As Bonnie Bennett walked through her school she felt tired. The witch had been working nonstop trying to open that last coffin, only for her to be knocked out when it finally happened. The witch woke up in the Salvatore mansion cranky as hell, Stefan's new attitude not helping anything. She was also more than a little worried now, it seemed everything the Salvatore brothers came up with had a way of backfiring completely.

In all honesty she had no idea why she still bothered to go along with their plans anymore. It wasn't like any of them worked. Seeing Elena waiting by her locker, she sighed, remembering why she was still dealing with the brothers.

"Did you get an invite?" The doppelgänger asked as she walked up to her,making Bonnie frown at her. Seeing an envelope in her hand she sighed, wondering how the world was going to screw her over today.

"Invite to what?" She asked as she opened her locker and grabbed her history book. Alaric always went easy on her, knowing how stressed she was, but she didn't like to take advantage. Elena sighed handing the invitation over to her.

"The Mikaelsons are throwing a ball" Elena says with a sigh and a raise of her eyebrow.

Please Join

The Mikaelson Family

This Evening at 7 o'clock

For dancing, cocktails and celebration

A freaking ball? Are they serious? What the hell was this? Then again if you want to get anything done in Mystic Falls all you had to do was give the people a reason to dress up. Bonnie shrugged at her best friend, making a face.

"I don't know, I spent all night with Abby, I haven't even gone home yet" she tells her making her fellow brunette raise her eyebrows at her.

"How's it going with her?" Elena asks softly. She knew her mother was a sore subject for the witch and she was grateful that Bonnie had called the woman for her.

"Pretty good actually, after getting past why she left it seemed a little easier, she's more open now" the witch admits to Elena who smiles at her softly.

"That's good" she says before looking down at the invitation once more. "Do you want to get dresses together? I can't go alone with Caroline she'll throw me in at least 30 different dresses" Elena says making Bonnie laugh at her.

"We don't even know if I'm invited" Bonnie says shrugging her shoulders as they walked out of the school. She didn't want to go, be surrounded by a bunch of vampires for no good reason. No thank you.

"You definitely were invited witchy" they hear. Turning they see Damon and Stefan walking up to them. Rolling her eyes at the vampire who had an invitation in his hand she groaned.

"You went through my mail?" She asked snatching it from him. He smirked at her happily. He did love to get a rise out of the witch, it was one of his favorite pastimes.

"Are you really that surprised? By the way, The Lingerie Addict, didn't know you had it in you Bon"he says looking her with wide eyes before looking to his brother. "It's always the quiet ones" he says making Stefan roll his eyes.

"Oh shut up" Bonnie tells him as she opens the letter. It's the same as Elena got, though she noticed the back had writing on it as well.

I'd hope you would do me the honor of a meeting Miss Bennett

-Esther Mikaelson

"Esther?" Bonnie asks looking up at the trio before her. "As in their mother? She's not dead?" She asks making Elena's eyebrows raise.

"Guess we know who was in the coffin" Stefan says in his new weird emotionless voice. Bonnie's lips curled as she heard him speak, still unused to Stefan with his new diet.

"What do you think she wants?" Elena asks making Damon shrug at her question. They were all more than a bit curious. Especially with her wanting to talk with the small witch in front of them. Shaking her head Bonnie sighed.

"I don't know and I don't care, I will take great pleasure in burning this the minute I get home" she says walking away, only to have Damon follow her.

"Oh no judgey, you are definitely coming with. All of us are going and we're strongest when we're working as a team" he tells her making her roll her eyes at him.

"A team? Do you not remember you ripped my throat out at one point" she says making him roll his eyes at her in return.

"Don't you remember I helped you find your mom Bonnie? You may not like me but you can't deny we work well together" he admits making her stop and turn to look at him. She noticed Elena and Stefan following them close behind.

"Why the hell would I go to this thing?" She asks holding the invitation up in the air. Damon smirks at her for a second before pointing to Elena.

