Chapter 6

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JKR had an idea and allowed the rest of us to play in the sandbox with her. All Fan Fiction writers see different aspects and points of development of the story. We make a small change at one place in the existing narrative, changing an act, and creating a different future. There is no wrong way of telling a tale.

It has been claimed in many books that history is written by the victorious. Stories like Harry Potter Fan Fiction are written by the imagination of writers. We are able to see different aspects of the development at nearly every turning. Paint this character as more careful, that other one might become more cunning. At every turn, there exists chances and in those chances are possible changes in the timeline.


Ideal Slytherin.

On April 3th, 1943 is the date I now have reason to suspect that Tom killed a student, Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, and created his first Horcrux. Then, I believe the following summer, he located his magical mother's and muggles father's family and killed his father's family. Using his uncle's wand, Tom Riddle managed to place the blame on his uncle. He may have used this opportunity to create a second Horcrux using the Gaunt Family Ring. His uncle died in Azkaban, being blamed for the murder of the muggle Riddle family. His grandfather died, also supposed by his uncle's hand in that same time frame.

After Tom left school, he worked for a short time for Borgin and Burkes. While employed there, several events which took place which I question. Eugenie Smith was killed the same afternoon that she had an appointment with Riddle. At the time, Riddle was working for Borgin and Burkes and was attempting to buy what was claimed to be claimed were family artifacts from the founder's time. After the meeting with the young Riddle, Eugenie was served poisoned wine by her House-Elf. The House-Elf was sent to Azkaban, there she perished a year later. I did manage to obtain a short memory from her of the meeting between her mistress and Riddle.

All these memories are available for your team of investigators at their convenience. You can expect my full co-operation and aid in addressing this and other issues.

Riddle has used one of the darkest forms of Magic. He has gone down a path, which I believe no man should venture.

Additionally, it has been called to my attention in the criminal case of Sirius Black versus the Ministry of Magic. Sirius Black was never was afforded a trial, and was, therefore, has been unlawfully incarcerated. The kiss on sight should be considered unlawful and be revoked. I would like you to do all possible to see a trial ordered.

Signed: Albu Dumbledore.

He blew on the ink to help it dry. Rolled up the parchment and sealed it with his ring.

"Fawkes?" Albus asked, "Could you carry this to the Department of Mysteries?"

The Headmaster moved forward with full resolve. "Mipsy," and with a pop, a House-Elf appeared. Would you ask Professor McGonagal to please meet with me at her earliest convenience?"

Dumbledore thought 'the die is cast' for better or worse. An open admission of wrongdoing or impropriety might mitigate any lasting damage he had done. He blindly ignored Minerva's advice 12 years ago, and the world had come very near to losing it only hope.


Fawkes flamed into the Office of Head of the Department of Mysteries, surprising everyone dropping a parchment and sounding a mournful cry, which ended on a happy light note and then flaming back out.

The head of the department carefully levitated the letter and used Magic to open the message. The Unspeakables had learned a long time ago it was easy to have a contact potion on the parchment. No one really fully trusted the legend of the Phoenix is only a light creature. Carefully the Unspeakable read the letter and thought it is rare when someone listens to their advice. He believed if Albus was genuinely going to become a team player, he would welcome it. Eventually, if Albus played his cards right, he might redeem himself, at least in his own eyes.

He had assigned a team to work with Madam Bones to rectify the Black issue before it blew up in their face. Currently, an Unspeakable Action Team was going to Azkaban to collect Sirius Black. The head Unspeakable was afraid Sirius could get removed from the picture prematurely. The Department of Mysteries tried to be above politics but sometimes had to work in that venue anyway. A political move to permanently remove Black was a possibility. Especially since Malfoy had been in the Cornelius' ear all too often, and it was rumored Cornelius had his hand in Malfoy's pocket just as often.

This issue would generate a little leverage with the Minister's Office. Forcing him to work with the DMLE and Department of Mysteries. A small smile showed when he thought just reigning in Delores would be worth the work and trouble.


Connie Hammer arrived at Barty Crouch's home. She found the door blasted off the hinges and one Auror sitting on the ground with a small head wound and what looked like a lot of blood loss.

She looked inside, and on the floor was Barty Crouch and a 30-year-old man, which appeared to be Barty Crouch's son. The same son who supposedly died in Azkaban 11 years ago. Inside the kitchen was a small battle going on with a small House-Elf and two more Aurors. Connie simply fired a stunner and caught the House-Elf unaware.

She called out for a report, announcing herself as Senior Aurora Hammer.

She quickly got the details and ordered both Barty and what appeared to be Barty Jr manacled and transported to holding cells. She was going to let her boss decide what to do beyond that. The House-Elf was also manacled and sent to a holding cell. All holding cells were House-Elf proof.


Far to the North on an island surrounded by an icy cold fog, sitting in a barren cell sat a large black dog. Most any wizard would say it was a Grim, an omen of ill tiding.

