KJ Apa As Clinton Pamplona

Quinn Shephard As Kelly Marie

Jemima West As Briana Skye

Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan

Ashley Greene As Alice Cullen

Nikki Reed As Rosalie Hale

Julia Jones As Leah Clearwater

Robert Pattison As Edward Cullen

The Twilight Cast As Themselves

It's been five months since we've been here. Five months since our lives changed not for the better or worse but we got our mission here and we need to fulfill it or die trying. I don't know if I should be thinking this if I got a horde of monsters from Greek Myths chasing me down.

"Clockwork, Jane. Where are you?" I asked through the earpiece inside my hood as I turn around and shot a Minotaur down with my Dual Glock. I turned a corner waiting for any kind of reply from my two teammates.

"Hold your fucking pants Ticci. We're close and we can see you. Head to the roof" Clockwork said as I ram the door open as I started climbing up wondering where the hell did a simple stealth and destroy mission went wrong. Hearing a hiss I turn around as I rolled out of the way before taking out one of my hatchets and slamming it into a Fury head killing her as she turns to dust as I climb up faster.

"Toby. We don't know how much we can stay in orbit. There are a lot of Furies here and we're getting overwhelmed" Another voice said as I recognized it as Jane our tech specialist.

"Hold on. I'm almost there" I said running faster as I started using my ability blink to teleport ahead as I felt myself getting more and more tired cursing the fact I haven't had time to relax or get some practice in with this ability as I saw the Helicopter there as I saw Clockwork turn to me.

"JUMP FOR IT!" Clockwork shouted as I jumped into the chopper as I stood up and looked at her.

"Blow it!" I shouted at her as Jane took us away from the building as Clockwork turn on her wrist computer and pressed a single command as the building behind us started blowing up killing every monster in its vicinity as I sat up and leaned back looking at the burning building

(Five Months Ago)

We were just regular teens who were friends from different places, yet we clicked. We didn't have any problems or anything. We had normal lives before it went down the train when I woke up and I saw them floating in a black void with me and a single white orb floating in the center.

"Where are we?" Briana asked as I looked at her wondering the same thing.

"Whoever the fuck put us here. You better let us go!" Kelly shouted furiously as I looked at the white orb wondering if it has something to do with this.

"You are right Clinton Pamplona. I did have something to do with this" A female voice from the white orb said as I just looked at it in shock wondering what the hell is going on.

"What's going on is that when we were creating a universe. One of us messed it up making monsters from Greek and Roman Mythology appear. Now we need you three to go to that universe and fix what we did wrong." the white orb said as Kelly just looked at it.

"So...Why us? Why not...I don't know Percy Jackson or something?" Kelly asked the orb.

"It isn't as simple as that. You see the Universe you're heading to doesn't fall under any one of us not until those monsters are gone" The orb said as the voice became male.

"Still...If we go. Wouldn't that mean we have to kill ourselves?" Bri asked them as I looked at them as I didn't want my two close friends to die.

"No...You see all of you will become part of that universe. It's just a matter of time and perspective" The voice said as I thought about something.

"Wait...What about friends or family?" I asked them as they stayed silent before I heard a sigh.

"In order for us to do this. We had to wipe your very existence in that universe in order for us to do this. If you go back, no one will know you" The voice said as we were shocked knowing that no one will remember us before I looked at them.

"So...What do you think?" I asked as I could see they were nervous and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous too.

"It's not like we have a choice" Bri said as I nodded at that point as Kelly just shrugged.

"Hey if you two are going then I'm going. What about our needs and things like that?" Kelly asked them as we decided it was time to go into our new lives.

"Don't worry. We already set up an account for you with an unlimited amount of money along with a base that will always fold into a cube when you need to move. Also you're gonna become 17 again" The voice said as I paled knowing what that meant.

"No...Don't tell me..." I asked hoping that somehow and someway I was wrong.

"You have to go back to High School. Oh, and before you forget, you have to search for your soulmate or the person you have a soul bond with" The voice said as I was about to ask what they meant before white light filled our vision.