"Because she's going, and so is Caroline, if I'm not mistaken, you won't leave them alone with the whole original family would you?" He asks making her roll her eyes at him. She knew he was right. They all knew that was the perfect thing to say to get her to go and it pissed Bonnie off that they all knew it.

"They won't be alone, Elena will have the 2 of you and Caroline has Tyler" Bonnie counters stubbornly making him smirk at her.

"Like you trust us" he says with a raised eyebrow.

"You'd do anything to keep her safe" Bonnie replies knowing for a fact that her words were true. Yet this only makes his smirk grow.

"Without killing everyone else in the process?" The question makes Bonnie pause. She knew they didn't care about anyone else's life, they barely cared about hers and she was useful.

"I don't have a dress or a date" she says making Damon clap his hands together once at her. He knew he could convince her to go, when it came to her friends Bonnie Bennett would do just about anything.

"Already taken care of, I'll pay for your new dress and Stefan's taking you as his date" he says making both Bonnie's and Elena's eyes widen at him.

"What?" They ask at the same time making Damon's smirk widen as he holds out his card for the witch to take.

"I will going as Elena protection and St. Stefan here will be going as witchy protection" he says making Bonnie roll her eyes. Stefan knew Damon would leave Bonnie in a second if it meant protecting Elena and if Bonnie died, well they were all screwed.

"Nope forget it, I'll go dateless" she says snatching the card from him and getting in her car, driving away before anyone could stop her. Elena raises an eyebrow at Damon.

"You didn't actually think she'd agree to Stefan as her date right?" She asks him making him shrug at her.

"Well not like she has a choice" he says making Stefan shrug. He would get her to be his date tonight, they had to make it seem like they were a strong unit, even if Bonnie did hate their guts half the time.

"I'll still be picking her up at 7, wether she wants to go with me or not" Stefan says before walking away. Elena looked at them walk away, feeling apprehension fill her gut. Something was going to happen tonight. Wether it was good or bad would be determined when the time came.


Niklaus Mikaelson sat at before his canvass, painting a thunderstorm, yet couldn't seem to focus on it. It wasn't very often he found himself at a loss for words but his mother seemed to have taken them away completely.

"Something seems to be troubling you my son" the woman of his thoughts said as she walked into the room. Looking up at the woman he never thought he'd see again he bit back a sigh.

"Of course not mother, I have everything I've dreamed of" he tells her softly making her raise an eyebrow at him. Esther knew her son very well, a mother always does, she knew he was missing something. Something even she could not give him.

"And what is that?" She asked her son softly making him turn to her, gently putting his paintbrush down.

"Everything, I have my hybrids to protect us, my family together in our home, even you have forgiven me" he says as she walks over to him, her touch gentle as she laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Yet you still seem to be in want of something, something even I could not give you" she whispers to her son softly. The hybrid closed his eyes as he looked down. The matriarch of the Mikaelson family knew her children very well, but he would never admit what he wanted. To admit such a thing was beneath him.

"I want for nothing mother, not anymore" he says standing, putting a hand on her shoulder. She shook her head at him softly, reminded of when he was but a babe, always trying to protect her or his siblings.

"I know you will not tell me, I will not ask for it, instead I will ask something of you that you will be more than a bit reluctant to do" she says softly making him raise an eyebrow at her.

"Today I have sent out invitations to a ball, a homecoming of sorts" she says making him smirk at her. Of course she would want to commemorate the day she came back from the dead and reunited their family.

"While I was on the other side I was tortured for what I'd done, what I'd created but I had a chance to redeem myself. A chance given to me by The First Witch herself" Esther admitted to him quietly making his eyebrows raise.

"You saw her?" He asks making her chuckle at him softly. That definitely caught his attention. They were witches before she made her grave mistake, they both knew how important this was. She suspects it's what fueled his taste for witches throughout the years.