Outside his door hovered one of the real guards of the prison. It was a black-robed non-human thing, which was trying to feed. The problem is it could only live by absorbing human thoughts and emotions. There was no human in this cell, only the Grim. The Dementor gave up as it always did and moved to the next prison cell, and there was food. A truly evil person with dreams of killing for joy. That joy, the Demon took delight in a sucked in deeply. Longing for access to this cruel woman's soul, the Demon kept feeding as the woman imagining the pain she could cause and whimpered as that joy was sucked away. Many evil people remember the killing and maiming they did, the pleasure generated by each of them as delicious food for the Dementors. Alas, no matter how much they feed upon those people's endless joyous thoughts, the Demon was always there unquenchable in its hunger.

Then just before the Demon was nearly satiated, and it was time to move down the hall, the Dementor felt the bright presence of pure joy. The Demon moved back in the other direction as three humans with wands were herding it away. This puzzled the Dementor, and it hesitated too long before moving away from the group. The bright presence impacted the Demon and kept pushing it back as the people stopped in front of the cell with no nourishment. The Demon watched as two of the food sources slowly worked at opening the door, which was nearly rusted shut, and slowly they pulled a food source from the cell. The food sources withdrew with their prisoner. The Dementor forgot about the food sources, even being there as it returned to its rounds of feeding. The endless routine of moving from cell to cell.


Sirius Black shivered as the Dementor left his door and moved on down the hallway. He could hear the crackling of his cousin, Bella, which was next in the line cells. They seldom got anything from him as he spent almost all his time in his Animagus form.

Then the dog sensed something different was happening and considered transforming into his human form. The Dementor was returning and screamed in pain, but quickly left. Sirius could hear voices coming down the hall. It wasn't time for the prisoners to be fed. That took place in the morning. He had already eaten. His 1st thought was a new prisoner was being brought to a cell. The dog crept to the door. After he heard the footfalls outside the door come to a stop, he moved back from the door and returned to his human shape. Thin and gaunt, with long dirty, scraggly hair, he sat on the floor. He could hear the lock being opened. The people were struggling to pry open the rusty door. The thought ran through his mind that they decided finally to have him kissed. He was almost looking forward to it. The torture by the Dementors trying to feed on his emotion several times, every day of the year for 11 long years, had slowly started to erode his sanity.

He wasn't as bad off as some of the other prisoners. He never took delight in harming people, and he had the partial escape of being an Animagus. But the attempt after an attempt to feed on his emotions and good memories had damaged his psyche.

The door opened, and a wand poked though, and the last thing he recalled as a red light, and then darkness closed in.

The team of Unspeakables had the orders to collect one of the prisoners. They had traveled to Azkaban and served the Writ on the Warden. The Warden waved his hand and said, "You go get him. That Writ states you can take him off the island, not that I have to help you. Be careful because he is most likely insane. "

The three of them found the location of his cell and made their way towards

it. They drove off a Dementor and opened the door, stunning the man inside. They quickly placed magic suppression cuffs on him. They levitated him, moving swiftly, to leave the dreaded Island of Azkaban and its prison.

After their departure, the Dementor returned to its never-ending cycle of feeding. It forgot all about the empty cell. The loss of one food source didn't affect them at all.


The trio oversaw their unconscious prisoner as the boat took them across the North Sea to Scotland. From there, the trio took their prisoner to a location with a Floo connection. After the team dropped a special Floo powder into the fire, the flames turned from Green to Blue. They stepped through and were deposited into a secure entry to the Department of Mysteries. From there, they hauled the prisoner from the secured arrival point to a particular holding cell and carefully shut the door, locking it. One of the Unspeakables pushed his wand through a wand sized hole in the door and cast "Envenerate," waking up the prisoner.

Sirius Black looked around. "Yep," He said out loud, "I am going to be kissed."

The cell he was in had transparent walls all the way around. That is so the witness could view him being kissed. He looked and saw he had a clean cot and a tray of food and water. At least the food here was better. He sat on the floor with the food tray and started eating slowly. For all, he knew this was his last meal, and he was going to try to enjoy it. He knew he was being watched. That's the reason the walls were all see-through. After he ate for the second time
that day, he lay down and realized his Animagus form was out of reach. The cuffs he was wearing were the magic suppression type. The same kind he used when he was an Auror with James. He leaned back against the wall and finally slept. He went to sleep for the 1st time in nearly 12 years. The rest was not dreamless but full of visions and the demons which seemed to haunt him for the last 11 years. The dreams were of his best friend and all but brother by blood, James and his wife Lily frowning at him. The words they spoke were soothing, "All will work out in the end. Harry's going to be fine. Get better, sleep. You will get a second chance, Siri, make it count."


In another part of the Ministry of Magic, an Unspeakable stood over a young boy lying on the floor. The concern on his face about the magic backlash which had taken place left him puzzled. It was not one but two pulses that had happened. The smaller one had taken out the wards. The second pulse was the one which passed through the Ministries wards like a hot knife through butter.

