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Sirius paced Grimmauld Place in the library one of the only places here only he could enter and had given no one else access to. He was thinking about things which had gone wrong in his life. Because he'd abandoned Harry to chase after Peter Harry had endured a horrible life. He'd never be free now. He had to act now. The Black Library in Grimmauld Place lead on to the Lords office, bedroom, ritual room and dark arts library. The Blacks had a dark arts library so that if anyone was allowed access to their normal one, they wouldn't accidentally harm themselves on a dark book. He had failed Harry once he wasn't going to do so again. He would need to do something he knew Harry would hate so much but he only hoped he'd be able to forgive him later on.

"Kreacher! Please fill this vial with Harry's blood and do not let him see you do it!" he ordered as Kreacher did so and returned a while later with the vial of blood handing it over to Sirius who smirked. The Black family had many dark rituals and he intended to use one with Harry now. It was the only way to go forward. He took out a parchment and wrote the name Astrid Ariel Black on it. He then scanned the document and read down further to a blank space and put the name Pandora Helene Black. He sliced his palm and allowed another vial to fill with his blood and then dropped the two vials into a simmering cauldron he had over a fire. He began to chant from an ancient extremely dark book in Latin. There was a huge blast noise as two vials floated from the cauldron landing on the desk behind which he was now standing. He asked Kreacher to deliver the parchment to the bank to lodge in his accounts for him and tell his account manager he had filled it out as requested and sealed it with his blood and magical signature. When Kreacher returned he asked him to bring Harry to the library and had him sit him down.

Harry was chilling out in his room alone for a while still pissed at Dumbledore and everyone apparently ignoring him. He hadn't even been able to join the order and couldn't be of any help. It was all about him but because Dumbledore had said no he was being kept in the dark. He also felt he was being kept away from Sirius sneakily by Mrs Weasley. He had heard Dumbledore tell her that Sirius might look fine now but he was still a bit unhinged from jail and he should make sure he's not alone with Harry too much. She had taken that to mean they couldn't be alone together anymore and had broken it up every time they did.

"Kreacher when I am done you are to take me and Harry here to Paris. We will be returning tomorrow evening. Harry I will not mince words. Things are very tough right now and we need to act sooner than later. Whether Dumbledore wants to admit it or not sometimes you need to do what is right instead of what is easy. I wasn't there for you before but this changes now. Please drink this with me!" he said handing Harry a steaming vial.

"Sirius I am all for spending more time with you and I love you dearly but I have no desire to be pranked now!" he snapped irritated at everything.

"Harry this is not a prank and I will be drinking it too. It is something very dark indeed but it will make our lives better. Do you trust me? Please drink it!" he said shedding some tears as Harry looked stunned to the core. Sirius was genuinely moved by whatever it was.

"Sirius please don't cry. I trust you and I will of course drink it. On three. One, two, three!" he called out knocking it back with Sirius following him both men screaming their heads off as Kreacher took them to the house in Paris he was supposed to take them to.

Harry freaked out so much. "Sirius where are we? I can't see a thing! WHAT THE FUCK?" he screamed at his changed voice. It didn't sound like him at all.

"Please calm down. Kreacher dear a calming draft if you will. I have craved nothing more than a family and indeed to be free and this is my shot at it. So much has happened to you that I had to set you free with me. Now we can be a proper family. I had to do it! I loved you too much to sit idly by and be told how to raise you or what to include in your life and so on. There is no easy way to say this so I will just out with it. I truly do hope you can ever forgive me. In tomorrow's Daily Prophet you will read a headline which goes something like Sirius Black and Harry Potter dead. Yes I did say dead!" he said looking at Harry who blinked in confusion and removed the glasses shrieking as he could now see perfectly well.

"Sirius I truly do not understand but all I can say is I feel off and by off I mean very off!" he said as his scar exploded a wailing black spirit emitting from it and the necklace Kreacher was wearing around his neck. The ring Dumbledore had found exploded in his very hands before he even knew what it was as did Nagini and the diadem. The dark ritual Sirius had used was so dark that it had quite frankly obliterated them all. Voldemort witnessed Nagini explode and cried in horror. He would need to check on his other horcruxes later. For now he decided to torture those in the room with him figuring one of them had been responsible for it.

"Harry you need to sleep now and so do I. When we wake everything will be different but I will explain then. I am not losing you. You are like the son I never had and I love you like a son. I will not abandon you to your death or sacrifice you like a soldier. Come on now and let's go to bed. You can hate me later on!" he said kissing the forehead of Harry which was now healing as they spoke. They both went upstairs with the help of Kreacher falling into the beds provided and conking out into the deepest sleep of their lives. They would awaken totally refreshed in twelve hours. Everyone at Grimmauld Place was horrified as Harry and Sirius couldn't be found anywhere. They were further shocked when the family tree room glowed and showed Sirius to be dead now. What the hell had happened to him? Harry's life force now seemed to be gone too. With a cast spell Dumbledore confirmed it Harry was no longer alive as his friends all cried and mourned for him. Kreacher had prepared a story for them and had been sworn to secrecy. Harry and Sirius had popped out for Ice cream and he'd asked Kreacher not to let anyone know they were going out. When they were out they were captured by death eaters he didn't know the names of.