"No of course not, she would never show herself to anyone, only 1 witch in existence was allowed to see her" she explains to her son who knit his eyebrows together.

"How do you know it was her then?" He asks making her smile at him sadly. There was so much he could have known about magic, if only she hadn't made them what they were. Then again Mikael never wanted his sons to learn the craft, even Kol who was far more gifted than any of her children was forbidden from learning.

"A witches magic does not lie" she says softly making Klaus nod at her. He didn't fully understand but then again he supposed he never would. He was never given the chance and even if he was, it was so long ago he barely remembered the feeling of the earth anymore.

"She gave me a mission, all of us really, a chance to redeem us all" she says making the hybrid listen on intrigued. A mission from the first witch. "We must guide Bonnie Bennett" she says.

Klaus stares at his mother for a moment before laughing. It was rich. Guide Bonnie Bennett. She had to be joking. The witch was practically a moral compass on steroids, righteousness flowed through her veins.

"I am serious Niklaus" Esther tells him. Her voice firm as she speaks to her son. The last part of her lover Ansel. She could see his father in his eyes.

"How the hell does The First Witch expect us to guide her? How does she expect we'll approach her? Better yet what do I get? I'd be putting my life on the line even walking up to the witch, you realized that Little Witch was the closest I've come to death since our human days do you not?" He asks his mother making her sigh at her sons temper. So like his father.

"Yes I do and why do you think that is Niklaus? Do you truly think a regular novice witch, surrounded by imbeciles could do what she did?" She asks making him frown at her. He spent many a night wondering how Bonnie Bennett could do what she did and how to stop it from happening again.

"Besides The First Witch knew this would be your reaction" Esther said with a sigh. She knew this wouldn't be easy.

"I wonder how?" Klaus asks his mother sarcastically, making her raise an eyebrow at her son.

"So she offered me this bit" Esther continues as if she hadn't heard him. "If we help when the time is right, not only would we have redeemed ourselves but we would be exposed and given unimaginable power and clarity" she says making Klaus smirk at his mother. Now unimaginable power, that he could work with.


Bonnie sighed as she walked the mall, sipping her mocha frappe as she passed store after store. She couldn't find a dress and completely forgot about Elena's offer to go dress shopping until about an hour ago and by that time the girl had already found the perfect dress.

Sighing she decided to go into a store that would usually make her cringe by just the look of it. The store itself looked like it was being paid off in diamonds, but with Damon's black card she figured she could spend a little, he did owe her for saving his ass so many times.

After looking through about 2 racks of dresses she felt herself go tense as a chill ran up her spine. Turning around she found Stefan watching her with a small smirk. Rolling her eyes she turned back around.

"What do you want Stefan?" She asked making him smirk at her. Though she couldn't see it as she wasn't even facing him. The Bennett continued to look through the racks as she felt his eyes on her.

"Just wanted to see how my dates dress hunting was going" he told her making her turn to him with a glare. She hated that the Salvatores thought they could get her to do whatever they wanted, especially Stefan.

"I'm not going with you Stefan" she says making him sigh at her. He would admit he liked that she had morals and he admired that she stuck by them but the stubbornness that she seemed to develop with him was driving him a bit nuts.

Stefan knew things were different now that he was on human blood, he'd be an idiot if he didn't think Bonnie wouldn't treat him any different but it didn't mean he had to like it.

"Bonnie, come on, you know it wouldn't be a smart move to walk in there alone" he tells her making her raise an eyebrow at him.

"Yea call me stupid, that's a way to get me to be your date" she mutters as she turns away from him once more. He rolls his eyes before turning her around gently.

"Bonnie you are one of the smartest people I know, that's why I'm saying this, cause deep down you know I'm right" he tells her making her sigh.

She did know he was right and given Caroline was going with Tyler, Elena with Damon and Matt with Rebekah of all people, it left her to go alone.

