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"How do I make this place more alien?" Fabu said as he began typing the code for the androids new update.

His very well-groomed mouse was getting fat on some cheese not that far from him on a pillow.

He thought about his planet.

Honestly, the planet looked like a place you vacationed too, not a place of belonging.

He thought the answer to his problem was to make sure the Androids never developed human instincts.

Like how humans subconsciously touch their face all the time and bore psychopaths.

But that didn't seem to really give this place an alien feel.

He needed to do something that he knew will never happen on Earth.

What was a dream to Humanity but will never happen because of rebellion from that much money been wasted, the technology not been there or it would never pass environmental law?

He suddenly had it.

Galactic Spaceship Racing.

He already had the spaceships and he saw a very bored crew currently in space.

He just needed to think up some rules, build things like a hovering stop light and many others and make sure the spaceships were completely safe.

He can even convert a small rock planet into a practice space for the racers.

He didn't even have to build an Earth track lane, the environment and a GPS was more than enough.

The more he thought about it, the more he liked it.

Earth had race car season.

Chromostone will have spaceship season.


Because it was something aliens would do.

Now, to get planning and building, he sent a robot to do the appearances he had around the planet while he sorted this thing out and contacted Hexagon prime about whether they wanted to do this.

It took him three months to make sure, he didn't send anybody to their deaths but everything was indeed completed.

#The Lahiffe household#

The Lahiffe family sat down at the tv, all three of them were happier then they had ever been before and were wondering what this announcement that the media had been hyping up for weeks was.

After some commercials, they saw their great Ruler, Fabu appear on the screen before them.

He had blue eyes, black shiny hair, a winning smile, he was definitely royalty even here, they couldn't imagine how much knowledge was packed into that brain to run a whole planet.

They still couldn't believe that their ruler had been in their spare room looking homeless a few years back.

Honestly, they were jealous of his mouse, it was the only thing that could be so close to such an amazing person.

And in a suit, Fabu said. "People of Chromostone. I have come today with an important announcement. I will like to announce to you all, that starting this Spring, we will be having our very first Spaceship Racing season"


Then everybody was in an uproar.

"What? Spaceship season?" Said Nino Lahiffe.

"Cool!" said Chris Lahiffe.

Fabu continued by saying. "Yes, Spaceship season. Our drivers will be the members of Hexagon Prime. They will race through other planets in spaceships, for the chance of not only the cup but wonderful prizes as well." The screen behind him changed as he said. "Each vehicle is equipped with a fun mechanic and shields to make sure they don't get hurt. I take the safety of our drivers very seriously. And with the right amount of money, everybody will have a chance to cheer for their favourite driver in space."


They were losing their minds.

He then said. "And for the start of the Summer, for 12 days, the Grand Prix will go on. 12 days, of racing across 12 different planets and the last planet will none other be planet Earth!"


More uproar.

Fabu wanted to flex at last without putting anybody in danger or having his secret found out.

"However, due to the data from Earth that was collected before, there will be no space audience for the Earth race due to safety and concerns raised," He said, but then he said. "Now let's show the universe that we are here and we can have fun!"

And all of them cheered.

The advertisement for racing season began showing on screen and all the members taking part we're shown in a cool way.

Nino was nerdy out in his seat.

His mother had never seen him get so excited for something before, but then she refused to drop over a grand so that he could watch the race's in space.

Out of the all the holidays and events they learned about when they arrived back, this was a date, Nino circled and placed a star on.

It so made up for no Christmas.

Luckily there was plenty of stuff to keep them all invested until that day.

There was even Merchandise.

And then the new sport opened with a bang.

All the top musicians were flown out to perform in space just for the opening ceremony, the Lahiffe family and drivers were told they used a micro breather to preform in space but in reality, Robots didn't need to breathe.

The opening was an hour-long show before their radio-head announcer showed and the vehicles transported onto another planet.

And the person who would christen this first race?

It was none other then Fabu who got in front of those powerful machines and fired a special vanishing beam into space.

It was such an aweing moment, showing just how much spine their leader had.

And then they were off and they barely missed him.

Then the fun chaos unfolded and it was worth every second they had to wait for it.

A spaceship revealed it was equipment with a black milk luncher.

Another was equipped with a paralysing beam.

A spaceship turned into a giant rocket with cartoon hands and many more.

Who came up with this amazing twist to the sport!

The Lahiffe family had never seen a sport like this, it would do amazing as a video game.

