Raffi shifts in her sleeep, subconsciously snuggling closer to Sevens back. Slowly she becomes aware of a familiar sensation from the sleeping woman beside and rouses her from her sleep.

Sevens breathing becomes hitched.

An arm twitches.

A small, quiet whimper.

Raffi lifts her head and glances at the pale face in from of her, seeing her lover's face contort from yet another nightmare.

Quietly, Raffi raises up onto her elbow and gently strokes slow, soothing circles around the cool shoulder before her as she dips her head to whisper softly "Sshhhhhh, babe, its ok…"

She brushes a lock of hair, now slick with fresh sweat, from Seven's still sleeping brow, "shhhhhhhhh, its ok, im here babe… youre ok…" softly trying to coax whatever memory is troubling Seven away.

As the moments tick by her breaths begin to even out.

The twitching subsides.

The whimpers stop.

Raffi slides her arm gently around Seven's waist as she carefully lowers yerself back down against a damp back, and softly pulls her against her breast.

Seven never mentions her nightmares.

So Raffi never asks.

She doesnt know if Seven remembers these moments.

So Raffi never brings them up.