I have no idea where this came from. Actually, I do. I started having a rhyming contest with myself, and voila, this was made.

I really should be doing something else right now (like HOMEWORK), but I decided to make this real quick. Besides, homework sucks and I love to procrastinate.

By the way, you'd be surprised at how few words rhyme with scars. So, the first word doesn't make much sense. I'm up for suggestions on a better title, unless anyone thinks that this is a good name for this story.

This is also a bit of an AU Prequel to my story Despair. The facts don't exactly line up, but it was fun to write either way.

The night was as black as it could be, for there was no moon, no stars, and no light from any of the houses in the village. No light that is, except from the tavern that was on the outskirts of the town. Here, though it was nearly 2:00 a.m, a light was still on and people could be seen moving inside. It was quite quiet, considering that most of the people there were fast asleep from having one to many drinks.

Yet at the bar sat a young man who couldn't have been more than 17. He wore clothes that were of blue, and his auburn hair hung in his eyes, for he did not wish to be recognized. Though under aged, he had bribed the bar tender into giving him a drink. For now, his mug was barely drunk from, for the teen had barely touched it. He just stared into it, thinking.

A lot had happened in the last few days. He had endured torture and taunts, watched as Ninjago fell below him, and held Nya as she died in his arms. He had managed to reverse time, to erase everyone's but his and Nya's memories of what had occurred, and kiss Nya on top of a hospital.

But though Ninjago had not fallen, and Nya had not died, unknown to anyone, including Nya, the scars had not been reversed. Upon Jay's back and body, ugly scars still showed. Everything from bites to whip marks were still there. They had not disappeared when time reversed, just as Jay's memories of trying to be broke in Scrap n Tap had not been erased.

The worst part though was his eye. Though not taken out, it had received severe damage that had led to Jay wearing an eye patch. When time reversed, his eye was not healed. So, Jay was currently half blind. He never mentioned this to the others, not to Nya nor Sensei Wu, who had been the only other person to know what had happened.

As Jay got up from the bar, leaving his unfinished drink, he couldn't help but wonder about how certain scars, though they would sometimes fade, never really went away.

Jay kept his blind eye a secret. But maybe, just maybe, he shouldn't have. For sometime later, when out in the middle of the dessert fighting a group of thugs, because he could not see from one eye, Jay had been unable to see in time the thug with the sword as it came towards his face.

Not my best piece of work, but not bad for 15 minutes of jotting a barely formed concept down.

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