Chapter 5

That morning Kakashi woke up from his chakra exhaustion, it'd only been mild as his opponent hadn't pushed him very far, Kakashi hadn't recognised him so the copy Nin had assumed that he was either a recent Jonin or simply unremarkable. He wouldn't want to get in another fight before reaching the land of iron but he could at least walk, the same couldn't be said for Sasuke. Both sharingan users had been passed out since the previous day although Sasuke still hadn't woken up, at first Kakashi worried that Sasuke had died, that the chidori may have used too much of his chakra but the Uchiha was still breathing so Kakashi guessed that part of it was just chakra exhaustion. However Sasuke also had never used such a powerful jutsu before so the electricity had gotten slightly out of control and electrocuted Sasuke's body which meant that he may not awaken for a while, however it appeared his condition wasn't critical. Kakashi was impressed by both Naruto and Sakura; they had kept a level head even after their sensei passed out and managed to get back on course to completing the mission.

Leaving the tent Kakashi was staying in he was surprised to see Naruto was up, shadow clones positioned at every direction so they would know as soon as something came up. The boy looked tired, exhausted even but his eyes were still pealed, ever ready for anyone that might come his way.

"Hey Naruto I can take over if you want," Kakashi offered.

"Kaka-sensei you're alright," Naruto said happily. "Are you sure you can watch properly, I don't want you sleeping again?"

"Maa I'll be fine," Kakashi assured the blonde. "We'll probably leave in an hour but why don't you go get a bit of rest," Kakashi asked. You've more than earnt it.

"Hai kaka-sensei."

With that said Naruto went to his tent and an uneventful hour passed by, Kakashi deep in thought about what their fight with the stone ninja would have in store for the leaf. He also had to worry about Naruto now, whilst letting the Tsuchikages granddaughter prevented an immediate war, allowing her to reveal that Naruto was the child of Minato Namikaze, which she undoubtedly would do, may cause a severe amount of problems for Naruto. Also the Tsuchikage was a proud man, because of this there was no way he would allow this to go unanswered, his own ninja killed in his country.

Kakashi was so lost in thought that he didn't notice Sakura come up behind him.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei are you alright," Sakura asked.

"Hmm Sakura," Kakashi said in a slight daze as his thoughts had him worried before he focused on what was actually going on. "Yeah I'm fine, sorry you and Naruto had to do that by the way."

"It's fine sensei; however I do have some questions about Naruto." Kakashi had been expecting this from both Sakura and Sasuke when Kurotsuchi had attacked Naruto, shouting in her rage about him being Minato's child.

"What did you want to ask Sakura," Kakashi sighed.

"What did those stone ninja want with Naruto? Why did they call him a Namikaze? I thought Naruto was a nameless orphan but if he is who I think he is then why do Konoha treat him so terribly?"

"Look Sakura-chan what your asking is an S rank secret so I can't actually tell you. However that alone likely answers your question," Kakashi replied cryptically. His student had already figured it out, he just answered her indirectly.

"I understand sensei, he needs to know though," Sakura stated.

"Look Sakura it's up to the Hokage," Kakashi told her. "You can ask him when you get back, after I give him the mission details. Although no doubt he'll know about it before we even get back."

Soon after that everyone started awakening minus Sasuke and they decided to leave so that there was less chance of stone ninja coming after them. Kakashi decided to up their pace, the quicker they were out of the land of earth the better. After a few hours of walking they entered the land of iron, they could feel it before they got there because of how cold it was. Alarmingly Sasuke still hadn't woken up and so Kakashi was starting to worry slightly, it did look like he was recovering but stranger things had happened and there was no telling if he might get worse unless he woke up.

They arrived at the capital of the land of iron where they said goodbye to their hires although the leader of the village, a man called Mifune accepted Kakashi's plea to heal Sasuke. They didn't have any medical ninjutsu specialist, they didn't use ninjutsu at all, but they had their ways and after a day of waiting Sasuke woke up.

"Kakashi what happened," Sasuke asked.

"You passed out from chakra exhaustion, it was a dangerous jutsu I gave you, and you should only use it in desperate situations."

"Hai," was all Sasuke replied with, he knew the effects of using it first hand and didn't want to go through it again unless he was absolutely positive he would be okay.

"We'll leave tomorrow once you've rested up a bit more. Take it easy," and with that said Kakashi left via shunshin to check in on his other students.

