Total Drama Wars (New & Improved All-Stars)

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Welcome visitor! This is my realm where I dream about how TDAS could've sucked less lol.

Important Note: This story is a rewrite of Total Drama All-Stars, the official canon 5th season of the Total Drama series. As many of you most likely were, I was extremely dissatisfied with how the show portrayed some of my favorite characters and also how the show ignored many characters for the benefit of two *COUGH* you know who they are.

This fanfiction shall be different! I am including a cast of 20 and the theme is going to be a bit different to allow more flexibility in selecting characters. Hope you all give it a fair chance!

This story is all about having fun and creating our own little Total Drama fantasy! I'd appreciate any input you have :)

Day 1 Part 1: The Bitter Beginning

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine,

(The camera pans over the cliff, where Scott, Alejandro, and Ezekiel are peering over the edge as some of the sharks wave them down. Ezekiel and Alejandro look at each other before Scott lets out a scream)

You guys are on my mind.

(The camera jumps down into water, where Harold is swimming. Nearby, a boat race is happening between Courtney, Jo, and Heather. Courtney's boat runs over Harold's head as she paddles ferociously)

You asked me what I wanted to be

And now I think the answer is plain to see,

(On the beach, Gwen and Duncan lay together in a towel. They lean in to kiss, only for Duncan to fall backwards into the sand after hearing Scott's scream)

I wanna be famous.

(Noah and Justin are push-fighting outside the confessional as Leshawna walks out of it and shoves Noah to the ground. Justin starts laughing at him until Leshawna steps on his foot)

I wanna live close to the sun,

Go pack your bags, 'cause I've already won,

(Zoey can be seen in the mess hall holding Mike's hands and leaning in. Mike suddenly clutches his head and runs out the door)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way

I'll get there one day.

(The camera pans to outside of the mess hall, where Mike trips over the steps and falls on top of Lightning, who was on his morning run outside. They both groan in pain)

Cause, I wanna be famous!

(The camera pans to the front of the cabins. Brick and Lindsay are sitting next to each other on the steps, where she is seen talking to him about fashion. She sees Trent walking by and tries to fix her hair, only to topple off of the steps)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na!

(The camera pans back over to the campfire at night, where all of the campers sit in the middle on the log-seats except for Cody, who is leaning against Chris's podium and trying to flirt with Eva, who has her arms crossed. Chris comes over and shoves Cody off of the podium as Chef tells him a joke and he laughs maniacally)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

(The camera slowly fades out as it leaves the campfire and slowly shifts to the indigo sky scattered with bright white stars. All of the campers whistle as the intro ends)

(The Familiar Docks of Wawanakwa Island, the ocean calm in the background and the campfire visible in the blazing daylight)

Chris McLean laid on a foldout beach chair with an exotic and colorful design as he sips an umbrella drink and looks directly into the camera. He smiled and stood up, throwing his hands into the air enthusiastically. "Welcome back viewers! We've heard your demands for another Total Drama season and I must say that I think you'll be very pleased with what we have lined up!"

Chris walked into the center of the dock. "For the next few weeks, you'll be watching 20 of our past contestants duke it out as they viciously compete for a shot at our top prize of 5-MILLION DOLLARS!" He unveiled his trademark smile and paused for dramatic effect at that.

"Loyal viewers might remember that we've had some distinct differences between seasons in the past. Total Drama Island was a simple campground on this island, Total Drama Action consisted of movie themed challenges, Total Drama World Tour featured different challenges in famous locations around the world, and Total Drama Revenge of The Island returned back to this campground when it was filled to the brim with toxic waste!"

Chris wiped a tear from his eye. "That one was my favorite really. All of the awesome mutant creatures! Unfortunately, it was all sterilized and cleaned up." He waved his hands carelessly into the air.

From his left, Chef Hatchet walked into frame in his old war outfit that had been seen in Total Drama Island. It included a green army hat, sunglasses, camo green khakis, a light green tank top, and large brown combat boots. A whistle hung around his neck. He stopped at the fork of the dock and proceeded to blow his whistle loudly. Chris looked over at his partner and grinned widely.

"Thanks for the cue, Chef. I almost got caught up reminiscing there."

"Now, viewers, we come again to Camp Wawanakwa for a total duke-out of past competitors in TOTAL DRAMA WARS! We've selected some of our most prominent contestants from the past and some fan favorites as well to return for your viewing entertainment as they face betrayal, friendship, love, old wounds, and whatever we throw at them in the largest-budget total drama season ever! It's going to be all-out war!" Chris pointed his index fingers in the air as the breeze caught his hair and blew it in a dramatic direction. Chef, getting tired of the drama that Chris brought, grumbled at the display and laid down onto Chris's beach chair. The cook closed his eyes and muttered under his breath, "This gonna be a looooong season."

Suddenly, a boat siren sounded loudly and Chris looked to the side in surprise before quickly regaining his composure. "It looks like our first competitor has arrived early. I wonder who it could be?"

Suddenly, the boat pulled up to the end of the Dock of Shame. A familiar figure stepped off, holding a guitar case in one hand and a pair of dice in the other.

"Trent! Welcome back my man." Chris clapped Trent on the back as the musician seemed to nervously walk onto the dock. Trent looked around for a moment, his eyes scanning the Island and seeming to be full of painful memories of Total Drama Island.

He glanced back at Chris and smiled slightly. "Hey Chris. I'm guessing I'm the first to get here? What's the gimmick for this season anyway? I'm kinda hoping for something different from movie themes."

Chris chuckled and poked the musician in the chest. "Ah Trent, I'm sure you'll have a better time than you did last time. I mean, look at the bright side: you have no girlfriend to obsess over, throw challenges for, and ultimately get humiliatingly dumped by!"

Trent's small smile quickly drained off of his face.

The host then shot him two thumbs up and gave him a slight push forward. "You're already doing better than last time, dude! Keep up the great work!"

Once the musician was out of earshot, the host rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "Talk about a lame first arrival. Why couldn't they give me someone with a little bit of personality?"

As Chris finished his sentence, another boat showed up at the end of the dock. Out stepped the familiar form of Heather, with longer hair then she had back in Total Drama World Tour. Her gold tooth gleamed in the autumn light and her eyes narrowed as she laid eyes on Chris and Trent.

She strutted forward onto the dock with her head held high and her arms stubbornly crossed.

"Why hello there Heather," Chris smirked. "Fancy seeing one of our past winners here again." He placed a finger mockingly against his chin and looked up. "Then again, can I really call you a winner when you lost your money mere seconds after winning it? And to Ezekiel of all people!"

