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Chapter 4

Vaguely hearing the sound of curtains opening, the first thing Sakura was greeted with that morning was a sharp ray of sunlight and Sakura had never felt quite so murderous in her life as she did in that moment.

"C'mon Sakura-chan Kakashi told me that we need to go," Naruto said, thankfully at least tuning his voice a little so as to not add to the horrible nightmare that Sakura had woke up in. Just a few moments ago she'd been in dreamland and now she was currently having her head split into two.

"Naruto. Close. The. Curtains. NOW!"

"'m sorry Sakura-chan but we really need to get going," Naruto tried to reason with the pink haired Kunoichi.

"Naruto if you don't close the curtains right now I AM going to kill you," Sakura responded venomously, who in their right mind would put me in this hell?

"Sakura-chan, we're on a mission. We need to go," Naruto persisted. The response he got was a pillow thrown at his head, unfortunately for Sakura that gave the blonde an idea.

"Sakura I'm gonna give you one more chance to get up the easy way," Naruto warned although he had his prankster grin on his face.

"I'm not going Naruto, leave me alone," Sakura complained.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," was all Naruto said before he grabbed Sakura's covers and yanked them away from her. Sakura now lay on the mattress with no pillow or cover and Naruto was sure that that would work.

"NARUTO," Sakura yelled. "Ow my head," came her quick follow up, in all her life Sakura hadn't felt like this ever. The next thing she noticed was that she was falling and quickly met the ground, tumbling on the floor slightly. Sakura knew what had happened but she didn't have the energy to do anything about it, her one thought going through her mind was she had to get to the bathroom as quick as she could or she was going to ruin the floor she was currently laying on. At a speed she didn't think she'd be able to manage she rushed to the bathroom, vaguely remembering where it was before throwing up into the toilet. Weirdly it made her feel a bit better but she was still in no condition to do anything.

"Sakura-chan are you okay?" Naruto asked his team mate, he was concerned for her.

"I will be, Naruto-kun can you help me up," Sakura asked, she couldn't believe how utterly useless she felt. Naruto walked to her side and helped her get up before leaving her in the room and returning a few moments later with a change of clothes for her.

"There ya go Sakura-chan," Naruto said with his huge grin before returning to Kakashi. Sakura got herself changed and fixed up at least a little bit so she looked slightly presentable, they were still representing Konohagakure after all. After sorting herself out; Sakura picked up her bag that she left in her room the previous day. She managed to get herself downstairs where Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke were waiting for her. There Kakashi looked at her with an eye smile that seemed to tell Sakura that her sensei found her condition amusing. The Kunoichi didn't have enough will to shoot him a look, instead looking to the other two. Naruto looked like he hadn't just gotten incredibly drunk the night before, Sakura was deeply jealous that it seemed he wasn't at all affected by it. Next to him was the last Uchiha, he was sat down with his eyes closed and Sakura was thankful that there was at least someone else in her condition.

"So Sakura-chan how was last night," Kakashi asked with his eye smile, mocking tone and all. The only response the masked Nin got was a glare. "I did try to warn you. Well anyway, team 7 let the mission commence," Kakashi said overenthusiastically with a slight mocking undertone. Sakura felt like her head was going to split in a different direction to earlier so without a word she just started walking. Hopefully some fresh air might help me out Sakura thought.

The rest of that day was uneventful, they crossed the border into the land of earth and Sakura did acknowledge that she would be in no condition to fight if they got ambushed. On the whole journey Sakura had elected to speak as little as possible; her head ache getting far better as time progressed. Naruto had been just as energetic, although slightly bored at the fact that neither of his team mates wanted to talk, the blonde deciding to work on strengthening his wind jutsu with the leaf exercise. Sakura remembered most of the previous night, although some parts were hazy. She did however remember the toast she had given to her team mates and they'd all acknowledged the friendship that they had. It wasn't that they had known each other well for long but they all understood each other to some extent and it allowed them to forge bonds with each other. They'd walked up until past sunset, deciding to stop somewhere in the middle of earth country.