He found them in a training ground that Mifune had allowed them to use and both of them were practising their taijutsu. Kakashi couldn't help comparing it to when he first gave them the bell test and had a slightly proud smile at how far they had come in such little time. They both moved faster than usual genin and their attacks had a far larger hit then others. Watching them Kakashi could visibly see them improving with each hit they took or gave. Then ninjutsu came into play and Sakura had managed to finish her leaf and was now using earth style ninjutsu. Naruto sent a new wind style jutsu at her, one that would have caused a lot of pain for Sakura but she managed to erect an earth wall and block it. Kakashi watched as they went at it and as strong as they were, he knew that something was coming and he was sure he would make them ready for it.

The following day they departed from the land of iron and decided to take a less direct root where they headed south to the land of wind, their allies territory which would allow them to pass by with little problem. As they didn't have to wait for a caravan they could travel much faster. The trip to the land of iron had taken a week, traveling on their own they would be back in four days which was good news for them. They started early and ran until late, their conditioning making the running fairly easy as they went at a fast pace, but one they could keep up for a long duration of time. All four of the ninja were immensely pleased when they re-entered the land of fire, even more so when they caught sight of Konohagakure.

Entering back through the gates Naruto rushed forward. "We're back!" Around them many eyes were shot in their direction, all of them focused on Naruto. The other three could all guess why, Sakura and Sasuke had talked about Naruto's situation a little bit. The Uchiha was beginning to open up again a bit, Sakura realised he was terrified of forming bonds with people, even more so acknowledging them. That was why he could turn cold on someone so quickly after they had been getting along just fine. Sakura didn't know why but that was another one of a few things that she needed to figure out.

Naruto was massively confused, he'd run in with his big smile on his face so that it would already be up by the time the stares started. However he didn't see hatred in the eyes of people, it was more like bewilderment, as if they couldn't believe exactly what they were seeing. As Naruto took a closer inspection of the people in front of him, massively uncomfortable by the silence of the village around him, he could hear a pin drop. They were searching for something in his face and had seemed to find it as many of their eyes widened considerably when they figured it out.

Rushing from out of nowhere was Kiba Inuzuka. "Naruto is it true?"

"Is what true," Naruto asked sceptically.

"Ya know, that you're –"

"Come on Naruto, the Hokage will want to see you," Kakashi interrupting. He took hold of Naruto and shun shined with him to the roof where Kakashi continued to do so all the way to the Hokages tower, staying out of sight as best he could. Sasuke and Sakura had taken after them and were slightly behind but would arrive in fair time.

Entering the Hokages office Kakashi hadn't even waited to be let in and surprisingly no one stopped them. Although if Kakashi thought about it then it made sense, seeing the villagers reaction as well as that boy that had run up to Naruto had confirmed his suspicions.

"Oi Kaka-sensei, why are you rushing? I don't want everyone to think I'm rude," Naruto said, slightly irked that Kakashi had literally dragged him away from everyone else.

"Naruto I'm assuming the Hokage is going to need to have a conversation with you," Kakashi stated looking towards the Hokage who was slightly shocked that Naruto and Kakashi had sprung upon him suddenly.

He knew he was going to need to have a conversation with the boy but he hadn't prepared himself yet.

"Eh, Jiji did you want to talk to me?"

Hiruzen was slightly frozen in shock; he hadn't expected to ever tell Naruto what he was going to, he assumed Jiraiya would do it when the toad sage returned. Thankfully for the Hokage he was spared a few moments as Sakura and Sasuke came barging in although it was only short lasted. Sakura's eyes locked with Hiruzens and he knew he was going to have to answer a lot of questions from her. With a deep breath Hiruzen began to speak. "Okay team seven sit down and debrief me about your mission."

What followed was Kakashi telling them about how they left fire country, the encounter they had with the stone ninja and the consequences of the fight. Hiruzen was pleased to see Sasuke had awakened his sharingan and offered congratulations for it. He was slightly worried about Naruto tapping into the Kyubis chakra but he was a jinchuriki and it'd prove to be immensely useful if he could control the chakra of the nine tails. Once the story ended Hiruzen waited for the questions to be asked.

"Okay I'm sure you have a lot of questions to ask but I'm going to tell you all some truths so could you please refrain from asking questions until the end. Okay firstly I'd like to tell you that all of you are now in Iwagakures bingo book," Hiruzen stated before being interrupted by Naruto.

"WHAT. What do you mean we're in the bingo book, isn't that the thing with bounty things and stuff like that," Naruto questioned, slightly shook.

"Yes Naruto-kun, please refrain from interrupting me though. You are all in the bingo book and I wanted to talk to Naruto-kun and Sakura-chan about their parents and ancestry."