Heather's eye twitched as she quickly moved past the host to the middle of the dock. She dropped her bags onto the wooden planks below and scowled, her golden tooth gleaming in the sunlight. "Whatever. It had better be fair this time."

"McLean." Eva stepped off of the next boat, looking much the same and towering over the others with her signature unibrow and crossed arms.

Chris almost seemed to flinch away as he smiled somewhat fairly. "Heeyy Eva. Long time no see, huh? I haven't seen you since like...season one, was it?" Trent and even Heather flinched at Chris's words, waiting for Eva to lose it. However, they were both left in surprise when Eva just grunted angrily and walked past Chris quickly towards them, dropping her heavy bags on the dock and staring straight ahead.

Suddenly, a muscular Latino man with burn scars all over his arms and others snaking around his neck stepped out onto the dock, sunglasses hiding his emerald green eyes from view. Chris went over to greet him. "Alejandro! Bro! I'm glad to see one of Total Drama's greatest competitors is back for another round!"

He offered his fist for a bump, but was left cold as Alejandro walked past him, standing noticeably far from Heather next to Trent. Heather's eyes went to the side, avoiding eye contact.

Trent greeted him with a handshake and a smile, "Hey man, how're you doing?" Alejandro glanced at the outstretched hand for a moment and then met it with his own, growing a small one-sided smile, "Lately, not that great. But I'm hoping that this year will be different. And hopefully I can earn some forgiveness for what I did in the past." He gained an uneasy look on his face.

Trent scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah, I'm kind of hoping for some forgiveness from a certain someone too..."

Chris popped up between them suddenly. "It looks like that certain someone is pulling up now! Everybody say hello to our favorite goth girl and boyfriend kisser, Gwen!"

Gwen scowled at Chris as she stepped onto the dock, "Bite it, Chris. I'm only back because that stupid contract was for four seasons." At this, she walked towards the others as Chris stood back, mockingly holding his heart.

"Wow! And here I thought that you missed me! That's cold Gwen; that's cold." The host shook his head with a large smirk on his face.

Trent and Gwen exchanged an awkward glance for a split second as the goth walked over to join the crowd.

"Uhhhh...Hi, Trent. I'm...surprised to see you here."

Trent rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. "Well...I kind of wanted to clear things up on here. And Chris did ask me back, so I kind of had to come anyway..."

Gwen nodded absentmindedly. For a few seconds, nothing was said as they just stared at each other. Finally, Gwen broke the awkward silence by chuckling nervously.

"Well, good luck, I guess...It's good to see you again." She then quickly moved over to stand next to Eva, who just gave her a simply studying glance before looking away.

"I'm loving the uncomfortable drama already! Maybe we'll get some more when we see Gwen's new boy toy, Duncan, show up," Chris exclaimed when, as if on cue, Duncan appeared off of the next simple white boat. "Eat it Maclean. I don't have to answer to you about my personal life. Last I checked, you're not the beacon of morality around these parts."

He scanned the other competitors before walking over to them, "So this is who we got? How are Elvis and Fitness Gorilla here even considered All-Stars?" Eva just glared at him coldly and Trent fidgeted uncomfortably at the punk's entrance.

Chris put a finger up to correct him, "Now now Duncan, I know you're not the smartest kid in school, but please try to remember the pamphlet I sent out. Not everyone here will be an All-Star."

Duncan shrugged at the host and walked over to where the other contestants were standing. He looked some of the other up and down before pulling up next to Gwen. "Why hello there, gorgeous. You doing anything later?"

Gwen chuckled and slugged him in the arm. "I don't know. I don't usually meet delinquents who are so smooth."

Duncan wiggled his unibrow. "I'm not like most delinquents."

The couple shared a quick kiss as the next boat pulled up, carrying someone who definitely didn't think that Duncan was "smooth".

Chris quickly wiped the disgusted look off of his face from seeing Duncan and Gwen kiss to greet the newest arrival. "Yo Harold, our favorite nerd! How're you doing man? Ready to show us some new skills?"

Harold adjusted his glasses. "Actually, yes. Last summer, I learned a lot on how to—"

Chris quickly interrupted him quickly, "Yeah, I was just greeting you to be nice. I didn't actually want to know."

"Your loss, Chris. Let me just ask one question though: What's your plan if ninjas ever attack?"

Chris gave him a weird look and shook Harold's hand before the nerd wearily walked over to Trent, glancing rather hatefully at Alejandro and then at Duncan. Duncan returned the look right back.

Harold whispered quietly to his band mate Trent, "Gosh! Why are they allowing those jerks back?" Trent shot a smile at Harold and just shrugged, "Chris likes the drama, man. You should know that by now." Harold nodded at him and looked down, seeming bothered about something.

"Hey y'all! Leshawna is in the house!" Leshawna, clad in her usual clothes and with her raven ponytail, came walking onto the dock, waving at Gwen mostly.

Chris smiled. "Here is our home girl, Leshawna!" The host craned his head to smirk at the new arrival. "Here to redeem yourself from your poor performance in World Tour?"

"Don't you worry Chris. Leshawna knows how to spot a snake now." She glared both at the host and then at Alejandro, who was looking intently at the ground.

Harold stared at her longingly as she walked past him.

She high-fived Gwen as she walked by, chatting up a storm with her as Duncan watched somewhat disdainfully.

"Next up is Total Drama's resident lovable beauty, Lindsay!"

The host grinned very widely as one of his favorite contestants walked up the dock, waving at all of the contestants in a very friendly way. Behind her rolled two giant backpacks, likely full of beauty products.

"Hello Chris. Oh my gosh, are we competing here on Wakanda again?"

Some of the other contestants, notably Duncan and Gwen, chuckled a bit at Lindsay's signature habit of mixing up names as the blonde walked over to Leshawna and Gwen to join their conversation.

Suddenly, two people came off of the same boat, arms wrapped around each other's shoulders as they walked towards the crowd of mostly unfamiliar people. One wore a teal shirt and had spiky dark brown hair, while the other wore a red tank top and had matching red hair. Chris didn't look as ecstatic to see them. "And here is the nauseously lovable couple of Multiple Mike and Zoey!"

Mike and Zoey didn't seem happy to see Chris either, but they nonetheless greeted him, "Hey Chris, nice to see they let you out of jail for this," Mike said with a slight friendly grin as they walked past the host.

Zoey mirrored him with a quick greeting to Chris before turning towards the other competitors, "I hope that we'll be able to make friends with most of you. I look forward to getting to know you all. I watched you all on Total Drama in the past." She blushed a bit at her confession, feeling a bit like a fan girl.

