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Operation: R.O.O.K.I.E., Chapter One

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Writing Operative: Vtbots

Date of Completion: May 26, 2003 - November 19, 2003 (yikes!)

Disclaimer: Before you ask, I don't own Codename: Kids Next Door. Tom Warburton does. So that means I don't own any of the characters from the show. So there.

Author's Note/Credits: ROOKIE takes place very shortly after my fic Operation: M.I.N.D.; I recommend you read that first because the later chapters have spoilers. Also, as of May 23, 2004, I would like to add that at the time of this writing it was LONG before Operation: Beach/Undercover finally aired on the 21st, so there will be some things that will not be right and not part of my timeline. Thank you and have a nice reading!


"Heh heh heh, now we got ya!" declares a trio of thuggish kids somewhere outside of school, staring down at a group of smaller, defenseless kids. "Give us all yer candy or we'll force you to!"

"Why are you doing this, you meanies!?" the small kids chorus melodramatically.

"Why? Because we are a bunch of big, mean, stupid oafs who pick on little kids for no reason other than to laugh at them! Ha ha ha ha!" the big kids chant as if reciting something from a cue card. Then they advance toward the inferiors.

"Oh, will nobody help us!?" the helpless kids cry out again melodramatically.

"There's no need to fear, Superkid is here!" rings a heroic yet childish voice from above.

The poor kid look to the short distance to see a small boy in a superheroish costume on top of the school roof, his cape flapping dramatically despite that there is little to no wind. But nonetheless they are relieved to see their savior.


"Superkid..." growl the bullies.

The hero jumps off the roof and skillfully lands on his feet. He whips his finger at his foes. "Your reign of torment is over, bad kids!" he declares in his 'heroic' tone. "So prepare to get whooped by SUPERKID!"

"Get him, get him!" orders the leader of the gang.

So the bullies charge but Superkid produces a small device with a giant toyish claw attached to it. He presses the button and the claw extends and grabs a tree branch that just so happens to be closeby. The device pulls the boy up just as the bullies dogpiles, and the gang end up falling stupidly on their faces.

Superkid laughs and retracts the claw, landing beside the pile. The bullies hop up and threaten that he'll join the little kids in the "Beat-'em-Up Line." One big guy lunges forward but Superkid nimbly manuevers out of the way. The guy ends up kissing the tree in a bad way and falls on his backside, half-conscious.

The remaining bullies charge at Superkid but Superkid uses his claw to clutch on another big guy's leg. He pulls and his opponent flips over, knocking down the last bully in the process. The last bully, the leader, becomes riled up and cracks his knuckles, dangerously stomping forward.

"Oh dear, what am I to do?" Superkid wonders in exaggerated worriness. Then he snaps his fingers and smirks, taking out a small capsule from his costume pocket. He throws it on the ground and it explodes into smoke. Coughing, vision obstructed, the leader of the group wanders around the smoky field, aimlessly throwing his fists in mid-air.

"Where are you, wimp!?" he hollers.

"Right here!"

The bully whirls around to face a shadowy form of Superkid in the smoke. He barely gets a chance to move before Superkid shoots his claw to clutch around his waist.

"Hey, let me go!"

Superkid, who somehow has greater strength than his opponent, lifts him up and swings him around like a cowboy rope. Then he tosses him away to the rest of the trash. Superkid retracts his toy-turned-weapon with a smirk.

"Let's get outta here!" yells the leader. His buddies do as told without a word and they all make a hasty retreat, never to pick on little kids again.

The children of the schoolyard cheer; those big mean jerks won't mess with them anymore! Superkid stands triumphantly, fists on his hips and smiling broadly and showing his ever-so-shiny white teeth, as his people and various fans chant his name.


"You guys are safe from meanies as long as I'm around!" he declares, waving to the people.

Ah, the life of a hero. To be popular. To be liked. To be the one who teaches mean and evil people a lesson for a change.

'Like that will ever happen!' inwardly grumbles the daydreamer. A little boy named Kenny Rangsey, who has short but somewhat spikish auburn hair and brown eyes (though eye color isn't always apparant in KND-style animation...). He wears a tie-dye T-shirt, black pants, and black-and-white sneakers. Kenny Rangsey is usually a little shy and sometimes even timid, but he loves action and adventure, especially on television and comic books. He also has a wish to one day become a hero or even a superhero who saves the day; it would be the least he can do to make up for his slightly bashful personality.

