I thought we were done. I'd given no thought to myself, even though my body still ached to be touched. But, once again, Rosalie Hale proved me wrong.

She kissed me again, deep and heady like a draft of cranberry wine, and let her hand slide from my chin down to cup my breast. Her cool hand grasped and pulled at my nipple, bringing it painfully erect, before pulling away from my mouth and kissing, tenderly and slowly, each inch of my skin in a trail down to my chest. She chuckled, drew me close, and took my nipple in her cold mouth.

She rolled it between her lips, much like she had before, and I noticed she was trying some of the techniques I'd used on her earlier. She was still careful to keep her teeth away, but her tongue and lips and suction in tandem were enough to reduce me to a gasping mess.

Her hands ran up, then down, then up along the planes of my bare back, tender and sweet, until she suddenly gripped with her nails and dragged them in red hot trails on my skin. I let my head loll back, glassy eyes taking in the painted streaks in the sky, and shuddered against her.

"God, fuck me, Rosalie," I said, unconsciously uttering a common phrase I'd used before when frustrated or confused. I didn't even think about how it could be construed under the current circumstances.

Rosalie chuckled again, dark with mischievous promises this time, and whispered against my breast, "What was that?"

I focused my eyes on the stars popping into view. "Um... nothing."

A tooth grazed my nipple, not hard enough to break the skin, but more than enough to send lightning strikes to my cunt. The control she had, now that she wasn't melting in my arms...

She released my breast from her mouth with a suctioning pop, then lowered me, slowly, frustratingly, to the ground. "Maybe I should take you home, Bella," she whispered, smiling slyly. "Charlie will worry."

I just stared up at her, majestic as she was, leaning over me with her hair pouring over my body like a sunbeam, and shook my head. "N-no, please - "

She was so fast - flashing out of view, pressing her frozen lips to my throat, hands tracing from my breast to my stomach and back. My hips involuntarily pressed up against hers, begging her to sit, straddle me...

"Maybe I should just - " she took my earlobe in her mouth, drawing a whimper from my lips - "kiss you goodnight. Is that what you'd like?"

I could've sobbed. "No, Rosalie - "

"Or," she went on, slipping one hand into the waistband of my jeans, "I could undress you now and tease you until you begged me to fuck you."

The way Rosalie Hale - prim, proper, gorgeous Rosalie Hale - said fuck made me want to dissolve under her hands. I wished I could answer verbally, but I couldn't. Whatever connected my mouth to my brain had been severed.

So I just pressed my hips against hers with a groan.

She responded with a devilish laugh. Her fingers, faster by far than my own, unbuttoned my jeans and slid them from me to join her own clothes in the grass. She grazed one hand along the lines of my panties, chuckling as she drew frantic whimpers from my desperate body.

"Do you want me, Bella?" she breathed in my ear. "Do you want my hand gripping your ass? Do you want me to punish you for being so unruly and quiet? Do you want my fingers inside you?"

I just nodded and released a dry sob.

"I could do anything to you right now. You're mine, all mine, and I'll do what I please with your poor little body. Is that what you want, you little slut?"

Words were back. "Oh my god, Rosalie, yes."

She leaned back, straddling me, her body tall and lean against the setting sun. "Say 'please.'"

"Please, Rosalie."

She plucked a tall piece of grass, one with a seeded head, from beside me and grazed it over my breasts. Then, with a snap of her wrist, she brought it down across them again like a tiny whip.

The stinging was unexpectedly... erotic. I wanted it again and again. I almost felt ashamed, but... but this was Rosalie doing this to me. I never wanted her to stop. I just wanted to surrender every little bit of me into her milky white hands.

She watched me carefully, and smiled broadly when she saw how I melted. She knew I'd be a desperate sucker for something like this.

"My little pet. Be ready. And tell me when it's enough, alright?"

The last bit was Rosalie, the one I knew, and I just nodded to show I accepted her terms. With that, the Rosalie who owned me was back.

She stood, faster than my eyes could follow, and repositioned herself so she was kneeling between my legs. She set her blade of grass aside and dragged both hands along the hem of my panties again, tracing one finger in a fiery trail down the rise of my pubis before bringing it back up to hook the article of clothing. She pulled it, slowly, inexorably, down and off, lifting each of my legs to release me completely. A cool gust of air against my shaved pussy drew a gasp from my lips.

Rosalie twirled my underwear between her fingers, staring me in the eyes. An idea was forming.

In a flash, she pinned my wrists above my head, face inches from mine. She chuckled darkly and bound my wrists with my own panties, affixing them to the ground by tying up a bundle of grass in the knot.

I had no idea that so small an action could be so hot. My thighs felt slick as I tested my bounds. I could wriggle and cry, but my hands wouldn't be free until Rosalie found fit to free them.

And, for now, I didn't want her to.

She had the little whip of grass in hand again, and drew it like a feather over my hip bones, lightly up to my bellybutton, then down, down, nearly to the top of my slit. I wriggled and moaned, but she just smiled.

"Do you like that? Want me to touch you, little thing?"

I whimpered and nodded.

"What do you say?"


She frowned and pursed her lips. The grass twitched, centimeters from my clit. "Not good enough, pet. Say, 'please mistress.'"

God, I was so wet. My labia felt all but bruised. And she was right there, so close, her gorgeous naked body stooped over me in complete control.

"P-please, mistress," I sobbed.

She smiled and brought the grass down with a thwip on my pussy.

Pain and pleasure erupted, flooding my body with want. It felt like my whole being was focused on the apex of my legs, right where Rosalie kneeled. My whole world was the tiny part of me she was determined to torture.