Eva simply lifted an eyebrow, but awkwardly offered a slight twitch of her lips. Harold and Trent smiled at them. Gwen, Leshawna, and Duncan seemed a bit skeptical. Heather and Alejandro seemed uncaring.

Lindsay seemed confused. "Who are these new people? Are they the interns?"

Chris chuckled at her question. "Ahhh Lindsay, never change."

Another boat pulled up, its passenger running onto the dock and striking a pose. "Chris! The Lightning is glad to see that somebody around here appreciates talent!"

Chris cocked an eyebrow at Lightning as the others laughed at him. "Nice to see you again Lightning. Your enthusiasm seems to know no bounds, despite your epic fail last year. Now go join your fellow victi— I mean competitors and try not to annoy me too much." Lightning enthusiastically jogged over to join the others, not noticing that most of them didn't look enthusiastic about his arrival.

"Next up is Total Drama's lonely ladies man! The Codemeister himself graces us with his presence!"

As Chris announced this, Cody walked onto the dock with his head held high, shooting finger guns at everyone. "You bet he is! And the Codemeister won't be going home empty-handed this time!"

He strutted confidently towards the others as some of them looked skeptically at him. Notably, Eva, Alejandro, and Duncan didn't seem to see him as much of a threat. Cody stopped briefly to greet Harold and Trent, his fellow Drama Brothers, only to surprisingly walk over to Heather. The Queen Bee smiled slightly and began somewhat reluctantly talking to her old ally. Gwen raised an eyebrow at this and seemed a bit miffed.

"Next comes our resident gym girl with a bad attitude! And no, Eva is already here! It's Jo!"

Jo walked onto the dock, her eyes seeming to measure the competitors before her. With a snort at the competitors she recognized, she cockily asked Chris, "Is this really it? I'll have the money in no time. Especially with Brightning here."

Lightning shot an angry look at the gymnast, crossing his arms and lowering his head into a pouting position. "Lightning is bright!"

Chris seemed amused about the testy exchange. "Don't worry, Lightning. I don't think Jo here has much room to be critiquing you. I mean, she got duped by Cameron! Cameron, for cries sake!"

Jo narrowed her eyes and frowned angrily at the host. She tightened her grip on her things and promptly stomped on Chris's foot as she walked by. He jumped, grabbing his injured foot. Chef Hatchet, forgotten in the background in a nap, awoke at this and chuckled a bit.

"Owwwww, what the heck? I'm supposed to be the one bringing the pain around here!"

As Chris complained, a new boat left a familiar hunk standing at the end of the dock. His blue eyes gleaming, he gave an award-winning smile to everyone else.

"Hey there everyone. Miss me?" He walked towards them, his eyes seeming full of determination and of confidence. Some of the others seemed surprised, with Duncan and Gwen looking weary of him.

Heather scowled. "How could we ever forget the beta version of Alejandro?"

Justin seemed to strain to keep a smile on his face. "Oh, hello Heather. Why are you back here? I thought that you had already won the money?"

Heather narrowed her eyes dangerously at the male model, who simply waved mockingly at her in reply. Some of the other campers shot thumbs up at the model, who winked back at them as he began making his way over to the crowd.

Chris regained his footing and grinned at the camera. "That was Total Drama Action's handsome villain, Justin! And it seem like his old flame follows him!"

Justin turned around in surprise, as Courtney, the formerly psychopathic CIT stepped off of the next boat. She seemed to be determined to keep her face neutral at the sight of the others, most of whom she didn't have a good past with. Her eyes lingered on Duncan and Gwen, only to drift back to Chris in a deadpan.

"This better be a fair and relatively safe game, McLean. I had my lawyers scour the contracts in anticipation for this season."

Chris flinched a bit at the mention of her man-eating lawyers, but Chef Hatchet placed a hand on the host's shoulder to steady him, shaking his head.

Chris stared into Courtney's eyes. "I'm sure this will meet your standards. Certainly no reckless endangerment of contestants here." He seemed to chuckle at this, as if it was a joke. Courtney glared at him and walked over to join the others.

Chris caught sight of the next boat as some contestants seemed uneasy at Courtney's presence, particularly Harold, Gwen, Duncan, and Alejandro.

"Ahhh, I see that our loyal soldier Brick returns to the island next. How are you man?"

Brick saluted Chris and the others and smiled cheerfully as he entered. "Hello sir! Brick MacArthur reporting for duty, again! I look forward to this war with such formidable competitors." His eyes roamed over the others, lingering a bit over Jo before he saw Mike and Zoey. He smiled and marched over to them, chatting with them as they patted him on the back.

Chris smiled almost genuinely at this, before remembering who was arriving next. He smirked evilly as he announced, "I'm sure you guys from season 4 will be even more ecstatic at the arrival of the next contestant from your season! Next up is famous manipulator-farm boy, Scott!"

The former Revenge of The Island contestants looked extremely weary as they caught sight of Scott, in all of his cocky glory, step foot on the dock and grin cheekily at them. He looked much the same as he had before being placed in his trauma chair during the last season.

"Why hello there, buds," he cackled. "I'm sure we'll have as much fun as we did last time, eh?" Mike and Zoey glared at him hatefully as Jo looked bitterly at him. He grinned at the reaction and strolled over to them. Some of the old-school competitors began to think that he was bad news.

Chris's smile widened at the next boat's entrance. "Next up is the cynical opponent of Alejandro in World Tour! Total Drama's dodgeball-allergic bookworm, Noah!"

At this announcement, Noah stepped off of his boat, looking neutrally at the others and seeming disinterested in how he was characterized. He walked snidely past Chris. "How original, Chris. Did you hone your insult skills on a playground?"

A short pause followed before the bookworm followed up, sarcasm dripping from his voice, "Oh wait, you probably were more likely to hone them in a jail yard. I'm sorry for being so insensitive."

Some of the others chuckled at Noah's dry humor, including Chef Hatchet.

"Scrawny kinda got you there, didn't he Chris?" Chef laughed as Chris glared at him and the final boat pulled up.

Chris's smile returned quickly though as he realized who it was in the last boat. "Last and certainly least! Total Drama's sexist prairie boy-turned-freakshow, Ezekiel!"

The others gasped and some who had encountered Ezekiel in the past looked a bit frightened at this development. Duncan winced as he rubbed his chest, remembering how Ezekiel had pummeled him in Africa. The contestants from Revenge of The Island remembered how Ezekiel had sent vicious mutant gophers after them in the mines. Heather, however, turned away from Cody and looked furiously at the boat entrance, likely remembering the fate of her earned prize money at the hands of Ezekiel.

