Hey there. Before you read, there are some pretty controversial topics in here. Including suicide, torture, and child abuse. I don't know how well I wrote it and how realistic it actually seems, but I thought this warning would be appropriate.

Pain for All

Here he was lying beneath a giant slab of concrete. Their hideout, the bar in which he had practically grown up, had been stormed by the heroes, only to get blown up by them afterward.

Was it some cruel twist of fate that the slab lying on him was the wall of his home, that was adorned with both the dartboard as well as the photo depicting his family. Not the one he was born into, but the one that had accepted him despite everything he had done, unlike the rest of society.

Uncle Kurogiri, dutifully cleaning the cups and glasses. Tomura-nii, as always a hand adorning his face, in obvious need of some lotion, even back then. The man who had done so much for him, tall with white hair, before that obnoxious moron had forced him to wear that life support mask.

And there, in between them he himself, barely six years old, with a mop of untamable green hair.

He remembered when they took that picture, it had been about a year after Sensei had saved him. Against his will, memories of before he had found his family forced themselves into his mind, while he was trapped underneath the wall of his home.

He was four years old and was visiting the doctor together with his mother. Although his quirk had not yet awakened the doctor assured him that he indeed possessed one, as far as he could tell it was some kind of emitter type.

It had still taken half a year for him to discover what it did. And honestly, he would have been happier if it had never awakened, because not even being quirkless could have been as bad as having this quirk.

It had been a regular day at school, his relationship with Kachan had already been strained due to him not developing a quirk yet, although he hadn't noticed back then, naive as he was.

Kachan had dropped a pencil and he had picked it up for him. The moment their hands had touched was when he used his quirk for the first time. A quirk that he was unable to turn off, even now when he was so much older.

Back then, Kachan had suddenly screamed as if he was in incredible pain. His quirk was one that could only be described as villainous and atrocious. It was a type of telepathy that on skin contact would cause immense pain for the other person.

Of course, they hadn't known that, they thought something was wrong with Kachan. No one even considered it could have been his quirk.

The moment he had realized what his quirk did was when he arrived home that day. He was worried about Kachan, almost crying and so his mother went in to hug him.

She had screamed at the top of her lungs and promptly fainted. Every time he tried to help his mother, every time he had touched her, her body had convulsed uncontrollably. When the ambulance finally arrived they had no idea what was wrong with his mother.

There were no signs of any injuries. It had been the moment he realized that whatever happened to his mother had been the effect of a quirk. He remembered what happened with Kachan earlier that day and instantly knew what had caused the pain. He had looked at his hands completely horrified.

He had lurched back when one of the paramedics wanted to check up on him.

It had been the day he had put his own mother into a coma, everyone tried telling him that it was not his fault, well almost everyone. Kachan had never forgiven him, not because of the pain he had caused him, but the fact that his Auntie was now in a coma.

And his friend was probably right, had he not tried to help, had he not tried to touch his mother, had he not caused all that additional pain. She would have probably woken up.

It was the day that marked the beginning of his hell. No one wanted to be near him anymore. He was isolated in school. Forced to sit at designated tables, which ensured that everyone was at least two meters away from him.

It had not even taken two months before he could not take it anymore, he decided to run away from the orphanage he had been put into. It was the middle of the night and he just ran. He knew no one wanted to be near him, so he would go somewhere where no one would have to avoid him.

He hadn't known how far he had run, but in front of him was the dump that was Takoba Municipal Beach. He decided he wanted to see the ocean. He climbed through the junk mountains, small and nimble as he was it didn't take him long to get to the ocean.

He sat down and saw the sun rising. He remembered when his mother had taken him to another beach to watch the sunrise. His mother. He had done terrible things to her and after looking around a bit he quickly found something that would be suitable for what he was planning.

A long sharp piece of glass. How could he continue living after what he did? He had no right to live on. He brought the edge of the glass to his throat, preparing to slit it and end this nightmare,


He looked up and saw a white-haired man just a bit down the beach. He had seemed to just enjoy the sunrise just like he had. And was now quickly walking towards him.

"N-No stay away. I-I'll hurt you too."

The man chuckled.

