Title: A War of Two Kinds
Author: Adrienne Wolter (catsncritters)
Disclaimer: Why on Earth would I be writing fan fiction if I owned Potter?
Warnings: Eventual SLASH. As in yaoi, or malexmale relationship. Don't like it, scat. Major age difference in the pairing. Don't like it, scat.
Timeframe: Harry's 6th year.
Rating: PG, just to be safe.
Summary: In the midst of a war, Harry realizes that love can be found no matter where you look for it.

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Chapter 3

They were silent for a few seconds, letting the surprise sink in.
"Er, mate," Ron looked at him, unsure of what to think. "That was a really, really bad joke, right?"
"No," Harry said immediately, and there was a second before his brain caught up with his mouth. He had a really disbelieving face.
"Wears off in ten seconds," Hermione noted, watching the clock.
Ron was next, then Hermione. The bell rang for lunch. Harry glanced at the Potions Master while helping Hermione and Ron hurriedly wash out the cauldron and replace it on the shelf. Snape was watching them, frowning.
"Harry, you get the stuff on the floor, Ron and I can get this."
Cleaning up the spilled liquid on the floor meant going up to the front of the room, right in front of Snape's desk. He silently made eye contact with said teacher before kneeling to wipe up the spilt Veritaserum with a quick spell.
"Alright, let's go," Ron said, and they grabbed their bags and left.

"Snape was watching me," Harry muttered as soon as they were out of the range of earshot of the classroom.
"After that, I'd be surprised if he hadn't have," Hermione told him.
"But why? I hate him...."
"You can figure that one out, Harry," Ron told him, seating himself and starting to get himself some bacon.
"Maybe you just think you hate him, but you really respect him more than any of your other teachers, Harry. He does spy for our side, after all."
"'E treabs you li' scub," Ron said, through a mouthful of mashed potatoes. Harry made a face when a bit of potato flew out of his friend's mouth and landed on his plate. Hermione winced.
"Don't talk with your mouth full, Ron," she chided him, sipping orange juice.
"After lunch is Transfiguration, isn't it?" Harry asked Hermione. She nodded.
"Then I have Arithmancy and you and Ron have... Divination," she told him, wrinkling her nose for a second or two. Harry and Ron smirked.
"Then dinner!" Ron said, plucking a chicken leg off of a pile of them and biting into it.
"Honestly, Ron, all you think about is food," Hermione murmured, biting into a piece of toast.
Said wizard shrugged and glanced up at the large clock on the wall behind the staff table.
"We should probably get our books," Harry told them, also seeing the time.
"Yeah," Hermione agreed, standing up and stretching her legs. The trio hurried to the common room so they wouldn't be late for their next class.
"Here, Ron," Harry called his best friend, tossing him a book. "You left your Divination book on my trunk."
"Oops. Thanks Harry," Ron answered. They left for the common room in a hurry, and Harry tripped on the steps, leaving the entirety of the contents of his bag flung as far as the fireplace screen across the room. Harry gave a short laugh and went to gathering his wand, books, and Transfiguration flashcards.
"I'll meet you there, guys, sorry," Harry told them, waving them off.
"Hurry Harry!" Hermione told him before disappearing out of the room through the portrait hole. Harry gave the room a final check for his stuff a minute or so later, and left at a run as he heard the bell ring. Transfiguration was a while away.
Peeves, deciding to be invisible, threw pieces of what used to be chalk at him, one of which hit Harry's eye behind his glasses, causing him to slow down from the lack of one of his eyes for the moment.
"What are you doing in the hallway after class has started, Potter?"
Fantastic. Again.

"Just let me go to Transfiguration and I won't be so late."
"What are you doing in the hallway, Potter?"
"Trying to get to Transfiguration, professor," Harry told Snape through gritted teeth.
"Do you need someone to tell you when to get ready for each class?" Snape sneered sarcastically. Harry felt like growling.
"Just let me go to Transfiguration, this won't happen again."
"It better not, or you'll have detention with me in my office, Potter." Snape turned and started towards the Charms classroom, slightly faster than a normal walk. Harry wasn't very pleased at having to follow Snape some of the way to his class, but thought it best not to comment on himself not being the only one who was late for class.

"Where have you been, Mr. Potter?" Professor McGonagall asked him when he entered, halting the lecture she was giving and drawing the entire class' attention to Harry.
Ugh. Not another 'where were you' thing.
"Professor Snape stopped me in the hallway, otherwise I would've been here sooner, professor."
"Take your seat and share someone's textbook with them then," McGonagall told him. Harry went to sit with Ron and Hermione.

"Human transformation lessons," Hermione noted enthusiastically on their way out. "How exciting!"
"Just as long as I don't need to be the test target of anything," yawned Ron. Hermione turned down a corridor to Arithmancy and the other two continued up some staircases to Divination.

Trelawney had recently begun teaching a sort of advanced crystal-gazing. Ron and Harry weren't getting anything, but made up quite a bit.

"See anything in it?" Harry asked, poking the crystal ball.
"Please do not leave fingerprints on these orbs, my dears," Trelawney called out to the class almost immediately afterward. Ron snorted and covered it with a cough when half the class looked at him from other ends of the silent classroom.
"Other than a bunch of sparkley fog, no, not really," Ron answered, peering into the side of the orb with one eye shut.
"Me neither," Harry muttered, and leaned back in his chair to think a moment. He was just about to scribble something imaginary on his parchment when he happened to glance at it for ideas, look back at the parchment, do a double take, and fall backwards out of his chair.
"Harry?" Ron was out of his pouf instantly, standing on tiptoe to see over the table at where Harry was sprawled on the floor.
Harry scrambled and watched an image inside of the ball, completely and utterly oblivious to the rest of the students staring at him.
"I saw something!"


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