"Ask me for it again, pet."

"Please, mistress."


Please, mistress!"


"Please, mistress!"


This time it was her hand, restrained but still stinging, that struck my poor pussy. I gasped and lurched against my bounds, and to my shame my hips bucked towards her.

"Oho!" she crowed, delighted. "It's not enough! She wants more!"

To my surprise, my cheeks were wet with tears of frustration. She glanced at them momentarily, a flicker of worry crossing her face, but I just shook my head and she smiled again.

She leaned down, so slowly and so unearthly in her grace, and extended her body behind her until she lay prone, face inches from my pussy. I had to strain to look her in the eyes, golden and fiery, saying so little and yet so much. She sighed - the cool air from her lungs washed over my stinging lips and made my clit twitch.

"Oh, my little one," she breathed, "do you want me to make you feel good?"

Warmth flooded my body. "Yes."

"Yes what?"


I jumped, stinging, and cried, "Yes! Please touch me, mistress! Please suck me, fuck me with your hand, anything!"

She laughed and said nothing. I slumped back, exhausted and ashamed and full of lust, anticipating a touch, a strike, more teasing, something. But I was afraid to look.

It came, finally. Two fingers, cold against my lips, spreading them wide.

Rosalie's voice came then, her own, gentle with wonder. "I've never seen a pussy before. But after what you did to me, I have an idea of what to do with one."

A fingertip brushed against my opening, then up, tracing juices, to graze the hood of my clit. I jumped, making her laugh. Then she rubbed my clit once, twice, with what felt like her thumb, easing the bruised arousal in my groin and drawing a string of moans from my throat.

God, I never expected this to feel so good. Just the lightest of touches, cold and careful, were enough to nearly send me over the edge after all that teasing. Now that she was touching me, I didn't know what to do... except to make sure she didn't stop.

My moans seemed to encourage her. She paused for a beat, then I felt something cold and wet touch my lips.

Oh god. Her mouth.

She started slow, swirling her tongue around my clit like I'd done to hers. After listening to my moans some more, checking that she was doing well, she picked up the pace and extended her tongue to scoop, flattened, against my inner lips to taste my arousal. Her hands slid under my ass, each hand gripping one cheek, and lifted my hips to better meet her face while she intensified the power of her tongue and lips.

I cried out, arms flexing against my knotted underwear, head pressed into the grass. She was so close, feeling so good and yet not good enough, teasing and sucking and bringing me to the edge then back, nearly there then back again, her tongue and lips moving faster than any human's could. She seemed attuned to every little twitch and moan and cry I made, listening in to the pounding of my heart and the micromovements of my hips that hinted I was close to cumming, and used them to keep me on the edge of orgasm for what felt like an eternity.

I almost felt when she made a split second decision that brought her mouth further from my clit than before. She slid, down, down, across my vaginal opening, lifting my ass even more to meet her face until -

"Aaah fuck!"

Her tongue pressed against my asshole, sliding around the rim and dipping to the center as if she wished to push inside. I winced away, feeling it tighten instinctually, hoping against hope that she wouldn't taste anything amiss down there, but god I didn't want her to stop.

"Bella?" she said, voice husky. "Is this - "

"Please keep going!" I hissed.

She chuckled and brought her open mouth back to meet my ass. Her fucking tongue was magic.

Once I'd relaxed again, dissolving into moans, she pressed her tongue once, twice, against my sphincter, pressing with more insistence with each renewed effort. The final time it gave and she slipped inside. Stars erupted in my skull and I cried out, thrashing in her arms. She laughed again and pulled away, just to replace her tongue with a finger. With a thrust, it was inside me, deeper than her tongue ever was, curled deep in my ass.

This alone wasn't enough to make me cum, but it held me at the edge still, so hot and new and wrong in its invasion. I wriggled my hips, whining, until she began to thrust her finger in and out, maddeningly slow. My ass burned around her cold digit, but the stretching and pulling was so fucking good in its combination of pleasure and pain.

But, of course, Rosalie wasn't done with me yet.

With one hand inside me, she brought the other up to dip in my sloppy wetness, tracing one finger, then two, around the opening of my cunt. Then, with another shuddering thrust, two fingers slid inside my pussy.

I was so fucking full.

She started fucking me, alternating hands, neither set of fingers leaving its orifice and sending ripples of pleasure through my entire body. I was nearly undone, my sense of self gone, my entire focus on my pussy and asshole as Rosalie Hale fucked them both. She added a third finger to my cunt, a second to my ass, and began to rub my clit with her thumb as she sped up, eyes focused on my writhing body.

My throat nearly closed, and my eyes rolled up in my head. So full. Body jolting as her hands rammed into me, her control on full display as she fucked me just right. Clit painfully erect, each brush of her thumb a lightning strike.

Then her mouth came down to suck it, replacing her thumb, and I came.

Waves of pleasure washed over me. In the distance I heard someone release a scream. With a shock, I realized it was me.

I came back into my body as Rosalie slowed, kissed my clit, and drew her hands out of my holes. She leaned back to look at me and chuckled to herself, a sudden shyness overcoming her. She swiftly leaned in to untie my wrists, then lingered to kiss my hands.

All I could do was bring my arms up to hold her against me, as tightly as I could, and bury my face in her hair.

She softened against my body and kissed my cheek. "Too much?"

"No! Oh god, no."

Her arms wrapped around me and held me to her, her face buried in my shoulder. "I care about you. So much. More than I ever thought possible."

I kissed her shoulder. "I love you, Rosalie."

She drew in a shuddering breath, then relaxed until she lay beside me. We held each other until the sun was completely gone.