"Someones seems to be overconfident in their abilities."

"N-No. When I touch people. Th-They are in pain. My...Even my..."

The expression on the man's face changed from amused to concerned, not that he saw it. The man sat down next to him.

"What happened?"

"My-My. When my quirk came. I hurt my frie- my classmate. I-I didn't know that had been me." He hadn't even realized he had started to slowly cry "When I came home. My mom. I told her what happened to Kachan. And and then. She." At this point, he completely broke down.

Suddenly the man pulled him into a hug. He immediately struggled and tried to get away, he could not hurt anyone else. But the man, he was just holding him. No screaming, not even a slight tremble. Only his steady breathing.

"Hey, it's alright. Just cry as much as you need."

"I-I *hick* I don't hurt you?"

"Hey, kid. You'll never be able to hurt me."

"Mom. She still hasn't *hick* woken *hick*"

"It's alright. What about your father?"

"I-I don't *hick* know."

"So you are living in an orphanage?"

He nodded, bobbing his head against the man's chest.

"Do you want to live with me?"

It had been the day Sensei had found him and saved him. By now he knew that Sensei had just been using him, he was not dumb. But it hadn't mattered to him, after all, he had given him a new family. He had raised him, taught him, and was there for him when he needed physical contact.

He hadn't cared that he was the arch-nemesis of The Symbol of Peace, the hero he had adored so much. To him, Sensei was the father he never had. He would do anything for him.

Tomura-nii. Sensei had always said that after he had joined them, his successor had matured much better. He had feared he would grow up into something of a man child, that would expect to be handed everything on a silver platter, instead, Tomura had become quite the cunning strategist and incredibly patient.

"Please Tomura-nii."

"No Izuku. We will not take you to the USJ."

"But why?"

"Because it is much too dangerous. You are my younger brother, what kind of older brother would I be if I dragged you into a battle situation like that."

"But you wouldn't be dragging me there, I'm coming because I want to. I even managed to activate my quirk without needing physical contact."

"You won't back down will you."


"Then we should let Sensei decide because I can't allow it with a good conscience and the only way you will shut up is if he tells you to."

They both turned and looked at the television through which the man, they both considered to be their father, always spoke to them.

"Izuku. Are you certain you are up to this?"

"Yes, Sensei."

"You are aware that the boy from your old school is going to be there."

A frown made its way onto his face.

"So what?"

"You seemed quite emotional about hurting him when I found you."

"That was almost ten years ago. He never searched for me, or anything. In hindsight, I don't even know why I was so upset."

"Very well. If you are confident in your ability to face him if necessary then I shall allow it."

"But, Sensei-"

"Tomura. We both know Izuku can handle himself and I know you will not let any harm come to him."

The day after they prepared for the attack on UA. He was ecstatic, he would finally go out on a mission and be able to repay Sensei. He was unable to stand still in his costume he had designed himself.

He wore a deep green sleeveless trenchcoat, with bland black pants. On the inside of his trenchcoat were several concealed weapons, the majority being knives. He had become a hopeless sadist shortly after Sensei had picked him up. It had probably something to do with the nature of his quirk, just like Himiko had developed a lust for blood due to hers.

Almost all of his left torso was displaying a nasty burn scar. It had not been two days after he had discovered his quirk that Kachan had went ballistic and almost killed him. He should have realized on that day that the boy wasn't his friend, that he never truly was.

He was checking if all of his knives were where they should be, as well as if his revolver was loaded and ready for combat when his brother walked up to him.

"Are you sure you want to do this Izuku?"

"Yes, Nii-san. I have to repay Sensei, this is the least I could do."

Tomura put his hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. Making sure that neither his pinky finger touched the cloth, nor he accidentally touched the skin around the trenchcoat.

They had discovered that his quirk needed bare skin contact to work when he wanted to inflict pain via touch. It was the reason he had decided to not wear anything besides the trenchcoat and pants.

"So, you said you can actually inflict pain now without touching?"

"Yes, Nii-san. I finally figured it out. Although it doesn't have that great of a range and it's much less pain than when I touch someone. I can also barely keep it active on two people that way."

"So what range do you have?"

"About ten meters. I wish I could do more."