"Okay this will do for now," Kakashi began. "Sakura and Naruto take first watch." Said girl was slightly fuming, she knew that it was her fault but after the day she really just wanted to sleep. The headache she'd had had gone but the ninja wanted nothing more than to fall asleep.

"Hai sensei," Sakura said with a sigh and she could see the laughter in Kakashi's eyes, in her opinion he'd found the whole ordeal far funnier then he should have.

"Naruto how come you didn't suffer like me and Sasuke this morning?"

"I dunno, I've always healed quickly so I guess that's probably why," Naruto replied with an honest smile, one he'd had far more often and one Sakura had only seen since they ate at Ichiraku together. "Did you mean what you said last night, about us being friends and all ya know?"

"Yeah I did," Sakura replied honestly. Naruto's face lit up a little more at that and Sakura, although not voicing it, was slightly confused at why the conformation was so important to him. She knew the general reason, they were all each other's first friends but Naruto seemed more affected like it. Her face must've given it away because Naruto answered her unspoken question.

"It's just that, you and Sasuke are my first friends, proper friends anyway. I've never had someone like that before, not even Jiji or Iruka-sensei," Naruto said. "I know we're all similar but Sasuke had people wanting to help him, you had your sisters when you were younger so both of you would at least recognise a bond like this before. This is my first ya know," Naruto opened up to Sakura. The pink Kunoichi was surprised about how much she'd just found out about Naruto in the space of half a minute. She always knew Naruto had been lonely, but never to the extent where he literally had had no one all his life. Sakura supposed it all made sense now, his past with all the pranking and attention seeking; he must have been so desperate for any kind of relationship.


"Heh don't worry about me Sakura-chan I don't know what came over me," Naruto said a little too quickly whilst scratching the back of his head, a clear sign of embarrassment. Sakura was struck speechless; she wasn't quite sure what to say to him. Her fatigue had seemed to ware off after speaking to Naruto and Sakura was trying to come up with the right thing to say.

"Say Naruto, did you want to spar?" She'd been expecting a huge grin and a response of something like 'sure Sakura-chan'. However it was different to that. Instead a small, almost shy smile made its way onto the blondes face. He knew that Sakura had just indirectly acknowledged his feelings with her offer and Naruto was grateful for it.

"I'd like that Sakura-chan." The two of them spent the rest of the time they were on watch practising their taijutsu and Sakura couldn't believe the progression Naruto had made. Obviously she knew his style worked well and it hadn't been that long since they last fought but she was now thinking about it on a larger scale. It'd been roughly two months if she had to take a guess at it, Sakura hadn't been tracking days, and from where Naruto had been to dead last of their class his skills had increased tenfold. Naruto's taijutsu was likely superior to her own, he had been better at the leaf exercise despite having the least guidance thanks to wind being Kakashi's worst element and Naruto wasn't even particularly stupid. Sure he still spoke typically like someone who grew up where both she and Naruto did but if you looked underneath the underneath Sakura was sure that Naruto had been a hidden gem. Naruto had been able to finish Kakashi's training way earlier than she and Sasuke had.

Broken out of her thought process Naruto through a punch to her head that she narrowly dodged before responding to it with a heal kick of her own. Naruto caught her foot and threw her into a tree near them, causing a slight dent in it. Despite the slight pain Sakura felt a smile graced her face. Truly Naruto had progressed a long way.

The next day had them up and early and in comparison to the day before Sakura was on cloud nine. She had no headache; she'd slept like a log and was ready for anything they might face that day. Walking along the road all three had leaves in hand, trying to complete their leaf exercise.

"Yatta, I managed to cut my leaf Kaka-sensei," Naruto exclaimed excitedly. Kakashi himself couldn't believe how quickly Naruto had gotten it, it was supposed to take far longer but nevertheless Naruto had supposedly been able to do it.