(End Flashback)

That was five months ago. Since then, we gotten settled here in Arizona. We've been doing this for a few months now, but it wasn't easy at first. We had to deal with a lot of monsters. We had our downfalls and scars from some battles but in the end. It was worth it, we gotten more and more used to it to the point we found weaknesses in the monsters. The only problem is, We have no idea what they meant by soul bonds.

"Hey, Ticci. You okay?" Clockwork asked me as she noticed how silent I was.

"Yeah. Just thinking about these last few months" I said to her as she snorts when I said it.

"Yeah well. Considering what we are going through it's not a surprise." Clockwork said as Jane giggled as she remembered something.

"Hey, remember when we met out first protégé then eventually the fourth member of the group" Jane said as I remembered that moment.

It was three months ago, during a mission me and Clockwork were tasked with. We were sent out to kill a Cerberus and a Minotaur. It was a simple kill on sight mission, but it all went wrong when a girl stumbled into the two monsters. It became a Rescue and Destroy mission. We had to rescue the girl while dealing with the monsters. We destroyed them with one of my hatchets buried into the head of the Minotaur while Clockwork killed the Cerberus with her scythe. We took the girl back to base where she learned who we are and why we were here.

(3 Months Ago)

(? Pov)

I woke up looking around as she got up and looked around seeing that she was in a base of sorts. In the middle was a cylinder aquarium with stairs leading up to a second floor, a training room on the left while there was a medical bay on the right. I turned around and saw a hallway leading somewhere. I tried to remember what happened as I remembered seeing a Minotaur and Cerberus killing an innocent woman before they turned their sights to me as they were about to reach me when I saw two figured dropped from the roof and rescued me. I tried to watch and see who they were only to be knocked out when the minotaur swatted me away knocking her out.

I heard people talking as I followed it to the second floor as I saw a slightly open door as I pushed it open gently and peaked inside seeing a small room surrounded by different monitors and a small table displaying a map of Arizona. Near the table was a man wearing a mask and colored glasses with a female wearing a face mask with a clock inside one eye as another girl was wearing a white face mask completely untouched near the computer.

"What should we do about her?" A female voice I can't recognize asked.

"Depends on what she knows. If she knows too fucking much. We can't exactly leave her alive considering what we're doing and what we're hunting. It's a crap mission and you know it." Another female voice said.

"Let's calm down. We can decide on this about what we'll do to her after we get to know her since I believe our guest is awake and listening to us" A male voice said as I saw he was looking at where I was standing as I entered the room nervously.

"So...What do you know and how much did you hear?" The female asked as she didn't know what to say.

"All of it?" I answered unsure if it was the right one. The male sighed before looking at the two females as they traded looks knowing something that I didn't which made me curious.

"Alright. Well...It's as easy as this. We have two options" The male said holding out his fists as I finally noticed how it was close as he opened his left one revealing a blue pill.

"Take the blue pill. You'll fall asleep and wake up not knowing what happened or what has happened" He said as he closes his left hand and opens his right one showing a red pill.

"Take the red pill. You'll know what's been going on around you. Opened to the truth we tried to keep from people and protect them. What will it be?" He asked me as he opened his left hand again as I looked at the pills before taking the red one as I saw him smile.

"It's time for you to know the truth. To finally know what lies beneath the normal life we tried to let people live. Before we do that, who are you?" He asked her as I could feel his piercing eyes from beneath his glasses.

"Bella Swan" I said introducing myself to him as I see him pull down his mask revealing his face as the two females took off their masks.

"Well, Bella Swan. The girl who curses a lot is Kelly Marie. Codename Clockwork. The one who is at the computer is Briana Skye. Codename Jane the Killer. I'm Clinton Pamplona. Codename Ticci Toby. Welcome to the Hunters" Clinton said to me as I wondered what I got myself into.

