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Klaus sat at the desk in the study of his New Orleans home alone. He licked the bourbon from his lips enjoying the heavy silence of the room apart from the crackling of the fireplace. He was getting used to it, the silence that is. It was his companion ever since he'd stormed the city. After learning of his adopted son's betrayal from some witches foolish enough to try and strong arm him into helping them, the original hybrid raged a battle so swift and bloody upon Marcellus leaving the latter to flee and lick his wounds on the outskirts. A prudent act would have been to kill him but allowing his son to suffer away seemed more satisfactory (at least that's what he told himself).

Becoming king once more added tasks to his plate but in general there was nothing truly exciting in his little corner anymore. His mother and father were dead, he had a modest number of hybrids in his repertoire and Elijah was by his side. Rebekah came and went as she pleased but he forced himself not to give an eye to her activities any longer. Not after what he learned she did. There was no longer any grand plot or curse to break. No enemy or immortal threatening to come out from the woodwork. No wayward parents planning his demise. There was no need to chase after the doppelgänger for blood since she turned. The cure was no more.

For the first time in his long life, Klaus truly had nothing to do.

Silence to him was a double-edged sword. It gave room for his thoughts to travel to places far and wide. Some places, he welcomed the journey. Others were to be sealed far away and never entered. But of course, his treacherous self could never resist just a little peek inside.

The sweet sounds of her breathy moans filled the vast bedroom. The air was thick and humid, making it feel laborious to even inhale. It was hot. The mild heat should have been nothing to her Southern sensitives but it got to her all the same. Could be because her companion was a living furnace at times. His newly unleashed werewolf side was to blame. She'd complained about it incessantly but he knew that she secretly enjoyed burrowing herself within him.

He was lying on his stomach, face buried between her legs and absolutely wrecking her with his talented mouth. When they first met she'd just one lover who left her woefully unimpressed with his vanilla ways. It wasn't that her first love was bad, it was that he couldn't bring any of the passion that the hybrid before her summoned like a weather deity.

She writhed in bed spreading her legs wider and stretching her left leg all the way back to her shoulder. Klaus peeked up and grinned at the sight. He swiped his tongue over her clit and gave one more sloppy lick before diving two fingers in.

She moaned, throwing her head back. Her thick brown curls scattered on the pillow while some tendrils stuck to her sweaty forehead. Seeing her wrecked and ruined was his pride and joy. Knowing he had the ability to bring a Bennett witch to her knees – literally – shook something rough and wild within the hybrid.

"Relax yourself my sweet. I'm just getting started," He whispered against her sweat sheened caramel skin. Her eyes peeked open assaulting him with the emerald green that made him nearly go mad each time he looked into them –


Klaus snapped his attention to the young vampire in his employ standing in front of his desk and barked in annoyance. "What?"

Josh looked nervous, "Uh s-sorry to disturb I was calling you for like a minute." It was a testament to how distracted he was if he had no idea when the baby vampire appeared in his study. His senses were normally so finely tuned that he detected sounds from meters away. Annoyance settled over him at the realization that he allowed him to be so taken in by useless memories.

He cleared his throat, "Well, now you've got my attention. Speak."

"There's a witch here to see you."

"And?" There was no reason for any witch to seek him out. At least not currently. Their interests were aligned slimly with taking down Marcel but the usual disdain settled once the fog cleared. The illusion of peace remained but they were just watching one another to see who would strike first.

Josh looked clueless and said nothing. Klaus sighed massaging his forehead. It seemed all the vampires turned nowadays were always two brain cells shirt of staking themselves in their own hearts. "Who is this witch Josh? Please be mindful that I cannot read minds."

"She says she's a Bennett witch."

Now that stopped him firmly in his tracks. A train of logical thoughts forced him to remain calm. There were several Bennett witches scattered over the globe. It didn't mean it was her. Perhaps one of them found a good reason to seek him out. To what end, he was unsure but it made ten times more sense than having her come when she more than swore to never see him again.

"Allow her to come in," he said quietly. Josh nodded and quickly left the study. Klaus took the time to pour himself another drink noting how his normally perfect steady grip trembled just so slightly.

Josh led the witch in and he could scent the disappointment before seeing her face.

It wasn't her.