"Wait you want to talk to me as well," Sakura asked, incredibly surprised.

"Yes, questions at the end though if you will. First off Sakura-chan, we did a blood test on you a while back and got the results for it. The only reason we haven't told you the results is because I needed to get some things in order before I did so. Sakura, you are a descendant of the second Hokage, him being your great grandfather. As Tsunade is not in the village at this moment in time and stepped away from being a shinobi this places you as head of the Senju clan. We managed to trace your lineage back and Tobirama only had one child, a son who also had another son, your father," Hiruzen said before handing Sakura some documents. "Here are some papers with proof of your heritage as well as ones signifying that you are the new head of the Senju clan, assuming you accept of course."

Sakura was baffled; she was part of a clan. Not just a clan but the god damned SENJU. "Sorry Hokage-jisan can you give me a moment to digest this."

Next to her both Naruto and Sasuke were shocked. Naruto was shocked because he vaguely recalled something about his potential clan being distant relatives to the Senju and Sasuke because the Senju had been a clan on par with the Uchiha.

"There is more Sakura-chan. Kakashi and I both have suspicions that you may have in fact inherited the Mokuton, the only other man to do so inherently being Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage."

Sakura just seemed to stare blankly, unable to believe the information she'd just received. Seeing how Sakura didn't look like she was going to say anything Hiruzen decided to continue. "Naruto-kun, I know you have asked for a long time and I'm finally going to tell you. I'll be honest it wasn't supposed to be the one to do this but due to circumstance it appears we can't hold it off any longer. Naruto, you are the child of Kushina Uzumaki and… Minato Namikaze the yondaime Hokage."

Around the room it all felt very tense, all eyes were on Naruto. Sakura had thought Naruto would react in either of two ways. The first being excitement, excitement at being the child of a Kage and not some nameless orphan. The second being rage, rage at the fact that Naruto hadn't been told for thirteen years of his life. However the blonde jinchuriki had a very different reaction to what happened. Naruto sat there in an extremely uncharacteristic silence, an uncomfortable one as it was so unlike the Naruto they all knew and loved. Where was the 'YATTA' or the 'HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME'? Instead Naruto wasn't acting at all; he had a faraway look on his face as if he wasn't really present.

"I… see," Naruto said at long last. Then he looked up, a broken smile on his face. "Thank you for informing me Hokage-sama." Those words hurt Hiruzen more than any amount of shouting might. If Naruto had screamed at him to the top of his lungs then he'd get it out of his system and forgive him, Hiruzen had been hoping for this.

"Naruto these papers here confirm your heritage. As your mother had been head of the Uzumaki clan you technically take this mantle. These papers will legalise you as a Namikaze and all of the properties owned by your father and mother goes to you. Naruto-kun; is there anything you want to say."

"No Hokage-sama, is that all."

Hiruzen sighed slightly, he knew he had upset the boy, despite the fact that he hid the boy's parentage to protect him; he knew Naruto would not forgive him easily. Naruto picked up the papers and waited for something. Everyone in the room stared blankly for a short period of time until Naruto repeated himself.

"Hokage-sama, is that all."

"Yes Naruto-kun. You're dismissed."

With that said Naruto got up and walked out, leaving a distressed Hiruzen sat there watching as one of the people he cared most about left. Kakashi seemed to get up, about to offer to go after Naruto but Sakura beat him to it.

"I'll go talk to him about it. Don't worry Kakashi-sensei, Hokage-jisan." With that said Sakura took after Naruto in hot pursuit. Kakashi sat back down, unsure of what to do whilst Sasuke just looked uncomfortable. The Uchiha had suspected about Naruto and was surprised by the revelation about Sakura but he hadn't quite been able to process it yet. Sasuke decided to get up and leave, not waiting for the Hokages dismissal. In the office now sat Hiruzen and Kakashi, the Jonin waiting for Hiruzen to talk and the older filling his pipe before lighting it and taking a deep draw from it.

"Kakashi, be there for him now that I can't."

"Of course that goes without saying, but your acting like he won't forgive you. He's Naruto; I've never known Naruto hold a grudge against anyone."

"And I've never seen him act the way he did just now, at least not in years!" Hiruzen took a deep breath before continuing. "Kakashi I need you to train him… train Sakura and Sasuke to. The upcoming Chunin exam is going to be a battlefield and with the way you've talked about them we're going to need them. Iwa is sending the maximum amount of participants for this exam and it's still four months away. Train them hard for four months and make them ready for it, Konoha need to show we still produce strong shinobi and you speak of them as if they are the greatest to ever come from the leaf. Prove it."