Slowly, Ezekiel stepped onto the dock. But he wasn't what they expected. His skin, once tinged green, now was just a sickly pale white. His hair, once nonexistent, now looked almost identical to how it had looked when he was captured in London. He looked quite depressingly at the others and walked over to the them as Chris grinned at him maniacally.

"Hey Zeke! Long time no see!"

Ezekiel's eye twitched and he turned to glare at the host. "The Zeke knows that he doesn't have a prayer's chance in this game, eh, but he's sure as heck not gonna surrender to you, Chris."

The others looked startled that Ezekiel could speak, but they stayed silent because they didn't know what might set him off.

Chris, recovering from those unexpected harsh words, glared back at Chef who was still laughing at him.

"These teenagers are really giving it to you, eh Chris man?"

"Chef, if you want to have your paychecks get "lost in the mail" again, like they were in season 2, keep laughing at me."

The big man stopped immediately, causing Chris to give him a satisfied nod. The host then opted to begin his monologue.

"Alright! Everyone is here now. Let's head over to the campgrounds so I can explain to you what this season is going to be like." He then put his hands behind his back in an authoritative way and walked towards the campfire, Chef Hatchet marching behind him. The big burly cook was still clad in his military attire. When the cook noticed that the contestants were still just standing there, he grumbled and blew into his whistle, which let forth a loud squeaking sound. All of the contestants gripped their ears in pain.

"Excuuuuuse me, maggots! I believe you were told to follow us!"

At this treatment, those who remembered Chef Hatchet's boot camp sighed heavily. The contestants reluctantly glanced to each other in dread before slowly following Chris and Chef to the campfire pit, where elimination ceremonies usually took place.

Once Chris stood at his usual podium and the campers took seats on the carved logs in the middle, he took out some notecards, seeming to study them quickly before putting them down and clearing his throat. The cards caught the eye of some of the contestants who were sitting closest to Chris, namely Noah, Gwen, and Harold, who all noticed the words: "producers", "serious injury", and "dangerous" scribbled in bold at the bottom of the card.

Let's just say that this didn't make anyone who saw such words feel better about being on the island again.

"Now, this season is going to be the hallmark of Total Drama," Chris paused for dramatic effect. "In fact, all of you were selected for either being prevalent players of past seasons or for particularly heroic or villainous behavior." Some of the contestants glanced at each other.

"Before I get into sorting you into teams though, I'll explain how this is going to work. Once a challenge is over and there is a losing team and a winning team, members of the winning team will compete for an award, while members of the losing team will compete for immunity in a follow-up challenge. This feature was added to make things more interesting, namely since we had someone who threw challenges last season," Chris glared at Scott after he said this last part. Scott shrunk back a little as he felt numerous pairs of eyes on him.

"Hey! It was a winning strategy! I was there to win, not make good TV," Scott argued in his defense.

Chris dismissed him with a wave of his hand and continued on. "One person will be eliminated in almost every episode. Reward challenges are usually boring, but people didn't feel like they saw enough of the campers in season 4, so I was told to add at least some. Though you won't be getting a heads-up on what might be a reward challenge, so I would recommend that everyone TRY their hardest out there." The host directed a quick glare at Scott this time, as did many of the others. The farm boy just scowled and shifted his eyes to the side carelessly.

"Nobody will be coming back once they have been eliminated. EVER."

The contestants rolled their eyes at this. You couldn't trust Chris when he said that. They knew from experience.

Duncan mockingly raises his hand, "You mean like when Eva was brought back in season 1, or when Courtney was brought back in season 2, or maybe when I was brought back in season 3?"

Chris glared at him, but Duncan just offered a smartass grin in reply. Some muffled laughter could be heard from some of the others.

Chris sighed dramatically and held his head, "You kids really wound me. I try to be nice to you and you just don't appreciate it."

Almost all of them raised eyebrows at this.

"You mean like when you pushed me off of a cliff in Jamaica," Noah deadpanned.

"Or when you made fun of me after I was voted off," Trent interjected.

"Or when you catapulted me away from the Island with a shark," Scott venomously said.

Chris began laughing, "Ahhh yeah, good times. Good times. But I'm here to tell you that things will be different from now on. I might've been just a tad bit hard on you campers before. "

Some of the contestants were flabbergasted by this.

"A TAD?! You threw some of us out of a moving plane!"

"And you sent some of us into a mine full of toxic waste!"

Chris coughed into his hand uncomfortably. "I mean, you're all still alive. That counts for something, right?"

He was met with a crowd of glares. The host shrugged and got back to his notecards. "Tough crowd. Tough crowd."

"Now, before we interrupt any further, let's sort you poor teenagers into teams." The host threw his notecards to the side with a grin before examining the contestants with squinted eyes.

"If I say your name, go to the left. Alejandro. Scott. Ezekiel. Leshawna. Eva. Gwen. Cody. Trent. Mike. And Brick."

The campers followed Chris's instructions, though some of them definitely didn't look terribly enthused about their teammates. Leshawna, in particular, glared at Alejandro as the new team lined up together. Mike, who had hesitantly approached the group, shot a longing glance at Zoey, who looked saddened by the fact that they wouldn't be on the same team. The emotional gaze was broken by Scott, who bumped into Mike roughly as he walked over to join the group cluster.

Chris dramatically held up a red logo of a shark with a toothy and threatening grin and threw the banner to Alejandro, who gazed down at the banner curiously.

"You guys will henceforth be called the Killer Sharks! Trademark."

Chris did a pose and wagged a finger in the air. "Heather, Zoey, Lightning, Harold, Noah, Jo, Lindsay, Duncan, Courtney, and Justin! You lot will now be known as, duh duh duh, the Screaming Bears! Also trademarked." The host now held up a green logo of a bear with an unhinged jaw and its paws resting frantically on its head and threw the banner to Heather.

Those remaining sitting on the log seats stood up and formed their own group cluster near the Sharks. Like the Sharks before them, some of the Bears didn't look happy about the new arrangement.

Chris leaned into the camera very quickly, putting a hand over his mouth to cover it from view.

"By the way, merchandise of the team mascots will be available on the Total Drama website! So kids, go ahead and grab mom's credit card! I'm sure she won't mind! After all, it's for a good cause." He nodded his head with a large smile and then turned back to the campers.