He stood and waved his wand, casting several different sets of diagnostics. Finally, Meme turned and explained, "There were at least two different bindings on Mister Potter. One placed by Dumbledore. The other one was placed by his parents, which was hidden from detection by binding cast by Dumbledore. The parental binding was designed to have slowly decayed over time. By the time he would be 10 years old, it should have been gone, but the decay feature was completely inhibited by the second set of bindings. When the secondary set bindings were removed, the primary bindings must have had a cascade type of failure. That caused the second and much stronger impulse of Magic. Harry Potter had been operating on far less than what I estimated in the beginning. It appears he was working with less than one-sixteenth of his Magic. It will take a while for his Magic to stabilize. He should not do any magic at all for at least a week, maybe longer."

Madam Bones asked, "If I could get someone to start him on Oculumancy, would it inhibit his recovery?"

Mem shook his head. No, "It should, if anything, speed up his recovery time. It would also allow him to sort out his memories much easier. Oculumancy will also help him adjust to the different amount of Magic he has available to him. Oculumancy is all about control. I almost wish it was one of the core classes at Hogwarts. That and basic ethics."

Madam Bones nodded in agreement. "Each year, the applicants for the few positions available need at least a year of remedial classroom and practical work to allow them to start basic Auror School. The lack of qualified people is an added expense in the training program. It means an extra year of remedial training is required before beginning basic Auror training. I hear St Mungo's has the same problem with Potions Makers and Healer Applicants and the need for remedial classes in potions. My niece says Professor Snape might be rated a Potion Master, but he is total pants at teaching the subject."

The Unspeakable agreed, "My grandson says the same thing, and even worse, Snape seems to terrorize some of his students. In each class, he picks on at least one or two students to the point of driving them to distraction all year long. You should have heard how he treated Potter on the first day of potions class. He asked questions that were often NEWT level and beyond."

"I don't see why Albus or the Board of Governors would even tolerate that?" Exclaimed Madam Bones.

"So, where are we?" Asked the Unspeakable. "What sort of arrangements are you going to make for the kids?"

Madam Bones said, "Initially, I planned to have Auror Tonks take Potter home with her for just the night before sending him home, but things have gotten messy. I am now thinking along the lines of one of our safe houses and placing Potter and Granger in Protective Custody. Tonks will be useless for a week, but watching those two, could keep her busy. "

She smiled and continued, "We have enough on Malfoy to have him kissed. In less than one hour, he confessed to nearly 1,200 different murders and acts of violence. He also named names and gave lots of details. We will work with the muggle police and help them close a few of their cold cases. Almost all his bribes went through Delores Umbridge and her office, so Fudge can deny nearly all wrongdoing. He was behind so many of Fudge's cost-cutting moves. He had nominated far too many Deatheaters to powerful positions within the Ministry. I have several squads of Aurors out now, making arrests based on his confession. We hope to have most of them in holding cells within a few days. How we came so close to losing the war in 1981 to so few people fighting against the Ministry just amazes me. I guess so many of them were already in positions of power that gave them an edge. They managed to isolate and pick off each family while they were at home, one at a time."

The Unspeakable said, "We investigated most of the sites after an attack, and no one seemed to ever try to fight back. In most places, we saw no evidence of any defensive spells at all. The major exception we found was at Eddie's house, Potters and Longbottom's. The Longbottom's fought them to nearly a standstill when Moody and his squad arrived. Only the Crouch boy got away."

"Still a real pity," Madam Bones stated, "that fear paralyzed all those people. Did they believe that if they didn't fight back, he would spare them or their children? I was a serving Auror at the time, and Moody tried to get Bagnold to get people to fight back, and she was afraid of retaliation. Finally, we got permission to fight back with more than stunners. By that time, it was nearly too late to make a difference. We had already lost too many good people. It was a real fluke that we didn't lose everything. We owe so much to whatever saved that boy. We know Voldemort isn't gone also because of that boy and his actions."

The Unspeakable nodded, "Thanks to that boy, a school full of children are not dead from a Basilisk attack, and Voldemort didn't get the Philosopher's Stone last year. I would consider that almost all of us owe that boy many life debts as a real possibility. The fact he is not demanding or trying to make something out of those debts is simply amazing. The boy has a strong moral compass and is so compassionate. We need to remember he will need to talk to someone after he processes just how he killed Quirrel. That memory will be horrific for him. Maybe Dumbledore tried to do him a favor in blocking it?"

Madam Bones sighed, "Just one more thing for me to worry about. Stupid Dumbledore, while he speaks the platitude of not taking the easy path, it seems he has done just that all too often."

Both of them nodded in complete agreement.

Both of them stood watching the small lad lying on the floor resting. Both of them realized this boy was just a shadow of the man that would come, and that same lad would stand in any dark wizard or witches way when they sought to harm another person. They both felt that in the last few weeks and the next few, Magical Races in England could be feeling the changes coming. Some would tremble in fear and lash back, and others would embrace the changes and hoped they came slow enough for all of them to understand and adapt. England's Magic society had become hidebound and stagnated; it was moribund. In nature, that which doesn't move forward and grow will wither and die. The dead will be cast aside. Both Auror and Unspeakable knew changes were coming, and they would either evolve or whither away and die.

Neither of them was eager to die.

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