"Naruto do it again," Kakashi asked wanting to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

"Sure thing Kaka-sensei," Naruto said before splitting a leaf with his chakra again. "Look at that, Sakura-chan, Sasuke."

"Well done Naruto," Sakura praised her friend. Sasuke just grunted before turning away and Sakura narrowed her eyes slightly. Why is it that whenever he opens up he always closes himself off straight away afterwards? Sakura decided to drop the subject as Naruto didn't seem extraordinarily bothered by it, he'd managed to do something better than Sasuke so she supposed that counted as a win in his book.

"Well then Naruto I'm going to give you one of the wind jutsu that I know," Kakashi offered and Naruto got excited. "It's called Wind Release: Gale Palm. The signs for it are Snake, Ram, Boar, Horse, and Bird. Got it," Kakashi told Naruto. Naruto seemed to process what he said for a second before nodding. He repeated the hand seals in his head over and over, he found it easier to remember them with all the work he'd done with Sakura.

They continued walking along the road, Sakura and Sasuke practising the leaf exercise and Naruto going through the hand seals trying to commit them to memory. About two hours later Sasuke managed to fully crinkle his leaf although Sakura wasn't far behind with her earth technique. That was where they decided to stop for a break as the caravan people had gotten tired. Despite that Sakura and Sasuke continued on their leaves, Sasuke making sure he had it down and Naruto was actually using his technique now as they had stopped and he could concentrate more. Sakura was surprised that the Jutsu actually worked pretty well, it didn't do monumental damage but it would force someone back. Kakashi had gone to go practise with Naruto whilst the people who hired them made lunch. Sakura got extremely close to perfecting the leaf exercise but didn't quite have it, Sasuke was agitated that despite finishing the exercise he wasn't doing it consistently and so Kakashi wouldn't give him a jutsu.

"Kakashi I've basically got it. Teach me a jutsu," Sasuke demanded still annoyed at the fact that Naruto had added a jutsu to his arsenal before him.

"Now now Sasuke, perfect it first and the jutsu I teach you will be stronger," Kakashi responded to Sasuke.

"Sasuke don't worry so much," Sakura started. "You'll get one before me anyway."

Sasuke just glanced at her before narrowing his eyes. "Hn," was all he responded with before eating his food. Sakura sighed heavily at this, what was his problem?

Naruto had been surprisingly quiet; instead of speaking all the time like he usually did he decided instead to wolf down his food, hungry after practising his jutsu. Lunch was relatively quiet, Sasuke killing the mood slightly.

"Well, we should be off," Kakashi stated to the team and they started to move again. Sakura took the front of the caravan, sensing for any threats whilst Naruto and Sasuke protected the sides and Kakashi waited at the back, ready to pounce into action at any given moment.

They were deep into Iwa now, cut off from the land of fire if they were attacked and Sakura had an uneasy feeling about her. She felt like she should be able to sense a chakra signature outside of just them, even if it was faint and far away but they hadn't run into anyone in a long time.

Suddenly Sakura felt a spike of chakra coming from straight ahead of them. Sakura held her hand up, signifying for them to stop before they ran into them. Kakashi appeared up front next to her, Naruto and Sasuke following suit.

"What do you think it is sensei," Sakura asked.

"I'm not sure but don't do anything stupid," Kakashi said glancing towards each member of team 7.

A group of four ninja walked up to them, clearly a team like themselves with a jonin and three others. Although judging from their chakra levels they were likely Chunin, or at least at that level.

"State your names and purpose," a voice called out to them from the obvious jonin.

"Kakashi Hatake, passing through to get to the land of iron," the Jonin sensei answered back calmly, although Sakura felt extremely tense at the situation.

"Kakashi of the sharingan eh," the Jonin spoke back and Sasuke's eyes widened considerably. "You were the yellow flashes student were you not?"

Kakashi visibly tensed at this. It was no secret that Iwagakure hated the Yondaime but now Sakura felt like they were going to break into an all-out fight.