And it was friendly too because each person who lost by taking a certain amount of hits received encouraging words and nothing but cheers as a pickup truck came for them.

This was defiantly not Earth because every human knew that there will always be at least one person hurling abuse if their favourite person lost.

So it was nice to hear such encouragement.

The fun continued and then it ended.

However, altogether there were four races, which split the crew up and kept the driver numbers down for the audience to root for.

The winners of the four races went on to go head to head in the final race to get that cup.

It was such an amazing experience getting to see who won out of 200 plus people.

The cup details were already on the news the next morning and in the morning newspaper.

Everybody on the planet seemed to be talking about how amazing the first-ever cup was and how they couldn't wait for more.

The sport had been a massive hit and people tuned in for the rest.

Nino never thought he would be a sports fan but here he was, blabbering with his friends about a sport like a dedicated fan.

Even the girls joined in.

Nino realised he actually had friends in that moment who had no reason to interact with him but did so anyway, which was amazing.

Fast forward to the Grand Prix and the opening was not only a show of just how powerful their planet was, as thousands of spaceships zoomed through space in impressive coordination but everybody got to sing the planet's single anthem and feel connected to one another even across the globe.

Fabu christened the first Grand Prix race like he did in the first race and 200 spaceships zoomed through the first unusual planet.

By now, every TV had a feature to make it seem like they were right in the action even though there was no wind in space.

There was also the news that Nino Lahiffe was no longer single, so it was an extra amazing day.

"I love being a Chromostonian!" Yelled one driver.

And his quota appeared on the board for the whole planet to see and many people agreed to.

They were promised 12, unique planets and Fabu delivered on that promise even if he had to make animatronic creatures to bring 'more life' to the scenery.

On the 11th day, Earth got the shock of a

Its long lifetime when a world length Chromostonian race track came down from the sky and hovered just 500 feet from their very heads.

A sky view revealed that the

the whole thing went through Earths most famous city's, countries and kingdoms.

And with the race track came hovering and projected advertisements that were far above what Earth could currently produce.

It was no wonder that humanity sent drones up there so far.

By evening, the finding was released on the public through evening or morning news, depending on where you live.

The whole of Earth now knew it was a race track.

The whole planet was in an uproar.

Reactions ranged from shock to disbelief, to wearing a tinfoil hat or camping outside to watch the sky religiously.

Was an alien race really going on?

The next day in Paris time, every screen on planet Earth was taken over and students wherein class using the whiteboard, saw a radio being in a suit, say in a glowing microphone.

"Are you ready to get your DRIVING on!?"


Humanity eyes were wide with shock.

The guy then said. "You know the rules. Today is the last day of the Grand Prix and planet Earth has been chosen to be the last leg of the race. Who will take home the cup? Who will achieve Galaxy wide fame? This...Is...Chromostonian. GRAND PRIX?"

Humanity stared as they were shown the ships just stationed before their atmosphere and a really cute Asian woman with large breasts and a tight waist in revealing clothes, stood before these mighty beasts.

The moment a lot of men and some females saw her, they began recording for later.

She winked at the camera when it changed to just the big screens showing this and then she fired the blaster.

The ships were off and entered the Earth atmosphere.

"And they're off!" Said the radio guy. "First up, someplace called Venice!"


Venice people suddenly looked up at the sky and saw the ships descending down on them.

Oh, my God!

Venice people began snapping and couldn't believe their eyes.

"Spaceships! Spaceships, are actually coming!" Yelled a Venice boy to his family, the family rushed out to see the ships just in time to dip and then blast through their face city.

"Oh, my god, it's real!" Said, somebody.

And then the madness of the game began and the Human race and Kwimi's who only knew humanity, quickly learned that this was no ordinary space ship race and this was very real.

The fun gadgets came out and attractive people started falling from the sky.

Yes, their dreams were coming true, attractive people we're indeed crashing out of the sky and coming out of their ship to be picked up.

The power of social media was keeping up with this race, even though the robots and Human flight based technology could not.

Nasa was making sure to view this entire race that came from another world.

They had all prepared for the first contact to be slow or be brutal, who know their planet would be used as a race track to attractive none humans.

And speaking of attractive, many people around the globe were trying their luck with a hot alien male or cute female that landed nearby while that alien waited for pickup.

Or just started taking pictures, if it was too fast.

Then the music got beamed to them and humanity got more eye candy as very attractive bands and singers, that they had somehow never seen before graced their eyes and eardrums.

They all had a special microphone which allowed Earth to understand what they were singing.

It created quite an incredible and addicting atmosphere around the globe.

