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Hermione smirked at the doll she held in her hands. It was designed to look like a random ornament but was in fact a voodoo doll. She had managed to get a lock of Astrid's hair which had fallen on the floor after that dreadful first DADA lesson. It had been her intent after all. Astrid had been so traumatised over the whole Umbridge spell thing that she hadn't noticed. She added the pieces of hair inside the doll and set about jabbing pins into different parts of it as Astrid gasped in her bedroom. She was in the middle of it with Blaise when suddenly she felt a searing pain in her thigh and screamed out scaring him.

"Astrid what is it?" he asked pulling out and standing up.

"I don't know! Ouch! I have no idea what is wrong! Dobby! Please help me I'm in ever so much pain and I OUCH don't ouch know why ouch!" she said falling to the floor in agony as tears fell from her eyes. Blaise ached seeing his wife like that. She quickly redressed herself and made her way to Madam Pomfrey who gasped at seeing her. When Astrid explained all that had happened to her Madam Pomfrey looked concerned.

"I am sorry Miss Black but unfortunately I think you may have been poisoned by someone and in that vein we must remove all of the hair on your head and let it grow back naturally overnight here!" she said handing a terrified Astrid a potion to drink who did so all of her hair falling out as the voodoo doll in Hermione's hands caught fire as she threw it into the fireplace angry that it hadn't worked. She felt like she'd been lied to. They had told her when she'd ordered it before coming to school that it would work and it didn't work at all. It had randomly caught fire and she was furious. Elsewhere the book to capture her thoughts came to life and started glowing as a tired Lavender who had gone to get a glass of water due to thirst read it out of curiosity and quickly gasped. She rushed up to the hospital wing and made sure to approach Astrid carefully as Professor McGonagall so as not to garner too much attention.

Poppy saw her but said nothing believing it to be the real Minerva and got back to her paperwork. "Miss Black I can tell via glowing book that it was a voodoo doll which caused your pain. I can advise you that it has now been destroyed and wish you a speedy recovery. Goodnight Astrid!" she said using her own voice but the appearance of McGonagall as Astrid smirked to herself. She left once more without notice and Astrid fell asleep. So Hermione had yet again tried to hurt her had she? Well they'd soon see about that. Hermione elsewhere stepped out of the floo in the dusty room wearing her disguise as an Arabic woman and approached counter with a flinch as it was filthy.

"I need to learn about wand making and quickly! Can you tell me if I use a random wand I find will my signature be attached!?" she asked as the man there eyed her weird get up with a scowl. Clearly she didn't want to be recognised and he was fine with that as it showed he didn't have to worry about his slightly dodgy business dealings.

"Despite your weird get up I will answer your questions. If you use a random wand not much negative happens and no it cannot be traced. I would not advise doing this more than a handful of times though as your magic would not thank you!" he said wisely as she looked in hidden disgust at his filthy counter.

"Then give me a wand, any wand and I'll pay you for it. Do not concern yourself with what I do with it and I will not concern myself with what you really do here!" she snapped as her magic flared a small flame appearing by his head and making him jump slightly.

"Take this wand and pay me twenty galleons! Ever use flames like that in here again you bitch and it will be the last thing you do! Do not fuck with those in Knockturn Alley! Harry Potter tried that before you know and it did not end well for him!" he snapped as her eyes jumped to his in a now visible shock as she gasped.

"He didn't come in here did he?" she asked feeling her rage swell up in her this time not aimed at the shop keeper.

"Yes he did. He looked for something to take that Malfoy brat down a notch or two. I cannot say he didn't deserve it though!" he sneered as she felt rage coil in her once more.

"Has Astrid Black ever been in here? There is a scandal I heard which says she has!" she asked curiously as he looked at her weirdly.

"Yes she did!" he said as he handed her the wand and took her money.

"What did shy buy?" she asked as he eyed her seriously.

"I am not in the business of discussing what people buy normally but if you really must know she bought candles. Yes I did say candles. You unspeakables in your disguises never really fool anyone you know. I just think you should know it doesn't work and we all know you guys are unspeakables. Don't worry I won't tell anyone you were in here asking questions about Astrid Black. It is quite clear she is in trouble at the ministry!" he said as she smirked. He was playing right into her hands and she loved it. Him thinking she was an unspeakable was an unexpected but not unwelcome development! Typical that Astrid of all people would come to a dark shop like this to buy romantic fucking candles. Her bedroom was probably black in colour too the same colour as her evil soul. She exited the shop shocked to see Molly Weasley up ahead coming out of a gardening store. She was stopped and talking to someone Hermione didn't know.

"Yes well I think it might help Ron you know. Now with poor Harry gone he needs to deal with his grief and the poor dear is so worried about Hermione that I fear he's not doing it. Hopefully this will help him out!" she said to the unidentified woman who smiled at her.

