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Like you can all see, I decided to release a completely new story. Normally I would have never done that as I already have 3 active fanfictions, but this idea was stuck in my head so I decided to just put in on the paper.

I don't know if the idea was ever done before, but I plan to have fun with it if anyone wants to read it. If no one likes it then I will just keep the idea to myself and write it in my free time without uploading it here.

As this is a crossover between HP and MCU the timeline will be adjusted and some past events changed. After all, you can't connect two completely different universes and don't expect any changes. What exactly will I change? This you will find out during the story.

Also, I can already see the questions if I will include anything outside Marvel Cinematic Universe so I will answer it here. Currently, I don't plan to add anything, but I am still not decided about X-men. Mutants could add even more chaos to the plot, but apart from the movies, I can admit that I don't know too much about them. So if I add them, I will be mostly going by the things I can find on the wiki or in the movies. Let me know what you think.

Before we begin, this is an intro chapter. Meaning that it is shorter than usual. I mostly go for 4k-6k words per chapter, but I never really know until I finish it.

Well, that should be it for the AN.


Chapter 1. Son of who?

Dying, such an interesting process that no one really knew much about. How could we, if the people who experienced it were no longer with us. Scientists could do as much research as they wanted, but they would never find out what a dying person thought and felt right before death. And they would never find out what exactly happened to a person after they departed.

Most of the world's population believed in one of many religions and thought that after death they would go to their respective afterlives. Others think that death was the final end and there was nothing after it, and some just lived their lives without carrying about death.


Well... Currently, I was pretty sure that the second group was right. If not then how would you explain the endless darkness I was currently in?

I died young, no older than twenty-five. I wasn't your definition of a good person, maybe not by choice, but I didn't really care after a few years of dealing with the darker parts of our world. That was what I had to do and there was no escaping it when you were as deep as I was. At least my life wasn't boring and I had a lot of free time.

That was why when death claimed me I thought, "Well shit, hell here I come." Of course like I previously said, it didn't happen.

Maybe it was some sort of punishment, to be alone forever and go mad from talking to myself. I was probably right and whoever came out with this punishment could kiss my ass. I wouldn't surrender that easily and somehow get out of here... If it was even possible.

The moment my last thought left my mind I felt my body - or whatever I was now - being sucked by a very strong vacuum. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I couldn't fight this so I surrendered myself to the process.

When the feeling disappeared, a blinding light filled my vision, and before I could even react something changed.

No longer was I in endless darkness, but a small room with a bed, wardrobe, and a desk with a mirror above it filled my vision. It definitely wasn't any of my rooms and when I raised my hands to my eyes, I knew that something was definitely wrong.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any time to ponder on those things as a moment later my entire being was filled with pain. Memories, images, and thoughts not my own appeared in my mind, and before I knew my entire body shut down.

Good luck.

"Logan, wake up. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes," a soft voice said some distance away from me.

I groggily opened my eyes to the sight of the same room and a tall, older woman who was waiting for my answer. As I wasn't too sure what the hell I should do I answered simply to get rid of her for now, "Okay, give me five minutes." Oh god, I had the voice of a kid. What else?

The woman nodded and walked out of the room. I breathed a sigh of relief and took this moment to think.

I definitely wasn't in my old body, which shouldn't be possible and I had a bunch of memories that for sure weren't mine. I only saw brief flashes of them, but if I was to believe in them then I wasn't even in my old world as I didn't think that Voldemort was alive there.

How did I know that? Well, this knowledge came with even more facts that were making me even more disbelieving.

Whoever put me in the body of this kid also gave me all of his memories and when I said all, I meant it. I was sure that a child wasn't meant to remember what happened soon after its birth, but surprise, surprise, I knew.

Thankfully I didn't see the moments that would probably scar my mind, but I saw who my parents were and why I was even born.

My father was no one other than Lord Voldemort. I probably should be either excited or scared, but I was more indifferent to this fact. Yeah, if it wasn't a dream then I was happy that I wasn't dead and someone put me in the universe of Harry Potter. But Voldemort was one of the most idiotic villains I ever saw, so you would need to forgive me for not overreacting.

My mother was Bellatrix Lestrange, the madwoman to whom I surprisingly owe my life. You see Voldemort wanted a child for a ritual, but he needed a female, so when I was born a male - thank god for small mercies - he told Bellatrix to get rid of me. The madwoman, in spite of herself, couldn't kill her own child so she left me in one of the Children's homes in London.