"Student of the yondaime," a dark haired Kunoichi called out, spitting slightly. "How dare he set foot in our country!"

"And who are your other students there," the Jonin called out again.

"Step back and keep quiet," Kakashi said to the students.

"Trying to hide something eh Kakashi?"

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha," Sasuke told them.

"Uchiha," were the startled voices coming from the three behind the Jonin. Even if the clan had been wiped out the name Uchiha still meant something and held weight.

"I'm Sakura Haruno," the pink haired Kunoichi called out. Kakashi seemed to not react at all to these names but he did step in front of Naruto and decide to speak up.

"The last ones Naruto Uzumaki," Kakashi stated and hoped that it would be the last of it.

"An Uzumaki eh, are they still around then?"

"Of cour-"

"Yes not by any help from you," Kakashi interrupted Naruto. The blonde glared at Kakashi, he couldn't see the Jonin as Kakashi was in the way.

"Ah Kakashi let the boy speak," the Jonin spoke up and Sakura knew she'd never see Naruto look as tense as he did there.

"There's no need for that. There will only be animosity between an Uzumaki and an Iwa nin," Kakashi argued back. "Are you going to let us through or not?"

"They can go," the Jonin pointed to the caravan. "You lot are staying until we check you for any secret messages you might be carrying."

"Go ahead," Kakashi said to the caravan and they rushed themselves away. The copy Nin then turned back to the Jonin before speaking up again. "Turn around and leave before you make a mistake you don't want to make," Kakashi said menacingly.

"Yeah honestly we're not even doing anything dattebayo." The Iwa ninja and Kakashi seemed to pause for a moment as they saw Naruto walk out from behind Kakashi. Blonde hair and blue eyes, jonin sensei being Kakashi, it was obvious. The Iwa ninja were seething at seeing Naruto, reminding them of their greatest humiliation.

"How dare you show your face here," the same dark haired Kunoichi shouted out. "Namikaze spawn," she spat out at Naruto.

"Seems we're gonna fight after all eh, Kakashi."

Kakashi pulled up his headband to reveal a sharingan eye beneath it. It wasn't that he didn't think he'd win without it but that he needed to make sure they didn't kill Naruto.

"Team 7, battle positions," Kakashi called out to his team and he was so glad that he'd trained them as hard as he had, otherwise they'd likely be screwed.

"I've got Namikaze," the brunette called out before rushing him.

"I'm taking Uchiha," the other girl that was there called out, her hair was a few shades later than the other girl.

"Suppose I'll take her then," the male of their group called out. He had similar hair to the first girl, perhaps they were related in some way.

"Kakashi Hatake, I look forward to killing you," the Jonin said as he charged forward and a fight broke out.

With Naruto he was quickly on the defensive, his Taijutsu helping him defend her strikes against him. The girl was coming at the Jinchuriki with every intent to kill him in every strike she sent at him.

"Who even are you," Naruto asked, startled that someone would want to kill him so much.

"Kurotsuchi, granddaughter of the Tsuchikage and the person who avenged Iwagakure," she said venomously not letting up in her attacks.

"I haven't done anything to you, hell this is the first time I've been in the land of earth," Naruto replied but it only seemed to infuriate her more. Naruto deduced early in the fight that her Taijutsu was superior to his own; he hadn't been practising with Gai long enough to best her who had been trained for a long time. However as she was enraged she was overexerting herself in a lot of her strikes giving Naruto a few openings that she shouldn't have allowed. She leaned too much into a punch and Naruto managed to duck under it with his superior speed and with the momentum he got from dodging, spin his body out the way as well whilst throwing an impactful kick that knocked her into a tree. Kurotsuchi spat out some blood; before glaring at Naruto and charging at him once again.

With Sasuke he was being pushed back by this girl. She wasn't overwhelming him per say but he expected that they were at most even, she likely slightly stronger. That didn't matter to Sasuke though, he would win, the Uchiha was sure of himself.