Dumbledore was furious. He was stunned as they were all suddenly evacuated from the house. Sirius was definitely dead as that wouldn't happen if he were still alive. Not only that but Dolores Umbridge had been assigned as their new DADA teacher this year as he couldn't find one of his own fast enough. Now Harry their saviour and the boy who lived was dead. It was all in tatters. Putting up wards he made them all head for the Burrow which they would convene in overnight. He would return here again tomorrow evening to see if things could be resolved. He was just totally stunned. Whatever about Sirius but Harry had been an extreme loss in his opinion!

The next afternoon Harry woke up feeling fantastic as he took in the view of Paris outside his bedroom window. When he went to the bathroom and saw the huge mirror in their he screamed and fainted out cold. He was revived by Kreacher a moment later. He stood there and slapped his face and reeled totally when he felt pain from it. It was indeed real. It was not a prank as he had originally thought. He then saw the Daily Prophet headline which said as Sirius had predicted that Sirius and Harry had been accosted by death eaters who had taken their lives. It still refused to believe Voldemort was back but had no problem pinning things on his death eaters. It would seem that they were more than ok to do so. Dolores read the headline in her office smugly. You see when someone lies for so long as those two have it was only inevitable some rogue death eaters sick of their lying took them out. At least now with no one saying Voldemort was back things could resume with order as she wanted them to.

Sirius woke up and screamed himself too as it had been most shocking to read about the ritual and indeed do it but then see the actual results. He met Harry in the hallway who levelled him with an intense stare.

"Explain at once!" he said gesturing to his appearance in awe and anger.

"If we were ever to have a normal life we'd need to die. I couldn't do it any other way. I am so sorry. From now on my name is Pandora Helene Black and your name is Astrid Ariel Black. Sirius Black left us everything he had included number 12 Grimmauld Place. We have been living in Paris for years well between Paris and London lots hence the reason our accents are not French. We will now be able to converse fluently in French courtesy of another Black family ritual I did. I am your mother and my husband Pollux Regulus Black died a few years ago of Dragon Pox. You will transfer to Hogwarts into fifth year and be sorted there. You will finish out your education there. Now we will need to snap our old wands and get new ones today. Whether you are friends with Ron and Hermione again is your choice. I would urge caution however as they were too easy to do everything Dumbledore said without question and abandoned you when you did need them!" he said as he admired himself in the mirror or that would be herself now wouldn't it.

She was thirty five years old and five foot seven in height. Her hair was black and shiny. It was very soft to the touch and was long ending in the middle of her back. She had an hourglass figure and medium sized boobs with a small bum. She looked ridiculous currently in Sirius' old pyjamas which fit her body terribly. Her cheekbones were high and her eyes were a deep piercing blue.

Astrid looked at herself too. She was the image of her new mother. Her black hair was fuller and her boobs were larger by far. She had slightly longer legs but still stood at five foot eight in height. She was one inch taller than Pandora. She too had piercing blue eyes and looked very sexy if she did say so herself. She then laughed really loudly and was unable to stop for ages.

"We really do look funny in these men's pyjamas mum. I am assuming I should call you mum. Sirius thank you so much. I don't resent you it's just a huge shock. I promise to do you proud at school. I can now tell that I have great occlumency and it comes with being a Black family member. This will be useful. It has mattered to me before because Ron is an idiot of the highest order but which house would you like me in?" she asked as Pandora now nicknamed Dora kissed her forehead. Becoming a woman had made him so much tenderer and loving then he had been.

"Whichever house the hat wants to put you in. I know you only went to Gryffindor because of what Ron told you when you met him. You told me this before and also I wanted to say that I am sorry but I do not think it was an accident you met him first. I am sorry but I just don't!" she said as her daughter nodded thoughtfully.

"Yes mum you're right. I've been thinking about that too lately and I just can't see it any other way. I am still not over how vilely he treated me last year which by the way he never apologised to me for. I have just realised I will now have crushes on boys in my year! Oh no! What should I do?" she asked panicking as Dora laughed at her.

"Astrid calm down please. You may do as you want. You will be pureblood now too. My only request is that you do everything you do safely and don't get caught. Might I suggest using the room of requirement on the seventh floor? Given what Sirius was like in his youth it would be simply hypocritical of me to forbid you doing anything!" he said as a notification of the will and the keys for Grimmauld Place arrived with him. They set out buying new wands and clothing in the French Magical district and were delighted with the wonders they could afford. Kreacher had roped in various house elves from Malfoy Manner to clean Grimmauld Place with him and as Lucius hadn't been asking them to do much at all, they all jumped at the opportunity to finally use their magic and clean again. It was done in five hours as they were so enthusiastic.

Dora was now wearing a figure hugging midnight blue dress with a cape coat on over it. She wore silver stilettos on her feet and carried a Launer London handbag on her arm. Her hair was in a French twist and secured with a Maynard butterfly pin which was enchanted to flutter its wings every so often and adored with the most gorgeous Swarovski crystals. Astrid was now wearing a teal tea length dress with a silver princess coat on over it. On her feet she had some teal coloured high heeled Mary Jane shoes. Her hair was in an elaborate twisted half up do with curls falling down her back in beautiful cascades. On her head she had a fascinator which resembled a teal coloured angled beret. With their new styles ready and impeccable taste they touched the portkey and left for Sirius' will reading where most of the order was now present too. They stopped outside the door in which it was to be held and gathered their thoughts. It's show time they thought stepping forward.