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The Earth had finally found out about the man, that tried so hard to escape them.

And it was amazing.

Aliens had come.

They were good looking.

They showed them cool stuff.

They entertained them.

Then they left and slapped them with the image of a hotel that they couldn't get to, no matter how much money they had.

It was Paris news that exposed Nino Lahiffe to the world and everybody saw that Nino social media account was still updating.

And when they saw what he was now posting.

My God.

Imagine, being stuck in a boring meeting only to discover a mansion throwing a crazy party right next door.

Those who said that Chromostone couldn't be that wonderful, shut the hell up when they saw what he was posting and quietly switched sides.

Everybody who knew Nino was shaken to the core.

They had no idea that Nino was an alien.

They had been friends/ gone to class with an alien!

Alya was blown away that, she was 'in' a romantic relationship with an alien.

And now that she thought about it, it felt like Nino wanted to tell her something but he just couldn't.

And now she found out, in an amazing event in human history.

Why didn't he tell her? It would have been cool to hear from him about his heritage.

They could have gone on dates that was important to his species on a calendar.

She could have gone to Chromostone on a date.

And the high school he went to before, were now full of hypocrites telling the news that they were friends with him or best friends when in reality they had ignored him.

This was quickly proven to be the case when Area 51 came for the school camera footage and saw how nobody would talk to him.

Meanwhile, Nino was posting about his envious hotel room and how he was meeting so many famous people.

Humanity was mad that they couldn't meet these alien celebrity's that look better than their own.

Nino left the event and came back to Chromostone, and a few days later, he posted about how the whole planet had to go for 'Detoxification' because they had been in space and on different planets.

They had to make sure they didn't accidentally bring anything weird back with them, especially their Grand Prix drivers.

He posted how excited he was, to finally get a check-up and see what he looked like on the inside.

It was so refreshing about how he didn't have to hide what he really looked like, like he how he had to on Earth.

And when news of this check-up hit Earth, you would think it was a race changing event.

Everybody and their grandparents wanted to see what Nino looked like on the inside, they wanted to know the Chromostonian biology.

Of course, the detox was a front for the conversion to make them actual aliens.

At last, the planet will enter into a glorious fleshy age and if humanity showed up, Fabu knew he wouldn't be screwed if somebody hacked the system or did a basic scan of the planet.

Both Fabu and his rat were the first to do it and now they had a crystal on the forehead or chest.

The Lahiffe family and the space crew excitedly went into the conversation, and they fell asleep for several days before waking up with their own doctor and X-ray and Crystals coming out of their chest.

They were given pills to close that back up because their crystals were vulnerable.

But it didn't stop Nino from proudly showing off his crystals poking out of his chest on his social media.

Every human who was converted was proud of their Crystals.

And if Nino knew, the whole human race was seeing his post's that were for his friends, he would have freaked out.

His short video was talked about worldwide.

Nino with his shirt off also showed his now very different bone structure.

The world had pretty much realised that Nino couldn't see them on the platform, they couldn't talk to him and they couldn't track him.

However, they couldn't ban him because they were afraid of cutting off their only exposure to the other race.

Summer hit and they swore Chromostone existed just to spit the human race.

Space ice cream that had floated in space for a minute began to show up in Chromostone vending machines for a normal person to have.

The little hover league opened up, for the hover scooters, hover karts and hoverboards.

Summer Movies had become self insert so you can be along for the ride.

Nino went to a party where the floors were individual circles and in the middle was a Dj going up and down, while the circles rotated in different directions and there were no walls.

Nino was invited to a famous group mansion party.

He went to the beach with his friends and the sight of how glamorous the beach was, was basically a large middle finger to the Earth beaches.

There was more and it resulted in Nino having the best summer in the eyes of Earth and humanity was mad.

But it wasn't over yet.

Two days before his second year of High school, Nino posted a picture of his new hovering car.

And it wasn't just any old car either, it was glamorous and a giant middle finger to Earth's Car industry.

Apparently, it was normal on the planet for teenagers his age to own an expensive-looking car.

Yes, the economy was that good and yes, Nino had got his drivers license and a car before his supermodel friend and the Mayor daughter.

And it was a car, they would never be able to top.

And not even 2 hours later, he posted that it got himself a bombshell of a girlfriend.

Wait, a minute.

What about Alya!?

Was he cheating!?

Nobody would have thought Nino would even have the opportunity but here he was cuddled with this girl while having a human girlfriend back on Earth.

Did he think nobody would see?

Apparently so, as they saw him 'cheat' with another species and be so happy with this girl.

And he was getting hotter as the Chromostonian genes continued to bless him in looks.

Seeing these photos Alya's family swore that if they ever saw Nino again, they would greet him by sending him to the hospital.

Luckily, the two races weren't supposed to meet again, however, times change and apparently Earth, the planet wanted to be Chromostone too.

Fabu who was playing space golf to celebrate his hotels and the birth of genuine alien babies was interrupted by Katz who used their emergence video line.

He opened it up and Katz said. "Your Majesty, may you live forever"

He said. "Katz, what is going on? Why are you calling"

Katz said. "My King, I just wanted to notify you that planet Earth is dying"

And just like that, that made him screech to a halt as he said. "What?"

Katz said. "It took several tests to confirm it but Earths is leaking radiation and it's getting higher. I'm sure, Earth will soon realise what is happening and hand out suits but Humanity won't survive through Chrismas"


The guy said. "What should we do my King? Should we not interfere and let Earth wipe all life out?"

And Fabu wanted to say yes, to hell with humanity.

But then he thought about all those people who are going to die because of Humanity gamble with radiation.

Fabu said. "How are we on Radiation?"

And Katz said, proudly. "We are immune, my King. Crystals don't mutate in radiation."

Indeed, other than Cockroaches, Crystals would just be chilling in an air of radiation.

They could walk freely on Earth.

But on the other hand, things are going to get really bad for the humans as animals mutate and their food without protection becomes something else.

They had to get rid of that and Humanity had to be super careful not to rip their suits.

Katz said. "And it doesn't stick to us either, my King."

And Fabu thought about it.

They were indeed the prime people to save humanity but there was no way in hell, he was bringing the human race to Chromostone.

A lot of Humanity had no respect for the environment and his people, after becoming real, should not be terrified to walk their own streets.

They should not be sexually harassed or murdered.

And there was no way in hell, he was bringing supervillains here.

His world was strange, beautiful and safe, and he wasn't going to sacrifice his own people just to be a good person.

So where to put them?

Suddenly he thought about his numerous space hotels that he just built.

Enough for humanity since Chromostone is much bigger.

He can put them there and if they decide to leave and can't breathe space, or sabotage the thrusters, he can not fix stupid and entitled and would just shrug at the lost lives.

He needs to destroy Earth and then make a replica afterwards.

Oh and send Robots to come get Humanity.

But he really could not avoid Chromostonians getting in contact with Humanity.

Perhaps, he can get the person the world trusted the most to record something?