"Isamu be careful he's an Uchiha," the one fighting Sakura called out.

"Not like it matters, he's a baby Uchiha who's nothing compared to his predecessors," the girl, Isamu, called back. She threw another punch towards Sasuke and it landed, throwing him back a few feet. The girl followed this up with a few more strikes forcing Sasuke further and further back. The girl kicked him up off the ground before jumping and kicking him back into the ground.

The man that called out to Isamu was unfortunate as Sakura took advantage and went on the offensive, pushing him back with her own taijutsu. Sakura was surprised at how easy she was finding it, the boys Taijutsu a fair bit weaker than her own. He threw a punch at her which Sakura deflected with her left arm before smashing him across the jaw with her right elbow. Following this she swiped his legs out from under him, dropping him to the floor.

Kakashi and the jonin had already resorted to ninjutsu, Kakashi displaying a large variety of multiple elements although he chose lightning ninjutsu the majority of the time seeing how it worked best against earth ninjutsu which the Jonin displayed was his go to ability.

"Lightning release: thunderbolt," Kakashi called out one of his more long ranged attacks that wouldn't use too much chakra.

"Earth release: earth style wall," the Jonin called out however some of the thunderbolt cut through the earth wall, electrocuting the jonin.

"Juro-sensei," Isamu called out. Kakashi didn't want to give his opponent time.

"Earth release: earth spear," Kakashi called out and this stabbed through Juro, causing him immense pain.

This distracted Isamu who let her guard down for a slight moment giving Sasuke a chance to capitalise.

"Fire release: great fireball jutsu," Sasuke called out firing this straight at Isamu.

"Earth release: earth style wall," Isamu called out and negated the effects of the fireball although this allowed Sasuke to go on the offensive and he managed to land a few hits on her. Sasuke looked up in time to see Naruto get sent flying his way and the Uchiha caught one of Naruto's out stretched arms and swung him around, throwing the blonde back towards Kurotsuchi.

Naruto landed a punch on Kurotsuchi forcing her back a step before she spoke up again.

"I'm gonna end this with my next jutsu," the girl stated. "Lava release-"

"Wind release: gale palm," Naruto shot out before her and knocked the girl off balance, interrupting the jutsu as she hadn't finished the hand signs.

Sasuke avoided an earth wave and shot off another fireball towards Isamu, not hitting its target and instead got a Kunai in his arm for his troubles.

Kurotsuchi threw a few kunai at Naruto causing him to block them giving her time to get her technique ready. "Yoton: Sekkaigyo no jutsu (Lava release: Quicklime Congealing Jutsu)." A strange liquid came out the girls' mouth and it surrounded Naruto making it far easier to move.

"You can greet your father in hell Namikaze," Kurotsuchi called out, preparing another jutsu. "Water release: water trumpet." This caused the substance around Naruto to solidify, effectively trapping his feet in cement. It was just unfortunate that that was when Naruto looked towards Sakura.

The pink haired Kunoichi had been doing the best out of all of them; her opponent was extremely genin level when it came to Taijutsu. However the problem Sakura encountered was that she didn't take into account the Genjutsu that her opponent had slowly been forming and it caught her, causing Sakura to fall over as the genjutsu completely messed up her mind into what was what.

"This is where you die," the man said to Sakura as he drew his kunai.

Naruto however looked over to see Sakura on the floor with the person above her and he saw red. The Kyubi began to influence him and he cracked the floor surrounding his feet before charging off to this man. Naruto had never moved so fast and he reached him before he could even throw a kunai through Sakura's head.

"Taro," Kurotsuchi yelled out but it didn't matter. Naruto punched Taro in the gut, lifting him into the air before hitting a combo in mid-air as they seemed to get higher and higher, at least ten feet off the ground before Naruto grabbed Taro's body and threw him to the ground.

"Lava release: Quicklime Congealing Jutsu." Kurotsuchi called out again but Naruto was ready for it this time.