Ironic? Probably, but I was alive thanks to her actions.

So that was how I knew that I was in Harry Potter's universe. I wasn't sure about the timeline as the memories after I was left in the Children's home were a mixed mess. I knew that after Bellatrix left me here, they named my Logan Hunt and the kid was pretty quiet and kept to himself. I was fine with that as it gave me a reason to stay alone and maybe no one would notice any changes.

Well, I should probably get up and at least see how I looked now. The memories didn't give me a clear image.

With that thought, I got off the bed and walked to the mirror. I almost fell down during my first steps as I wasn't used to the change in height and body mass.

When I finally go to the mirror, I noticed that my memories were about right and I was about eleven years old. I didn't know my exact birth date, but the staff in the Children's home told 'Logan' that he was born on the 20th of June, which was probably the date he was delivered here. I could probably find out 'my' real birth date through the goblins or ministry if at least one of the fanfictions I read had a good idea of how the world worked.

Apart from that I mostly looked like a young Tom Riddle, with pale skin, very short jet black hair, and tall build. The main difference between us was the color of the eyes. While young Tom had dark eyes, mine were vermilion colored. Probably a mix between Bellatrix and Voldemort's red eyes. To be honest I looked better than I did in my last life and that was quite sad to admit...

"Alright, I can be vain about my looks later. I need to get familiar with this place," I murmured to myself as I gathered some new clothes from the wardrobe. To my surprise, the clothes didn't look like they were taken from the '80s or the '90s, but more like clothes that I was used to in my old life. A welcome surprise.

After I was dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans, I finally went out of my room in the direction where food was served. It took me some time as my new memories didn't help much, but I was alright with that. I need to map the building anyway, my old habits required this from me.

As I arrived in the cafeteria I was hit with a bit of nostalgia. Not that many years ago I was in a similar situation in my old world. I guess some things never changed...

Not that I was complaining, I was already used to this type of life so I didn't really care if I was again living without parents. In my current situation, it was even better as I was a mentally grown-up man in a world of magic that hid endless possibilities, I didn't need anyone breathing down on my neck.

Now I just needed to find out if I was born during the first blood war or when Voldemort came back for the short few years. I didn't know how the hell my memories somehow lacked almost any type of date.

Thankfully I spotted one of the caretakers reading a newspaper, so before I sat down to eat, I politely asked if I could read it after the woman finished it. She looked at me questioningly, but after a moment she nodded, and halfway through the breakfast she gave me the paper.

When I saw the date in the newspaper my eyebrow rose.

30th of May, 2006. So I was born after Voldemort was resurrected... This means that my 'father' is dead and my knowledge of the HP-verse won't help me too much. Shit... I thought after giving this new discovery a bit of thought. It could be fun to meet the characters from the books, but I would just need to settle on seeing their older selves.

Just as I planned to put away the newspaper, something in it caught my eye.

Tony Stark presents his new weapons that will help the military against the increasing number of terrorists.

That wasn't something that I expected to read in a newspaper in Harry Potter's universe. What the hell was Tony Stark doing here? Was it just a coincidence and the man only had the same name as the Marvel hero?

I quickly scanned through the rest of the paper and came to the conclusion that no, it wasn't a coincidence, but the real Tony Stark. Apart from that, I found a very interesting report showing that a weird 'Green Sasquatch' was spotted in Canada. For me, it looked like a very bad picture of Hulk.

Dear God, what did I get myself into? A world full of monsters, gods, magic, and heroes. I am having second thoughts about my new situation. With all the shit that can happen in both MCU - and I really hope that it is MCU and not the whole Marvel universe - and HPU it could be really hard to somehow not end up dead again. Now I am not even sure if Voldemort is really dead and the HP timeline wasn't just moved a bit forward...

While this thought would probably make most of the people nervous or scared, I was not one of them. No, my whole life was one big challenge and now I was going to show the new fucked up universe that even though I might be weak now. I was not going down without a fight.

I was going to do everything to escape death again and for that I needed power.

Fuck, I am thinking like Voldemort...

This is it for the short introductory chapter.

I hope that you all liked it.

I revealed some of the timeline, but I didn't give you all of the information. That will happen in the next chapter.

Also as you can see, Logan (OC) has the memories of the kid that was previously occupying his body. He saw some of them, but the rest is mostly unavailable to him right now.

I dropped some hints on OC's past, but like always we will find out more about it as the story goes.

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