You know it's considered impolite to touch things which aren't ours"

Hearing the voice behind her Bonnie gasped, turning quickly. For the first time tonight she was face to face with the one person who she's wanted to see dead for a long time now.

"Klaus" she says by way of greeting. Taking a note from Caroline's book she flipped her hair over her shoulder, careful to send her scent his way so he didn't notice how frazzled he made her. She wasn't going to show him any weakness tonight or ever, she'd read witch's blood was especially delicious to vampires. By the way he closed his eyes, she'd say it was true.

"Miss Bennett, always a pleasure" he says in his suave, accented voice. If she were any other girl she'd probably be drooling over him by now. He was handsome and had a gorgeous accent, not to mention he looked good in a suit. She knew what the hybrid was capable of though, she'd never forget.

"Really? Can't say I feel the same" she says walking past him, still not entirely sure where she was going but following her gut. She wasn't going to stay around him after all. Klaus raises an eyebrow at the girl but followed.

"What a way to treat your host" he says lowly as he steps in time beside her. The long and quite heavy dress slowed her down, she was left wondering what the hell possessed her to get such a dress. Oh right, Stefan. She was gonna kill him.

"I thought Esther was hosting?" She asked making him raise an eyebrow at her. She must have just met with his mother. It would explain why she was on her own wandering his mansion, then again she could have just been snooping.

"Already on a first name basis with my mother then?" He asks as she continues to walk swiftly, trying to get away from him. She hated being in his presence, the hybrid made her want to scream.

"Yes I am, she unlike others, has shown me decency and respect. Now if you'll excuse me I'd like to get back to the party now" she says continuing to walk away. She lets out a sigh of relief when he finally stops walking.

"Well if that's what you'd like you should probably turn the other way" she hears him say behind her. Closing her eyes tightly in embarrassment she stops. She felt her face turning a bit red and sighed.

"I could help you find your way back" he says. Bonnie slowly turns, noticing the shit eating grin on his face. She wishes she could just set him on fire and be done with it.

"That's not necessary, just point me in the right direction and I'll be fine" she says refraining herself from saying anything too scathing to the hybrid.

"Nonsense, What kind of man would I be if I let you walk alone, anything could happen. No idea who you could run into" he says a smirk firmly on his face as he takes her hand and puts it on the crook of his arm.

"Oh you mean like a homicidal maniac?" She asks deadpan, making him smirk down at her. He was always amused by the small witch's wicked tongue.

"Precisely" he says giving her a wolffish smile. The hybrid smiled as she just shut her mouth, allowing herself to be escorted back to the ballroom.

Niklaus Mikaelson always knew what he wanted. When he was human he wanted a happy life with a family he could paint, provide for and love. When he became a vampire he craved power and to protect his family.

After speaking with his mother Klaus knew he wanted the witch on his arm. She very special. She was feisty yet comforting to those she cared for, snarky yet playful. She was a spitfire with a loving soul. More than that she was the most loyal person he'd ever met in his long life. He always knew she was powerful and that was a draw as well. He knew he'd get her in time, he just had to be patient with her.

"Klaus" he heard, making him turn to the witch who invaded his thoughts. She was raising an eyebrow at him, her bow shaped mouth turned into a frown.

"Yes love?" He asks making her frown deepen. She could never get used to the term of endearment coming from him. Even if it was just tacked on to most of his sentences, it was just weird.

"Why are you smiling like that?" She asks pointing to his face with a perfectly manicured finger. His smile grows as he looks at her.

"I have the most beautiful girl at the ball on my arm, why wouldn't I smile?" He asks making Bonnie frown at him. What the hell was this? She felt like she'd stepped into an alternate dimension.

"Yea right" she says rolling her eyes at him. Klaus raises an eyebrow at her, smirk never leaving his face.

"Now which part is it you don't believe? That I think you're the most beautiful girl here or that, that's the reason I'm smiling?" He asks making Bonnie shrug as they continue to walk.

