Do I have to?

Compared with going out to chat with Wei Yenwu, Lin Ye much preferred to stay in the conference room with Eyja and Mostima.

Was Wei Yenwu a good company to have compared to both of them.

He didn't think so.

He was really regretting his choice of disguising as Warfarin now.

However, he could not refuse his invitation.

After all, Wei Yenwu was the actual leader of Lungmen and he had a hunch that he knew he wasn't Mr. Blood.

Therefore, he could only bite the bullet and respond.

"... Of course there is no problem," Lin Ye looked down to the young child holding on to him and smiled at her, "I would love to talk to you, Muyue but I need to go with your father for now."

Muyue looked like she wanted to make him stay with her. With how tight she was hugging him, he was trapped in her small embrace.

Lin Ye gave Wei Yenwu a nervous smile.

Seeing this, Wei Yenwu stepped in to help him out.

"Muyue, don't forget the purpose of your coming here." Wei Yenwu told her daughter, "I will ask your Gege to help our Haha out later. So don't worry."

She still did not want to let him go as she tightened her grip. Lin Ye chuckled at how cute she was acting.

"Has your father ever lied to you?" Wei Yenwu tried to persuade her, "Today Dad invited all experts in various fields, and there are few opportunities for you to get to meet them. You have to cherish it."

Muyue bit her mouth as he heard this. Although Lin Ye could see that she was very unwilling to let him go, she did not dare to disobey Wei Yenwu. She nodded and with a reluctant face she finally let Lin Ye go.

Seeing how sad she was now, Lin Ye bent down to look at her.

"Muyue," Lin Ye gently called her.

She looked at him with her puppy-like eyes. He sighed at the site.

"Don't worry," Lin Ye smiled at her and patted her head, "Your Gege will come back to you. Can you wait for a bit? I promise it won't take long."

Muyue slowly showed a hopeful appearance at him and nodded.

"Will you help Haha?"

"I will do my best."

"... Promise?" She grabbed onto his sleeve.

Lin Ye pulled out his pinky to her. She looked confused at first. However she slowly copied him and pulled out her own pinky to him.

Then Lin Ye wrapped his pinky with hers.


Instantly, her gloomy face changed to pure joy. She then rushed into him again and hugged him. Lin Ye saw this coming and accepted her with open arms.

"Be a good girl and wait for me, okay?"

Lin Ye felt she nodded on his chest.

Everyone that was witnessing this felt a fluffy feeling in themselves.

When they broke their hug, Lin Ye got up and stood next to Wei Yenwu.

Wei Yenwu turned his gaze to Ceylon.

"Miss Ceylon, the little girl is pleased to see you. Can you take care of her for a while."

Muyue then finally noticed Ceylon, her eyes widened as she looked at her.

"Sister Ceylon, why are you here?" She looked confused, "When did you come here?"

I've already been here?! I was just next to you! I've been standing here for almost five minutes! How did you not see me?!

Ceylon yelled in her heart, but on the surface she was calm.

After all, a dignified lady can't show too much emotion. She nodded, resisting the grievance in her heart and said. "I just came here."

Wei Yenwu smiled, and then said to Lin Ye again, "Well, Dr. Lin Ye or Mr. Blood, let's go out."

Lin Ye nodded and followed Wei Yenwu out of the conference room.

All the scholars present were watching both of them walking out of the venue. Everyone did really hide their envy.

They were afraid that Wei Yenwu would pick him to give his funding just because they knew each other.

If that was the case, why were they even here? Wasn't this meant that they already wasted their time?

Only Mostima frowned slightly, watching Lin Ye and Wei Yenwu's leaving back. However he focused more on Lin Ye.

She thought about something, and then suddenly got up and patted Ceylon's shoulders.

"Miss Ceylon, don't you want this seat? Here you go then."

Ceylon was stunned.

"You don't want it anymore?"

"Well... I suddenly remembered that there is still one very important thing that I haven't done yet," Mostima said with a smile, "I will take my leave, see you next time."

"... Oh, right," Ceylon nodded subconsciously, and then watched as Mostima left, thinking that it was not bad.

At least she got her seat.

But when she sat down, she found something was wrong.

Mr. Blood had already left!

Seeing Eyja, who was sitting next to her showing her an innocent smile, Ceylon felt very tired.

{Rhodes Island's Psychologist}

This was the first time that Lin Ye was alone with Wei Yenwu, which felt a bit strange.

He and Wei Yenwu were alone.

He was not that familiar with Wei Yenwu enough to be comfortable around him yet.

Although he met him at his own home, he didn't say a few words to Wei Yenwu.

After all, he and Wei Yenwu were not of the same class at all.

Even if he was in a better status now, he was just a worker for a company. Wei Yenwu, on the other hand, was the highest position that anyone could have in Lungmen.

Therefore, Lin Ye didn't know what Wei Yenwu and him could even talk about with each other.