"Fine" she says giving in. He gives her a small smile but she narrows her eyes at him. "If you can help me pick a damn dress, I don't know what I'm gonna wear to this thing" she says making him quirk an eyebrow at her.

"You grew up with Caroline Forbes and can't find anything to wear?" He asks dubiously making her chuckle.

"Have you met Caroline, she usually just throws me into a dressing room and tells me to put things on" she says chuckling. He smiles at her softly before looking at the rack of dresses in front of them.

"Well anything for my date" he says making her narrow her eyes at the vampire. "come on let's go put a dent in Damon's bank account"


Bonnie looked down at herself, apprehension filling her. Stefan has convinced her with going with something that would make her stand out a bit. He convinced her to get a bright blue, flowing dress which trailed behind her a bit and even to curl and layer her hair. She'd gotten her makeup professionally and he'd convinced her to go with a smokey eye and neutral lips. She had a small black purse that she put her phone and a couple dollars inside just in case. She had silver heels and silver earrings as well. She also had a rather large sterling silver necklace on. She was sure they put a dent in Damon's account.

All in all she loved how she looked, she was just worried about the brightness of it getting so much attention. Stefan assured her that she wouldn't be the only one wearing a bright color and that she'd be fine.

Hearing the knock on the door she sighed softly. Okay then here goes absolutely nothing. Opening the door she looked at Stefan, he looked good in his suit, then again he looked good in just about anything.

"Hold on a second" she says rushing to the kitchen to grab a bottle of vodka and 2 shot glasses. Walking back over to him he raises an eyebrow at her.

"I think you've been spending too much time with Damon" he says making her chuckle lightly.

"Oh let's not read too much into this, if I'm going to be spending all night around the Mikaelson family I'm going to need it. Now do you want one or not?" She asks holding out a shot glass to him.

Stefan looks at her for a moment before chuckling and taking the glass. It wasn't often she admitted to feeling out of her element so he, rightly, shut his mouth and took the offered drink.

"To no one dying tonight" he says winking at her. She makes a face but nods at him regardless.

"Amen to that" she says throwing her drink back. He's surprised that she barely even makes a face at the burning liquid.

"Shall we?" He asks offering her his arm. She takes it, knowing that going to this ball would change things. She felt it in her gut, the young witch just didn't know how it would happen.


As they walked to the large doors of the Mikaelson mansion Bonnie sighed. She didn't want to be here. To think she wouldn't have even had to come if she just did what she wanted and stayed with Abby this morning.

"You alright Bennett?" Stefan asks before they walk in. His hand was on the door but he was looking at her intently. Bonnie sighed, this felt like one of those life changing moments. She had 2 choices, 1 she could walk away and her life could go how it was supposed to or 2 she could jump into the deep end, praying that it changed her life for the better.

She looked at Stefan, knowing if she asked he'd take her straight home and even if he didn't she knew she could take him. It would be the safe thing to do, a Bonnie Bennett thing to do. For some reason though, it wasn't what she wanted to do.

"Let's just get this over with Salvatore" she says instead, squaring her shoulders and giving him a smile. He smiled back at her, patting the hand that was on the crook of his arm.

As they pushed the doors open and walked in they noticed the party was on full swing, yet people still turned to look at the couple who had come fashionably late. Bonnie felt her face heat up. Everyone was staring at them and more than that everyone had dressed in muted colors, hers the only bright, sea blue, thing in the room.

"I'm gonna kill you" she told him under her breath as they began to walk in, slowly but surely mixing into the crowd that began to slowly return to the party.

"You look amazing Bonnie" he tells her, flashing her a smile before his face became impassive. Lately she figured out that only meant 1 thing, Elena was near. She was right of course. The doppelgänger walked up to them with Damon behind her.

"Hey Bonnie you look great" she tells her friend, Bonnie smiled at Elena who looked like an absolute princess in her dress.

"So do you Lena" she tells her softly. Elena looks at Stefan for a moment, her gaze filled with hope.