"Both" she says simply. Klaus stops, in turn making her stop. She looks at him questioningly as he looks her over. She was by far one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen and she didn't even realize it. Such a pity. Then again, he supposed that could work to his benefit.

"Bonnie Bennett, trust me when I tell you that you look absolutely ravishing" he says making Bonnie roll her eyes. Before she can retort they hear a throat clearing.

"Leave her be Niklaus" the voice says. Bonnie turns to see that it's Finn. Feeling slightly better she smiles at the eldest Mikaelson sibling in thanks.

"Ah Finn always around just in time to ruin the fun" Klaus says. Bonnie has to take a double take because for a moment there Niklaus Mikaelson was fucking pouting.

"Her friends are looking for her Niklaus" Finn says simply before turning to Bonnie. "Would you like me to take you to them Miss Bennett" he asks holding out a hand for Bonnie. She nods vehemently, taking his hand quickly.

"Of course always the loyal friend you are" Klaus says with a raised eyebrow before smirking at her. "Save me a dance then? Miss Bennett" he says making her roll my eyes.

"If you can corner me then you've earned a dance because believe me I will be avoiding you all night" Bonnie mutters under her breath. She squeezes her eyes shut as she hears a chuckle behind her. She winces, realizing her mistake.

"I look forward to it then" Klaus says in a more than happy voice. Bonnie doesn't turn around to look at him, instead choosing to look at Finn.

"He just took that as a challenge didn't he?" She asks making him nod at the small witch. Groaning Bonnie makes a face.

"Fucking hybrids and their fucking super hearing, that's cheating" she mutters before shaking her head. She needed a drink.

"Are you Alright Miss Bennett?" Finn asked as he looked down at her, his face gentle. She sighed at him softly.

"Um yea, is there any way I could get some air" she asks. Finn looks at her and realizes the poor girl is flustered. Nodding he leads her to a beautiful balcony overlooking the forest.

Bonnie moved to the ledge, clutching it tightly. She was tired and so so confused. She didn't understand much of what had gone on so far and it just seemed like it was getting weirder. Not to mention the vision she got from the necklace along with a dizzyness that hadn't yet subsided. Bonnie took in a deep breath hoping to calm herself.

"Miss Bennett are you alright" she heard Finn ask before putting a hand on the small of her back. Bonnie relaxed slightly into his touch.

"Bonnie" she muttered making him pause as he looked at her. His face was scrunched in confusion. Bonnie would call it adorable were it anyone else.

"What?" He asks making Bonnie smile up at him softly. He seemed so different from the others, so different from a lot of people actually. She supposed a couple hundred years in a box could do that to a person.

"You can call me Bonnie" she tells him softly. He smiles at her warmly, his face lit up by the moon and the stars. Sighing she leaned onto the railing for support.

"Would you like me to get you some water then, Bonnie?" He asks making her smile at him lightly.

"Yes please, if you could?" She asks making him nod at her before quickly leaving with vampire speed. She sighed as she rested her elbows on the cool, hard surface of the concrete railing, putting her chin in her hand.

"You realize there is a party happening?" She hears. Turning she sees the final Mikaelson brother staring at her. Kol.

"Yes well I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and thought some air away from everyone would do me good" Bonnie told him pointedly, hoping he'd get the picture and just leave. Kol raises an eyebrow at the witch but smiled.

"Ah so you're Bonnie Bennett" he says happily as if he'd won a game. She raised an eyebrow back at him.

"What gave me away?" She said in a completely disinterested voice.

"Well every other lady tonight has been falling over themselves to talk to me, yet you seem like you would prefer I rot away from you" he says making Bonnie's mouth twitched upward.

"You said it not me" she told him, her voice low as she breathed in the night air. Seeing that she wasn't feeling well he knit his eyebrows together.

"Are you alright little witch?" He asks her walking forward. Bonnie nodded though her dizzy spell hasn't passed.