"Don't say that Izuku. I know you'll be a great help. You'll be an incredible support if you want to, even without your weapons. And don't get me started on your fighting, people have to keep up with your incredible skills, as well as the pain they'll probably feel when you decide to use hand to hand combat. I know you'll do great."

"Thanks, Nii-san."

"Young Masters, it is time."

"Great Ojisan. Then what are we waiting for."

He hopped up and down in excitement.

"Hey hey, Izuku. Calm down. We want a dramatic and threatening entrance. Not a half-naked human bouncy ball."

"Yes yes, I know. Can we go now?"

He took deep breaths and calmed down. Chances were high he would see Kachan again. He saw him the few times he went with Kurogiri to see if his mother had woken up but never made himself known.

He stepped through the warp gate after his brother, being followed by the Nomu. He always wondered if Kurogiri was effected by his quirk, the mist was technically his body after all, but his uncle never so much as flinched when he made a warp gate for him.

They stood in the central plaza of the USJ, he had made sure to carefully study the blueprints before they came here. On top of the stairs leading to the entrance, he saw the two pro heroes Eraserhead and 13, shielding the students from them.

"It seems our target is not here Nii-san. What do we do now?"

"Hm, that indeed is unfortunate. But we hunt All Might to destabilize and destroy the ideal of heroes, so while not as effective as our original goal, we will kill a few students and teachers."

"What about him?"

He scanned the students and immediately spotted his childhood tormentor, wearing an obnoxious and ridiculous outfit with giant grenade gauntlets strapped to his arms.

It seemed the boy hadn't recognized him yet.

"Yes, what do you want to do with him?"

At this point, Eraserhead started to take care of the cannon fodder.

"I want him to survive. Living with the guilt of not being able to protect the people in front of him."

Kurogiri had gone to scatter the students throughout the USJ.

"Nomu, restrain Eraserhead." His brother turned back to him. "I assume you have a plan."

"More of a concept. I hope whoever Ojisan pairs up with him gets along with him well. They should be with a friend during the last minutes of their life."

"So will you go after them now?"

"No, let's give them false hope. He is not so weak to fall to the cannon fodder he will be facing, so I have no concerns about someone stealing my fun."

A wide sadistic smile made its way onto his face. And he turned to Eraserhead who was being pinned to the floor by the Nomu.

"So first I will have my fun with him. If you don't mind."

"He's all yours."

At this point, Kurogiri returned.

"Apologies young Masters, but one of them escaped."

"Which one?"

"The younger brother of Ingenium."

"Hm, that is a problem, but considering his speed Izuku should have enough time for Eraserhead, as well as him, with time to spare before the pros arrive."

He arrived at the pro hero, who was being pinned face down to the ground, the Nomu standing on the man's legs and holding his arms, making him unable to move.

"Hello Eraserhead, I'll be your torturer for the next few minutes, I hope you'll have an unpleasant time."

The man barely raised his head, his face being a bloody mess after being slammed into the ground repeatedly by the Nomu.

"What. You're just a kid."

"Indeed I am. You may call me Pain. I know it is a bit unimaginative and cliche, but it fits what I do."

With that, he took out a sterilized scalpel, as well as a plastic bag, and snapped a pair of rubber gloves over his hands.

"Now. I'm interested in how that quirk of yours works, you need to stare at someone to erase his quirk right? So what will happen if one were to transplant your eyes into someone else? Would they be able to do the same?"

Shock immediately found its way onto the hero's face.

"So I will be borrowing one of them. I hope you mind, it would be boring if not."

And with that, he got to work, surgically removing the man's left eyeball. Oh what a delight his screams were, they could probably be heard throughout most of the USJ.

After a few minutes, he sealed the bag that now contained an eye with a black iris.

"Now, it would be a waste if your quirk required both eyes to work, so I'll have to test that."

He wiped off the scalpel and put it back into its holster. Taking off his gloves that were now soaked in the hero's blood.

"Now, please use your quirk on me or you wish I would take your right eye too."

He held his finger in front of the man's forehead waiting for the signature color change in the hero's eyes that would signify him activating his quirk.

"Come now. Or do you want a taste of what will happen?"