"Stefan can I talk to you for a minute?" She asks making Stefan look at her, his emotionless expression not changing at all but Bonnie could see the question in his eyes.

"I'll be fine" she says making him nod. Soon enough they were out on the dance floor, Elena's dress flowing behind her as they began to dance.

"Well Bonnie, we were both ditched by our dates, how bout a dance?" He asks making Bonnie raise an eyebrow at the vampire.

"Yea, not gonna happen" she says before swiftly walking away. She didn't notice how the blue eyed vampires eyes stayed on her until she was out of sight.

It was a strange feeling, walking through a crowd of people you knew since infancy yet feeling completely out of place. Bonnie felt it as she walked through the crowd. Seeing a waiter passing with champagne she grabbed a flute, drinking it in its entirety.

"Well I didn't take you for a lush" she heard. Turning she found the blonde original looking at her with a raised eyebrow. Bonnie just shrugged at the youngest Mikaelson.

"There's a lot you don't know about me" she replies as Rebekah nods at her. She knew that was true but yet it didn't seem to fit Bonnie Bennett, it was a bit surprising and she wasn't surprised by much.

"Be that as it may, I didn't take you for the drinking type, you always seemed to do the boring stuff" Rebekah says shrugging a delicate shoulder at the witch.

"I grew up in a small town, with Tyler Lockwood, we made our own fun" Bonnie says grabbing another flute of champagne, drinking this one much more steadily than the last.

"Please you lot wouldn't know fun if it bit you in your arse, Mystic Falls is the place where fun comes to die" Rebekah says before shrugging. "Where everything dies really, now New Orleans, that's where the magic is" she says making Bonnie raise an eyebrow at her.

"Bonnie" she hears before she can say anything and turns to see Matt, granting him the first genuine smile of the night as he hugged her.

"You look great" he tells her as they pull apart, going to hand Rebekah a drink. The blonde smiles at him gently before looking back at Bonnie.

"Thanks so do you" she says softly to the quarterback who smiles at her brightly.

"Thanks Rebekah picked it out" he says making Bonnie smile slightly.

"Makes sense if you picked out your own suit it'd look like you got dressed in the dark" she says making Matt laugh and Rebekah smile lightly. Seeing a bit of food she nods at them.

"I'm gonna go grab something to eat" she says softly to which Rebekah smiles softly at the young witch.

"Have fun little Wicca" she calls out to the witch, making Bonnie roll her eyes. Matt looks at Rebekah with a raised eyebrow.

"What was that about" he asks making Rebekah shrug at him innocently.

"Nothing, just something we were talking about" she says making him nod. "Come on lets dance" she says dragging him to the dance floor.

Bonnie's eyes widened at the sight of food, after the spell to open the coffin she'd been absolutely famished. She felt like she hadn't eaten in ages. Grabbing a small finger sandwich she smiled, popping it into her mouth.

"Miss Bennett" she hears and turns to find a very well dressed, handsome, man she'd never seen before. Her eyes widen as she swallows the sandwich quickly.

"Yes, do I know you?" She asks smiling at him lightly. He smiles at her shaking his head softly.

"No but you seem to be well acquainted with my family" he says sticking out his hand for her to take as she knits her eyebrows together. Her unspoken question is answered when he kisses her hand and she feels something that has long since become familiar to her. Death.

"You're a Mikaelson" she says her eyes narrowing slightly. He nods at her softly, taking in how her eyes narrow into slits as she backs away.

"Yes but I do hope you won't judge me on the actions of my family, I assure you, I'm not like the rest" he tells her making her raise an eyebrow at him.

"How so?" She asks making him sigh as he hands her a glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

"Well I have been locked in that bloody coffin for over 800 years" he says making her eyebrows raise in surprise.

"That could just mean your more dangerous than the rest?" She says making him chuckle at her reasoning.