"Yea I'm fine" she says turning to him. Seeing her face he noticed the girl was a bit pale. He knew it wasn't because of him, his brother went on in detail about how Bonnie Bennett was the only competent one in this shit town.

"Maybe you should sit" he suggests gesturing towards a chair. As she moves to go towards it she looses her balance, falling over. Though she braces herself for impact it never comes.

Looking up she realized what happened. Kol caught her. The original smirked down at her as she stood with his arms wrapped around her tightly. He found she fit quite nicely.

"You know when I said women were tripping over themselves I didn't mean literally" he joked making her face go a brilliant shade of red.

"I'm so sorry" she says quickly as she goes to move away but he holds here there. The vampire smirks down at her happily keeping her in place.

"Maybe it'd be best if I helped you to sit" he tells her smiling. The witch nods shakes her head at him.

"Um no- that's alright, I'm feeling better now" she tells him making him raise an eyebrow at her. She couldn't help but notice the mischief dancing in his brown eyes.

"Yes well being in my arms has that affect on people" he says smirking at her. Bonnie purses her lips together as she raises an eyebrow at him. The ego on this guy was massive.

"Were you always this egotistical or does it come with age?" She asks making him smirk at her.

"Well when you're as old as me and you look like this handsome you do begin to get a rather large head" he says making her chuckle.

"You know there are other ways to occupy your time right? You don't have to just look at yourself in the mirror for a millennia" she tells him with a raised eyebrow. He smirks at the small witch and shrugs a shoulder.

"Well I've done more things than just that" he says pretending to look offended. Bonnie rolls her eyes at him.

"Oh yea like what? Murdering and pillaging?" She asks making him roll his eyes back at her. She was feisty he'll give her that much.

"Well yes but I've always found romancing women was more fun, not to mention cooking, dancing and picking up instruments here and there?" He says making her look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You cook?" She asks dubiously making him chuckle at her.

"That's what you find strange?" He asks making her shrug. She felt some heat in her cheeks but ignores it.

"Well you're a vampire, you don't exactly need food so I wasn't really expecting it" she tells him. The original shrugs at her softly.

"Well I've lived a long time" he says making her nod. She looks at him with her eyebrows knit together softly.

"What instruments?" She asks suddenly. The vampire smirks at her. That was something everyone had in common, everyone loved someone who could play an instrument.

"Many darling, piano, cello, bass, guitar though I am fond of the Saxophone and Trumpet, reminds me of the Jazz era, it was my favorite of music" he says making her smile at him softly.

"My Grams too" she says softly remembering the mornings she spent with her Grams listening to the singers of the past. She always wondered what it would be like to live in that era, without the racism and sexism of course.

"Here Miss Bennett drink" she hears and turns to see Finn, holding out a glass to her. Smiling at him she takes the glass, drinking the water. The effects are immediate.

Kol knits his eyebrows at he studies her. The witch looked barely ready to stand a not too long ago, now the color was back in her cheeks and she smiled up at his brother.

"Thank you Finn" she says softly as she felt his hand at the small of her back to steady her. Kol roll his eyes at them.

"No thank you for me? I did catch you" he says pouting a bit. The sight makes Bonnie laugh slightly at him. He counted that as a win in his favor.

"I apologize for taking so long, a very feisty blonde cornered Elijah, who in turn cornered me before I could get back to you, your friends are beginning to worry" Finn says making Kol roll his eyes once more. Finn always ruined the fun.

"We should go then" Bonnie says nodding at the elder brother, letting him lead her out before she stopped to turn to Kol. "Thank you Kol" she says before they walk back into the hallway. Kol smirks at her before giving her a small bow of his head.

"Anything for you Miss Bennett" he says making Bonnie roll her eyes at him. Though the small smile on her face told him she didn't mean it.


Walking into the ballroom Bonnie immediately bombarded by a flurry of blonde hair. Eyes widening she looks into Caroline's blue eyes.

"Where were you? We've been worried sick" she asks the witch who's eyes widen even more. Before she can even respond Caroline looks at the man standing beside Bonnie.

