"Paris. The city of love. Or, there is little time yet. Only a year ago, our city was above all others in Europe. The Hawk Moth has turned it into a war zone where innocent lives are threatened daily. Without the courageous actions of our dear Ladybug and Cat Noir, unspeakable horrors would certainly have destroyed it. How then can we express our gratitude to Ladybug and Cat Noir? It seems to me that the only appropriate way to thank our beloved heroes would be to give them one of the highest honors we can attribute to a citizen of Paris, namely the dedication of a whole day to them. It is therefore a great honor for me to announce to all my Parisian compatriots that tomorrow, September 24, 2019 and all the years to come, will be known throughout France under the name of "national day of heroes"!" The Mayor said live on TV while the show is watched on a black cell phone whose owner stops watching the broadcast, having seen what there was to see.

He appeared to be a teenager with black hair, long down to his lower back and tied up with a black elastic band. He wore a grey sports outfit under a coat hiding them and a beret of the same color.

"There's probably still room for another hero." Says the owner of the phone before putting it away in a coat pocket and taking out a sort of stopwatch with a button up and an imposing green dial with a strange illustration separating a symbol at the top and "0000" at the bottom.

He made a slight turn to the right with the frame revealing that the illustration of one is that of a silver helmet with a green jaw with a little black and a black visor surrounded by green with two needles of the same color, on his helmet and "Rider" written in blue katakana on the same visor.

Once the turn was done he pressed the button and a deep voice came out of it.


Suddenly the stopwatch dial changed into a shape closer to a flap that opens on the sides with this time on the flap the same illustration as there was on the stopwatch once the lap with the dial completed.

A belt appeared at his waist at that time. It has a green strap and a black buckle with a green dial in the center showing a screen with on its left a green rectangular button surrounded by three green round buttons and on the right of the dial a green lever with a slot in the rectangular corresponding to what is behind the stopwatch in his hand. When this belt appeared a voice similar to the chronometer but more shrill was heard.


He then pressed the stopwatch button again and the voice that came out this time was the same shrill voice as with the belt.


He placed the stopwatch on the slot of the Beyond Driver lever and the voice spoke again..


Once this word pronounced he pressed his button again, opening the door while a techno music is playing.

"Henshin." Says the teenager.

Woz then moved the lever of his Driver to complete his transformation.

Touei! Future Time! Sugoi! Jidai! Mirai! Kamen Rider Woz! Woz!

As the jingle plays out the teenager was covered in silver armor with a little black here and there, with blue on his hands and a little on his thighs, fluorescent green on many parts of the armor and a pattern reminiscent of a wristwatch strap on his chest. And his belt still visible over his armor and a helmet identical to the one shown on his stopwatch.

"This promises to be interesting." Says the teenager with interest.

The next day in the Collège Françoise Dupont, the students chatted amongst themselves about everything and nothing until their teacher cleared his throat and the students returned to their respective seats and fell silent.

She is a tall, fair-skinned woman with red hair in a high bun, turquoise eyes, thin light pink lips and freckles. She is wearing a light blue jacket with a teal blue collar shirt and a white undershirt, as well as a pair of white earrings and a small gold necklace. She also wears light blue pants and white shoes.

"Now, despite the mayor's earlier announcement, we are still in class and we have some very important things to deal with." She announced as she pointed to the door.

Before the class could imagine the meaning of the teacher's announcement, the door opened and a teenager entered the classroom. They were surprised, as transfer students were rarely accepted at this time of year.

The teenager has black hair, long down to the lower back and tied up with a black elastic band and green eyes. He was wearing a basic outfit consisting of jeans and a grey short-sleeved t-shirt, a white jacket with "MMXVIII" on the back and a pair of sneakers and two rings resembling silver wedding rings identical to each ring finger.

"Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" Said the teacher as the boy faced the class.

"My name is Washio Zakuro. I am a transfer student from Japan." Said the young man, his voice was calm and sounded almost like a nobleman.

As soon as "Japan" left his lips, the class started to whisper. A Japanese man attending Collège Françoise Dupont?! The students couldn't believe their ears. Why would a Japanese student attend a French school? Before anyone could start asking questions, Ms. Bustier asked Washio to take a seat and he sat down on an empty seat at the back of the room.

Later, on leaving class, Washio was approached by one of his classmates.

He was a thin, fair-skinned teenager with blond hair on his back, emerald green eyes, wearing a white button-down shirt with a collar and sleeves rolled up above his elbow, which he kept without buttoning it. Underneath, he wears a black shirt with five horizontal stripes on his chest, colored from top to bottom, yellow, olive green, bright green, dark green and periwinkle. As well as orange jeans and sneakers with white laces and the logo of a black butterfly in a circle on the sides. On the ring finger of the right hand is a silver ring.