"It could, but it was more because I never took to being, what we've become" he says lowering his voice slightly. She knits her eyebrows together at his confession. "Staying alive far longer than I was ever meant to, the times have changed far too much for me, too much noise in today's age"

"And why are you telling me this?" She asks making him sigh once more, shaking his head.

"I'm not entirely sure" he says softly before he smiles at her gently. "I just want you to know, not everyone in my family is the same" he says making her gaze soften. She knew about being the odd one out.

"That is a comforting thing to know" she says taking a sip of her drink. "If it's true" she says softly making him smirk at her.

"I'd be happy to prove it to you" he told her softly. The brunette could only widen her eyes at him. Sighing she grabbed her phone and headphones from her purse.

"Look if you ever want to cancel out the noise" she says handing the headphones over to him. He knit his eyebrows together as he looked at them in confusion.

"I don't understand" he says softly making her chuckle softly at him.

"I'm sure Rebekah or Klaus has shown you what a phone is and what they're capable of right?" She asks to which he nods. Plugging the headphones in she gave him one and showed him how to put it in his ear.

"What will this do?" He asks her making her smile.

"You'll see" she says softly as she brings up YouTube on her phone. Looking at him she bites the inside of her cheek, wondering what music he would enjoy. Sighing she thought, classical, and put on Hungarian Dance #5.

As the music begins to play his eyes widen at her. The music itself was beautiful and as he focused on it he realized he could focus better on the sounds coming from the device.

"Remarkable" he says making her smile at him genuinely.

"Yea here, if you ever need to cancel out the noise" she says softly as she hands him the headphones. He smiles at her softly putting them in his pocket.

"Thank you" he says graciously as he accepts her gift to him. She just shakes her head at him, before she could tell him not to worry about it they hear something.

Hearing a glass clink together Bonnie and Finn look up to see a beautiful woman standing above everyone. Esther Mikaelson she presumed.

"I hope to see you soon Miss Bennett" he tells her and with a slightly bow he's on his way to stand beside his mother and siblings.

As Esther makes a speech about making Mystic Falls there home again Bonnie takes a moment to appreciate the Mikaelson family. She hadn't met Kol yet but she'd be blind if she couldn't see that he was handsome. Yet she was sure he was just as dangerous as his siblings, if not more.

Rebekah seemed just as bitchy as always but honestly she felt a more playful tone coming from her today. Especially when she called her Little Wicca, where the hell did that even come from? If Matt liked her though, she might not be all that bad.

Though she only met him for a moment Finn had definitely made an impression on her. The soft spoken original made a case to her bleeding heart and damn her if it didn't work. The original vampire who doesn't like what he is, it's like a tragedy in the making.

Of course there was Elijah the noble brother. The one with the morals who always sat on his high horse about one thing or another. If he hadn't gone back on his word she wouldn't mind him. Though a part of her can't blame him, who could go through with killing their brother, not that she'd ever say it aloud.

Then of course Klaus. The big bad hybrid who came to her town and left everything a rotting, death filled, mess. She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't notice that the hybrid and her were looking at each other until she caught him smirking.

Rolling her eyes she turned to face his mother, who held a cup in the air, toasting to something. As everyone else did Bonnie took a sip of her champagne, calming her nerves. She didn't miss the fact he hadn't taken his eyes off her yet.

Soon enough everyone had begun dancing again. A part of Bonnie wanted to join in, leave all the stress of her life behind for a moment and twirl around in a pretty dress just this once. Sadly it wasn't her life.

"Miss Bennett" she heard behind her once again, though this time she knew the voice. Turning around she faced Elijah Mikaelson, the noble one.

"Mr. Mikaelson" she greets him raising an eyebrow at him slightly. He smiles at her softly, knowing the small witch was righteous enough to simply walk away from him at any given moment, maybe even set a body part on fire if she felt the need to do so.

"I'm glad to see you've accepted our invitation" he says smiling at her lightly. She shrugs a shoulder at him, making her hair fall behind it, slightly showing off her elegant neck.

