Andrés de Fonollosa had no doubt, that he had made the right decision.

He would start his last treatment by going to a special clinic abroad and leaving his little daughter with his beloved little brother Sergio for an indefinite period of time.

It would be difficult for him to take the little girl with him and he trusted his brother with his life.

Especially after the plan, to steal cash from the Royal Mint was so successful and everyone made it out alive - thanks to strict adherence to the plan and no solo actions by certain members of the team.

What had he said to Moscow long ago?- If we go in there together - we will get out of there together. And Andrés had kept his promise and put aside his initial disagreements with Moscow. So Moscow was - like most other members of the team somewhere in the world - for security reasons. Did he have fulfilled his dream?

"If you want to keep staring holes in the air Andrés - go on with it. Then we miss our flight and your last treatment will be useless", said Martin from the driver's seat and tapped the steering wheel impatiently.

"It is amusing how much you care about our flight and less about the fact, that our daughter just managed to unlock her seatbelt", Andrés replied, nodding back to the back seat, where the Toddler was happy by the result of her long work and she looked at strenuous attempts to get these stupid seatbelt open. And after a few seconds the girl tried to climb out of the seat and get up.

The good point was, that the Car was parked on the side of the Road and the Engine was off. Still a Reason for Martín to look a little panicked to the back seat.

"I saw that - Siéntate Hestia", Martín said to the girl and asked her to sit back in her seat , also raised a finger warningly.

"Hestia opened - look", the Toddler said proudly, pointing to the seat belts that were open now.

"Maybe she's expecting a cookie for that Result?", Andrés suggested amused and then unlooked his own Seatbelt. He could hardly blame the Girl for trying to break out of her boredom, because he should have gone to the Entrance of his brother's House ten minutes ago - to officially hand over Hestia to his little Brother. However, self-doubt as to whether he was doing the right thing , had kept Andrés from doing so.

And Martín was right about the Plane thing - if he delayed even more so as not to say goodbye to his little girl - they would miss the Flight.

A few moments later, the Couple stood with Hestia at the Forecourt and Martín noticed the unsure expression on Andrés's face.

"She will be fine. It's not that Raquel has no experience with Toddlers, right?"

"It is not Raquel that I am worried about - it is my Brother. He mentioned on our last call ... that things have not been going the way he hope they will - since Raquel's Daughter and her Mother arrived in Palawan. This surprise will shock him a little", Andrés explained his concerns.

"Wait - do you mean, that Raquel knows about it, but your little brother doesn't?", asked Martin amused.

"She wanted to mention it to him, that they are going to have an Sleepover Guest for a little while. Ah there they come", Andrés replied, raising his free hand with which he wasn't holding Hestia to wave in the Direction of his Brother and Raquel.

There was a brief greeting between the Couple and Hestia was placed on Raquel's arm, while Martín gave Sergio a small bag of Hestia's personal items.

"It's nice to see you again, Raquel", said Andrés and the last Meeting was a few months ago - the former Inspectora hadn't yet brought her family to Palawan. Still, a blind person could have seen , how much they were attracted to each other and could hardly keep their eyes off each other.

It was interesting that his little Brother told him at the time, that he would risk the Plan because he had told Tatjana everything and a woman could put the plan in danger - when in the end it was Sergio, who fell in love with the Inspectora . And this love, despite its ups and downs, had been so strong that Raquel had been able to find the Professor in Palawan.

"You look good Berlin. When is your flight leaving?", Raquel replied and at the word Flight, gave him an impatient look from Martín.

"Thank you. I'm glad you take care of Hestia while we are away. As with the previous treatments for my illness, my beloved Martín kept his 'threat' to stay by my side - we have to leave in time to be at the Airport in time. If there will be any problems ... ", Andrés wanted to make the offer, that he would be available for an call at any time - but Palermo interrupted him with a short, impatient sentence.

"Don't give me the Idea of regret my promise - if you excuse us, there is a flight we have to catch", said Palermo, waved goodbye to Raquel and Sergio, stroking Hestia once over her blonde hair and went to the Car.

"Hasta la proxima" - with these Words Andrés said goodbye to his brother and his girlfriend. He blew a kiss on his daughter's hair and got into his Partner's Car a few seconds later.

Hestia waved goodbye to her Fathers. She still didn't seem to fully understand , that it would not just be a few hours, that she would spend with her Uncle and his Family - but this Realization would still come later.

"I'm glad that he has the Treatment soon be finished. Do you remember how stubborn he was at the Beginning and Palermo had to convince him , that it was the best Option for him?" - Raquel remembered that Berlin had initially labeled it as a bad joke, that there was an effective treatment for his Disease.

And it had been a struggle for his Friends and Family to convince him to the Treatment a Chance. But the results were impressive, because he was much better and his Happyness - as far as this could be possible under the influence of Hestia and Martín - had become a little bit more.

"I remember that very well. But I'm also glad that my Brother is starting his last treatment, Raquel," replied the Professor, glancing a little skeptically at his Niece, who was on his girlfriend's arms and was looking at the large Property, but affectionately with wide eyes.