Based on a song from Mary Poppin´s Return (2018) I decided to write this small story, featuring James and Albus Potter and The Mirror Of Erised.

This story takes place after the events of the books, but taking place in a storyline i create, in wich Harry is a single father, having nothing to do with The Cursed Child Book.

Hope you like.


It was Halloween at Hogwarts and, as usual, all the students took the time to join a small party within houses in Great Hall, without fear that something bad was about to happen. After all, it had been nineteen years since the school of Wizardry and Witchcraft had been just that, a school of Wizardry and Witchcraft and with that, all student was enjoying their free time to play, chat, and eat.

Meanwhile, not far away from the Great Hall, Albus Potter wandered alone, covered by his dad's invisibility cloak. He wasn't looking for trouble; he just wanted to be left alone, as this date was a very hard one for him and his brother, Jim Potter, who, by the way, at this moment was in the Hall, acting as if nothing was happening.

After a few more minutes of walking, Albus reached the third floor. He paused, not really wanting to continue his way, and so ducked into a nearby room. He just wanted a quite moment, one where he could cry without being stared at by everyone.

Albus knew what room he was in; it was the Room of Requirement. He and a friend had hidden there just the day before, trying to escape from Mr. Filch. They had ducked in quickly and hidden amongst the cleaning supplies. At this moment, however, the room resembled more of a house, complete with a Muggle television and shelving and everything a house had.

Confused, the twelve year old boy started to walk around the room, examining all the smaller rooms inside it, when suddenly, upon entering what he assumed was the master bedroom, he was face-to-face with a huge mirror, standing in the corner, much like the mirror that his father had in his own bedroom.

The reflection, however, made him freeze, for in the mirror, looking at him with loving eyes, was his mother, Ginny, smiling at his shocked face. Trembling from head to toe, the Ravenclaw student took off his father's cloak and slowly approached the mirror, touching it, just to have his mother do the same from whatever world she was in.

''Mother?'' Albus thought. He tried to find his voice, but before he could say anything, he heard a noise from somewhere nearby. Reluctantly, he covered himself with the Invisibility Cloak again and ran from the room, back to the Ravenclaw quarters, pinching himself to keep from turning back.


For the next entire week, Albus' behavior had changed drastically. Some people thought he may have been possessed or something, for he wasn't the same boy as he once was and he always seemed to be anxious.

The truth was that, just as his father many years ago, Albus had discovered the delights of the Mirror of Erised and was hypnotized by it. He didn't want to study, play, or hardly eat anymore and he would count the hours until everyone was sleep and he could return to the Room of Requirement, where he would contemplate the mirror and the image of his dear mother. After all, out of the three Potter children, Albus who was the one who had connected most with Ginny.

One day, two weeks after Halloween, Albus again found himself sitting in front of the mirror, not realizing someone was walking behind him.

''Ah, found you, you duffus!'' James 'Jim' Potter laughed at his brother.

''Jim? What the hell? You scared me half to death!'' Albus yelled, jumping in fright.

''You know Father would be furious if he knew that you were sneaking off out of bed during the night. He said that he would became the next Dark Lord if he found out we were getting ourselves in trouble,'' Jim said, but he smiled.

''Oh, please, Jim, don't tell him.'' Albus paled.

''I won't, I promise, but let's pray that Professor Neville hasn't written him,'' James laughed. ''So, what makes you convince Scorpius to steal the Invisibility Cloak from my trunk and sneak out of bed this way? I saw you at breakfast, you seemed gloomy,'' he said curiously.

Albus sighed. ''It's because of this mirror, Jim,'' Albus said, pointing at it. ''Would you believe me if I said that I see Mother in that?'' he asked.

''Well…'' the older boy began, not sure if he should tell his brother the truth. ''I do believe in you Albie,'' he said finally.

''You do?''

''Yep,'' James agreed. ''Remember when Father asked me to come back to school, two months after Mother died?'' he asked. Albus nodded. ''He said it was the best thing I could do to help and I was so furious with him, because I wanted to stay and help you guys, that I decided to skip all my classes for the whole week and one day when I was really angry, I found myself in this room, saw this mirror, and there was Mother staring right back at me…''

''Were you scared?''

''We're wizards, you duffus, everything is possible to us, even the impossible,'' James repled. ''So I remember what Aunt Luna had told us that day, that maybe all those things that you love so, are waiting in the place where the lost things go.''

''Yeah, I remember that too,'' Albus said.

''Anyways, I wrote to Father and told him about what I'd seen and he told me about his own experiences with this mirror. It's called the Mirror of Erised.''

''Mirror of Erised?'' Albus asked, confused.

''It's the mirror's name, Albus. It's desire, spelled backwards.''

''Oh,'' the younger boy said understandingly. ''Jim, do you still see Mother in the mirror?''

''I don't know, let me see it…'' he pushed Albus aside and faced the mirror alone.

Till the end of the previous year, James still could see his mother in the mirror, but now, two years since the break-in and his mother's death, the image had changed to something more positive and, making the eldest Potter sibling smile wide.

''So, Jim? What do you see?''

''Well, since Uncle George says I'm the best beater ever, after he and Uncle Fred, of course, I see myself winning the Quidditch Cup. You, Father and Lils are there too.''

''Cool,'' Albus said with a smile.

''Yeah,'' James agreed. ''Now, we'd better get back to our common rooms, before we get caught,'' he said. ''And don't worry, I'm sure that Mother is going to be with us whatever we're doing and wherever we are… Well, at least, that's what Grandma says.''

With a last glace at the mirror, Albus smiled at it. Sure, he was going to miss his mother his whole life, but he decided to take his brother's words for granted and never go looking for that mirror again. He just hoped his father could feel the same.


Two nights later, a long ways away from Hogwarts, Harry was cooking dinner for him and Lily when an owl bumped into his kitchen window. With a jump, trying to hide his fright, he ran to the window and opened it, took the small piece of parchment from the owl, and start to read. It was just a short note, but he recognized the handwriting instantly. It was Albus.

''We didn't lose Mother, Father. Not really…'' the note said. ''Trust that she's always there, watching as we grow, hiding in the place where the lost things go.''

Harry smiled at the note. Sure, he didn't know that another of his children had helped his son write it, but he couldn't help but think how clever his children were. They didn't lost Ginny, not forever. She was everywhere in the house; in Lily's smile, in James' behavior, or in Albus' eyes. She was always going to be with them, wherever they went and whatever happened.