"I didn't have much choice" she tells him, taking a sip of her drink. The second eldest Mikaelson sibling smirks at her, amusement dancing over his features.

"So you were coerced into coming?" He asks making her nod simply, her eyes scanning the people around them. She desperately wished someone would show up and save her from the conversation.

"Well I must say I'm glad they did, you look breathtaking tonight" he says smiling at her shocked face. Quickly getting her bearings she frowns at him.

"That would mean so much more from someone who actually meant what they said" she says with a raised eyebrow. He sighs but nods at her.

"My mother has asked me to escort you to a study, so you two can talk" he says making Bonnie nod at him. Elijah smiles at the deadpan look she makes when he offers her his arm. He raises an eyebrow in slight challenge, he isn't disappointed when the witch squares her shoulders and takes his arm.

They walk in silence until they're in an candle lit hallway, the soft glow of the candles lighting their way. Once alone Elijah looks at Bonnie.

"I'm sorry to have betrayed you Miss Bennett" he says making her raise an eyebrow at him. "It was never my intention to, but someone with as much loyalty in their heart as you must understand that family is everything" he says making Bonnie sigh.

The Bennett witch stays silent for a moment, thinking of everything she would do for her family. Thinks of everything she'd done for her friends. She knew where he was coming from. It was a slippery slope.

"Look" she starts looking at him as they continue to walk. "If you tell anyone this I will personally fillet you like a fish" she warns making him smirk at her colorful words. She was definitely different.

"I understand why you did it, I understand family is important. I'd give anything to have my Grams with me so fine, I get it" she tells him as they walk. He looks at her softly, assessing the girl beside him.

She was strong, obviously powerful, but she had an inner strength to her. Not one that came from fighting but one that came from pain. More pain than someone her age should have to bear.

"I'm glad we have an understanding Miss Bennett" he says as they stop in front of a door. He looks at her softly before nodding for her to go in.

As she enters she's met with the woman from outside. Esther Mikaelson smiles at her widely, standing to greet her.

"Bonnie Bennett, we meet at last" Esther says as she walks up to Bonnie, her smile warm. If Bonnie didn't know better she'd say that Esther looked at her like an aunt. Warm with soft smiles.

"Ms. Mikaelson" Bonnie greets her with an uneasy smile. Taking her hand Esther smiles more gently.

"Please child call me Esther, I've been waiting a long time to meet you" she says making Bonnie frown. The originals mother had only been freed for a little over a day, what did she mean by that?

"I'm sorry if I'm excited, but I can see her in you" Esther says guiding Bonnie to sit down beside her on the couch. Knitting her eyes together Bonnie's frown deepens.

"Who?" She asks making Esthers smile take on a much softer undertone.

"An old friend of mine, she was a mentor really, she taught me so much" she says not explaining anything really. Seeing the confusion on the girls face she smiles. "Her name was Ayanna and she was your ancestor" she says making Bonnie's eyebrows raise.

Great so not only were her ancestors connected to Stefan, Damon and Katherine but the Mikaelson's too? What the hell? Can her family never stay out of trouble? Mentally shaking herself Bonnie sighs inwardly, don't go down that rabbit hole, she tells herself.

"You knew my ancestor" she asks instead making Esther smile lightly at the young witch before her.

"Yes, She was my dearest friend" she says softly remembering the woman. Her smile etched into her memory. Esther remembered her friend pleading with the spirits to stop her torture. She would protect her descendant.

"Is that why you wanted to meet me?" Bonnie asks trying to clarify the situation somewhat. It was all a bit much for her at the moment.

"Yes, I wanted to tell you something" she told Bonnie softly, who nodded. "I wanted to offer you my help" she says making Bonnie blink at her. She wasn't expecting that.

"I know that the supernatural world has taken much from you, far more than any one person should bear. Ayanna has asked me to take care of you, to teach you" she says softly making Bonnie's head spin.