Everybody found their type amongst the singers, dancers and musicians, even the large women weren't large but curvy in all the right places.

And the Choragraphy people knew EXACTLY what the public wanted to see, which left males eyes glued to the screen and females screaming for more.

Some even passed out.

And then it happened.

"Presenting Nino Lahiffe," said the radio guy and Paris lost its damn mind when they saw a familiar guy with shades on his face get projected, he had a red backwards came on his hand and his fingers on the best DJ equipment that had been allowed to touch.

He started it.

"Wait, a minute...Nino!?" Said all those who used to know him, everybody saw that the small city DJ was now on the world stage and rocking it solo on live tv while a space race was going on behind him.

Before their very eyes, he has become even more amazing then Adrien Agreste.

And Alya knew none of this, so her mouth was open to, as the beat got people jumping and he yelled. "I love being a Chromostonian!"

The speakers made sure they heard that voice and be shocked to find it was really him.


Did he just admit, he was from another planet!?

He was gone within 5 minutes, this was highly ironic because he left just as the radio guy announced that Paris would be the finish line and there were only 4 ships left out of 200.

Students just left at this point to see the race before their very eyes and the teachers allowed to do it as long as they come back.

And they appeared and Paris went nuts.

It was a tough battle because all four of them were very skilled but like all races, there must be a winner and a winner there was.

When that winner crossed the line, all the ships got teleported one by one and the screens showed the leader board change, as the points were added up.

Humans were hyper about seeing the alien symbols that they always dreamed of seeing.

"And there you have it, folks! We have our winner!" said Radio Head guy. "It took 12 days, 12 planets and many, many falls to get to where we are today but at long last, we have a winner and what a successful Grand Prix it has been!"

Please bring back the attractive people...thought half the planet.

He then said. "Now I'm sure all our drivers are very exhausted from the 12 days of none stop racing so it has been announced that the award ceremony will be taking place a week from today. We will not only reward the best driver, but we will also give out a reward for who the public thinks is the best dressed in the tournament and many more. The music award ceremony will be hosted hours later and it will all be taken place on Planet Zigon 9, in this hotel."

And then he showed them all literal eye candy that any designer would be proud to say was their design.

"Wait, a minute. This place is better looking than my hotel!" Said the Mayor of Paris.

And if he had noticed than his daughter had noticed and so had the high profile guests at the hotel.

The radio person said. "At Hotel space race, all the drivers and musicians will be staying at this hotel, along with anybody who has a VIP pass can go meet their favourite driver and musician"

They can!?

He then said. "Not to mention, the sole King of the planet Chromostone will be there, All hail his Majesty Fabu"

And then the human race saw him and nobody could believe how attractive this man before them was, his clothes and face screamed royal and you can tell he was a whole different thing then the Royals on Earth.

Lots of people were writing this down, along with his name.

This was the person they needed to speak too.

The radio head then said. "However, if you're hoping to nab yourself a VIP pass, it's to late. They were available before the Tournament even began"

His words slapped many people who had already gotten out their credit cards.

They froze.


However, his slapping was not over yet because he then said. "And if your on another planet and hoping to catch the highlights or see the broadcasting of this event, then you're out of luck. The ceremony will only be broadcasted on our dear planet Chromostone. No alliance, no chance that you will ever see us again"

And the human race said "What!?"

He then showed them the colourful planet he called home and they were all blown away, as he showed them video recording taken on the planet and everybody saw the luxurious buildings and people.

Truly, this is what Earth would love to look like if there wasn't so much corruption in the world.

However, this race had somehow dodged this and created that paradise.

A planet filled with beautiful weather, attractive faces and technology far beyond Earth.

Then the thing said. "From those from Chromostone, see you next racing season! However, those who are not part of the race, have a nice day and life. This is RadioSports signing off and forever from your screens. Remember who were. We are Chromostonians!"

And then he removed himself from their screens.

And for the first time, the whole of human society was just stunned to speechless as they realised what just happened.

There was a whole planet filled with very attractive people, that just raced through their entire planet using Spaceships and technology far more advanced then they had and just left.

Those people had just left and pretty much said that they will never see them again.

Nobody on Earth had any knowledge or the power needed to find this planet.

The entire human race was indeed silent.

Please come back...all of them thought to the now empty sky.

And what made it even more profound was the fact that Humanity was about to have it's own Grand Prix but with regular boring racing cars.

In the face of what they just saw, Humanity was left to realize just much their planet sucked.

And scene!