"Wind release: gale palm," Naruto called out and released a current so strong it dispelled Kurotsuchi's jutsu. Naruto's attention was now on the Tsuchikages granddaughter as he charged at her and punched her all around the area they were in.

Sasuke was startled by what he saw with Naruto that he allowed himself to get caught by Isamu.

"Earth release: Rock Pillar Spears," Isamu called out and it seemed like there was no way that Sasuke could dodge it. And yet the Uchiha could see them coming to him and Sasuke jumped, twisting his body away from all of them before landing, eyes red with one tomoe in each eye.

"Sharingan," Isamu said in a state of disbelief. She now felt slight fear that maybe she had made a mistake. "Earth release: Rock Pillar Spears," Isamu called out again and yet Sasuke could see them coming as if they were in slow motion. He ran towards Isamu, dodging them as he went weaving hand signs.

"Fire release: great fireball jutsu," Sasuke spat out a fireball at point blank range only for it to hit a stone at point, Isamu managing to Kawarimi away and throw a kunai towards Sasuke's head. Sasuke just pulled his own up blocking it.

"The sharingan see's all, and I see your death," Sasuke called out to her before the two engaged in a battle again.

Sakura had managed to release the Genjutsu but it was taking her a few seconds to get her bearings back and she clutched in her inside jacket pocket, looking for something.

Taro had risen to his feet and was pleased to see he got up before Sakura. As he went to stab her with a kunai he picked up Sakura swung upwards with the hand that had been in her jacket, knife in hand. Sakura stabbed it straight up into his skull, taking his life.

Kakashi had been beating his opponent in every way and had him ready for the kill when he noticed Sasuke make a mistake. The Uchiha didn't notice that he was about to kill a shadow clone. Sasuke stabbed it, dispersing it and leaving himself in prime position for Isamu to hit him with another jutsu.

"Earth release: Rock Pillar Prison technique," Isamu called out, capturing Sasuke and leaving him helpless unless he could find a way out.

"Sasuke, copy my jutsu with your sharingan, you can only use it once so make it count," Kakashi called out. He was taking a gamble but he had trained Sasuke more than the other two so he knew that he'd be able to do it. Kakashi went through the hand seals at an angle so Sasuke could see. Ox, Rabbit, Monkey. Kakashi's arm channelled electricity towards his hand and he thrust it into Juro's chest, taking the Jonins life. "Chidori," Kakashi had called out.

Sasuke had watched what his sensei was doing, trusting that it would be fine and saw the technique and was amazed by the power of it. Sasuke knew he couldn't mess up or he would die but he knew he wouldn't. He couldn't die before he took revenge on his brother. Sasuke went through the hand seals and sent the chakra to his hand before twisting his body and breaking out the prison. Isamu was so caught off guard by the fact that her sensei had just been killed that she froze for a second too long.

"CHIDORI," Sasuke called out and charged it through Isamu, taking out another of the ninja that attacked them. However he didn't have enough control over the technique and so the electricity practically fried his entire body, nothing fatal but it was enough to knock him out.

With Naruto he had pummelled Kurotsuchi to within an inch of her life yet when he had her at his mercy he stopped.

"Go," was all that Naruto muttered out, calming down and his red eyes returned to blue.

The girl looked up, terrified of the monster she had just thought and didn't think twice to second guess it and fled, although a small part of her mind hated that she'd just been spared by a Namikaze.

Once sure she was far enough away that they wouldn't catch her but still in range to hear them she spoke up again. "Why are you letting me go," Kurotsuchi asked.

"You said you were the Tsuchikages granddaughter. I don't want to cause a war. Go back and tell them that Konoha allowed you to live and that you need to think next time you attack one of our ninja," Naruto called out and Kurotsuchi didn't want to push it so turned away and ran.