(End Flashback)

We weren't easy on her as we knew what was at stake having a rookie join us. We told her what was happening and why we were here. It stunned her but after she finally processed the information. Bella asked what she could do. She could barely fight since she rather go unnoticed which I smiled at. Instead of telling her, we showed her. We showed her what she can become and what she can be capable of. In the end, we began her training. We constantly pushed her to her breaking point. We didn't give her a room to make a mistake like we did in our earlier days. Then the day finally came for her initiation. A month of training and we knew that for her to know the dangers. She had to experience the horrors of our work. We had her take the serum me and Bri made which is why we gained our new powers but it depended on how much we can use it before we feel exhausted.

(Two Months Ago)

"Faster Bella. Faster!" I shouted at her watching her intensely.

"Okay. Okay" Bella said exhausted

We heard a snort as I looked behind us seeing a laughing Kelly and a giggling Bri.

"What?" I asked no idea why they were laughing.

"Oh god...You...You sound like you were fucking her" Kelly answered laughing harder as I blinked trying to wrap my mind around what she said as I saw Bella blush hard as It finally clicked what she said as I blushed deeply.

"Bloody Damn it, Kelly. You know I was trying to see if Bella can finally land a hit on me" I said as we went back to practice as she charged at me before I ducked under her punch as I grab her arm and judo flipped her over my shoulder and pinned her.

"A lot of good that's doing" Kelly said snorting in amusement as I stood up and heard Bella groan as I look at her.

"Oh stop whining. Get up" I said to her rolling my eyes as Bella slowly stood up.

"I still don't know how you guys can do this. Aren't you around my age?" Bella asked as I looked over at my long-time teammates.

"We stopped questioning things when we got here" We said in sync as she looked at us a little creeped out.

"Ok...Can you stop doing that whole in sync thing?" She asked as Kelly just snickered as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, sure whatever. Take a break rook" I said to her as I tossed her a water bottle as Bella sat down beside Kelly and Bri.

"So when will I finally go out there?" Bella asked slightly annoyed at always being forced to stay behind when they go out.

"Well, you get your chance today Rookie. Your initiation is today. We found a nice little Hydra for you to kill. We all killed one for our first solo kill. Now it's your turn" I told her as I gestured for her to follow me as Bri and Kelly stood up as Bella followed us to the Locker room as I stood beside four lockers containing all our suits on it were our codenames. Ticci Toby, Jane The Killer, Clockwork, and a blank one.

"Remember when we asked you to make your suit. Your normal ones? It's in there." I said as Bella opened it revealing the clothes she decided to make as it was armored versions of it as I went inside my locker and got suited up when I came out I saw Bella in her new outfit. It was a black hoodie sweater with a rose on her left chest, black pants with rose thorns design, and black combat boots.

"Looking good Bella. Now let's see how you do in the field" I said as I just toss her a blank mass without any kind of mark as I handed her a pair of Uzi guns with an extended clip, two daggers, and a sword as I saw Kelly and Bri in the control room.

"Ticci, Nameless. Hydra is moving towards Downtown. You know what to do" Kelly said as I nodded as Bella followed me to the Garage. It was a large space where both our mission cars and bikes were located.

"Come on. No time to waste" I said to her as I got in my mission car which was a Black Lotus Exige-S which I nicknamed Ghost as Bella got in the passenger seat.

I activated the thrusters as the ramp opened up as I drove out quickly heading towards Downtown as I followed the carnage left behind by the beast.

"Nervous?" I asked seeing how Bella was tensed up as if expecting something to go wrong.

"A bit" She answered as I chuckled as I see the Hydra.

"You'll do fine kid" I said to her as I stopped the car and parked it inside an alleyway as I went to a rooftop to observe and jump in if necessary. I watched as Nameless fought the Hydra easily with her sword as she dodged its fire breath before getting into its blind spot before cutting one of its head off with no issue.

