." The other voice spoke in a harsh tone.

"Um, understood Archer. Will continue to survey the scene. Squire out." The man said before tucking away his radio. He gave a dreaded sigh before continuing to follow Eastwood. Surveying the scene for now.

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