"But Hokage-sama, if it's going to be a battle shouldn't we keep them as far away from it as possible," Kakashi pleaded him to change his mind.

"Kakashi it is necessary they be strong enough to protect themselves. On home soil it will be good a place as any to prove themselves to Iwa. Train them, and train them well."

"Hai Hokage-sama," Kakashi replied before leaving as well, the Hokage now lost in his thoughts about one Naruto Uzumaki, or should he say Naruto Namikaze.

Sakura had caught up with Naruto relatively quickly as the boy hadn't been moving particularly quickly, still staring into nothingness. "Hey Naruto wait up," Sakura called to her friend.

"What do you want Sakura-chan," Naruto asked her solemnly.

"Well for one thing I want you to cheer up; you just learnt good news not bad news. Secondly you need to put a henge on because we need to get you new clothes, orange ones won't do now you're in the bingo book," Sakura replied to Naruto. Naruto didn't respond but he did activate a henge making him look different, at least that would keep the watchful eyes away from him. "Okay good now let's go."

Sakura dragged Naruto by the arm, having set up a henge herself and dragged the blonde jinchuriki along with her to the first clothing shop she saw. Tensing his shoulders slightly, Naruto took a deep breath before he followed her into the shop. Under a henge he should be fine, and after fighting the Iwa ninja and noticing how much he stood out in orange he supposed it wouldn't be the worst thing.

"Okay Naruto sit here and I'm gonna go find some stuff for you to try on as I don't trust you not to get anything orange," Sakura laughed, trying to ease the mood. Naruto had no complaint about it as he sat down and waited for Sakura to return. After waiting a short while Sakura returned with a few clothes and Naruto tried them all on, it was something to do to keep his mind from wondering too far. He tried different things on and came out to show Sakura, she had the final say as she demanded and Naruto was too unfocused to care.

After a while they eventually settled on black shinobi sandals with black trousers to match. He got a mesh shirt and a blue jacket to go over the top of it, overall Sakura felt like Naruto looked much better. Even the blonde himself was pleased with it and they purchased a few sets before leaving and Sakura led them to Ichiraku ramen whilst they walked in silence. Even once arriving there they simply ordered and waited in silence, each one seeing how long the other would hold out.

Eventually Naruto spoke up after managing to process what he'd been told. "So I'm the son of the yondaime huh," Naruto said to himself, it felt foreign to say something like that. He'd fantasised as a child about his father being the hero of the leaf village but now that it was true Naruto didn't know how to feel.

"Naruto listen to me when I say this, it's a good thing that you know who your parents. Did you want to go to your parent's home with me so you don't have to do it alone," Sakura asked Naruto. She figured that at the moment it was imperative that Naruto not be alone.

"Hai… thank you Sakura-chan," Naruto said with one of his true smiles. With that said they both received their food and ate, mind off the situation. Sakura told herself that she'd think more about being a Senju later as right now it wasn't what's important. Finishing their food, Sakura thanked Teuchi and Ayame before dragging Naruto and walking towards where his papers said that his home was.

However Sakura elected to take a slightly different route to the usual one, this would be important. "Sakura-chan where are we going," Naruto asked her, he knew the direction they were heading in and was confused as they'd get to his parents' home sooner if they went a more direct way.

"I want to show you something," Sakura informed Naruto and they were nearly there. Walking through the street, Sakura had returned to where she grew up, not for her this time but Naruto. "Naruto, this is where we grew up and what made us who we are. I suddenly becoming a clan head of one of the most famous clans in Konoha won't change the fact that i also have routes here. I'm not just gonna change myself and you don't need to either."

Looking around the streets Naruto was slightly wide eyed as he thought about what Sakura said. She was correct after all, becoming head of the Uzumaki clan and taking his fathers' name wouldn't change anything about who he is. Naruto needed to hear what Sakura said and he was ever grateful to have a friend like her. "Thank you Sakura-chan."

"C'mon Naruto, let's go see your house," Sakura suggested and the two set off in the direction of Naruto's soon to be home.

Arriving at the house Naruto seemed slightly speechless and Sakura decided she would wait outside and go in after a few minutes so Naruto could properly see it for the first time. In the home Naruto felt tears welling up in his eyes, he had something of his parents now. He entered the front door and looked around the home and couldn't be happier with it. The home wasn't a mansion, it didn't have an entire district to go with it but Naruto didn't need that, he was happy to just have a family home that he should have grown up with his parents in.