This new boy in town walks down the sidewalk from yet another boring, if not miserable, day of school. Boring lessons, naggy teachers, mean kids... Oh, those mean kids. The ones in his imagination were, of course, slightly exaggerated. Emphasis on slighty. He cannot believe he has to put up with them and the rest of the stuff he can't stand five days a week.

He smiles, though, as memories of his daydream flood back into his head. The charming hero who saves people from peril, who doesn't need to fear the things he fears. Kenny continuously hopes that someday his wish will come true... and that he'd able to get away from it all somehow.

'Pffhhyeah, like that will ever happen,' Kenny repeats.

Kenny Rangsey doesn't feel like going home right now, so he decides to explore the new suburbia. He only explores for over half a minute before deciding that it is not too much different from his last home. Sure, the people are different and there's somewhat different activity, but otherwise it is the same as just about every typical suburbia. He almost yawns when he spies a figure in an overcoat running towards someplace in the distance carrying a large backpack.

The clothes suggests that that person is a 'stranger.' Many so-called movies shown in schools usually have strangers dressed in dark clothes, and the movie teaches that kids should not talk to them.

But curiousity gets the best of Kenny. So he decides to ignore the annoyingly frequent advice, and follows the figure. Maybe he can finally find something interesting around here.

Kenny chases the figure until he reaches the building. The stranger opens a large door and steps inside. Kenny plants his back to the wall and tiptoes toward the entrance just enough so that he can peek through the doorway.

From the inside it looks similar to a warehouse. It's somewhat dark but the early afternoon sunlight helps illuminate the building good enough. He sees a trio of similarly dressed figures surrounding a large wooden table, the most well-lighted part of the large room thanks to the skylight above. One of them is the tallest, another one is the shortest, and the last one is in-between; the medium-sized person is the one holding the backpack.

They remove their overcoats and Kenny is somewhat surprised to see that they are kids. "Big kids" in Kenny's eyes. What could they be doing? He tiptoes inside and hides behind some random boxes to get a better view of the trio.

"You got the stuff?" the tall boy asks the boy with the backpack.

"Yeah." He unzips the pack and takes out three things that look sorta like medium-large firearms but with a slingshot attached to each of them.

'What's this, some sort of school project?' Kenny wonders internally.

The medium-sized boy unzips another part of the backpack revealing bags full of small-sized water balloons. Lots of them. They insert some of the balloons inside their apparent weapons and they lock and load.

"This is gonna be great!" says the medium.

"Yeah, we're gonna drench those little shrimps so bad a tidal wave would seem like a little droplet!" exclaims the short kid.

"Yep, and then we'll get the principal 'n' teachers to give the free side orders during lunch to us bigger kids while the babies get nothin'! We'll rule schools everywhere!"

Big kids ruling all schools? That is definitely not good. That means the smaller, often nicer kids will be picked on forever and nothing will be done about it! Kenny would have to put up with it forever and ever!

"Hey, that's not very nice!" he blurts out way too loudly. He catches himself but not in time.

"Well, lookie here!" the medium one sneers. "We have ourselves a snoop."

"What's he doing here?" the shortest one demands.

"Probably to tattletale on us."

"Well, we certainly can't let the shrimp do that, now can we?" the tallest one smirks.

"Nope, can't," smirks the medium-sized boy. "You know what to do with snoopin' shrimps, right, boys?"

"Right!" his partners chorus, and they begin to advance.

Kenny is so badly frightened that he finds himself frozen in place. This is definitely not like his daydream where he defeated mean kids just like them with little effort. He's not in costume and he doesn't have powers, he doesn't have gadgets, and he doesn't have a cool, superheroish voice. He abandons all hope and he closes his eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

But the awaiting beatdowns do not come. Instead he hears random sounds of obstacles being knocked over and shattering glass, with the foes shouting a surprised "What the!?"

Kenny opens his eyes and gawks at the spectacle before him. Five kids his age stand before the bullies in a semicircle formation. The things they are holding are quite unusual. All but one of them are armed with weapons that look like combinations of... household/everyday items. He has no idea whether this is an out-of-schoolyard fight or a very wacky school project in disguise. Whatever it is he is grateful for these newcomers' arrival.

