Title: A War of Two Kinds
Author: Adrienne Wolter (catsncritters)
Disclaimer: Why on Earth would I be writing fan fiction if I owned Potter?
Warnings: Eventual SLASH. As in yaoi, or malexmale relationship. Don't like it, scat. Major age difference in the pairing. Don't like it, scat.
Timeframe: Harry's 6th year.
Rating: PG, just to be safe.
Summary: In the midst of a war, Harry realizes that love can be found no matter where you look for it.

Yay, my third story on FFN! I've never written a Harry/Snape slash fanfic before, even though it's my absolute favorite pairing, so... ta da! Please tell me what you think and inform me if something's incorrect... I may be a Potter buff, but I'm still a human, and humans make mistakes. ^_^ Enjoy, and please review after reading.


Chapter 1

"Enough!" Hermione told the classroom, standing up and taking a step back so she was in the front of the room. "I have no idea where Flitwick is, but it's been twenty minutes and he's not here. You all need to be quiet!"

The day was definitely not beginning normally.
The murmur of conversation only died for an instant, and then started up again. The Ravenclaws were almost noisier than the Gryffindors, who they shared Charms classes with.
Hermione tried and failed to lower the volume of their talking once more before Ron stood up and bellowed to the classroom, "shut up and listen to Hermione!"
That got them quiet.
"Thanks Ron," Hermione muttered, slightly red in the face, as Ron returned to his seat next to his best friend. Harry, propping his head on one hand, smirked at him and his eyes trailed around the room.
"Now," Hermione, still blushing slightly, stepped up to the chalkboard. "We stopped at page 347 last class, and this class I assume..." she trailed off for a second, leafing through the book, then nodded. "We're continuing our practice of the cleaning and straightening charms. Neville, can you go get the ink bottles from the cupboard and give one to each table?" Neville nodded, getting up. "Thank you. Now, while you're waiting for the spilled ink, somebody over there get those wrinkled robes and pass one out to every person. Dean? Thanks."

She returned to Harry and Ron while everyone was preparing their materials. "Harry, Flitwick should be here by now, he's never been this late... can you maybe go to Dumbledore to tell him? Maybe he can make it here before too much of the lesson is up."
"Oh, yeah, guess so," Harry looked somewhat reluctant at having to leave. Filch would get very angry with him if he didn't have a hall pass.
"Thanks, Harry," Hermione said, before glancing up and groaning. Neville was covered from head to toe in ink. She rushed across the classroom, exasperated, and Harry left hurriedly. Annoyed Hermione was not a good thing to be in the same room with.

Clicking the door meant blocking out the entirety of the noise from the classroom. Harry had never realized how strong the silencing charms on the walls of the classrooms were before. He headed off in the direction of the headmaster's office.
Sleepy portraits were yawning and stretching, having just woken up. A distraught portrait figure was shaking its cane at some birds in the canvas next to it, who had apparently been making a racket.
Observing the portraits ended up making Harry run straight into someone.
He would've been knocked sideways had the other person not caught him. Harry muttered 'thanks' before his eyes trailed up the cloak to the face of the other wizard.

"Have you got permission to be in the hallway twenty-five minutes after class has started, Potter?"
Harry cursed his bad luck. Forget not wanting to run into Filch, that sounded much better than having run into Professor Snape.
"What about you?" Harry asked him, still silently wishing he'd stayed in the classroom five minutes longer so Snape wouldn't be right here.
"That's unimportant." Snape sneered in reply. "Where's your excuse, Potter?"
Might as well tell the truth.
"Flitwick's not in class yet, and it's been almost half an hour. Hermione sent me to tell someone."
"I see. Since when has Miss Granger become the one to instruct classes?"
Harry let out a noise in disbelief. "Sir, there's got to be some order to a class, even if a teacher isn't there."
Snape raised an eyebrow.
"Can I please go to Dumbledore's office now?" Harry asked impatiently.
"No. Go back to class."
"But Professor–"
Harry sighed inwardly and retraced his steps. He was surprised to hear Snape following behind him.

Hermione had gotten everything in order and had written the incantation on the board. She was holding up one of the robes to show the class how to iron them magically when Harry entered.
"Brought Flitwick?" she mouthed, and then saw Snape behind him. She bit her lip. The room fell dead silent.
"I see you have started the class yourself, Miss Granger. However invaluable your teachings may be to the class, please take your seat."

"I can't believe we made it through that class alive," Ron announced as soon as they were out of earshot.
Hermione nodded slightly. "He seemed extra... sour today. Did he tell you what was annoying him?"
Harry rolled his eyes and gave a short laugh. "What do you think?"
"Well, that's true, but... why was he in the hall? Wouldn't he be teaching?"
"I guess he had a free period or something," Ron shrugged.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, except for Neville making his cauldron disappear in Potions. They could hear Snape yelling at Neville the whole way to the Great Hall for dinner.

"Good lord," Hermione muttered, getting herself some potatoes. "Snape twice in one day."
"Yeah," Ron agreed through a mouthful of steak, "never want that to happen again."
Harry, without realizing it, was only playing with his food. Hermione noticed and tilted her head at him. That was when Harry realized he wasn't hungry.
"Not hungry," he told them, shrugging. "No idea. I think I'll go to the dorms early, maybe start some homework."
Hermione approved of this and Ron and she got back to eating while Harry left for Gryffindor tower.

Turning out of the hall, he crashed. Again. Into the same person.
This was getting really old, really fast.
"Watch where you're going," Snape muttered before continuing into the hall. Harry blinked. Snape never muttered anything.
Back in the common room, Harry realized he didn't want to do homework. He thought about returning to dinner, but decided they'd be leaving in a few minutes anyway. Maybe he'd visit Hedwig in the owlery.
"What was that for?" called the Fat Lady as he set back out to the owlery. He paid her no attention and just continued walking.

Harry's trip to the owlery turned into wandering. He passed a group of Hufflepuffs heading to their common room and ended up at the infirmiry. He peered through the window idly, about to turn around, and froze.
Lying in one of the beds, white as the sheets underneath him, was Professor Flitwick.
He ducked down a little so that Dumbledore and Pomfrey wouldn't see him standing there. Even though he strained his ears to hear them, not a sound would travel through the hospital wing walls.
"Potter, get back to your common room now!" Snape yelled sharply from behind him, causing Harry to jump three feet into the air, pivot sharply, fall over his own feet, and scramble back up to do as he was told. He once more cursed his bad luck. Being caught by Snape three times in one day had to be a record.


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