Instead, it was her relative. The one who aided Katherine in evading him. He felt a mixture of relief and anger. Seeing her would certainly do him no good. The memories which would come bursting from that encounter, he was unsure he could handle it for now. The hybrid admitted weakness to no one but there was always the exception.

Lucy Bennett folded her arms across her chest standing a few places away from his desk. By her stony expression and hard stance, it was clear she wanted to exude fearlessness towards him. Unfortunately for her, he could hear her beating heart thump furiously against her delicate rib cage. She had every reason to be afraid.

Klaus leaned back in his chair surveying one of the last living Bennett witches. "I shall admit I am sufficiently surprised. It's not everyday people willingly walk to their death. I assume that's why you're here, to allow me to take my due for your part in hiding Katerina?"

He expected her to cower or shiver. Maybe beg. But Lucy Bennett chuckled, "She was right. You do enjoy your grudges."

His nostrils flared and he sped until he stood but a few inches away from her, "Pray tell me, why shouldn't I tear out your heart right here? If you can't tell I'm a busy man and I just hate being interrupted. You, Lucy Bennett, are an interruption."

Lucy fought her best to show no fear, "Before you do kill me, I came to get your help."

"Help?" He clasped his hands behind his back. "This should be good."

"It's about Bonnie. She needs your help."

Those words shattered everything he thought he held together.


2 years ago

The first time he approached the Bennett witch was when he took Stefan with him to find werewolves and create his hybrids. The first few attempts failed woefully so they went to Chicago for reinforcements and information.

It was also at that time that the doppelgänger desperately sent Bonnie and Damon to retrieve her lover for her.

He sensed her before he saw her in Gloria's bar. Power like that never went hidden or quietly. That was against its very nature. Just like that day in the cafeteria when they faked her death. It was obvious enough that her heart and magic still pumped but his single-minded desires allowed him to overlook it.

His first instinct was to kill or maim her and damage any advantage that Damon Salvatore thought he had. A short moment later he realized his folly. There were two ways to go about defeating an enemy. One could destroy their most valuable weapon or take it for yourself. The latter sounded more satisfying.

Bonnie counted each step she took, palms sweaty and feeling restless once Klaus Mikaelson came into her sight. When Elena called begging Bonnie from her vacation in the city to help find a way to bring Stefan from Klaus, she almost said no. Almost. But as usual nothing could be denied to her best friend. She knew Elena felt guilty for Stefan giving up himself. And that guilt along with love pushed her to do everything in person power to bring him back. Damon was her companion since he would have an idea of where his brother could visit and whatnot. The vampire too felt compelled to save his brother since it was his life Stefan bartered his freedom for. They made a plan of action willing to gamble against any minions or henchmen they'd come across on the way.

But the main danger was from the hybrid himself. He'd gone through a good amount of effort to ensure Stefan went along with him. She didn't think he'd relinquish his hold so easily. Better to come prepared than lacking. She took it upon herself to find and distract Klaus so Damon could get his brother back. The vampire eagerly agreed without any thought. Elena didn't know this part of the plan, not that she really needed to. The end result was what mattered.

Wasn't it?

"My my my, a lamb walking into the den of a wolf," Klaus purred from the stool he was perched upon. "Let me guess; you're the muscle while the slower Salvatore attempts to dislodge his brother from my clutches."

"Nice of you to point out that I'm the one you should be afraid of," the bravado seemingly came from nowhere but she wore it well. Her chest rose and fell with vigor and her hands were folded in tight fists. She was ready to strike if need be. An admirable stance in his sight.

"Fear? No. There is another wriggling emotion that comes to mind," he deliberately eyed her slowly from head to toe. With her previous attempts to dismantle his efforts, Klaus never took the time to properly examine the witch. She was a fine specimen. Just like all the other women in her family. Petite but athletic build. Smooth and flawless skin. Large green eyes and plump pretty lips. Not a bad sight. Not to mention the power she possessed.

Bonnie scoffed, "You're disgusting."

He winked, "Thank you. I try." He stood up from the barstool making her shuffle backwards. He laughed at her reaction. "Believe me, if I was going to harm you, I would have by now. Your efforts to release Stefan won't work so I have nothing to worry about. I would like to talk though." That was true. He'd already consulted with Gloria and realized that the doppelgänger was needed for his hybrids. She was still alive. He planned to release Stefan to ensure her safety. Their presence was not part of his plan but it still fit in perfectly.

"I have nothing to say to you," She spat out.