"We are not letting you get away with making the lives of those smaller than yourselves miserable!" declares the bald-headed boy wearing sunglasses.

"Oh yeah?" laughs the medium foe.

"Yeah! Kids Next Door, BATTLESTATIONS!"

Kenny Rangsey once again finds himself gawking as he watches the opposing forces engage in a quite interesting battle that looks like something out of an action cartoon. Nevertheless Kenny escapes the fray by running back to his hiding spot, looking over the intriguing fight.

Also interesting and amazing to see is what look like lasers firing from the weapons of the sunglasses boy (whom Kenny hears one of them call "Numbuh One") and the girl with the red cap ("Numbuh Five"). They seem to be the main ones because they are giving out the most commands.

The chubby boy in goggles (called "Numbuh Two" by his comrades) is strapped with a gumball machine of some sort. Pulling the trigger he shoots out, well, gumballs, getting the sticky substance all over the enemies' faces and hair. The boy smirks and comments that those three are in quite a sticky situation, to which the dark-skinned girl groans and says how lame that is. 'I don't know,' thinks Kenny, 'I thought that line was kinda funny.'

The Asian girl with long black hair ("Numbuh Three") shoots teddy bears with what looks like a half bazooka while wearing a cheerful smile. She dances around as if in a ballet whenever an enemy lunges at her, leaping around gracefully and generally being all bubbly, before proceeding to whack them behind their back with her arsenal. Kenny can't help but smile at her antics.

And then there's the one called "Numbuh Four," that blonde boy with the Australian accent. Kenny can already tell that Four is a wild one even though he is unarmed. He rushes and pounces, snarling like a lion whose territory was invaded. It's like something ticked him off and these bullies must have chosen the wrong day to instigate him. When he is done with them he manages to secure the weapons that would definitely give little or weaker kids a very hard life.

Soon enough the trio of baddies are no longer able to fight. Panicking, they holler, "Let's get outta here!" and make their quick getaway. The team of five stand triumphantly watching the bad three run.

Kenny, still amazed, crawls out of his spot and approaches the five securing the abandoned weapons. Unable to contain himself any longer, Kenny blurts all:

"WOW! You guys were amazing, I mean you were incredible, I mean you were beating them down like, woo! And where did you get these cool gadgets, how'd you get them to do all that cool stuff, 'cause they were totally awesome and--"

"Whooooa, slow down, man," says Numbuh Five holding her hand up.

"S-Sorry," says Kenny sheepishly. "Thanks for saving me."

"You're very welcome," Numbuh One states, his British accent obvious. "But what are you doing here? Not only could you have gotten yourself hurt, but you could have also hurt the mission."


"Yeah!" says Numbuh Four frowning. "We were scoopin' those blokes out 'cause we heard 'bout their plot. We were gonna watch them a little longer to see if they were gonna say anythin' else, 'til you came in and screwed ev'rything up."

"Oh," says Kenny, feeling down. "Sorry."

"Not to worry," Numbuh One says, adjusting his shades. "I don't think they will try that again anytime soon now that they have had the pleasure of meeting us. Now, whoever you are, run along. We will stick here to see if there is anything else of interest."

"But wait, who are you guys? Where'd you get those... thingies of yours?"

"This may not be the right time to tell you; I think you've had enough excitement for one day. I recommend you go on home before you get into further trouble."

So Kenny slowly nods and does as told, walking away from the scene. From their actions it may not be a good idea to annoy them. Especially Numbuh Four.

"C'mon, let's check these babies out," says an excited Numbuh Two. If there is one thing Hoagie P. Gilligan, Jr. loves it's techno gear. He can already imagine having fun converting the big kids' gear into Two-by-Four Technology weaponry.

"Awww, come on, Numbuh One, we coulda told 'em we're the Kids Next Door!" says the high-pitched Numbuh Three as the others scope out the place.

"Yes, but you know that we can't tell just anybody. Didn't you see how excited he was? He could have blabbed about us to his school. What if the teachers and the principal hear? They might increase security to keep us or other Kids Next Door operatives from interfering in whatever dire plans they execute."

"I guess you're right..." sighs the girl. 'But we could have made a new friend,' she says internally.

'That was AWESOME!' thinks Kenny as he walks down the street back to his neighborhood. 'Finally I found some excitement around here! Boy, just wait till the kids at school hear about this! But darn, they'd never believe me...'

