Chapter 1:

The Sahara Desert winds shifted, making the rider hiss. It wasn't so much the winds that were bothering them but the low rise of the sun behind them. If the sun rose any further, they would definitely be exposed.

" Come on Darcy… were almost there…just a few more miles…" she urged her camel.

Darcy made a sound of annoyance.

"yes, I know I promised you cool water and I will, but we have to get out of Tunisia and into the borders of Mauritania! We have all these supplies to carry."

Another loud sound was heard, and the rider sighed.

"yes, yes I know you're the one doing all the carrying but I helped out too. Now let's go and quit complaining."

Three hours later.

"Alright, Darcy we have to stop and hide."

The young camel let out a high pitch bleat.

"yeah, yeah, I know your tired. So am i… now where's that bolt hole."

The weary traveler jumped off there camel and stood in the hot sand for a few moments, the rising sun starting to reveal her melting contacts. Even though they were specially made and supposed to last ten hours, her eyes just couldn't handle it.

She closed her eyes and allowed the vibrations in the earth to glide under bare and dirty feet.

"ah! Ha! Found it Darcy! Come on!"

It didn't take long for them to get to it. The heavy metal door was buried under tons of sand and yet protected by a cactus with a flower on it.

"hey, Pierre I see you've gotten taller" the traveler spoke to her plant. With ease and careful to avoid the needles she slid her hand deep into the sand until she found the latch.

However, something was amiss.

The lock on the door had been broken.

"that's odd…" She whispered.

With a strong tug, the weary traveler pulled the metal door open and led her camel down into the dark tunnels.

There were three tunnels. All dug by hand and then supported by wooden beams. It had taken a few years, but she got it done. All of the tunnels led to different directions but in each one was another tunnel, however the sides of the tunnel led to dead ends. The dead ends were filled with what she needed. A bed, food, water, clothes and somewhere for Darcy to sleep . She also had well lit areas and small heating lamps. The dessert nights were horribly cold and for the first year she nearly froze to death until she learned how to survive.

That seemed to be the only thing she knew how to survive. Everything else she failed at. Friendships, love life, loving and being loved. She was a failure… but everything she did…she did to survive.

"Alright Darcy, your free…I think there's some food in the corner. Ill see you in the morning girl."

With that said, the camel was set free by its owner. Ready to roam and find warmth for the night.

The traveler herself was exhausted and headed to her dead end, cautiously taking off her sand covered clothes. They were heavy with sand, dirt and sweat but did a great job of keeping her sensitive skin safe.

Thinking of her skin, she gently looked at her burns and bruises. While the damage was years old, the pain was still there.

Constant reminders of the past and the horrible decisions she had made and the lives that she had hurt in the process.

Her eyes filled with tears as she began to grip her hair.

"stop it. stop it. stop it. not tonight Bella. not tonight. Ok just breath. Everything's alright, everything's-"

Bella's meditation was cut short when Darcy came storming into her dead end.

"Darcy?! Darcy! What is it girl?"

Darcy was breathing hard and looked beyond frightened.

Bella hissed. If only her sense of smell worked! She'd be able to smell just what the heck was going on. Of course, losing her sense of smell and her bad eyesight were consequences of her actions.

She was the one who got involved with the supernatural. Looks like she'd have to use her other senses.

Bella was quick to take off her shoes, making sure her feet could feel the ground properly. She then closed her eyes and put her palms flat on the ground.

It was then Bella could see clearly. The vibrations in the earth. The worms wiggling, the spiders. She could see the heat within every living being…except for one.

There was one image that was blurry and had no heat source. It was laying on the ground and looked...dead.

Bella let out an animalistic hiss.

There was a vampire…in her territory.