"Who's this?" She asks making Bonnie's eyebrows raise at the blonde. She'd spent most of her life being loud and blunt why would that stop now?

"Um Caroline this is Finn, Finn Mikaelson" she says making Caroline's eyes widen. The blondes mouth drops a bit making an 'o' shape. Finn just smiles at her politely.

Bonnie sighed at the blonde as she grabbed her by the arm. Caroline brought Bonnie to her side and effectively away from Finn. Bonnie would have rolled her eyes if they hadn't been in the originals company. Caroline was always possessive of her, ever since they were kids. It only got worse when Abby left.

"Well thank you for bringing Bonnie back to us we really appreciate it" Caroline tells Finn, giving him her fakest smile. Finn quirks an eyebrow but nods at her.

"Of course, I'll let you enjoy the ball now" he says before turning to Bonnie. The original grabbed her hand giving it a soft kiss. "It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Bennett" he says and with that he was off.

Bonnie watched him walk away from her, her mouth slightly opened from shock. Turning she sees Caroline staring at her with wide eyes.

"What the hell was that?" The blonde asks making Bonnie shrug. She had no idea what was going on with the original family tonight. It was all too weird.

"I have no idea" she tells the blonde who sighs, grabbing two champagne glasses when they were offered. Handing one to the witch she sighed.

"Well we've been worried about you, no ones seen you in almost 45 minutes, then we realized half of the Mikaelson's disappeared and we thought the worst" Caroline tells her making Bonnie shake her head. She had no idea she was gone for so long.

"Oh I just got a bit dizzy on the way back from my meeting with Esther, Finn took me to a balcony to get some air, he even got me some water" Bonnie tells her making Caroline knit her eyebrows.

"Well he seems nice" she says making Bonnie shrug. She really just wanted to get out of here, she could feel lines blurring. There was no way she felt sorry for Finn or admitted she understood Elijah. It was too much.

"Come on lets go dance" Caroline says making Bonnie laugh. She points to Stefan dancing with Elena.

"I think my date is a little occupied" she says making Caroline shrug at her, smiling mischievously.

"Then dance with me" she says pulling the small witch onto the dance floor. Laughing Bonnie lets herself be pulled, even knowing the town would be talking about them by morning.


The ball was still in full swing an hour later. Caroline had left her to dance with Tyler, Matt was with Rebekah and Elena was who knows where with one of the Salvatore brothers. Bonnie didn't see any of the 3 from where she leaned against the wall.

The small witch had more than a couple glasses of champagne since she got there, one with a shot from Tyler's flask. He was happy to see Bonnie a little tipsy, he missed tipsy Bonnie, she was always fun.

As she giggled at Tyler trying to dance with Caroline she couldn't help but sigh slightly. She couldn't help but miss Jeremy in moments like this. Where all her friends were with their boyfriends, or whatever Elena was doing, and she was left on the sidelines.

"Well look who's finally been cornered"she heard behind her before turning to look into the blue eyes of the hybrid. Sighing she raised an eyebrow at him, suddenly wanting to be alone.

The hybrid smirked at the witch, knowing he had cornered her at the right moment. She was tipsy enough to not set him aflame yet sober enough to still be a bit of fun.

"You know that wasn't actually a challenge, I'm not gonna dance with you" she tells him raising a perfectly arched eyebrow at him. She did end up spending the better part of an hour walking swiftly away from where he was, he just smirked at her whenever he caught her eye.

"Are you sure about that? Because Damon is on his way over here and he looks quite angry, it could very well be the only thing stopping a fight" he says Bonnie turns and sees Damon was indeed on his way over. The vampire also looked drunk and more than a bit upset.

"It's best we don't start a fight now love, we wouldn't want it to get bloody" he tells her and as his eyes flash amber Bonnie glares at him, drinking the champagne in her hand with one gulp before taking his hand.

Bonnie sees Damon stop as she walks to the dance floor with Klaus, his eyes widening a moment. As Klaus turns her she sees Elena walking in with Stefan, looking around in worry. Well it looks like she found out why Damon was so pissed.