"Hi. My name is Adrien, Adrien Agreste." Says the teenager as he extends a friendly hand to the newcomer.

"Oh, I see, you're the famous model. I heard about you when I was moving in." Said Washio as he accepted the handshake offered to him.

"Said Washio as he accepted the handshake offered to him.

"I see. Just out of curiosity, what's the reason you came here from Japan?" Asked Adrien.

"My parents wanted me to study say it's less difficult." Washio replied.

"I see, it can't be easy to come to study in another country. " Said Adrien.

"Yeah, but I'm not too out of it. My parents have been speaking to me in French since I was born, and I learned Japanese in class." Explained Washio.

"That explains why you don't have an accent when you speak." Said Adrien awkwardly before he saw a limousine waiting for him at the entrance. "Sorry I have to go." He apologized..

"It's nothing." Says Washio before Adrien leaves for the car as he starts to walk away.

Later that night, a teenager stands on the roof of a building overlooking the city.

Like Washio, he has black hair, long down to his lower back, but his hair is badly combed and his eyes are hidden by a pair of red glasses with a black visor. He was wearing a long black coat that was torn in several places with the bottom of the coat shredded but not like it was torn, but burned.

Next to him stands a sort of black robot with a golden breastplate, two small black capes with golden edges and a black helmet with the part corresponding to the face also gilded holding a trident.

"You know what you have to do?" Asked the teenager at the machine.

"Yes, I do. I'm committed to doing that." Replied the robot, bowing slightly before leaving.

"Phase 1 can now begin." Said the teenager in a joyful tone before disappearing into a binary code sequence.

A little later in a pink room, a classmate of Washio and Adrien's is watching TV.

She is a slim teenager of average height, with medium-length black hair with blue highlights set in two braids, bellflower eyes, light freckles on both sides and the bridge of the nose. She wore a dark gray blazer with rolled up sleeves; the inside of the blazer is lined with white with pink polka dots and a black border. Underneath, she wore a white t-shirt with black stitching and a flower pattern under the collar. The design itself has pink flowers and black leaves. She wears pink rolled-up jeans and pink ballerinas with dark red soles. She was wearing eyeliner around her eyes and black earrings.

Next to her was a small purple creature, 10 centimeters high. She had a tiny body, a large head, dark blue eyes, and freckles on her face. It looked like a ladybug with two antennae, a large black spot on its forehead, back, and each side of its head, and a short tail with three ends vertically aligned.

On his side Adrien also watches TV with a small black creature 10 centimeters high. He had a small body and a big head. The inside of its mouth is purple. His appearance is very feline, with cat ears, a tail, two cat incisors and green cat eyes, as well as a moustache on his forehead and a dark blue moustache on each cheek.

Suddenly the program the two groups were watching was interrupted by a news flash.

"News Flash, a strange monster has just appeared in the streets of Paris. We don't know its intentions but it has attacked people walking around." Says a presenter as a video taken from a helicopter shows the robot attacking people in the streets of Paris with its trident without killing them, with minimal injury.

"An Akumatized?!" Says the girl and Adrien is surprised to see the robot on TV.

"We have to do something, Marinette." Says the little creature next to the teenage girl.

"You're right, you're right. Tikki, spots on!" Said Marinette as she gave the little creature's name before she got into one of those earrings as her outfit changed.

It becomes a tight red leotard covered with black spots and with a black collar. On her face is a red mask with five symmetrical black dots and the water lines of her eyes are black. Her earrings have turned red with five black spots in a staggered pattern and the bands holding her hair become red ribbons, resembling the antennae of a ladybug that flies when she moves. And a Yo-yo matching her outfit is on her waist as if it were attached to a belt. She has become Ladybug.

For his part, Adrien decided to do the same.

"No time to lose. Plagg, claws out!" Says Adrien, giving the name of his little creature before he gets into his ring as his outfit and a little bit of his appearance changes.

His eyes have green sclera, dark green irises and oval pupils like a cat's. Her hair becomes longer and unruly and covers her normal ears. He wore black cat ears and a black mask around his eyes. Thus a textured black suit with metallic details. He wore matching gloves with claws on his fingertips and boots with a hidden corner, silver toes and paw-shaped treads. He has a gold bell around his neck, connected to a zipper at the front of his costume and a long belt that wraps around his waist and hangs from his back like a tail. His ring has turned black and gains a shiny green paw print pattern. He became Cat Noir.

The two heroes leave their homes and head for the Eiffel Tower, their paths crossing along the way.

"Are you ready to beat this Akuma, my lady?" Says Cat Noir running with Ladybug from rooftop to rooftop.

"I should be the one to ask you that." Retorted Ladybug.

"Hopefully it will be very easy to exclude the missiles." Said Black Cat with a hint of irony.