Suddenly a spark of green lightning shot from his finger into the man's head. Although it was much weaker without direct physical contact, it was impressive that the man managed not to scream.

"Hm. You know I think you can activate your quirk, you just don't want to. So I will keep this going until you stop it okay? Okay."

Another stream of green lighting emerged from his hand, this time staying there and not disappearing. It lasted a whole minute before he felt something abruptly severing the connection. But he could feel his quirk returning to him almost instantly, it seemed the man could not hold out for long with all that pain, both physical and mental.

"Wonderful. Now unfortunately I'll have to leave now. One of your students has an appointment with me."

The man's eye widened in horror, he may have been able to remain sane after all this, but his students. They were just kids.


"Yes, young Master."

"First off. Put this into our freezer. I want to keep it fresh."

"Of course."

He handed the bag to his uncle who immediately put it through a warp gate. He took out his revolver.

"Now take me to him." He turned to the bloody man still being pinned to the floor. "Don't worry I will not kill him. I want him to remember this. I want him to know that what is about to happen is his fault."

After stepping through the gate he came out onto a street of collapsed buildings. His target was about fifteen meters in front of him, with his back turned towards him. Besides him a boy with bright red hair that spiked into every direction.

It was perfect. He carefully took aim and shot. The bullet went right through the back of the knee, shattering the kneecap on its way out. The blond immediately fell to the ground and screamed. The other looked around in shock and quickly spotted him.

"Hello, Kirishima Eijiro. I believe this is our first meeting, so introductions are in order. I am Shigaraki Izuku, but you may call me Pain."

He turned to the boy lying on the floor. His face completely white upon recognizing him. The pure shock blocking out the pain.

"Kachan, I would say it's nice to see you again if you hadn't tried to kill me when we were kids and made my life a living hell. But I am not here to dwell on the past. I am here to return the favor."

Suddenly an explosion was heard from the entrance.


"Would you look at that. The main objective has arrived at last."

"What do you mean Bakubro tried to kill you?"

"Oh, you don't know? Well, there is no point in telling you."


"Someones found their voice again. Don't worry I won't kill *you* Kachan. I hope you don't take this personal Eijiro-kun."

With that he rushed towards the red-haired boy, reeling his arm back with a flat hand preparing to strike. The boy responded by hardening his arms and crossing them in front of him to block whatever blow was coming. But instead of striking with his palm, he merely grabbed the other boy's arm, he could see Kachan reaching out from the corner of his eye, trying to stop it, but with his injury, he had no chance of interfering.

After a few seconds of screaming the boy went limp. Continuing to twitch for about a minute, before even that stopped.

"Shame on you Kachan. You should have told him what I could do instead of threatening me. Maybe he would still be alive then."

The boy just sat there unable to do anything. The shock completely paralyzing him. Sorrow and disbelief overtaking his features.

It was at that moment that he saw the Nomu flying far over his head, smashing through the wall, and disappearing into the sky.

Only a moment later Kurogiri appeared beside him.

"Young Master, the young Master has asked me to retrieve you."

"Well, it seems All Might has defeated the Nomu. I should congratulate him."

He took out a large knife and got to work. Stepping through a warp gate afterward, once again finding himself on the central plaza next to his brother, both of his hands behind his back.

"-Not harm anyone. Don't think bringing one other villain will help you. I am the Symbol of Peace and will not be defeated by petty thugs like you."

"Don't worry All Might. We'll leave, I just wanted to get my brother so we could get out of here. You can keep everyone else. Come on Izuku, we're going."

"Wait Nii-san. I wanted to congratulate All Might, after all, he just defeated something that was made just to kill him. So I have a present for him."

"So that is what you are holding behind your back villain."

"Yes exactly, but please, call me Pain. I assume you said you would not let us harm any of your students right? That is so heroic of you,-"

He threw the present in front of him.

"-but unfortunately a bit too late."

The severed head of Kirishima Eijiro stumbled a few times before coming to a standstill, the face still contorted in a grimace of excruciating pain. He could see the hero getting pale, not wanting to believe what he was seeing. He heard something and saw a student throwing up, he had multicolored hair and a small burn mark around his eye.