Noah crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow at the host. "Killer and Screaming, huh? How original. How long did it take you to come up with these names, exactly? Did you dream them up 5 minutes before the show started?"

Chris grinned at him, "Great question Noah! Of course, I am not obligated to answer you, for you are being rude to the greatest mind ever: Me."

Gwen grumbled a bit on her log, "As modest as ever, Chris."

Noah just cocked an eyebrow and looked directly at the camera, "Why do I even bother anymore?"

Lindsay, who stood next to him, patted his shoulder, "Maybe Chris is just obsessed with Thor movies. They usually have killing and screaming a lot, I think. It reminds me of this time that my sister Paula rented this, like, totally new movie, and we didn't know what it was, and —"

"As illuminating as this discussion is," Chris interjected quickly, not wanting to listen to one of Lindsay's ramblings. "We need to explain why you contestants were specifically picked, so as to appease any viewers who didn't get their favorites selected to compete." At this, both Chris and Chef twitched and seemed to whisper the name "Dawn" under their breath. Scott shot a weirded out glance at them.

"Gwen! You were one of the major players in season 1 and you also produced lots of drama in seasons 2 and 3, along with Duncan here," Chris slyly said, winking at Courtney. Courtney's hands noticeably balled up and started turning red. Gwen shot an ashamed glance at the CIT, who avoided her eyes.

"Leshawna! Your feud with Heather in season 1 was a major plot point and that continued in seasons 2 and 3!" Heather scowled at the host while Leshawna grinned proudly.

"Trent! Your kiss with Heather was a big deal in season 1 and so was your relationship with Gwen. You were a major part of season 2, especially when you threw challenges and went insane!" Trent looked dejectedly at the ground as Gwen also began looking uncomfortable at the reminders.

"Cody! You are a fan favorite! You also got third place in season 3 and proved yourself a pretty cool dude in season 1, getting Gwen and Trent together!" Cody smiled his signature gap-toothed grin and closed his eyes proudly.

"Lindsay! You were Heather's main ally in season 1 until you stood up for yourself. You proved your subsequent strengths in seasons 2 and 3!" Lindsay blinked and then began nodding. "Thanks, Chris!"

"Duncan! You've made the merge every season you've been in and you stirred up quite a bit of drama with Courtney, Gwen, and Trent!" Duncan seemed almost smug at that thought, glancing over at Courtney, who simply ignored him and placed her hands on her hips. Gwen once again looked uneasy about the past being brought up.

"Eva! You may have only competed in one season, but you make for interesting TV! Everyone is interested to see your anger and your cutthroat attitude in play! Especially me and Chef!" Eva simply glared at Chris and began growling. She flipped him the bird and looked the other way as the other competitors glanced at her apprehensively.

"Alejandro! Need I say more? You were the main villain of Total Drama World Tour! You're one of the best competitors on this show, dude!" Chris clapped his hands in remembrance of the beautiful ratings that Alejandro's scheming had brought in. Alejandro himself looked somewhat conflicted by the reminder of what he had done.

"Heather! You were the main villain in Island, bringing all that tasty drama we love so much! And you were the main opponent of Alejandro in World Tour!" Some others glared at Heather, especially Gwen and Leshawna as they remembered all of the dirty tricks Heather had pulled in the past. Courtney joined in, still bitter at being stuck with Heather for most of Total Drama World Tour. Cody looked a bit uncertain of what to do.

"Justin! You were the main villain of Action and you brought life to that season with how you manipulated your way through, especially when you guilt-tripped Gwen over what she did to Trent!" Justin rubbed his arm a bit, realizing this reminder wasn't going to make him any more popular around the Island.

"Ezekiel! You're the worst player in Total Drama history! You were kicked off first in both seasons that you competed in! You're only here because you're somehow a fan favorite and because your feral episodes in World Tour and Revenge of The Island made things interesting!" Ezekiel slumped down a bit in his seat at the reminder of his losses in the past. Nobody payed him much attention.

"Harold! Your mad skills have proven very useful in challenges and you were one of the major players of Action! The viewers loved how you stood up to Duncan!" Harold smiled and crossed his arms at this, glad to know some people appreciated his skills. Duncan scowled at the memory of Harold punching him out.

"Courtney! Your psychopathic behavior in Action and in World Tour made you very popular with the fans!" Courtney looked a bit miffed at Chris's barbed words.

"Noah! You are in no way an All-Star, but many believe you have potential! You're popular with the viewers and you were one of the few to figure Alejandro out in World Tour!" Noah rolled his eyes, pulling out a book. This introduction was starting to bore him now that his name was out of the way.

"Brick! Your heroic actions endeared the viewers! Everyone seemed to think that you had some serious untapped potential!" Brick smiled proudly that his actions had gone over well with the audience. Some, like Jo and Lightning, looked a bit jealous of this attention.

"Mike! Your multiple personality struggle was a huge hit with the viewers! As was your feud with Scott and your romance with Zoey! Zoey! This is the same reason that you are here!" Mike scratched his head a bit at this as Zoey smiled at him. Noticing her, he put on a somewhat fake smile.

"Jo! Your bossy attitude and cutthroat attitude made things interesting last season!" Jo smiled with pride at the camera.

"Scott! Your villainy and manipulation last season stirred up so much drama that it carried a lot of the season! Many viewers loved your tactics! Others hated your guts!" Scott closed his eyes and smirked a bit widely.

Zoey noticeably glowered at him and started whispering something to Mike. "We can't let Scott survive too long this season. He'll get rid of any friends we make!"

Mike patted her shoulder as he glanced over at the smug farm boy. "Don't worry, Zo. I'm sure people won't fall for Scott's schtick this time. He already gave himself away." Zoey nodded, a bit consoled by these words by her boyfriend as she once again scanned the other competitors and wondered who she could trust among them.

"And finally, Lightning! You were one of the strongest contestants last season, even making it to the finale. Your feud with Cameron made for quite some interesting TV!" Lightning waved at the camera with a largely false smile, trying to ignore the incoming humiliation inside of himself at his finale defeat to Cameron.

Chris clapped his hands and gripped the podium tightly. "Now that we have all of the boring stuff out of the way, I think it's time for you to go put your stuff up, make some confessionals, and then report to the cliff for your first challenge!" He laughed maniacally and clapped his left hand on his forehead. "Make sure to play nice with your new teammates everyone! I know how hormonal you teenagers can get."

The contestants glowered at him, but got up and walked towards their cabins.