A few minutes later, they arrived where the attack took place, the robot they consider an Akumatic noticed them shortly after the cameras turned towards them. And he decided to attack them. Unfortunately for both heroes, he managed to handle the Ladybug's assaults and to fight Cat Noir in hand-to-hand combat, the hero using a metal fighting stick while he was using his trident.

"He's really good at fighting." Said Ladybug.

"But who is this guy?" Asked Cat Noir.

"I am the loyal servant of Lord Ohma Zi-O, Kasshine." Kasshine introduced herself by looking at the two heroes. "In the name of my demon king, Ladybug and Cat Noir will be eliminated." Said he before going on the attack again.

"Ohma Zi-O?" Said Ladybug trying to understand who he is talking about before she and her teammate have to fight this Kasshine again.

But before the fight resumes the man in silver armor who observed Paris last night lands between the Kasshine and the two superheroes.

"You!" Says Kasshine, stopping in his action.

"Who is he?"Asked Black Cat looking at the newcomer.

"No idea. But I hope he's on our side." Said Ladybug.

It is then that the man in silver armor spoke, raising his arm in the direction of Kasshine.

"Rejoice! The reader of the past and the future. The prophet who will write the proper timeline. And his name is Kamen Rider Woz ! This is the first page of a new history!" Se présenta Woz assez fort pour que tout le monde l'entende.

"Who's he talking to?" Asks Cat Noir, scratching his head lightly.

Suddenly, a small black spear with a green blade and four icons resembling applications comes out of Woz's belt to land in his hand.

Zikan Despear! Yarisugi!

Woz attacked Kasshine, relieving Ladybug and Black Cat of his intentions, who joined him in the battle. This time to the astonishment of the two heroes, Kasshine was much easier to fight for them because he concentrated on Woz who finally disarmed him and grabbed him by the neck.

"A piece of advice, dearest hero of Paris, step aside." Said Woz as he threw his spear which disappeared in a faint greenish glow.

The two heroes exchanged glances before nodding and stepping aside before Woz threw the servant before him. Woz pulled the green lever on the BeyonDriver and then slammed it, returning it to its original position, and the same voice that announced his weapon resounded again.

Beyond The Time!

A holographic dice came out of his belt until it arrived behind Kasshine and continued spinning behind him while he got up at the same time as Woz started to run towards him and jumped to give him a backward kick which sent him on the dice which stopped on a face with a smart watch clock whose hand turned quickly until it displayed 12:00 and exploded leaving a heap of broken mechanical parts in the place of Kasshine.

"A robot... so it wasn't an Akumatized." Realized Ladybug while Cat Noir is still trying to figure out what's going on.

"He was only there to test you." Said Woz drawing the attention of the two heroes. "The one who sent him to much bigger projects than just sending robots to attack people at random. And I came at that time to stop him." He said.

"Who are you talking about?" Asked Black Cat.

"You'll understand when he takes action." Said Woz before leaving by jumping on the roof of a building and disappearing out of sight.

Once he was far enough away Woz opened the lever of the BeyonDriver and removed the object that placed him there, making the armor disappear revealing Washio wearing the same gray outfit as when he arrived in Paris where he operated the stopwatch which became the object he was holding and made the belt he was wearing appear instead.

"A warrior will wield three Ridewatches that do not exist in his time line. And the power of Geiz Revive will appear." He then says that he is holding an electronic book in his right hand.

It is silver plated with as a joint a brown cylinder linking two thin tablets with for the first and fourth cover representing two arrows forming a frame for a clock with behind patterns similar to green printed circuit boards on a black background.

He opened the book whose screens only display brown pages, took a pen out of his pocket and wrote something on a tablet before closing the book.

"I must succeed." He said as he left for where he lives.

Out of sight, the young man who accompanied Kasshine is now in a park where he observes a young girl practicing fencing with a training saber.

She is a slender, medium-sized Japanese teenager. She has pale skin, visible freckles, bright yellow-brown eyes and short dark blue hair swept to the left with light blue highlights. She wears a long-sleeved white blazer with black contours around the collar, running down across the waist to the bottom of the hem, cuffs and two black accents on the top of the closed outside pockets. The blazer has two gold pockets around the waist and on each side of the cuffs. On the upper right side of the chest is a logo in the shape of a triangle reuleaux. Underneath, she wears a black collar blouse with many golden buttons. A red tie with parallel blue intersecting lines is attached to the collar.

"All that's left is to wait for the right moment." Says the teenager, holding a Ridewatch similar to the one originally used in Washio.

The difference is that it is purple, its frame and button are black and the illustration shows a monster head inspired by a purple ninja with orange eyes, a skeletal gray face and a cross resembling a chipped shuriken on his forehead.

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