The blonde had looked around for a while when Sakura walked in and the girl thought it was the most beautiful house she had ever seen. She walked into a room and saw Naruto stood in front of a door with a seal on it, obviously the Jinchuriki didn't have any idea what it was as he was staring at it rather blankly. They'd studied it slightly in the academy and Sakura had read up on seals further in her own time so she was able to recognise it.

"It's a blood seal Naruto," Sakura began. "If you place your blood in the middle of the scroll I'm sure you'll be able to open it." Naruto didn't respond to her but he did catch the knife that Sakura threw his way and cut across his hand before smearing a bit of his blood in the obvious centre of the seal. As this happened it allowed Naruto to unlock the door and open it, behind it being all of the possessions that Naruto had left.

"It worked Sakura-chan," Naruto said slightly shocked at what had happened.

"Of course it did, you share their blood after all," Sakura responded before grabbing the knife out of Naruto's hands. It was still her most important item after all. "Let's check what's inside."

The first thing Naruto saw was two notes, each from one of his parents. Sakura decided to give him some privacy so sorted through some of the scrolls, seeing what ones might be of use to him. She found the scrolls to the hiraishin and rasengan, which were two of the most famous jutsu that the yondaime used. As she turned around to tell Naruto, she saw that the blonde was silently crying, clutching both letters to his chest. Sakura decided to give Naruto a moment and placed the scrolls back at the top of a pile.

She left the boy alone for about an hour in that room as she checked the rest of the house for anything Naruto might want. By the time Naruto came out the room his eyes were puffy but he had a bright, genuine smile on his face and Sakura didn't think she had ever seen him as happy as he was in that moment.

"Thank you Sakura-chan. Thanks for everything," Naruto said contentedly.

"It's not a problem," Sakura responded. "Well I'll be going, see you tomorrow Naruto."

Sakura left Naruto in his home and went back to her own home. She had a few things she wanted to move over from her apartment to the house she would move into and so decided that she'd pack that night and move in early the next day. That night the girl lay there processing the news of her own heritage. She decided it would be fitting, as a Senju to dedicate herself to protect the village.

That same evening saw Jiraiya of the legendary sannin return to Konoha. News of Naruto being the yellow flashes child had spread across the elemental nations like wildfire and Jiraiya had rushed back to the leaf as soon as he had heard. The toad sage would protect his godson if it was the last thing he did. He'd managed to sneak into Konoha and headed straight for Hiruzens office to convince him to let him train Naruto.

"Jiraiya I know your there," the Hokage called out before Jiraiya could even say anything. "I assume you're here about Naruto."

"Let me train him, I'll keep him safe you know I will," Jiraiya proclaimed.

"I had planned on letting you train him although I figured you wouldn't be here for another week which likely means that everyone everywhere knows," Hiruzen sighed. "He's going to be in the Chunin exam in a few months, you know what that means. Train him hard, harder then you trained Minato and make him ready for it."

"Hai hai," Jiraiya retorted back. "Okay if that's all I'm gonna go get him now, better to leave at night when no one will be watching then with all the eyes of Konoha on you."

"Be back in four months Jiraiya, and I expect Naruto to be stronger."

Jiraiya didn't respond to the last comment and instead left through the window, Hiruzen too distressed to even complain about it. The toad sage rushed towards Minato and Kushina's house where he knew the boy would be. With a knock on the door, Naruto opened it warily and was surprised to see a man he didn't know.

"So you're Naruto eh," Jiraiya stated. "You look just like your father. May I come in," Jiraiya asked and Naruto just opened the door wider and allowed him to walk in. "I assume you're wondering who I am and why I'm here. I'm gonna give it to you straight kid, I'm the person who trained your father and I'm here to do the same for you."

"What about Kaka-sensei and Sakura and Sasuke," Naruto asked, he didn't want to abandon his team.

"I'll only be training you for four months, for now, and then you'll be back to take the Chunin exam with them. Do you accept, I promise I can make you stronger? Also it'll keep you away from everyone trying to ask you questions and give them a chance to digest that you are the child of the Yondaime."

Naruto sat quietly for a moment, thinking about it. He didn't want to abandon anyone but he figured that if he could get stronger, he could protect his friends better.

"Okay, I'll go with you," Naruto decided after a while. Besides, if this person trained the Yondaime he must be a good teacher. "When do we leave… sensei?"

"Right now, it'll be better than having everyone watch us leave. We're going somewhere where no one will be able to follow you." And with that said Jiraiya made sure Naruto got his belongings together, including some food before doing a reverse summoning jutsu taking them to Mount Myoboku.