"Good. You can listen then," Klaus stuffed his fingers into the tight squeeze of his jeans pockets. Her eyes followed the movement briefly and he bit back a smirk. So he did have a mild effect on her. That might make things easier. "It strikes me as sad that a witch of your familial background is so unlearned and untutored. Such a shame really. I knew several Bennett witches in the past and they were always a formidable lot whether working with or against me."

"So you knew my ancestors. What does that have to do with me?"

He leaned against the bar top pouring himself a finger of bourbon. "Wouldn't you like to have some real power? To finally understand exactly how to do the things we both know you're capable of? I mean, you're impressive enough already even if your magic is mostly brute force and elementary spells. A chance at really education, real understanding is what you would deserve, don't you think?"

Bonnie laughed placing a hand on her waist, "Are you really offering to teach me so that I join your little murder club? You're going to have to work harder than that. For one, you killed my friend and terrorized my town. Secondly, you're not a witch so there's no way you could understand what it's like to be a witch. Thirdly, I don't make my bed with psychotic fucks."

Oh, she just had to use that analogy, didn't she?

He threw back the drink and licked his top lip, "You are correct. I'm not a witch nor have I ever been. But I've been around enough of your kind and you pick up a few things in the span of a thousand years. Enough to accumulate an extensive collection of grimoires myself. There is that saying that those who can't, teach. As for your preoccupation with my moral status, well, I'm only bad to those I don't like."

The implication was clear as day.

She shook her head, folding her arms, "You're wasting your time. Nothing will ever make me willingly work for you. Not even if you had access to the Harvard school of witchcraft." That one made him chuckle slightly.

Her refusal was expected and welcome. Everything good was to be worked for or else no satisfaction came from it. Right now, the Bennett witch was still clinging to the flimsy veil of right vs. wrong, her friends and allegiances. With time he would happily untangle her from those notions and welcome her to the fold.

"Disappointed but unsurprised," Klaus tapped his fingers against the bar top. Not that it deterred him. "Stefan is free to leave by the way."

Bonnie blinked in surprise, "What?"

"I've just said he's free to leave. Now's the part you say thank you," Klaus said patronizingly.

"Knowing you it's a trap of some sort," She narrowed her eyes.

"Think of it as an early Christmas gift," He walked towards her. This time she remained in place but kept her spine just as stiff. "I have no need for him any longer."

"Why?" Bonnie questioned further.

She startled when he brushed her cheek, pushing a lock of stubborn hair behind her ear. "I've set my eyes on something more worthwhile." He was so close. It felt like she couldn't breathe. She didn't want to incase somehow, she mistakenly inhaled him and who knew what that might cause.

Bonnie nodded stiffly moving away from his touch, "You'll get the privilege of just looking because you'll never have me. I promise that if you ever step foot in Mystic Falls again, I'll kill you myself." Every word was meant and pronounced with force. Even if it killed her, she would.

He grinned slow and wide, "I look forward to it Bonnie."

And that was how it all began.

New Orleans


The words coming from Lucy Bennett's lips felt incomprehensible. He could hear her quite clearly and the words made meaning but to digest and allow them sink into his mind felt impossible. Bonnie died. She became an anchor. The Other side collapsed. She went missing with the eldest Salvatore in a prison world. Now she remained there all alone.

Bonnie was alone.

She died.

She died.

She died.

He could not comprehend that.

Lucy's startled scream brought his mind back to awareness once more. The 19th century mahogany desk which weighed around 300 pounds was ripped apart by the edge and splintered pieces remained in his hand. He was bleeding. He didn't even realize when it happened.

"Sorry," He discarded the broken pieces to the ground ignoring the cuts on his palm. "How were you privy to all of this?"

Lucy sighed, raising a hand to her temple, "We've kept in contact for some time ever since the debacle with Katherine." Her young cousin was a lost lamb in the midst of vampires. Despite her own path and issues Lucy very well couldn't leave Bonnie alone. They communicated frequently and she helped Bonnie every way she could. It was she who contacted Abby Bennett and bore the guilt of what happened afterwards. "She told me about a lot of things." Her eyes were focused on the fireplace but the implication was clear.

Klaus stiffened unsure of how to take such revelation. It made sense after all. How else would Lucy decide he could be of help?