"If you want to know why this poor boy died, ask Bakugo. He is both directly and indirectly responsible. Although I doubt someone who aspires to be a hero would tell you the story of how he tried to kill a four-year-old kid because of his quirk."

They had managed to kill three students that day.

Kirishima Eijiro, who had been killed and beheaded by him, after etching a message for Kachan into his body.

Mineta Minoru, a kid wearing a diaper, who was able to throw sticky balls that were growing on his scalp. He had no idea how that kid had made it into the hero course. Although it would have been interesting if his scalp would continue to grow balls after being removed from his head, but with his death, that opportunity to experiment had passed.

And lastly Asui Tsuyu, a girl with a frog quirk. A quite versatile quirk, but a simple animal mutation one, those were boring and predictable. Even though the girl had been thrown into the shipwreck zone, she had been killed because she had little to no offensive capabilities and decided to not leave her classmate, Mineta Minoru, to die.

A sudden pain in his abdomen brought him out of his memories. He could see nothing beneath his chest, although from the fact that only that small part hurt, he concluded that something had impaled him when the explosion had been set off.

He noticed that the noises of combat had stopped, instead, he could hear a voice shouting, it was muffled but familiar. He could hear the sorrow, anger, and frustration in that voice, but could not make out any of the words.

Maybe it was his brother searching for him if he even was still alive. No, he couldn't think that. Of course, his brother was alive, Sensei had put so much work into him, he wouldn't just let him die. He was his successor after all, not a tool he had found one the beach one day.

Soon the voice stopped and he could hear fighting again. But this time it sounded like a fight between only two individuals.

He didn't know where things had gone wrong. The Vanguard Action Squad had attacked the UA Training Camp, resulting in two deaths.

Some little kid killed by Muscular. Apparently it had been the kid of a hero couple the man had killed a while back.

And Sero Hanta, a kid that was able to dispense tape from his elbows was burnt to a crisp when a double of Dabi, created by Twice, had attacked the lodge. Although Eraserhead had been present, it seems the loss of his left eye had taken quite a toll on the man.

They had successfully kidnapped Todoroki Shoto, the son of Endeavor and brother of Dabi. Although the man had never told them about their relationship, it had been glaringly obvious with the care he handled the hero in training, as well as the sheer hatred he had towards Endeavor.

They had hoped that with all the abuse the boy had lived with, that they would be able to convert him. The boy had seemed to be interested, although he hid it fairly well.

That had been the moment their home had exploded, burying under the rubble, forcing him to relive some of his worst memories. But also remember the fond moments he had with his family and the moment his life had been saved. He had never minded being a tool, he genuinely loved his brother, his uncle, and most of all, his new father. He hadn't minded being their tool, although Tomura-nii never had seen him as such, he knew he was one. Why else would Sensei have picked him up?

Suddenly a deafening boom could be heard and the ground beneath him shook, only for the rubble on top of him to suddenly fly away, being sucked in by a tornado.

He looked down and saw what was stuck in his abdomen. A steel rebar had penetrated his stomach, while it caused quite some pain, it was also what was keeping him from being sucked into the tornado, as apparently the rebar was anchored in the ground.

After the wind had died down, he got up, pulling himself off the rebar, taking a look around, to assess the situation. He was still alive so he had to find Sensei or Tomura-nii so he could do what they needed from him.

He knew he was losing too much blood, he would not make it much longer, but he had to be useful to them at least one last time. So what he saw next, shocked him.

There stood All Might above the bloody, beaten, and unmoving body of the man he considered his father. Rage built up in him, ignoring the pain in his stomach and his mangled arm, that was probably broken he let out an inhuman roar of primal fury.

That man had killed his father, he could not think clearly, only thinking of inflicting unimaginable pain on the man. He didn't notice the sparks of green energy jetting out of his body. Striking into the stone around him or just dissipating in the air.

He ran towards the hero as fast as his legs would take him. The man stared at him in complete shock, not expecting anyone else to come after him.

As soon as he was about ten meters away from the man, all of the green energy focused on its new target.