Zoey: "I'm not that excited to be back. I don't really need the money if I'm being honest. Having Mike around is enough for me," She swooned a bit. "I haven't gotten to see him much since we left the Island after last season's finale, but we've face-timed a lot! And I'm so excited to make some new friends this season! I just hope that they don't all hate me," She tapped her chin in thought, "So many of them were villains or just plain mean in the past. I wonder who I could even trust here?"

Mike: "Am I excited to be back? Not really. I had so many problems when I was here before. Really my only saving graces were Zoey and Cameron. Maybe Brick; he did save my life after all. But I'm determined to show everyone that Multiple Mike isn't just his multiples! Now that I'm in control of my mind, I'm going to show that I'm just fine as Mike."

Alejandro: "After Total Drama World Tour, it took me a long while to recover from all of the damage that the lava did to my body and also the damage that Heather did to my heart." The Latino sighed as he traced one of the horrific burn scars on his bicep. "I'm not exactly excited to be here. I honestly just wanted to be left alone. But I suppose that if I could prove myself better than Heather and also maybe apologize to some of the others for what I did to them, I would be happier." At this thought, he puts his index finger onto his chin. "Although 5 million dollars would be pretty nice too," he muttered to himself.

Eva: "If Chris thinks that I'm just some rage beast who will tear things up and get voted out again, he can think again." She punched a hole through the confessional wall before taking a deep breath and calming down. "I've gotten my anger under control and I'm not going so early again, GOT IT!?"

(Killer Sharks Cabin: Boys Side)

"Yo Trent, wanna bunk with me?", Cody asked Trent enthusiastically, glad that he had at least one friend with him in the cabin.

Trent glanced at the other guys, realizing he either didn't know them that well or didn't like them. He glanced back at Cody and gave a smile, "Sure thing bro, how do you feel about being back here?"

Cody began putting his stuff down and unpacking on one of the bunks as he pondered the question. "Well, I'm kinda glad to be here actually."

Trent raised any eyebrow as he threw his bag on the top bunk. "You're glad to be back for another round of torture? What gives?" He seemed to think up a possible explanation several seconds later.

"Is it because you're away from Sierra this time?"

Cody flinched at the name, turning around the face Trent with a nervous look. "I am glad to be away from her. Maybe now I can finally prove that I'm more than just a horndog and that I can stand up for myself. Mark my words! This will be the Codemeister's season!" With this, he turned away once again and began enthusiastically unpacking.

Trent chuckled. "I like the enthusiasm man, but I don't think you'll be as giddy a week from now when the challenges start getting ridiculous."

The tech geek rolled his eyes playfully. "Pfft, naysayer. You'll see; this will be a great chance for both of us to clean our slates."

The musician pursed his lips thoughtfully and walked over to begin unpacking as well.

"Yeah...I guess you might be right."

"Trent, my man, I'm always right."

Ezekiel watched the interaction from the sidelines, raising any eyebrow at the end. He didn't really know anyone here that well, he reasoned. But he had always thought that Cody and Trent were pretty enthusiastic and nice guys. The homeschooler considered trying to talk to them, but he quickly dismissed the idea. He probably wouldn't be staying in this cabin for even one night, if history was any reference. He was suddenly broken out of these depressing thoughts as a hand clapped down onto his shoulder. He craned his head to his left to glance into a pair of emerald green eyes that he remembered quite well.

"Amigo! Surely you must remember me from that wretched season in the plane! Would you like to bunk with me?"

Ezekiel looked at him wordlessly for a moment, trying to compute why Alejandro of all people would be nice to him. Deciding to ignore his bad feelings, he gave a small smile. "Sure thing, eh." With that, he and Alejandro claimed a bunk and began unpacking next to one another, Ezekiel getting the bottom and Alejandro claiming the top after an awkward game of rock-paper-scissors.

Scott arrived at the cabin next, looking inside first before finally stepping in. He noticed the strange bromances going on and raised an eyebrow, wanting to say something snarky but also deciding that irritating his teammates at their first meeting might be a bad move. He approached Brick, the only other guy in the cabin at that moment.

Scott sat down on one of the two free bunk beds. "So Brick-house, wanna bunk with the Scottmeister?"

Brick turned around, holding a pair of shiny black boots in one hand a a small tube of shoe shine in the other. His eyes narrowed a bit when he saw the farm boy on the bunk bed next to him.

"I would never think of bunking with one as dishonorable as yourself, soldier." With this, Brick turned around and began shining his shoes once again. Scott groaned and fell back onto the bed dramatically.

During this timeframe, Mike made his way back from the confessional and into the cabin, looking around first and then smiling as he walked over to Brick. "Hey Brick! Great to see you again, man," he and Brick did a special handshake and Brick's hand clapped Mike's scrawny shoulder.

"Hey there, Mike. Haven't seen you since last season! Wanna bunk together?"

Mike glanced at Scott for a moment, and then looked back to Brick, nodding with a gap-toothed smile, "Yeah, I think I would. It's leagues better than sleeping underneath a snake."

With this jab, Mike glared at Scott and Scott glared right back. Muttering to himself about why he even bothered being nice, Scott claimed the lone bunk bed left, unpacking and laying comfortably in his bed as the others made small-talk or unpacked meticulously.


Scott: Yeesh, I'm stuck here with a bunch of crybabies! I mean, I only did what I had to do to win! And even that plan didn't work out," the farm boy sighed bitterly and looked at the floor of the confessional. "I don't feel bad about what I did. After all, those "nice people" laughed at me when they saw what that shark had done to me! They laughed!" He narrowed his eyes at the camera and crossed his arms, "I'm here to win this time, and nobody is going to stop me. My first targets are going to be multiple Mike and little lonely Zoey." He began laughing evilly until he realized where he was and began coughing as the smell of the confessional's toilet choked him.

Alejandro: "Am I using Ezekiel? Not completely. I do feel a bit of kinship with the poor prairie boy. We both suffered tremendously in World Tour. I feel like we could be genuine friends." His green eyes glint as he added with a grin, "And friends make such good allies, don't they?"

Ezekiel: The prairie boy rubbed his arm a bit and looked embarrassed, "I'm not too keen on trying t'a make friends, eh. Not sure that I can trust Alejandro. Plus, nobody on this sho'ow has ever genuinely liked me. Didn't seem to care at all when I became...what I became." He looked down a bit, his toque bobbing along his head, "The Zeke's main goal is t'a not be the first out, eh! Maybe the fo'olks back home would finally respect me."

(Killer Sharks Cabin: Girls Side)

Leshawna and Gwen walked together into the other side of the Killer Sharks cabin, catching up with each other.