"What I'm wondering is how you didn't know? As an Original you keep information on everyone yet you let her slip under your nostrils. Perhaps you were too busy chasing power to even glance at the direction of a person you claimed to care about," Lucy accused, feeling suddenly hot with anger.

Klaus's nostrils flared and every reserve of self-control keeping him in check burst away, "It was what she asked for! That I leave and never look back! It was never what I wanted!"

The truth in his words took them both aback. He grimaced uncomfortable with how much passion he exuded and she was rendered speechless by it herself. All those times speaking with her cousin about the very well forbidden relationship with the hybrid, Lucy's main concern was that he was merely playing a long con. A prolonged and complicated one but a con nonetheless. Klaus Mikaelson used witches and left them behind with worry. What exactly would make Bonnie different?

The answer was right in front of her.

"You loved her," Lucy breathed.


That implied past tense.

"You love her," She repeated forcefully.

Klaus turned his back towards her and walked to lean against the fireplace mantle. "You know not of what you speak." Everything within him screamed at the lies. He loved her. Klaus Mikaelson loved Bonnie Bennett so much. Such love neither wavered nor waned no matter how much he forced himself to believe otherwise. He'd killed, maimed and fucked in order to push it down but it jumped up like a jack-in-the-box always ready to remind him of the one he could not have. When he left Mystic Falls, he comforted himself with the idea that she would be safer far away from him and the mayhem he brought to her door. That it was better this way. He upheld her promise not to look back, to forget her (if only in pretense). Forget her sweet fragrance and intoxicating kisses. The words they whispered to each other in the concealing darkness. The ones they shouted under cloaking trees in the woods. The way her touch nearly restarted his long dead heart each time.

He left for her sake. Because she deserved more than him. More than a wretched creature with blood-soaked hands and every accumulated sin under the sun in his ledger. Bonnie deserved a happy full life.

But so shortly after his departure everything that would go wrong in her life did.

She died.

The revelation sent a million sear swords plunging right through him.

"She told me everything," Lucy reminded him. "Everything. No doubt it was mostly because she needed an avenue to purge her secrets and she couldn't very well tell her friends." No doubt about that. "But also, because she trusts me. I'm not here to judge or rave on you for dating my baby cousin but she's in serious danger and there's no one I can think of to help me save her."

He told her that her friends would be her downfall. That her need to save them no matter the cost would be what killed her. She retorted that he would be the reason for her death. That made him laugh at the time.

"And what would you like me to do?" Klaus asked morosely. As if he wasn't already plotting a million and one ways to bring her back. No prison world was a match for his iron-will and single-mindedness. He would bring her back no matter what.

Lucy could see it even if he said nothing. A ghost of a smile on her lips, "Whatever it takes."

Mystic Falls

2 years ago

Bonnie made her way towards the darkened woods. She'd told Elena and Caroline that she was on her way home to study a bit and hit the hay but lying came easily to her these days. Sleep would be a welcome friend but unfortunately it eluded her night after night. Ever since Stefan showed her where the coffins sat and made her an accomplice to his quest for vengeance.

"I'm glad you heeded my words young Bennett," The Originals' voice purred from behind a tree.

"You didn't give me much choice," Bonnie said flatly. He'd left a note on her window sill with word to meet him or he would have an interesting conversation with Jeremy in Denver.

Klaus emerged from his hiding place, "I suppose that is true. Thank you all the same. Now, is my little hunch true?"

She closed her eyes hoping within her heart of hearts that what she was trying to do was the right thing. "Your mother came to meet me and Abby. She linked you and your siblings during the ball using Elena's blood and she plans to end you using Finn as a sacrifice."

Klaus was no fool. The moment Esther emerged talking of peace and forgiveness he knew she was planning something. Even in their human years his mother hid her cunning under a warm smile and silver tongue. Must have been where he got his from. Elijah and Rebekah were eager enough since theirs was borne from longing for their cracked patch of a family to be whole once more. Understandable but wholly foolish.

Now his suspicions were confirmed.

"She has no magic. How does she intend to achieve this?" Klaus questioned further.

"She's been siphoning from my line," The bitterness in her voice was unmistaken. As usual her family was caught in a quarrel they didn't cause and made to suffer the consequences. Time and time again. "She needs myself and Abby to be there during the sacrifice to help her."

"And do you intend to?" His eyes on her were intense.

