Nike's Horse

"Annaleene! Peterphtus Jeromy! Come here, this Instance!" Mr.D yelled.

Expecting a foul mood from Mr.D was not quite exceptional, but this time he was tiny-inny bit of more annoyed. Of course who knows? Getting letters from Olympian parents, slipping exquisite gifts and expecting him to give them good grades so that they could show-off? Oh c'mon! Even Zeus the god of Justice for that matter gave him money to fail Percy Jackson!

"Mr.D, you called for us?" Percy said

"Isn't that quite obvious?" snapped Dionysus

"Mr.D, how can we help you?" Annabeth interrupted, wise girl Mr.D thought, he was just about to make Percy into a Blue Grape!

"I got a letter from Nike, saying a boy Marcus, Maximillian, ah whatever is to be brought to the camp."

"So? You should inform Chiron shouldn't you? It's Nike's so the scent shouldn't be too strong, maybe you can send Grover to bring him in!" Annabeth said

"Wow! Who knew, wise girl would ever fail! Do you want me to send a Satyr to bring one of the Nike's horse?"

"It's a HORSE?" Percy perplexedly asked

"Um Percy he was talking metaphorically, you see Horse also signifies victory, and-" Annabeth tried to tell Percy

"Oh c'mon give it a break! Nike's children may not have scent but they can be quite dangerous! It's their ruthlessness that can attract monsters itself! Fools! You were not my first option if Clarisse were here!" Dionysus was really irritated now.

"Okay we'll go" Annabeth said

"As if you had an option!"

Dionysus had sent them off to bring Mark but actually, he wanted to have the entertainment himself too! He followed them, of course he was a God! He was sitting beside them without even them knowing! Yeah Dionysus was the greatest of all!

"What's up with Mr.D today?" Percy asked

"Dunno according to Psychology of these days, it seemed as if he was in tension or he want unsure about a certain decision" Really how can a Psychology book know it! Probably just an assumption. (Bold part is Dionysus' thoughts) `

"Hmm, Dionysus said that he got a letter from Nike. So he was probably pissed off. I wouldn't say it was his fault. If Clarisse gave me a letter like that, I would be the same." Athena was right Peter Johnson is really dumb!

"Hey, if Nike sends a letter, it can also mean that other Gods also send him. I wonder if I had ever be mentioned" Athena's letter where there is no "Annabeth"? No, not a single letter. Keep Annabeth away from Jackson, Is she up to the mark? It was difficult, man to read a letter with Annabeth all over it! Dionysus doubt whether even her boyfriend would also be able to read it!

They reached the destination. A red haired boy with golden eyes, and a handsome face was arguing with someone really huge.

This wasn't the first time, one of Nike's was arguing about winning a trophy instead of a medal. Boy their expectations were high!

Annabeth and Percy were able to manage to bring him to the Camp, where Mr.D was waiting for them.

"Mark Zucko" Percy said

"Well, hello Zack!" Dionysus was cheerful now.

"Are you a God?"


It was the grade sheet day!

Percy and Annabeth were stunned to see the report cards!

"It's all a day's work!" Dionysus though to himself