Shrugging it off, Kenny makes his way towards home. But then he stops. He hasn't finished exploring the entire suburbia yet. It's getting to the late afternoon but he can still stay out for a while. So he decides to look around some more.

Like before, nothing much of interest. He begins to reconsider his decision. But that's when he makes a discovery. A huge discovery.

Kenny's mouth gapes as he looks into the distance to find a large tree sticking out of a house. Many things seem to stick out of the tree such as a ship, a satellite at the top, and more.

'It must be a treehouse,' thinks Kenny. 'That's the weirdest treehouse I've ever seen. How can it just be inside a regular house like that? Must be hard to move around in there. Wow. I'm really starting to like this new place.'

Curious Kenny runs toward the house and knocks on the door. No answer. He rings the doorbell. Still no answer.

"Guess they're not home," Kenny concludes. But darn, he wants to see the inside of the treehouse so badly. He looks up at the tree again and places a finger on his lip. "Maybe I can take a peek inside and come back out. Nobody will even know I was in there."

He looks around and finds the drainpipes. He goes over to it and climbs up. He jumps on the roof, but a bit nervously; he hasn't been this high up since he doesn't know when. He glances up at the tree. Then, taking a deep breath, he scales the mighty treehouse. He marvels at the way it is decorated. Somebody went through a lot of trouble making the treehouse look so impressive.

Eventually he finds a walkway and jumps unto it. He finds a door that has "KND" painted on it. 'KND?' Kenny wonders. 'What does that stand for?'

Kenny enters the room and is amazed to see the contents. Not only does it have a nice view of the outside, but the room also has a few of what look like computers or control panels at the sides. Little monitors are hooked above each one. At the center of the room is a perfectly round hole in the floor. The ends are raised so that people can probably sit on it. At the center of the hole is a car tire, and a long camera or projector is hanging at the ceiling pointing directly above the tire. At the end of the room is a short wooden platform, with a podium in the middle. Both the podium and the wall at the far end has "KND" painted in yellow. The floor is made of a very strong and sturdy wood. They seem to be 2x4-like.

And he thought the outside of the treehouse looked sweet. He saw more doors or doorways leading to more places in the treehouse while he was in the walkway, so it's certainly a big place; it's like someone can live in it.

Suddenly his ears perk up when he hears a distant sound. It sounds like something landing... like an aerial vehicle. 'Probably an airplane,' muses Kenny. 'But why would an airplane land in the middle of the neighborhood like this?'

But his heart almost skips a beat when he hears familiar voices. And they're coming this way!

Kenny bites his nails nervously. 'Gotta hide, gotta hide, gotta hide!' He is fortunate that conveniently there is a large closet nearby. So he dives in, leaving it slightly ajar so he can look on.

Kenny's eyes stare in interest when the same five kids from before enter. This must be their treehouse. Maybe he'll get some answers, especially why they are called by 'Numbuhs.'

"Man, those guys sure had a lot of those!" the girl named Numbuh Five comments.

"Yeah!" says the chubby boy named Numbuh Two. "It's a good thing we stopped them when we did. Little kids would have been tormented forever."

"Yes," nods Numbuh One, that kid wearing sunglasses. "But thanks to us, the Kids Next Door, they are safe."

'The Kids Next Door,' Kenny says inwardly. 'At least now I know what 'KND' stands for. But who exactly are these guys?'

"Yap!" says the wild blonde boy, Numbuh Four. "Now's time to sit back and reeeelax!"

"Numbuh Five's got the same ide-ya!" smiles the dark girl, snapping her fingers.

Now these... Kids Next Door are walking out of his limited field of vision. Kenny tries to get a better look at them by leaning in closer, but he accidently trips on something and nearly falls against the door. But that was enough noise to alert the others.

"What was that!?" Numbuh Two exclaims. Beads of sweat form on Kenny's forehead as he hears their footsteps coming his way. He ducks as if that's going to do anything for him. Next thing he knows, the door swings wide open and the Kids Next Door stare at him cowering down with his hands behind his head.

The Kids glare down at him, except Numbuh Three who seems a little ecstatic.

Kenny looks up and smiles nervously and sheepishly at them and laughs stupidly.

"Heh... heh... um, hi guys. Er... nice place."

Numbuh Three smiles broadly. "Thanks!"