"I don't know" Bonnie says shaking her head softly. Esther smiles at the girls apprehension. She was just as cautious as her ancestor. "I don't know how I could do that after everything that's happened, to trust you like that"

"You do not have to answer now, in all actuality I never expected you to" she tells Bonnie who nods gratefully. Esther stands going behind the desk in the room and grabbing something.

"But so you know that I mean you no harm I want you to have this" she says softly to the girl handing her something. Bonnie realized it was a grimoire, an old one. "It was Ayanna's" Esther explains making Bonnie look up at her.

"And this" she says reaching for something else. "This was a pendant she always kept in her, she put some of her magic in it, so that the wearer could harness it if they were ever in need" Esther says making Bonnie's eyes widen.

"But why?" She asks as she looks at the gifts before her. A part of her wanted to throw them away from her and run far away, but the other part knew what they were. They were a part of her, a part of her history. A part of her.

"They belong to you Bonnie, to be passed along to your children. I also hope you'll come to realize that none of my family wishes you any harm" she says making Bonnie raise an eyebrow, not believing that bit at all.

"Even Klaus?" She asks making Esther chuckle at her lightly. Bonnie realized it sounded almost musical to her ears.

"Yes even Niklaus, he will behave I swear to you" she promises Bonnie. For some reason Bonnie did find it a bit easier to breathe after that. "I want us all to live harmoniously Bonnie, that is why there is a truce meeting tomorrow, discussing terms and such" Esther says making Bonnie's eyebrows raise.

"That sounds good" Bonnie says slowly, still suspicious. Surprise and suspicion course through her but for the first time in a long time she felt hope. Hope that the fighting could stop. She needed that hope because in all actuality, she was so damn tired.

"Now, please, enjoy the party and please get back to me soon" she says but Bonnie stops before she leaves, remembering the large grimoire in her hands.

"Um, could I leave this here, until the parties over? It might seem a little strange for me to be walking around with it" she says making Esther smile.

"Oh yes, I forget that witchcraft isn't as openly practiced now as it used to be" she says shaking her head. The sentence makes Bonnie pause.

"You were able to practice openly?" She asks in surprise, the older woman who smiles at her warmly as she puts the spell book away.

"Oh yes, we were approached for many things, especially Ayanna, you come from a well respected line. Akin to royalty in the supernatural world, one of the first witches" Esther tells her making her eyes widen.

"I never knew that" Bonnie says softly making Esther smile at her softly. Her eyes taking the young girl in.

"You are very talented, especially for having been self taught, but there are many advantages to having a teacher like me" she tells her softly.

"I would like us to be friends Bonnie, like me and Ayanna once were, I mean it" she says making Bonnie nod. "Please go, eat and have fun, we can discuss this more at a later date, it was a pleasure to meet you Bonnie" she says warmly. Bonnie knows that the older woman meant it.

As Bonnie walks into the hallway alone she realizes she had no idea where she was going. The door closed behind her and as Bonnie was a proud woman, she didn't want to ask for help. Shrugging she went with her gut.

She couldn't believe that Esther Mikaelson had offered to teach her magic. She could only imagine what the woman knew, everything she could teach her. It was an incredible opportunity. If they weren't planning anything nefarious that is.

As she walked the hall she noticed all the paintings adorning the walls and figurines lining them. It was like a damn museum in here. Then again after a thousand years I'm sure you pick up a couple valuable things.

Sighing she noticed a necklace in a case. She'd never seen it before yet the diamond seemed to call out to her. It was a beautiful, large, sapphire diamond with smaller diamonds making up the actual necklace. She'd never seen anything so extravagant in her life.

"Show offs" she muttered.

Before she could stop herself she reached out her hand to touch it. As she did she felt an electric shock fill her body. When she closed her eyes she saw eyes. Electric blue eyes.

"You know it's considered impolite to touch things which aren't ours"


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