Bonnie allowed Klaus to put his hand on her waist, though it was a bit lower than she would've liked it to be. As the music continued Bonnie looked up at Klaus, who already seemed to be looking at her intently.

"What?" She asked him defensively, raising an eyebrow at the hybrid in front of her. He smirked at her his face taking her in.

"Can't I just admire your beauty?" He asks making her roll her eyes at him. She didn't buy this act for a moment.

"You are so charming" she says making Klaus look at her in surprise. "For a homicidal hybrid" she says making him smirk at her.

"You know studies have shown people with homicidal tendencies are generally more charming" he says making Bonnie roll her eyes at him. Before she can retort he spins her out, then pulls her back in closer.

"You would know that" she mutters making him smirk at her.

"I don't see why we can't be friends Bonnie, I will be living here for some time and with a treaty enacted there's no reason for you to continue to hate me" he says making her narrow her eyes at him.

"Because Klaus, you use people, you kill people, people that I cared about" she says thinking of Jenna. Klaus nods at her, knowing she was right.

"Yes I have" he says making Bonnie nod, thinking he was finally done. "But so has Damon" he continues making her look up at him. "So has Stefan, even your bubbly blonde friend has blood on her hands, I did what I had to, to protect my family. I'd think you would understand that" he says.

Bonnie's mouth snaps shut. In a way he was right. She did understand doing whatever needed to be done to protect her family. She'd told Elijah as much earlier. The difference was Bonnie didn't kill people on a whim.

"Sadly I have to leave now, I hear a bit of a scuffle in the back yard" he says before she could respond, as the music slows. Bonnie stands there for a moment before his words process.

"Fuck" she says before rushing after him. As she does she sees Damon fighting with Kol. The latter looking like he was having a bit if fun while Damon looked genuinely pissed. She could see Rebekah raising an eyebrow at the pair, amusement in her features while Elijah and Finn look tired trying to split them up.

Before Klaus can get into the middle of it, and most likely break Damon, Bonnie decides to step in. Using her magic she sent both vampires flying away from each other.

"Enough" she tells them, her eyes narrowed as she looks at them both. Damon turns and glares at her.

"Stay out of this Bonnie" he says making her roll her eyes at him. "You don't know what the little shit head was saying"

"Don't worry about me little witch, I have no trouble taking out the trash. Rebekah hits harder than this little pest" Kol starts before Rebekah walks over to him, grabbing him by the collar of his suit and dragging him out.

"See you at school Little Wicca" she says with a wink as she walks past the witch. Bonnie knits her eyebrows together before looking at Damon, who looks ready to finish the fight.

"We're leaving" she tells the Salvatore who looks at her in confusion. Finn and Elijah share a look as Klaus looks ready to rip the elder Salvatore apart.

"Do you think that's a good idea Miss Bennett, it seems Damon's a bit volatile at the moment" Elijah asks making Bonnie smile at him reassuringly.

"I would never do anything to Bonnie" Damon says offended. It was true he and judgey didn't always see eye to eye but he wouldn't hurt her.

"Really because I remember being told a story where you once tried to rip out her throat" Klaus says making Damon glare at him fiercely. Bonnie rolls her eyes at them before looking at Elijah.

"I can handle Damon" she says before grabbing the blue eyed vampires hand and dragging him out of the mansion. The rest of the Mikaelson siblings look to each other, all feeling uneasy at the thought of her leaving with Damon Salvatore.


The ride home was silent and just a bit tense. Bonnie was feeling tired and more than ready to get out of this dress while Damon still wanted to rip into Kol.

Pulling into her driveway Damon waited for Bonnie to get out. As Bonnie got out of the car and began walking to the door she looked back at Damon.

"Don't do anything stupid tonight okay" she says before thinking for a moment. "Or you know, anything else" she says making him roll his eyes.