"Shouldn't have done that Nameless. Remember our lesson?" Kelly asked through our earpiece as Nameless eyes widen as another three heads appeared where the previous stump was. I was about to jump in to help her when I noticed something. She jumped back as one of its head tried to bite her as she rolled into a kneeling position as she switched out her sword with her gun and fired a clip into the Hydra. I saw her eyes turn green as The Hydra looked at her before turning to stone as I saw Nameless eyes were now glowing before turning back to normal as she fainted.

"Can someone tell me what the hell just happened?" I asked them as I jumped down and hit the stone Hydra with my machete as it crumbled to dust.

"Seems like Nameless unlocked her first ability. That's good, It means the serum we used on us worked on her" Bri said as I picked up the fainted rookie and took her back to my car before driving back to base.

When Bella woke up, she looked at us as we didn't give off any kind of impressions on what we thought about how she did in her first day on the field.

"What happened?" Bella asked as she felt really tired as Kelly snorted.

"You fainted that's what. If there was any other monster you could have been fucking killed" Kelly said strictly glaring as I sighed knowing that there was still some negative feelings Kelly has towards her.

"How?" She asked us as Bri handed her a tablet with the video on her fight.

"You unlocked the first power. Now it's only a matter of time before your second one appears" I said to her as she looked at us.

"Does that mean...I pass?" Bella asked as I looked at my fellow mentors. We all are asking one question. Does she pass? I saw Bri and Kelly nod in my direction as I knew what that meant.

"Bella...Despite forgetting one of our lessons. You remembered to stay calm. You didn't let yourself get hurt only exhausted. It's more than we can say when we did our first hunt. So Bella Swan. You passed the Initiation. So... Choose your mask and codename" I said as Kelly pushed a tray in front of her revealing different mask ranging that only covers her bottom half of her face to the full face covers. She reaches out to one before looking at it. It was a white mask with intricate thorn designs on the left side of it's face with red lips.

"Nice choice...Codename?" Bri asked her curiously as Bella thought about it before seeing a rose pattern on all her clothes as she decided.

"Thorn..." Bella said without a second thought as Kelly smirked at that name.

"Well...Welcome to the team. Thorn" I said to her smirking.

(End Flashback)

She became one of us. We kept training Thorn and having her get use to working with different members and on her own. Two months of intense training we turned her from a helpless damsel into a damn good fighter.

"Hopefully everyone not injured" A voice said in our comms as Kelly snorted as I can't help but smile under my mask at how far she came from when we first met her

"A few scratches but otherwise we're good Thorn" Kelly said as I sighed looking out the side seeing a full moon out as I pulled back my hood and raised my ski goggles onto the top of my head as I stared at it knowing something big is gonna happen and we need to be ready.

(Somewhere In Forks)

(? POV)

I was walking down the forest humming a song I heard not too long ago. I was about to enter the chorus of the song before I felt my powers kick into overdrive. I felt my reality became a blur as I was pulled into a vision. I saw four teens wearing different outfits and masks that I couldn't see past but I could tell that there were three girls and one male. I watched them jump and fought some monsters I thought only existed in Myths. My vision changed as I was with the male as I can't help but feel like I have a connection to him as I looked at him only to see that I can't see his face clearly.

I saw the female with a clock in one eye spending time with Rosalie. Both of us were smiling and I can't help but feel loved by the male. It changed again showing them spending time with my family as we were incredibly happy. If I could cry, I would. It changed again as I saw I was in Arizona as they were packing up from everything they own and were moving the cars they have into trailers as I couldn't help but stare at the car models they own. I snapped out of it as I wondered if I finally saw my mate moving here but why couldn't I see his face. I tried to remember what I saw as I ran back to the house and wondered what it meant for me and my family. The images are still clear in my mind. I got to my room as I immediately went onto the internet and looked at various websites before stopping at one. It was a website filled with different Horror Stories ranging from a faceless man wearing a tuxedo to a guy with a blue mask with black circles as I saw four images on there that fit what I was looking for.

"Let's see who you four are" I said clicking on the various pages as they matched what I saw in my vision. Ticci Toby, Clockwork, Jane the Killer, and Thorn