The man screamed in absolutely agonizing pain, his muscles being locked in place from the mental torture he was living through. He noticed the edges of his vision slowly turning black from the loss of blood, but it didn't matter. He had to kill the Symbol of Peace. He had to have been useful in his life.


The world around him seems to stop. The energy sparking of his body vanishing as if it had never existed. He turned his head and there he saw his father holding up a hand.

"Izuku, why are you still here. You should have fled when you had the opportunity."

"But I had to be useful, even if it cost my life."

He didn't notice the frown appearing on the man's face.

"And what makes you say that."

"I know I am just your tool. But that doesn't matter to me, because I love you even if you don't."

"Izuku. Listen to me." By now he was kneeling beside his father, holding his hand. "At first that was how I saw you, a tool with a useful quirk. But that changed long ago, the effect you had on Tomura, your everlasting cheerfulness, although sometimes expressed in quite weird ways. Your inability to stop your rambling when discussing quirks. It reminded me of something. I once had a family, I had just tried to settle down after becoming tired of being a villain. And I had a son just like you. But then some heroes decided casualties wouldn't matter as they fought a villain right next to the school of my son. Killing both my wife and my son. It was the moment I truly decided to take down heroes, no matter the cost. You reminded me of why I do this, you and Tomura were like sons to me. So don't go around saying you are a tool, or that we don't love you, because we do."

Tears began to stream down his face.


A large smile made its way onto the face of the ultimate villain.

"It's alright son. Now I don't know if either of us is going to survive this, I am sorry but I don't have the energy to heal you up. But I must tell Tomura something. The cameras are still streaming live all over Japan. So can you help me, get a message to Tomura?"

He merely nodded, before speaking up loud enough so the microphones would pick him up.

"Tomura-nii. Sense- Dad has something he needs to tell you. He doesn't know if either of us are going to make it out alive, but he wants you to know that he believes in you. He knows you can achieve his dream, to make this world right. We both believe in you Tomura-nii. So achieve this dream and make the world a better place. And Tomura-nii, I love you."

It was the last thing he spoke before the darkness completely took over and he fell next to his father, knowing he had not been a tool. That he had actually been loved.

Tomura wasn't angry or sad or upset. He was positively livid with pure rage.

After Kurogiri had forcefully teleported them to an abandoned warehouse on the orders of Sensei, he had watched his mentor get beaten to a pulp by the so-called Symbol of Peace.

If that hadn't been enough, suddenly his little brother had charged onto the battlefield. A hole in his gut that was bleeding profusely and a broken arm. He didn't care that his brother was causing the Symbol of Peace unimaginable pain.

Kurogiri was too exhausted after the battle with the heroes and teleporting all of them across half of Japan to do anything, so the only thing he could do was watch as his little brother was slowly bleeding to death.

He would make sure to achieve their dreams, he knew Izuku always saw himself as a tool, like he had to be used. The simple fact he had called Sensei Dad, was enough for Tomura to realize that Sensei had talked to Izuku about it, had told them he was actually part of a family.

He would remake society so that something like the case of his little brother would never happen again. And for that, he needed to get rid of the heroes. He had memorized every single hero who had been part of the operation to take them out and he was sure to make them suffer. They had been responsible for the death of his brother and his father.

They would curse the day they had taken his family away from him. Because he knew how to plan, he knew how to be patient, and he knew exactly how he was going to torment every single one of the heroes responsible for the loss of his family.


"Yes, young Master."

"Do you have the eyeball?"

"Yes, young Master."

"Someone find me a doctor that can do transplants. We are going to burn this society to the ground so we can rebuild it."

And that's it. Just a random idea I had, so I thought I'd make a small Oneshot out of it. Maybe I will make this a story someday, but I have absolutely no fucking clue how to proceed from here, except a few very vague ideas. Maybe a story that tells his life in more detail than the few moments I have shown. I don't know.

I also wrote this because I wanted to try and write something more emotional, maybe even gut-wrenching, because I love these kinds of stories that put your heart through a meat grinder. So please do give feedback on this little experiment, how good I conveyed those emotions, and especially on how I can improve.

But I am back from my break. So there will be updates again, although I will change my update schedule a bit.

I hope you enjoyed this random idea/experiment.