"Are we there yet Mommy?" - Cincinnati stretched in his child seat and looked impatiently out the window of the Car. The six year old was looking forward , to finally seeing his friends again.

Since the summer vacation in the Professor's and Lisbon's villa, it was not in the schedule that the Family would see the others again so quickly.

When Cincinnati heard from his Parents that they would be going on a Trip today and that everyone else would come around as well , the boy was happy - until he found out how long they would drive to the destination.

"It won't be long CC. Are you looking forward to see your friends again?", Mónica replied and took a quick look at the navigation device that was installed in the Car. She and Denver looked forward to seeing their friends and family again soon as well. Her son would just have to be patient about the arrival time at the old Castle.

"Waiting is boring. Can't Daddy drive faster?", the six year old replied, slightly impatient, and Denver laughed amused at this Question.

"So impatient CC?", asked Denver and got a serious nod from the little boy.

"Yes Daddy. I haven't seen my friends for sooo long - I've missed them", CC replied and sighed again dramatically. If adults said it wouldn't be long now - it could only mean, that it would be forever - and driving forever in this car without arriving at the final destination would be to much for the boy - bot of course Adults never understand this point of view.

"Have you thought of the Snacks? Not that the children get the Idea of breaking into some kitchen to steal Chocolate again"

"I have. And as long as Denver has not hidden something again - the children will hardly have any reason they want to 'save' something"

"Are you sure? We're talking about the kids here"

"Now that you say it ... maybe we should go back inside?"

"Are you afraid of visiting a castle with a group of 8 children?"

"I have never been on these Visits or performances at my kids school. Although I am more concerned that the children's parents might have stupid thoughts"

Nairobi smiled at her husband's last statement and put the two bagpacks of her daughters Ibiza and Malindi in the Trunk of the car and closed it before she got into the Passenger seat. Her two children were sitting in their child seats with sleepy expressions on their faces and their eyes would close again pretty soon.

The fact that the small family overslept was not intended - fortunately for them, the Castle was not that long away from their home and since the others would also be a bit late, Nairobi knew shortly after a quick look at the Whatsapp group.

Because although Denver and his family would soon arrive the destination of the Trip- the others were a little late and that visibly calmed Nairobi.

"It will be like a big school trip. And as I know the Professor, he has already planned everything and is looking forward to this trip as much as we are. It will be great", Nairobi assured her beloved Bogotà with Confidence in her Voice.

"Next time we will take a castle that is closer to our home Raquel. Are the others late too?"

The Professor sat in the driver's seat and looked tiredly in the rearview mirror. Not only was their flight from Palawan 20 minutes delayed, no, his twins Madrid and Edinburgh had argued since getting into the rental Car about which kingdom from one of their beloved films were better. Arendelle from the Disney movie Frozen or Agrabah from the Disney movie Aladdin.

And this childlike discussion between the two 5 year olds made the professor not feel any better. And there was still a long time ahead of them to drive. Wonderful.

"Denver is close to the parking lot of the Castle, and Berlin, who collected Moscow on the way is there as well in 10 Minutes - the others don't worry about being late either - because they are late too. If you want, I can drive for a while . Then you can rest?" Raquel suggested with a smile and noticed her husband's tired look in the rearview mirror.

"It's okay. Is Paula still asleep? She has already endured the flight so I am not surprised that she now wants to catch up on sleep?" - the Professor asked his wife and he remembered it well , how the now 13 year old Paula kept the twins busy for the entire Flight , so that he and Raquel could get some sleep. So the Professor was not surprised that the Teenager now wanted to catch up on the need for her own sleep.

"Okay Veince that's enough - give Daddy the Tablet back, we should be at the castle soon", Rio turned back and stretched out his hand, so that his 5 year old Daughter could give him the tablet, which she was allowed to have, to pass the tim. But little Veince didn't like this suggestion at all and just pressed the tablet a little tighter to herself.

"No Daddy! Just one more episode", Veince said firmly, not really thinking about giving the tablet away.

"Toledo is allowed too", added the little, dark-haired girl and pointed once to the seat next to her, in which the son of Palermo and Helsinki was sitting and holding his own tablet in his hands, had headphones on and mostly ignored how Veince was pointing at him.

"Toledo only started using his tablet 20 Minutes ago, Veince",countered Rio, ignoring the amused grin that Tokyo threw at him from the driver's seat.

"This is unfair Daddy!", Veince said with conviction and hit Toledo once carefully at his arm, hoping to get some support from him. But the 4 year old just gave her an annoyed look.

So Veince hit him again - which led to the Toledo making a very unhappy sound - that woke up his fathers, who had been sleeping until recently, in their seats.

After Helsinki and Palermo were told what was causing their sleep interruption, Palermo let out an annoyed sigh.

"Seriously? You interrupted my precious sleep for that? How long will it be until we arrive the castle? Ten minutes? Let your daughter keep the tablet Rio", grumbled Palermo, before he put his head back on Helsinki's shoulder and tried to find some nice postion for the rest of the journey.

"It's only 10 minutes - after that the Children will run around for the rest of the day", Helsinki added reassuringly and, like his partner, closed his eyes again for the rest of the Journey. And Veince? She was happy to watch one more episode of her favorite show on the Tablet.

"Daddy's Castle much nicer", - with a smile, Berlin put his almost 4 year old daughter slowly down on the ground of the parking lot and followed the little child's Gaze up to the Castle that was on an small Hill.

"I appreciate your Compliment Andalucía - but Daddy still doesn't own an Castle, just a part of a beautiful old Monastery," Berlin replied and then turned to the Car from which Moscow was getting out a few Moments later.

Berlin had picked him up on the Way to the parking lot, because Moscow had been on Vacation near the route Berlin had chosen as the route to drive and since the two had long put their disputes aside , it had been a pleasant drive.


Within a few seconds, Moscow was hugged by a very motivated Cincinnati and received a report about how boring and stupid the long drive had been and that his daddy didn't want to drive faster, although Denver usually always does drives faster.

That Sentence made both Moscow and Berlin laugh, now they just had to wait for the rest of the Family to arrive at the parking lot with their cars as well.