"So girl, you've gotta tell me how things are going between you and punk boy," Leshawna inquired with a smile, cocking her eyebrow a bit, hinting at something.

Gwen let out a rare genuine laugh and elbowed the large sister, "Leshawna! We haven't had done anything big yet, if that's what you're asking. We've just been hanging out every now and then. Duncan's visited my house a few times. We sometimes catch some movies or something like that."

Leshawna looked a bit puzzled at this, "Wait, so your mom lets Duncan come over?"

Gwen chuckled a bit as she placed her bags on a bunk, "No, but my mom supports me and she believes I have the right to make my own decisions."

Leshawna placed her bag on the bed above Gwen's, "Really? Jeez girl, you're lucky to have such a supportive parent. Mine would keep me locked up if they could!" She threw her hands up in the air with this exclamation.

Gwen chuckled softly. "Well, just between you and me, Duncan kinda won her over through persistence. He would follow her rules and he was as polite as possible whenever she was around. Said that it was important that she liked him in case he ever messes up."

Leshawna shook her head, playfully. "I always knew that the punk had a softer side. Ever since we were on the Screaming Gaffers together. Of course, he was still picking on poor Harold back then." This led the black girl to frown.

Gwen looked conflicted for a second. Once the goth had composed herself and looked ready to reply, however, the door to their side of the cabin swung open loudly. Both girls were startled by it, obviously. They quickly turned their heads to see who was behind it.

Eva, the only other female Killer Shark, sauntered in. She walked right past Gwen and Leshawna, claiming one of the empty bunks and grunting at them in greeting.

Leshawna and Gwen, now silent, glanced at each other in a bit of a apprehension and then wordlessly began unpacking.

(Screaming Bears Cabin: Boys Side)

Lightning was the first boy inside of the cabin, letting out a whoop and quickly jumping on the top bed of one of the empty bunks. He started rummaging through his stuff, "This is the season that The Lightning is going to strike! Sha-yeah!"

Noah dragged his feet in and rolled his eyes a bit at Lightning's enthusiasm, Harold walking in behind him.

"You seem like a fun guy," Noah sarcastically stated as he walked over to a bunk as far away from Lightning's as possible.

Lightning's gaze grew a bit hard as he looked down at Noah, "You bet the Lightning is a fun guy, smart guy. And no egghead is going to be beating the Lightning ever again!"

Harold looked between the two, a bit torn on what to do about the hostility. On one hand, he had never met Lightning and yet already could tell he wouldn't like him. On the other, he and Noah had never really talked. So he decided to ignore it. Yet he also realized who the other two boys that would be inhabiting the cabin were, so he walked over to Noah's claimed-bunk and set his stuff down on the top of it, "Hey Noah, mind if I bunk with you? I definitely can't bunk with Duncan and Justin is a bit high maintenance."

Noah didn't even glance at the other nerd as he blandly uttered a quick "sure", and Harold smiled a bit as he began unpacking his Magic Steve's camp bag.

Just then, Duncan came sauntering in, holding a black bag emblazoned with a skull. He scanned the room quickly and didn't look too happy with his options of bunk-mates. Justin appeared behind him.

"So I'm stuck with the idiot, pretty boy, egghead, and nerdling this year, huh? Guess I'll be bunking with you, pretty boy," Duncan walked slowly over to the other free bunk, dropping his bag carelessly on the bottom bunk.

Justin looked a bit displeased with this arrangement, but walked over to him anyway and threw his bag up top, "So you and I are cool now, I guess? I mean, now that you don't care about Courtney anymore?"

Duncan scoffed. "No, we aren't "cool". I still don't like you, and I certainly don't trust you after what you pulled during Action. And I want you to know that I'll beat you if you make any moves on Gwen, got it?" Duncan clinched his first instinctively at Justin.

Justin put his hands up in a surrendering fashion. "Hey, hey now, I'm not going to hit on Gwen. I'm much too handsome for her anyway."

Duncan's eyes lit up as he grabbed the front of Justin's shirt and brought his face close to him, growling over the insult.

"Ahhh! Not the face!"

Noah paused a bit as he unpacked, weighing his options here before saying, "Let the model go, Duncan. We're going to need him for the first challenge."

Duncan's angry eyes turned to Noah as he grunted. "Like I care. I don't even want to be here."

Harold pulled his glasses up from their dropping position on his nose as he glared at Duncan from his top-bunk bed, crossing his arms. "You know Duncan, everyone here is tired of your "too cool" attitude. How about you stop acting like such a jerk?"

Lightning cut in here, staring disinterestedly into his bag still, now holding a sports magazine. "Put the pretty boy down, Lightning says. The Lightning is NOT losing the next challenge because of some insult."

Duncan let go of Justin and shoved him away from him. "Alright pretty boy, I'll let you off this time. But don't go insulting Gwen again." Duncan started unpacking now as Justin winked at the camera.


Justin: "Duncan thinks he's so cool, having made it to the merge in three seasons, but guess what? His attitude is grating on the others' gears now," the male model smiled brilliantly at the camera and posed with his hands on his hips. "I guarantee he'll be gone in no time if I can just keep baiting him. Especially with Courtney on our team. I made the mistake of not making enough moves in Action, and I won't make that mistake again!" He brought down one of his fists onto his outstretched hand.

Noah: "So it's the first hour here, and my idiot teammates are already at each other's throats." He sighed heavily and put his face into his hands, "I'm just here to prove that I'm actually a worthy competitor. I've been thrown out early both times I've competed. That isn't going to happen again. I need some allies, and no matter how much I don't like Justin, I feel like he appreciated me helping him out there." He rubbed his chin, "Maybe I could befriend Harold? He might be a good ally."

Lightning: "The Lightning was humiliated when he lost to that weak bubble-nerd! Everyone at school sha-made fun of him! And Pops lost his championship rings because of the Lightning's weakness!" The football player began to cry a bit weakly into his hands before sniffing and wiping the tears away quickly. He straightened his spine with a glint in his eye, "The Lightning now knows why he lost! He didn't make enough allies and he wasn't competitive enough!" Lightning pushed his fists together, "I refuse to lose again! Pretty boy may not be that useful, but Lightning refuses to get on a losing streak again!"

(Screaming Bears Cabin: Girls Side)

Heather walked into the cabin, followed closely by Courtney and Lindsay. When she stepped inside, she turned around to them and clapped her hands together in a cheerful manner. "So! Who wants to bunk with me? Lindsay? Courtney?"

Courtney grumbled at Heather. "No way am I bunking with you, Heather. You're like cyanide; I got way too much of a dosage of you back in World Tour." The CIT then walked over to one of the empty bunks and set her bags down, beginning to unpack.