Lin Ye thought he might ask him about being Mr. Blood. He wouldn't be surprised if he already knew he wasn't Mr. Blood

Sure enough, Wei Yenwu confirmed it to him.

"Ms. Warfarin was also interested in seminars of this level? She even asked you to come over to listen?"

"Something along that line," Lin Ye answered vaguely.

At the same time, he thought in his heart that the reason why Wei Yenwu did not expose him on the spot was because he thought he was sent by Warfarin to represent her?

If that was the case, he just needed to play along with that idea.

Walking with him, Lin Ye felt a little bit nervous around him. Wei Yenwu was the leader of Lungmen.

When they were finally alone, Wei Yenwu pulled out a pipe from his coat. He lit it, took a couple of mouthfuls, and slowly huffed out a white mist out into the air.

"The last time I saw Miss Warfarin, it was many years ago. At that time, I marveled at her knowledge. I wanted to recruit her," He sighed as he recalled old memories, "It's a pity that she refused."

It's the first time that Lin Ye had ever heard of it.

"Maybe luck was not on my side that time," Wei Yenwu sighed softly, "Clearly I can provide her with more resources than Rhodes Island. Do you know why she refused my offer?"

"I don't really know," Lin Ye said casually, "Everyone has their ambitions, right? Maybe hers and yours did not line up with each other while Rhodes Island did at the time."

"An interesting take," Wei Yenwu turned to look at Lin Ye, showing a smile, "Well, what is your ambition then, Dr. Lin?"

"Huh?" Lin Ye didn't think that Wei Yenwu would be interested in him.

Fortunately, this was not really a hard question.

After thinking about it, he told his answer with a joking smile.

"Make more money?"

"Make more money? Is that your ambition?" Wei Yenwu said with a smile, "What a simple thing."

"I am a simple man," Lin Ye said, "But making money is not a simple thing."

"Really? Can I have the liberty to ask what your salary is in Rhode Island?"

Lin Ye was stunned. Isn't this question quite private, right?

Why did Wei Yenwu suddenly ask this question?

However, before Lin Ye could think about how to answer, Wei Yenwu said something.

"Of course, you don't have to tell me"

Wei Yenwu stopped and leaned against the window that was near them.

Looking at Lin Ye with a smile on his face, he said something that shook him.

"Dr. Lin, are you interested in working with Lungmen?"

This question really surprised Lin Ye.

He froze for two seconds before chuckling at this.

"Mr. Wei, are you kidding me?"

"Hmm? Why do you think this is a joke?" Wei Yenwu said, "I think I still say it very seriously."

Lin Ye this shook him even more

"... Are you trying to recruit me?"

"Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked." Wei Yenwu said, "You don't have to worry about salary. Although I don't know how much Rhodes Island gives you, the price I can give is definitely not comparable to Rhode Island. I should say that you would enjoy working for me. You don't even need to tell how much your salary is anyway, I can give more than them."

Lin Ye couldn't help but ask him.

"Do you want to recruit me as a full-time veterinarian who specializes in taking care of Haha?" Lin Ye smiled at this, "Or am I wrong to say that?"

Wei Yenwu smiled back at him.

"Hmm ,maybe? You do have some type of talent for taking care of pets and children. Why not just take care of them as a full-time job? I know that Muyue will not be against that idea." He smirked at him, "You are her now precious Gege."

"Is that so," Lin Ye smiled at this, "I am honored to be called that by her."

"I'm glad to hear that," He chuckled but it quickly died out, "However, that's not the reason why I am recruiting you."

… That was suspicious.

But even if he was a little uncomfortable, Lin Ye didn't show it, but just smiled with the man

"In that case, I don't quite understand," He smiled, "What else I offer for you?"

"Don't be so humble," Wei Yenwu chuckled, "You are a very capable person. You did so many things in the past."

"In the past?"

"Have you forgotten?" Wei Yenwu smiled at this, "A few months ago in Harlan Town, you saved my guards."

If Wei Yenwu didn't remind him, Lin Ye really did forget.

Honestly, Lin Ye did help the guards because he knew Ch'en and Swire. He never would have helped them otherwise. It was not because they were under Wei Yenwu.

Is that why you want to recruit him?

But that still wouldn't make sense.

"I didn't really do anything," Lin Ye said, "It was just luck. Only half of the people were saved anyways."

"Half of them are enough. It's much better than none," Wei Yenwu sighed softly, "I read Swire's report. Originally, she and the others would not be alive if it was not because of you. Without you, I would lose an excellent team and an excellent superintendent. This alone was enough for Lungmen to repay you."

Swire's reported that?

Thinking about it logically, she would do that.

Lin Ye was now a little curious about what Swire wrote in her report. Obviously, he did not go there alone, there were five Rhodes Island agents involved in that mission.

Why was Wei Yenwu interested in him alone?

Of course, it may also be because he was here now, but Lin Ye still felt it was more than that. Maybe he just wanted to thank him?

That, he would understand.

What he didn't was, why was he trying to recruit him?