"Why the hell did you break up the fight judgey? You of all people know they deserve that and more" He says making Bonnie raise an eyebrow at him.

"It was you against a family of originals who do you think would win in that fight?" She asks making him shrug.

"Aww so you do care" he says sarcastically making Bonnie roll her eyebrows at him. The witch was way too tired to deal with his titty attack.

"I just want the fighting to stop" she stresses to the vampire who rolls his eye. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, he thought Bonnie knew better.

"It's Klaus Bonnie, the fight wont stop until he's dead. The hybrid is always up to something" he tells her irritation growing by the second. Bonnie let out a frustrated sigh.

"We're on the verge of a peace treaty with them, one they initiated. Damon, I am so tired of the fighting, I would like to live to see my 18th birthday. So let's just meet with them and see what happens please" she says making Damon pause.

He couldn't help but see her in a new light. It seemed they all forgot. Bonnie wasn't some war-worn warrior, she never went into battle before. At the end of the day she just was a teenage girl who would anything for her friends.

"Alright" he says softly making her nod at him.

"Goodnight Damon" she says turning on her heel and walking up the stairs. She was more than ready to go to bed and forget all about tonight.

She didn't even notice the crow outside her bedroom window, watching her get into bed.


Klaus looked at his painting thoughtfully, mind no longer on his art or even his mother at the moment. Instead his interest peeked when he saw his siblings behaving strangely.

Finn had in headphones all day, listening to music on his phone with a smile on his face. Finn did not smile. Kol was listening to old jazz records or playing his saxophone. He too with a smile on his face, the little shit usually just smirked at everything, especially his own reflection. Even Elijah had a certain pep on his step he hadn't even asked about the dreadful little doppelgänger.

"Hello brother" Rebekah says as she throws herself on the couch, looking at her nails. Klaus was more happy than usual for his sister seeing as she'd been the only one not behaving strangely.

"You look happy" he comments as she inspects her manicure with a small smirk on her lips. She shrugs at him noncommittally, in all actuality she was happy, her and Matt had a wonderful night under the stars. They barely touched, just a few chaste kisses but she could tell he was actually a good one. She never found those.

"Well I'm an immortal teenager with impeccable hair and skin, I should be" she says making him roll his eyes at her. The blonde smirked at her brother.

"At least you're behaving normally" he mutters making her raise an eyebrow at her brother.

"What do you mean?" She asks making him shrug at her. He was surprised she didn't notice their behavior, she watched them all like a hawk after all. Something about being the sole girl having to take care of her boys, he found it rather adorable and it did save his life more than once.

"Don't you see Kol is making music once more, Finn is playing with modern devices and Elijah is happy" he says as if these were the weirdest things to happen in their life.

Rebekah looks at him for a moment, wondering if he truly doesn't realize what was happening with their brothers. Realizing he had no idea she began to laugh.

"Isn't it obvious?" She asks making him raise an eyebrow at her. She was lucky she was his favored sibling, he's ripped heads off of shoulders for less than just laughing at him.

"Why Nik" she starts as if the answer was obvious. "They're smitten" she says her face positively gleeful at the prospect.

"What?" He asks setting his paintbrush down as he looked at her. She rolled her eyes at him. Poor Niklaus, so smart yet so unbelievably stupid when it came to matters of the heart.

"Our Little Wicca has managed to worm her way into all of our brothers hearts, Kol has even enrolled in school to try and have an advantage" she says making Klaus raise his eyebrows in surprise.

"You're joking" he says in disbelief making Rebekah shrug at him. He knew she was an enticing woman but all of his siblings. Then again he shouldn't be surprised, the witch was very versatile.

"Mother told us to get close to her, they took it to mean romance her, mother isn't complaining as long as they don't try to kill each other in the process. Love is the best way to ensure loyalty after all" she says with another soft shrug before looking at the time.

"Well brother, I better be off to school wouldn't want to keep our witch waiting" she says making him sigh.

"And what is your plan then?" He asks making Rebekah smirk at him.