"Yes your Ron has always been a bit more sensitive than others around him. You let him know that if he needs anything I am always free to talk to him. Also we will need to talk to all of your children about that matter we discussed and I am only sorry it couldn't have been done sooner. I was furious when I had found out!" she snapped at Molly who looked sympathetic. Hermione wondered what the conversation was about. Was Ron really so worried about her that he wasn't grieving properly? She then entered the floo and called out the last address she ever would have wanted to. This was something she needed to do though and the longer she put it off the worse she became. She stepped out of the floo at the White Horse Inn and dusted herself off before leaving the remote pub.

She trudged down the quaint country pathway wondering where she was going. She had never been here before. She had left Ron a note explaining that she had needed a little while to be alone and would be back in a few hours. As it was a Friday evening he wasn't all that concerned. He knew she'd be back. It was honestly a beautiful little town. As she walked down the road she saw it in front of her and gasping came to a standstill. This wasn't at all what she'd been looking for but here it was none the less. She felt a slight sob escape her throat at the sight. She charged ahead past it and into the graveyard.

She looked around furiously and found what she was looking for and crashed to the floor in front of the gravestone screaming in agony. She got up and kicked it several times shouting burn in hell you bastard and how the fuck could you do this to me!? You abandoned me when I needed you most! You never once thought of others! You selfish bastard! I need you now so much come back to me please! Oh for Merlin's sake please! I am not coping without you one ounce! If you don't come back I'll kill someone! She threatened once more screaming in agony. Why was she always in pain all the damn time? Why did nothing ever in her life ever make sense to her? Why did she suddenly have the mad urge to kill someone!? It really made no sense. Hearing a sudden movement she called out Avada Kadavra with the newly acquired wand and watched as the life drained from the eyes of the stray deer. What the fuck had it been doing there at all ruining her moment? Something always did of course. She'd killed now. She didn't care that she had done it either.

It had felt like a release to her. Of course no one had said that Lord Voldemort himself had started out merely killing animals for the thrill of it. He had gotten off on watching them suffer for a moment as it had momentarily taken his own pain and anguish away. Initially he had started off wondering why everyone had abandoned him and why he was always so alone. In his case though he did have a point as he had been abandoned in an orphanage and told only that his parents simply couldn't afford to keep him any longer. It wasn't at all true but they could only tell him what they themselves had been told something he learned later on when he learned the horrifying truth of who his parents were and what his mother had done. It had been disgusting for him to learn that and he had been horrified to learn his magical mother had contained a core so low she was almost a squib.

What the hell had her so low that she had felt her only option was to potion and fall pregnant via a wealthy muggle man she had fallen in love with. It was disgusting. He realised her own family had treated her deplorably and he had killed them for it. It was after all their fault that his own father had been a filthy rich muggle who had killed himself when he had learned the horrendous truth of what had happened to him. He had turned to drink in a heavy way and hadn't been able to cope with the shock of a sudden son and wife. He thought it was weak of his father to commit suicide. He'd had to lie when he went to Hogwarts saying he didn't know who they had been and that it didn't matter because he was better than them anyway. He'd spent years mastering his charm in the orphanage and was a pureblood pro when he entered Hogwarts. On discovering he had magic and then learning more of it from Dumbledore himself Tom had gone to the shops and bought books on social etiquette with the money his family had left for him in Gringotts which he was allowed access to once he'd done an inheritance test which they offered for free back then.

He had a slight reason for becoming the insane megalomaniac he was today. It wasn't right and no reason ever would be. Nothing he could use to explain away his actions would work however Dumbledore had, had a slight hand in it too. Having seen how confident in some ways and exceptionally insecure in other ways Tom was he had used this to push Tom and see how bad 'bad' could get. He had abused Tom's insecurities and gave him a false sense of familiarity and a place to call home which was never truly a home at all. He was doing the same with Hermione now. It was his wish to see how bad an emotionally fucked grieving muggleborn teenager could become. Hermione chased after wild animals killing one after the other and giggling her head off. She looked much like a young Bellatrix Lestrange here and anyone who saw her would have noticed it too.

When she saw the light leave the eyes of the deer and rabbits she had murdered a spark of joy shot through her. She had done this and it felt wonderful. Dumbledore had given her a potion he'd brewed in the eighties to severely heighten the worst traits and feelings a person would have even the terrible ones so this is why she felt such joy at killing helpless animals. She didn't wish to kill people but would seriously get horny from the killing of animals. She conjured a glass jar and put some of the deer blood in it and took it to Harry's grave and cackled as the threw it over the headstone there. This would teach him lessons for leaving her and abandoning her like this.