Something was not adding up here.

Lin Ye was obviously the weakest amongst the group that went to the mission.

Did Wei Yenwu know the secret of Maple?

… No.

Even Swire didn't know about Maple, how could he know then?

Lin Ye's thoughts were interrupted by Wei Yenwu.

"Is this really a difficult choice?" He smiled at Lin Ye, "You are taking a long time to make your decision."

"... This is quite hard for me to pick on the spot," Lin Ye scratched his head and said with a smile, "After all, I am an employee of Rhodes Island now. I can't just change my job out of the blue."

"Isn't it normal for employees to change companies? Is Lungmen not good enough?" Wei Yenwu showed a faint smile, "I think we should be stronger than Rhodes Island in all aspects."

"There was no way to deny that," Lin Ye nodded.

"In terms of the working environment, there is no way Rhode Island can compare with Lungmen," Wei Yenwu slowly put down his pipe, and then shook the charcoal into the trashcan next to him, "There are not so many infected people in Lungmen. Unlike in Rhode Island, you have to deal with infected people every day. Of course, I am not discriminating against infected people. I am just stating the fact that Lungmen is a better place than Rhodes Island for you as a normal person. Lungmen can also give you what you can get in Rhodes Island but better."

He paused and stared at Lin Ye.

"Didn't you just say that your biggest dream is to make money, then there is no way Rhode Island can compare with Lungmen on this point alone."

Lin Ye nodded again.

".. That's true too."

"So what do you think?" Wei Yenwu asked him again.

Lin Ye was silent for a while before he asked him.

"Mr. Wei, I want to ask a question first."

"What is it?"

"Why did you suddenly want to have me?" This was Lin Ye's biggest doubt now, "Is it only because of what I did at Harlan Town?"

Wei Yenwu smiled at this.

"If I said it was just for that, you would definitely not believe it. In addition, such an answer would annoy you."

Lin Ye did not respond, and he waited for Wei Yenwu to finish.

"What should I say? I probably think you have more potential in yourself? Or rather, you have great potential," Wei Yenwu said, "I failed to recruit Warfarin years ago. I regret failing in doing so. I don't want such regret to happen again."

"I understand where you are coming from," Lin Ye shook his head and said, "However, there is no way me and Warfarin are on the same level of potential. I am just a half-assed veterinarian and half-assed psychiatrist."

Wei Yenwu smiled as if he saw this coming.

"If you are really just a "half-assed" veterinarian and psychiatrist, you should accept my invitation in an instant then."

Lin Ye frowned at this. He was at loss on what Wei Yenwu's want to get. In addition, Wei Yenwu didn't seem to want to explained it to me.

Wei Yenwu put his pipe away, then raised his head, and looked at the sky outside of the window.

"Lungmen is a very good place, don't you think so?"

Lin Ye was confused with how the subject was changing but nonetheless he nodded at him.

"... It is."

"But this is not enough. There are many problems in this city that you can't see," Wei Yenwu said softly, "I will fix these problems."

Lin Ye didn't know why Wei Yenwu wanted to talk to him about this.

"However, I can't do this alone." Wei Yenwu said, "Looking at you, I see that you may be someone that could help me in doing so."

This shook Lin Ye.

"So what do you say?" Wei Yenwu held out his hand to Lin Ye, "Help me gain this dream of mine and I will help with yours."

Lin Ye was silent for a while. Finally, he stretched his hand out.

… And politely pushed Wei Yenwu's hand away.

"I am honored that you would do this for me," Lin Ye smiled at him, "But I can't accept your offer, not yet at least."

It was Wei Yenwu's turn to be silent. Then after a while he asked Lin Ye something.

"Why then?"

Lin Ye chuckled.

"I have something I need to do first." Lin Ye answered honestly, "It wasn't for that, I would have already accepted your invitation by now without any doubt in my mind."

Wei Yenwu stared at Lin Ye and he stared back. Both sides did not waver at all.

Finally, the leader of Lungmen let out a puff of air.

"Seemed like I was too late," He smiled at Lin Ye, "Ashamed."

"I am sorry." Lin Ye smiled back.

"... However." Wei Yenwu continued.


"You said yet, am I correct?" He stated. "So there is still a chance you will be at my side in the future."

"... True," Lin Ye chuckled, "I did say that."

"So the offer is still up for you," Wei Yenwu smirked, "I hope you will finish what you are doing. I do want to hear which side you will choose in the future."


At this Lin Ye could only sighed. However on his face a small smile was present.

"Thank you for the support then," Lin Ye said, "I will give an answer in the near future."

"I am looking forward to it then," Wei Yenwu held his hand out again, "All the best in the future then, Dr... Ye."

This time Lin Ye accepted the hand without any hesitation.

"Likewise," Lin Ye said to him. "Mr. Wei."

"Call me Yenwu if we are not in public."

"If you so say," Lin Ye smiled, "Yenwu."

{Rhodes Island's Psychologist}

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