Prologue: Red

Shang Mu village outskirts, 1984

An alarm clock rang next to the red dragon's bed. Standing up and stretching, the child knew of one thing which was happening today: The first day of school. It was not exactly something he was looking forward to, especially given his unpopularity within his home village. The other children always stared at him, as though they had never seen anyone like him before. Apparently he was always there from the start, according to his father; this was evidenced by others in the village having known of him for the past few decades. Yet all the same, Kyushei Ryuu felt, above all else, alone.

Walking into the kitchen, he immediately started looking for his father, who was merely cooking some scrambled eggs for his son. The man was physically imposing, standing above six feet tall with a broad, muscular physique, with shoulder-length wavy red hair and piercing red eyes. He wore a simple farmer's outfit made of canvas, a stark contrast to how he was built. It was almost as though a demi-god had decided to live amongst mortal man.

"Good morning, Kyushei." His father spoke, serving the eggs on a table. "You woke up just in time. School is almost about to start."

"…I don't want to go." Kyushei spoke. "Everyone always looks at me as though I did something wrong just by existing. Do you know why?"

"…I cannot say for certain." The dragon responded as he served some juice for his child. "However, I cannot exactly have you simply not go to school. It is an important part of your development into the great man I know you shall become."

"…Right." Kyushei spoke as he began to eat. "Probably would be better if we were in the city…"

"Kyushei, the city is where the horrible vices of Avalice manifest themselves into our day-to-day lives. Really, if you were raised there, you would more than likely become a self-absorbed egotistical maniac." Kyushei's father spoke. "The countryside is where humility is cultivated. Where something is made from nothing. You are an incredibly smart child, Kyushei. Don't let your gifts be wasted."

Kyushei finished up his eggs soon after his father finished speaking. "Would mom say much the same?"

"…I cannot say for certain." His father responded. "Although I am certain that if she were to see you today, she would be as proud of you as I am."

"…Thanks." Kyushei spoke as he went over to brush his teeth and get himself packed for the day ahead before leaving for school.

The village was small and rural, the city skyline of Shang Mu visible in the far distance to the south. Streets were paved not with asphalt, but cobblestone. The village was rather secluded from Shang Mu, as though it were within its own pocket of the world. The other children of the village were going to school as well, although none were heading in with him. A majority of the children were mammalian, with only a few being avian. Kyushei, meanwhile, was the odd man out. The only dragon for miles. Apparently, Fire Dragons such as himself were exceptionally rare in the grand scheme of things, really only being second to Water Dragons in terms of just how rare they truly are. However, those thoughts were not exactly at the forefront of his mind. His thoughts were elsewhere, namely how he'd get through the first day of school.

Literature was alright. The teacher was nothing if not kind to him, after all. Yet it still felt like the multitudes of other children kept staring at him. He felt it especially prevalent in the back of the classroom, where he felt that there was a group of children actually talking about him… And not necessarily in a nice way. He picked up their conspiring, something about his ego and how someone should put Kyushei in his place, yet he did not want to cast further attention to himself. As such, the fire dragon did not call attention to it, a move which may or may not prove to have been the best move forward. Other classes came and went with a similar flow to them. Mathematics. Social Studies. Yet all the same, Kyushei felt stared at. Singled out. It unnerved him until the dragon eventually had lunch.

His lunch was rather simple, really. A cold ham sandwich, a bottle of water, not much of note. Though he ate alone, he felt content with himself. The day was going by without much issue. Though he was alone, he felt… Oddly in-place. As though he was meant for this. With all eyes on him. It felt mildly unnerving, yet at the same time somewhat pleasing. That most everyone would be paying attention to him.

And then recess came. The children flooded the playground, and all Kyushei did was walk outside to the fields nearby. It was a rather beautiful day, sun shining, yet plenty of clouds to provide shade. The hills within the field provided a nice way to keep his thoughts busy. He liked being on top of them. They made him feel as though he was above everyone, that any of his concerns did not matter, for they were already taken care of. He kept walking, feeling the sun in the air, and generally enjoy-

"Having a nice walk there?" A voice spoke behind Kyushei, interrupting his thoughts. Soon enough, he was shoved to the ground, face-first onto the dirt. Turning around, he observed his attackers: a bear, a fox, and a red-tailed hawk sneering at him. He recognized them. They were in the back of Literature class. They were talking about him.

"What do you want from me?" Kyushei asked as he tried to get up, only to be pushed back down by the fox.

"To teach you and your kind your place around these parts." The bear spoke. "Because you? You're not welcome around here."

"Why is that? I don't understa-" Kyushei spoke, only to be interrupted by a smack across his face.

"Did any of us say you were to speak?" The bear spoke.

"…No?" Kyushei asked.

"Exactly." The bear spoke. "Though you should be answering a question with an answer, or are you so stupid to be answerin' that with another question?" The children laughed.

An anger began to rise within the dragon as he attempted to stand. His fists tightened.

"Aaaww, is the lizard man gonna try and fight me?" The bear teased. "Go ahead, do your wor-"

In an instant, his expression turned from confident to one of absolute abject horror. The hill stained red with blood. Looking down, he saw the attack.

Kyushei had landed a single devastating punch through his chest. The bear's shirt was beginning to soak with fluids. "Yes. I am." Kyushei spoke ominously in a demonic voice before pulling his arm out, soaked in the blood of the bear before he fell to the ground. His arm was in immense pain, yet that did not matter to Kyushei. He put them in their place. The other two ran away. And that was when everything came crumbling down around him…

At the front office, Kyushei was nervous. His father was called in, and was currently discussing terms with his principal and the local police who were called in on the matter. The bear's family was grieving across from him.

"You… You're a monster!" The mother wept. Yet all Kyushei thought in response was Like mother, like son. The apple never fell far from the tree, did it?

Kyushei's father then stepped out of the office, his eyes darkened. The principal followed him closely.

"Mister Ryuu, I mean, your son does have the alibi of self-defense, are you certain-" The principal stammered before Kyushei's father glanced over at the principal.

"I know what I need to do. If we do not correct this issue soon, then yes, he will grow up to become problematic. But for now, I believe the best way forward for him is not to hide his powers away, but to use them for the betterment of Avalice." His father spoke. "Now then. Kyushei?"

"Yes, father?" The young dragon asked.

"Remember how you spoke of wanting to be raised in the city this morning? Now you have your chance. My close friend, Emmerich Orrega, will take you to the Shang Mu Military Academy."

Kyushei did not know what to think of this piece of news. All he thought about it was that, hopefully, he would finally attain some respect.

Affinity Name: Enhanced Performance
Affinity User: Kyushei Ryuu
Element: Fire
Affinity Type: Close-Range, Bound
The user can dramatically increase their strength and speed for a split second at the cost of immense energy drain and potential injury without proper training to control it. The user, within the state of Enhanced Performance, can go at hypersonic speeds and deliver crushing blows capable of piercing even the thickest of armored plating.

And so, a new chapter of Frosted Wings begins! Ironically enough without the namesake character, welcome to Frosted Wings Alpha: Civil War!

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