"Me and Bonnie have an elective together, theatre. I've compelled the teacher to pair us for the next assignment" she says her eyes lit with mischief as she leaves the room.

Klaus shook his head at his sisters antics. It seemed all his siblings had an eye on the little witch. Well that wouldn't do at all. He was a very competitive man after all. With that thought he went back to painting knowing that by the end of it, he'd have his witch.


Bonnie woke up that morning more tired than usual. Immediately going to grab a glass of water she noticed the note left by her father. He'd be out of town for a while, about a month this time.

Sighing she shook it off deciding to just take a shower. As Bonnie washed her hair with her strawberry shampoo and deep conditioner she sighed.

It wasn't like she wasn't used to being alone. She'd been having to deal with this since she was young. The thing is before she had Grams, Elena, Caroline and even their parents. Once the supernatural came into their lives they just didn't talk or hang out like they used to.

Shaking her head she got out of the shower, leaving the towel on as she blow dried and did her hair. She left it loose and straight today, not feeling like doing much. Putting on light jeans, a black crop top and black heels she sighed. She did her makeup natural, just some concealer eyeliner and some lip gloss but she could still see dark circles under her eyes. Sighing she put on some black shades and walked out the door, grabbing her school bag and a black leather jacket in case she got cold.

As she got to school she sighed softly, hoping today was more normal than usual. As she walked out the car she noticed people staring at her. Making a face she saw Caroline and made her way over.

"Why's everybody staring at me?" She asked the blonde who turns to smirk at her before raising an eyebrow at her appearance.

"Maybe because you're dressed like the girl version of Damon?" She asks making Bonnie roll her eyes at the girls dramatics.

"Care" she says making the blonde smile at her warmly before laughing.

"Well either way it's a good look on you, I like it, anyways apparently I'm leaving Tyler to run away with you to Brazil, I should warn you I want kids" she says winking to Bonnie who laughs.

It felt good, laughing at regular rumors fueled by a small town. The small girl shrugged at her before the blonde loops their arms together.

"Thats okay we can adopt some kids, get an apartment with a view. You did always say you wanted a June wedding I hear that's a beautiful time in Brazil" Bonnie says making the blonde smile at her brightly.

"A woman after my own heart so romantic" Caroline says pretending to swoon. Bonnie laughs at her as Elena walks up to them, an amused yet confused smile on her face.

"So I hear you guys are eloping and moving to Puerto Rico?" The doppelgänger asks making the duo laugh.

"I thought it was Brazil?" Bonnie asked making Caroline shrug at her, a contemplative look on her face.

"Well Puerto Rico would be easier for my mom to visit" Caroline says thoughtfully as Elena's jaw drops.

"Um Hello, what about me?" The doppelgänger asks looking offended that they decided to run off without her.

"Oh come on, don't be bitter, it provokes wrinkles, besides you can be our lover on the side" Bonnie says playfully making Elena pout slightly.

"Yea besides you have your hands full already" Caroline says making them laugh. Elena shrugs at the assessment knowing it was true.

"Hello Little Wicca" they hear making them all turn. Seeing Rebekah, Elena and Caroline tense immediately, gaining the blondes attention.

"Oh settle down, no need to get riled up I'm not here to cause problems, just wanted to say hello to my favorite little witch" she says throwing a wink Bonnie's way as she walks passed the 3 girls.

As the blonde original walks away Caroline and Elena look at Bonnie in confusion. Bonnie herself is confused but is even more shocked when she sees Rebekah walk up to Kol, who sees Bonnie and throws a wink her way as well.

"Um what the hell was that?" Caroline asks making Bonnie look at her, shock still very apparent on her face. Elena, looking concerned, puts a hand on Bonnie's arm.

"I have no idea, they've been acting weird since the ball last night" Bonnie tells them. Elena and Caroline share a look.

"Well I'm pretty sure Finn and Kol want a piece of Bonnie" Caroline says making Bonnie shake her head at her.

