This story is inspired by 'The Making Of'; a oneshot from the 'Glass: Reader Requests' series on my page. It follows the actors behind the scenes of BBC's Sherlock, including an original character who plays the original character from my Sherlock fanfiction. I know, it's all very meta, I'm sorry. Since posting that oneshot, I've received an abundance of request both here and on other Fanfiction platforms to turn it into its own series. So that's what I've finally done!

However, I won't be posting the story to this website. Partly because real person fiction is against 's rules/guidelines. But honestly, it's mostly because I've started to really dislike posting to this site. I'll probably include more information on my profile about that. But for now, I'll just say:

If you want to read 'The Making Of', please find me on AO3 or Wattpad under daydreamtofiction. I've already posted the first three chapters and would love to see you there!