"I don't want to walk that far! I hate walking!"
"Me too. Papa, I don't want to walk sooo far"
"Please Mom? It's so exhausting"
"My feet are already hurting! Badly!"

Veince and Edinburgh hadn't even walked 5 minutes with their friends on the Path , that leads up to the Castle and they were tired of it.

And the two Children loudly announced their Displeasure. Who has wanted to hike up a small Mountain for so long? The 5 year old daughter of Tokyo and Rio and the 4 year old Son of Raquel and the Professor didn't want to walk any longer and it was definitely going to take them very long to get to the Castle.

"You have two well-functioning and working feet - you will probably make it without further nagging huh?" - came it amused from Tokyo, who knew her Daughter's whining very well.

"You were in the car for a long time - some walking around would be good, don't you think Eddy? Look at your twin Sister - Madrid doesn't complain at all" - added the Professor and nodded once to Edinburgh's sister, who was walking with the other children and took a closer look at the plants and trees on the Roadside. The Adults saw no Reason to give in to the complaints of the two whining children. Some fresh air and a hiking adventure was...after the long car ride it was a nice time to spent outside.

"But Papa- I can't walk anymore. Really not"
"Yes Eddy is right - mom, I want to go back to the car. It's way too far away...that Castle"

Raquel only smiled at the whining of the kids and ruffled over her son's hair once as she passed by , before continuing her conversation with Stockholm. She knew that her son was difficult to motivate, when it came to walking longer distances - but the former Inspectora still had the hope , that with the presence of the other children, Veince and Edinburgh would decide to just keep going and enjoy it...somehow.

"Veince and Eddy - look there is a butterfly and I think I saw a fairy!" - called Ibiza and the word fairy raised not only Veince's interest but also Paulas and the two girls ran to Ibiza and wanted to know more about that fairy- but Eddy really didn't want to walk any further - besides, fairies were something for girls and he found that boring after all.

Unless a Fairy might grant wishes, like the genie from Aladdin would do.

"Papa? I don't want to walk anymore" - Edinburgh complained again to his Father and raised up his arms - maybe he would be lucky and his father would carry him the rest of the way?

But the Professor just raised an eyebrow skeptically and didn't know whether his son was being sarcastic or not.

"Eddy - I was not kidding - you are old enough to walk by yourself. Your Cousin didn't ask to be carried either", the Professor said to his son in a calm voice and then nodded once to Eddys Cousin Andalucía, who was walking ahead with the other Children, who looked after the Fairy together.

"Unfair", Eddy grumbled, crossed his arms and walked on extra slowly. This stupid walking...and spending time outside...while walking so long. He just didn't like it and his father or a fairy couldn't change that.

"Uncle Helsi? Can you carry me? Pleaaaase?"
Eddy had waited to speak to Helsinki until his parents had gone a little further and he knew exactly, that his Uncle Helsinki would definitely not say no. In addition, his Uncle was big and strong Person and once Eddy had even seen his uncle was carrying Ibizia and Veince at the same time.

"So exhausted Eddy? Naw come here",- Helsinki grinned in Amusement and a few moments later he had picked up the four year old and Eddy was happy. So he didn't need to walk the long, and exhausting way at least completely - and that was a step in the right Direction.

"I don't see a Fairy at all. Maybe it was a different looking Butterfly Ibiza?", Paula asked the Daughter of Nairobi and Bogotà and even if the 13 year old girl knew very well, that there could be no Fairies - Paula was still curious. Mainly because she had more fun spending time with the younger Childrend during the trip, it was better than listening to the boring conversations of the Adults.

"It was a fairy - she was very small and then she disappeared behind the tree there. Toledo saw her too, right Toledo?", replied Ibiza, and Toledo nodded in agreement.

"Looked like a Fairy ... you think are dragons here too?", Toledo answered curiously and the 4 year old looked curiously at the trees of the Forest.

"Dragons are so cool", said CC happily and the 6-year-old was infected by Toledo's Idea that next to the fairy ,maybe was seen by Ibiza, they might have hidden in this forest with a dragon as well.

"Wouldn't a dragon eat a fairy?", Veince said, amused, and she was also curious whether the creatures her friends described could really live in this forest.

"Daddy saw a dragon once", claimed Malindi and her older sister Ibiza nodded in agreement.

"He really did. But there was a real Fairy. You just have to look more carefully - maybe she'll show up again"