"Whatever, I'm going to class now" Bonnie says walking away. The two behind her share a look, knowing even if they did want Bonnie she'd never notice. Ever since she was little she never noticed those things.

"Think their up to something" Elena asks the blonde who nods vehemently.

"Oh yea, definitely" the blonde says before looking at her doe eyed friend whose eyes were filled with worry. "But it doesn't matter we won't let them get to our Bonnie" she says


Bonnie went through the day feeling more tired than usual, the witch worried she might be getting sick. It wasn't like saving the town from the supernatural was doing wonders for her health.

She soon realized today would be anything but normal when she found out Kol had somehow gotten into all of her classes, with the exception of History and Theatre. Apparently he didn't like Alaric too much and found Rebekah to be annoying enough at home. He decided to use those as free periods and grab a bite to eat in between classes.

Which led Bonnie to where she was now, chin in her hand as she stared blankly at Alaric's board, explaining Greek mythology. As the bell rung Bonnie looked up, finally coming out of her daze, her eyes finding Alaric's concerned eyes. As the other students leave he walks over to the small witch, eyes never leaving hers.

"Bonnie you alright?" He asks softly, prompting the witch to nod at him, her mouth pulled into a reassuring smile. He knit his eyes together noticing the girls eyes were a bit dark underneath and her cheeks seemed more hollow than he last saw.

"I'm fine Ric- I mean, Mr. Saltzman, really" she says chuckling as she fixed her mistake. There were already rumors about her and Caroline she didn't need to get Ric in trouble on top of that.

"Are you sure? You look a little tired" he says softly as she begins to stand. She shook her head at him softly, her hair brushing her shoulders as she does so.

"I'm sure, just didn't get much sleep last night, with the ball and everything" she says softly to the history teacher. He nods at her in understanding before sighing.

"Look I know you like to take on the world and stuff by yourself, but if you ever need to talk I'm here" he says making her smile at him. She felt warmth fill her chest.

The man had lost everything. His wife, his girlfriend, his sanity and yet he was still here trying to comfort her and help them all out. He was a freaking saint.

"Thanks Ric" she whispers softly to him, her eyes gentle as she looks at him. He nods before quickly pulling her into a hug. Sighing she leaned in slightly, wrapping her arms around the elder man.

Once they let go Bonnie sighed, she didn't know if she just needed a hug but she felt much better. With a new pep in her step Bonnie squeezes Alaric's arm once before walking out. The history teacher smiled at her, when she left he sat at his desk, suddenly feeling a bit fatigued himself.

As Bonnie walked into her theatre class she noticed that the last available seat was next to Rebekah. The blonde smiled at Bonnie as the small girl sat next to her, her smile a touch too wide for Bonnie to be entirely comfortable. Looking around Bonnie sighed.

"Look I usually don't think this much of myself, but did you compel them to sit anywhere but here so I would have to sit next to you?" Bonnie asks Rebekah making the blonde laugh. Sending her a smirk Rebekah nodded.

"You are very perceptive Miss Bennett" she says with a shrug. "I've just been curious about you, you know Matt talks about you a lot" she says.

Bonnie smiles at the thought, glad that even through everything her and Matt were still the best of friends. It was a good thing, she didn't know what she'd do without him. That is before her mind caught up with her and she realized who said it.

"Please tell me you don't think anything is going on between me and Matt" she says making Rebekah chuckle as she shook her head at the small brunette beside her.

"No, no he explained your relationship very well and I've seen you together. If anything you seem more like siblings than some actual siblings I've met" Rebekah admits to her making Bonnie smile softly before knitting her eyebrows together.

"So you're really just curious?" Bonnie says making Rebekah shrug at her.

"Bonnie you're a beautiful, powerful and definitely a smart witch, smarter than the Salvatore brothers at least and competent enough to fix their mistakes time after time. You also have a tremendous heart, that alone would make me curious, own it" Rebekah says before Ms. Graham brings the classes attention to her. Though Bonnie had to admit that Rebekah's words were stuck on her mind.


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