"I did," Bonnie was nothing if not truthful. "Until I learnt that killing you guys would mean every single vampire dies." Lucy informed her of that little factoid. As much as a part of her would love nothing more, she knew that there were plenty innocent ones like Caroline and Tyler who wanted nothing more than to simply survive. They didn't ask to get turned and didn't deserve to die for their maker's sins.

"Are you certain that was the only reason?" He reached out to cradle her face. She wasn't aware he was that close. Or perhaps she was. "Or does a tiny part of you whither at the thought of me dead?" His hand trailed down her neck, thumb brushing against the notch of her sternum.

"Stop," She held his hand to stop his ministrations.

"That wasn't an answer," Klaus smirked keeping his hand in place. Bonnie glared pushing it off her like a diseased limb, "I would want nothing more."

"Learn to lie better my dear," He tutted. "How could you even want me dead? I've offered you just the very best over and over again yet you scorn me at every turn. A man can take so much heartbreak."

"You want me just for my magic," The statement came almost as an accusation. As though she wanted to believe that and it somehow made her angry.

"Yes, I do. But that was never all I offered," Klaus' voice dove lower and deeper stirring something heavy in her gut. Heavy and hot to be precise. This is how he always was each time he approached her. Enticing and flirty. It was just his way. To be blinded by it would be nothing short of stupid. This is how he got witches to his side. She was nothing special. "You are too special to be stifled by the likes of these village idiots you surround yourself with."

"And so, I give my soul to the devil as an alternative?" She retorted.

He levelled her with a heated stare and pushed her chin upwards with her forefinger. To her surprise, she didn't move it. "If I am the devil then you are my fallen angel. Fallen not from grace but a stifling tyrant that masks itself as good only to suppress your gifts for their use. Stefan never so much thanked you for aiding in his return but sought you the moment he stole my coffins. Damon was willing to see you to your death at my hands if it meant he could steal away his little brother. But you've dubbed them the good ones. The Gilbert boy took your gift of life and squandered it away by entertaining a ghost of some already unimpressive vampire. I've been honest about all I've wanted from you from day one. I want all of you Bonnie Bennett and I will give you everything you've ever wanted in return."

What made it worse was that there was truth in his words. Truth that she shifted away from and pretended wasn't there. The truth that she was nothing but a pawn at the bottom of the totem pole. Beneath Elena and everyone else.

"I've seen how much your siblings hate you," Bonnie spoke softly but the words still came out sharp. "You love them and they hate you. It seems like your love is a twisted thing."

He removed his hand from her face, "My siblings could never understand all I've done for them. All I've saved them from. Loyalty to them is a thing that can be given away to any pretty or handsome face that passes by."

Bonnie bit her tongue. Somehow, she felt guilt at his visible ire. He did obviously love them in his own twisted manner. "If it's loyalty you want then that can't be forced. You've given me no reason to believe you deserve such from me."

"Alright. If you help stop my mother then I swear that I shall Elena in peace," Klaus stated. "I have my hybrids and Mikael is dead so there is no need for her blood any longer."

"And you promise that?" Bonnie was skeptical but if she could make this work then taking a leap of faith was a worthy risk. She did need to stop Esther anyway but the help would be needed especially since the rest of the gang didn't exactly know the sire lines tidbit just yet.

"I swear on my mother's grave," A devilish smile graced his features. He extended an arm out for a handshake and when she reluctantly grasped it, pulled her towards him and pressed his lips against hers. Bonnie tried to push him away at first but he held on tight. The thought of using her magic strangely never occurred in the moment. She felt frozen in place, every inch of her body rooted apart from her lips which moved against his of their own accord. His hands held her tightly to his body, stroking the curves hidden under her loose tank top and jeans. A small moan escaped her lips bringing her back to reality.

Bonnie pulled away horrified at her actions and pushed him back. This time he was weak enough to let it happen. "Don't you ever do that again."

"Alright," He answered quietly. But that wouldn't matter anymore. Not now that she had finally tasted what she denied herself from for so long. The sweet seduction had already taken root in her mind.

Body thrumming and mind foggy, she propelled herself forward right into his arms, kissing him back with such vigor that surpassed their earlier attempt. Klaus didn't bog himself down with doubts or questions. He simply pushed her against the trunk of a tree and kissed her to his delight.

Whoosh this went longer than I wanted as usual but now we have a good idea of what's going on.