Chapter 4

Link raced along to green field ground. Malon ran back into her dwelling, and fell into her pillow. Link hoped that Malon would be ok, and hoped he'd be back for her. She felt the same way and fell asleep. She had the same dream again. It was so much more clearer than it was before.

~*~*~*~*~* 2 years later *~*~*~*~*~

Malon sat and brushed her beautiful red hair when she heard a knock on the door. She smiled and hoped it was Link. She opened the door and slammed it shut. It was Inigo. She hid behind her bed.

"Malon, I know you're there. You've been hiding from me. That's not funny!" He yelled, an crashed the door down. "Nice place Malon. You've grown nicely. Now to find you." The first place he looked was he bed because she usually hid there whenever Inigo was looking for her. He dragged her out by her hair.

"NO!" She screamed as he dragged her outside.

"No? NO WHAT?! I'm taking you back. Your father never came home! So I am now your legal guardian!" He said waving a contract around. Malon struggled, and reached for her dagger in her boot. She reached far enough, and stabbed him in the leg. She retrieved it quickly.

"Get away."She panted as he dropped her hair. She stood, and pointed the dagger at the back of his head. "I should do it now, but I want to see what you look like when I shove this into you." She said brushing the hair away from her face. Inigo got up slowly. He drew his sword.

"I see, you are a very foolish girl Malon. You don't know how to fight." He said smiling.

"Yes I do." She said smiling back.

"Well not like this!" He said throwing himself over her. She fought, and clawed, but he held her down trying to get the dagger away. She struggled some more, so finally her hit the side of her head with the handle of his sword. He took the dagger, and put a blanket over her. He finally was able to carry her back.

Link was finally done with his mission, and was anxious to see Malon. He looked different. His hair was tied back, he had gotten taller. He had his ear pierced, and his eyes were bluer. When he reached Malon's door he noticed that she wasn't there. Instead a note was hanging in the mirror.

It read:

She's put up for ransom by Inigo. If whoever needs to save her truly wants to, bring 10,000 rupees to Lon Lon ranch immediately. If not she dies.


Link hurriedly jumped back on Epona and galloped to Lon Lon Ranch as quick as possible. He slowly snuck up with a bag of bombs that weighed as much as 10,000 rupees.

"Ok, I gave you the 10,000 rupees." He had covered most of the top of the bag with red and blue rupees, including some purple. "Now give her to me!" He said trying not to laugh. He hid and watched Inigo carry the bag off inside. He dropped a cloth bag, and without talking or anything, Link hauled her off. It was a strange kidnaping really, the would at least want more ransom, but Inigo was mentally challenged at the time since Ganondorf beat him up at letting Malon escape. Ganondorf had a certain attraction to her.

"Malon? Malon wake up." Link said holding her on his lap. He rocked back in forth in a slow motion. Malon's head was hurt pretty bad. It was bleeding, and Link was doing his best trying to get it to stop. After three weeks, Malon slowly awakened. Link was running Epona around. It was a beautiful day.

Malon clumsily walked over to the door. She was put in her dwelling. She recognized it.

"Who are you?" She asked leaning on her door.

"You'll have to guess." He said smiling. He was still riding Epona.

" Where'd you get that horse?" She asked suspiciously looking at the familiar horse. She thought that it might be Epona, but where was Link?

"A friend of mine loaned it out to me. I didn't really ask." He said panting.

"Who was this friend?" She asked.

"I forgot. He's probably well dead now. So, you're Malon eh?" He asked.

"Yeah, how, I mean, why'd you save me?"She asked biting her lip. She thought that this mysterious man was an acquaintance of Link, but she didn't want to ask.

"I wanted some milk, and I saw your dwelling, so I came in, and saw a note hanging there. I went to Lon Lon Ranch, put a couple bombs in a bag plus some rupees, and saved you. I was being Mr. Charming." Malon's eyes widened.

"Do you know Link, the Hero of Time?!" She asked excitedly.