Kakashi heard the whole of their conversation and was going to kill her until he heard she was the Tsuchikages granddaughter. He was proud of Naruto, the boy may have just avoided going to war with Iwa and saved many lives in the process. "Naruto, go check on Sakura and make sure she's okay, I'll check on Sasuke."

"Hai, sensei," Naruto said, he was acting more seriously at the moment as they had just fought in a real fight and the blonde was still trying to process this.

Sakura was tired, but overall she was the least harmed physically. Naruto walked over to her checking if she was okay.

"Sakura-chan, have you ever," Naruto left the question unasked but it was there.

"That wasn't my… first time," Sakura answered honestly and it was the truth, she had killed someone who tried to attack her when she was younger. "I'm just glad that we all made it out alive. Thank you… Naruto," Sakura said, obviously talking about how Naruto saved her when she was under genjutsu. Looking over towards Kakashi she noticed that he had dropped to the floor next to Sasuke and both genin began to worry.

"Shadow clone jutsu," Naruto called out. With his near limitless supply of chakra Naruto was still able to make clones, to the shock of Sakura. He only made four but that's because he didn't need any more than that. "Sakura-chan we should probably catch up with the caravan ya know."

"Yeah you're right," Sakura started up. "We can dwell on this later." With that said Sakura and Naruto took the front and back of their group with Naruto's clones each carrying Sasuke and Kakashi. It took them a long time but their general speed was a bit faster than the caravan and so they managed to catch up to the caravan after five hours as they didn't take any breaks, neither Kakashi nor Sasuke showed any signs of awakening soon.

"Ah your back," one of their hires said. "Wha-what happened back there?"

"We got into a fight with those ninja, do you have anywhere we can put Kakashi sensei and Sasuke," Sakura responded. Their hires just nodded and led the Naruto clones to one of the tents they had pitched.

"Hey Sakura-chan," Naruto began as if he were to ask a question but stopped, trying to figure the right way to ask.

"Yeah, Naruto," Sakura asked waiting for Naruto to ask her whatever it was.

"Do you… know why they wanted to kill me back there? I've never even met them before and yet they stared at me with more hate then I've ever seen. I know what hate looks like ya know, and that was on another level to what I get in Konoha," Naruto questioned shyly. It must've been hard for him considering he was supposedly the reason they attacked.

"I haven't a clue Naruto," Sakura started honestly. "What did they say to you again?"

"They called me something like 'Namkage brat' or something like that," Naruto told Sakura. "I haven't got a clue what it meant though."

"I think you mean 'Namikaze' but if that is what they said then…," Sakura left the end of what she was gonna say out, her mind flying to each different scenario she could think of.

"I dunno, I guess I'll ask Kaka-sensei when he wakes up dattebayo," Naruto wondered aloud. I'm definitely talking to sensei when he wakes up Sakura thought. She had some strong suspicions now but if they were true then she didn't have a clue why Naruto was treated the way he was.

"Hey Naruto, when you saved me, how did you get there so fast," Sakura asked her friend. Naruto stiffened slightly at her question which was a clear sign that he wanted to hide something from her. He didn't say anything for a while, his eyes slightly distant as if not focused on their conversation. "Naruto?"

"Ah uh Sakura-chan…," Naruto exclaimed in shock. "I dunno ya know, I guess seeing you in danger meant I tried my hardest to get there, I have been working on my speed after all heh heh," Naruto said too quickly. Sakura's eyes narrowed, why was Naruto keeping things from her?

"I guess that makes sense," Sakura said although internally she didn't believe a word of what he'd just said. I will figure you out Naruto!

"Well Sakura, I'll take first watch and wake you up in a few hours, you must be tired after all," Naruto offered. Sakura thought to object but yawned as she opened her mouth and that right there proved what Naruto had just said.

"Yeah I guess. Thank you, Naruto."

"Heh heh, no problem Sakura-chan. You can always rely on me dattebayo," Naruto said with his biggest smile. Sakura still had more to ask him but she was exhausted and so elected to go to sleep, she could always ask him the next day.

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