Heather's eye twitched at the insult but her face remained cheerful. "Lindsay? Will you bunk with me?"

Lindsay seemed to scratch her forehead nervously and confusedly. "No thanks, Heather. I think I'll bunk with Courtney over there. She seems nice." With this, Lindsay walked over to a surprised Courtney, who stepped aside as the blonde bombshell threw her bag onto the top bunk.

Heather nearly blew up right there at being snubbed twice. "UUUUGGGGHHH! Fine! What about you, new girl?!"

Zoey was walking in as Heather threw her tantrum, and seemed nervous at being called out by the famous queen bee. She laughed nervously. "Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh—"

Jo barged in suddenly, pushing Zoey out of the doorway with her enormous grey gym bag. "Hey! Redhead! Get out of the way!"

Zoey coughed a bit from the side. "Sorry Jo. Heather here was just asking to bunk with me."

Jo raised a questioning eyebrow and glanced over at Heather, who looked frustrated at being interrupted. She then looked back to Zoey, holding out a consoling hand. "Don't feel like bunking with Queen Bitch over there. Wanna bunk with me, Red?"

Zoey didn't look too pleased with this arrangement either. She had hoped for Lindsay, but a quick glance confirmed that Lindsay and Courtney were already bunking together.

"But Jo, you're always mean to me."

Jo rolled her eyes a bit, but relented. "Alright, I'll try to keep my temper in check a bit more. You wanna bunk together or not?"

Zoey took her hand reluctantly and smiled in a friendly way. "Alright, friend! Let's get to unpacking!"

As Jo and Zoey set their bags down on their bunk, Heather cursed under their breath at her lack of allies.


Courtney: "Alright, so my fans are probably wondering why I came back to this crappy show? It's because I need to repair my reputation. I might've let my anger get the better of me a bit in the past."

She paused as she heard frantic laughing outside of the confessional. "A bit? Hahahahahahaha!"

She cursed loudly and banged against the wall. "Heyyy! This is supposed to be private!" She then took a deep breath and looked back at the camera as the laughing outside faded, "I figured I could start repairing my image by making it far into the game and maybe making some friendly allies. I'm thinking Lindsay and that new girl Zoey might be worthwhile. The rest of my team is kinda hopeless."

Lindsay: "So, like, I know that I've messed up so many times before," Lindsay confessed with her arms sunken to her sides. "But I've been studying lately! I've even started remembering peoples' names!" At this, Lindsay pumped her fists into the air and let out a triumphant squeal. "Tyler and I broke up after World Tour, but things have been fine since." Lindsay's nose sniffed a bit loudly. "And I figured that I might finally be able to win! Wouldn't it be great? Me, a winner? My sisters would be like soooo jealous!"

Heather: "Uuuggggghhhh! I'm back here with no allies and a team full of complete light-weights! I mean, I guess that Duncan, Harold, and Courtney are somewhat useful, but they won't listen to me! I'm going to need to take the reins of the team if we're going to ever win any challenges!" Heather sighed a bit, rubbing her arm. "I put SO much effort into World Tour, only to finally win and yet lose the prize money a-a-and ..." She seemed distracted for a moment before shaking her head, looking determinedly at the camera, "I am not letting that happen to me again!"

(The Famous Cliff at Camp Wawanakwa that Overlooks the Campgrounds)

Chris stands in front of both teams at the top of the famous cliff on the island, holding a megaphone and standing next to Chef Hatchet, who is grinning menacingly at the contestants. Chris and Chef share a quick evil glance before the host puts his lips to the megaphone and starts announcing the challenge, "Welcome teams to the first challenge of Total Drama Wars! You will be one-by-one, diving off of this cliff right here into the waters below!" Chris paused and smiled widely as some of the contestants looked a bit scared about this.

"Uhhh, Chris, this water wouldn't happen to be s-shark infested would it?" Scott hesitatingly questioned the host, wrapping his pale arms around himself and looking very much frightened at the idea.

Chris grinned slyly, "Well, if there weren't sharks down there, then it wouldn't be a challenge now would it? Don't worry though, the sharks there now are not mutated, so you won't have to be worrying about Fang or anything."

"Each team will have one member dive down there and search for a key in the wreckage. Once you get a key, you run to shore. Each team will have a designated baby carriage, which one of their members will use to push the divers across the forest and over to our newly-installed bathroom and shower trailer!"

The teens gasped. W-was Chris being generous to them for once?

Leshawna wasn't buying it. "So you're saying that the winners will have the correct key and will be the first to open the trailer?"

Chris grinned genuinely. "Yep, and, as a reward, the winning team that opens the trailer will have access to it for the entirety of the competition! No more slumming it!"

As some of the contestants cheered and fire started burning in the eyes of some determined others, Noah had a thought. "Wait, but I thought you said that there would be a reward/immunity challenge to follow up every main challenge?"

Chris seemed to lose his buzz and he scowled a bit and threw his arms up. "What the heck, Noah! I was hoping you guys had forgotten about that!"

Noah smirked at him in reply.

Chris fumed as Chef laughed like a hyena behind him at the host's baby rage. "I'll announce the follow-up after you kids complete this challenge! Now get to it! Every team needs to designate a carriage-pusher and then develop an order of divers!"

Chef clapped a hand on the host's back. "Uhhh, Chris man, we're due for a commercial break."

Chris looked up at the burly man as the words sank in. He checked his watch frantically. "Oh darn," he cried. "My new watch isn't working!"

Chef rolled his eyes as the host began fiddling with his new watch.

The big cook then turned toward the camera as it closed-in on his face. "So this is the first episode of Total Drama Wars. We met our 20 idiotic teenage contestants and saw how insecure and greedy they are."

Chef rolled his eyes and kept speaking bluntly as the contestants protested. " They've just been given their first challenge. When we return, you'll be watching them as they dive into the water below, searching for one key among many that will unlock the new-and-improved bathroom and shower trailer, which the winning team will get for the rest of the season! I personally don't think they deserve it. Who will prove themselves strong? Can anyone trust each other? When will Chris stop whining about his watch so that I don't have to do his dumb job anymore? Stay tuned to find out on Total Drama Wars!"

The Killer Sharks: Alejandro, Scott, Cody, Trent, Ezekiel, Mike, Brick, Leshawna, Eva, and Gwen

The Screaming Bears: Lightning, Heather, Zoey, Courtney, Duncan, Justin, Noah, Lindsay, Jo, and Harold

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